Seabuckthorn has anti-fatigue aging radiation

Seabuckthorn has anti-fatigue aging radiation

Seabuckthorn is a kind of pure natural green food. Its products cater to the modern people’s return to the basics and the health care. At the same time, they can satisfy people’s pursuit of changing from food to non-pollution, safe and nutritious food.It is favored by consumers and the market prospect is very broad.

  According to research, sea buckthorn fruit is rich in nutrients and is recognized as the king of VC in the world. 100g fresh juice contains about 1000mg of VC, 25-30 times of apple, 2-8 times of kiwifruit, 14 times of hawthorn; there are 7 kinds of flavonoids.And 20 kinds of trace elements; residual aspartic acid, arginine and other 18 kinds of human and animal body proteins and substances that can not replace metabolism.

  As early as more than 1,000 years ago, local residents who often eat sea buckthorn fruit were found to be physically strong and rarely sick, especially those who were inserted into gastrointestinal diseases, and those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases were cured.

In Tibetan medicine, the lama said that sea buckthorn fruit is a “magic bullet” for treating all diseases.

A hundred years ago, scientists from the former Soviet Union studied seabuckthorn and found that its fruit contains more than 30 kinds of biologically active ingredients. These 30 kinds can treat gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and coronary heart disease, and can significantly improve the body’s immune function.

  In addition, modern medical research has confirmed that sea buckthorn has anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-vascular hardening, anti-radiation, promote metabolism, anti-scurvy, is a rare food and health care raw materials.

At present, in the international market, consumers are rushing to buy seabuckthorn food, and seabuckthorn oil can be sold for 60 dollars per kilogram.

Countries such as Russia provide seabuckthorn food and beverages as special needs nutrients to pilots and patients.