First759chapter Perilous
For what’s happening,Chen Genghao feels nothing,now,He who ended the dinner,Working with Anthony·Fokker had a frank conversation——Only Chen Geng and Anthony in the room·Fokker,Some words,You don’t have to worry about it……
“Mr. Fokker,I know what you mean,”I watched and talked to myself about development again“3+3SeatedF150”Anthony·Fokker,Chen Geng pierced his cautious thinking in a word:“But are you Fokker just willing to be a second-rate regional aircraft manufacturer??”
“Uh……Mr. Fernandez,What do you mean?”Anthony·Fokker frowned,Can’t understand what Chen Geng said。
Looking at Anthony, whose face is almost innocent·Fokker,Chen Geng smiled:Pretend to me?Ok,You continue to install:“Mr. Fokker,I don’t believe you don’t know that Bombardier Canada·Havilland makes contact、Proposed acquisition·News from Havilland’s civil aircraft business,You say,Bombardier acquired Germany·After the Havilland Group’s aircraft manufacturing business,In order to recover this investment as soon as possible,What action they will take?”
30After many years of military fans,·Havilland is probably very strange,Many people have never even heard of this company’s name,But put the whole80Before the age,Morality·Havilland is a non-ignorable existence in the world civil aviation field,Just give you a few examples to illustrate Germany·Havilland’s strength in the field of civil aviation in the world:
During World War II,Britain produced nearly8000Main bomber:Mosquito bomber,Just virtue·Havilland’s products;
The world’s first transatlantic flight after World War II、Civil aviation aircraft with jet engines:comet,Also from Germany·Havilland,Ande·Havilland officially launched“comet”On a passenger plane,Boeing、,McDonnell Douglas and even Lockheed,You can only play with the stupid and dumb piston engine,Ok,JustB29The Wright on the bomberR3350Subsequent improvements to the engine;
And in a special historical period of our country more than ten years ago, it had special significance“Trident”airliner,Same virtue·Havilland’s products。
Just follow the center of the world、The world’s boss gradually changed from Britain to America,The aviation industry of the British Empire, whose national transportation has declined, is just like their automobile industry,Is also inevitably beginning to decline,Morality·Havilland Group has continued to lose money for many years,Last resort,Morality·Havilland Group began to sell its own group’s properties……Ok,According to their own words,Is stripping off bad assets,Pack light。
Anthony·Fokker can’t pretend anymore。
Since Chen Geng has mentioned Germany·Havilland and Bombardier Canada began to hook up、flirt,It shows that he is、Especially the situation in the civil aviation industry is clear。
Like him Fernandez·Chen himself said that,Bombardier invested heavily in the acquisition of Germany·Havilland Group’s aircraft business,That is to make money,And by virtue·Havilland has accumulated deep technology in the field of civil aircraft for decades,What’s next for Bombardier,I can think of it even with the heel。