Seize the topic of each other’s opinions

Seize the topic of each other’s opinions

In personality, no one has too much enthusiasm for topics that are not of interest to them, and if they encounter topics of interest to them, they often participate emotionally.

Therefore, when we are personal with each other, we can grasp the other person’s psychology and achieve further communication.

  Putting words into the hearts of others is a superb language skill.

When you talk to people, you have to “put it to the good” and “avoid the people.”

As the saying goes: If you don’t speculate, you will have more than half a sentence.

To open the door to communication.

It is necessary to learn to speak to each other’s heart and let the beautiful language enter the other’s heart.

  Finding the right topic will resonate with the other party and be interested in the other person’s interest. It is a way of deep understanding of people and how to get along with others.

  It is said that every visit to US President Theodore.

Roosevelt’s people are frustrated with his profound knowledge.


Bravoto: “Whether it is a cowboy or cavalry, a New York politician or a diplomat, Roosevelt knows what to say to him.

“How did he do it?”

Very simple.

The night before the survey of some visitors, Roosevelt flipped through the information of the topic that the visitor was particularly concerned about.

Because Roosevelt knows that the best way to impress people is to find the topic and resonate with the other person’s mind.

  Psychologist Carnegie also tells people that if you want to make friends and become a popular speaker, you must use enthusiasm and vitality to deal with others.

The recipe for touching the other person’s inner thoughts is what is most interesting to him.

But if we only want others to pay attention to ourselves and let others be interested in us, we will never have many sincere and sincere friends.

Those who are indifferent to others have the most difficulties in their lives and the greatest damage to others.

  Of course, sometimes it is not important to make friends or commercial communication. This is equally important.

Kobayashi is an insurance promoter. Once, he went to visit a big customer, Mr. Wang, the manager of a company.

After the meeting, Xiao Wu first gave a general explanation of his company’s insurance, so that Mr. Wang has some understanding.

However, Mr. Wang once yawned in the process of listening.

  At this time, Kobayashi found that there were many books on the Analects in the bookcase behind Mr. Wang, and the book became the “The Analects of Confucius”.

So Kobayashi looked bright and found a breakthrough.

Kobayashi said: “Is Mr. Wang very concerned about China’s classical culture, especially the Analects of Confucius? Should you have a good idea?

“The old sleepy Mr. Wang heard Xiaolin’s “The Analects of Confucius” and he had the spirit. He said, “Well, I am very concerned about the Analects. There are places in Dan’s “The Analects” that are substitutes.There are reservations in some places.

“Kobayashi said: “In fact, I have also read the “The Analects of Confucius” spoken by Yu Bai in the ‘Hundred Lectures’, but I don’t have much research. I can’t hear what she said is wrong!

If you have time, I hope that Mr. Wang can give you advice.

“Manager Wang was immediately attracted to it. He was so interested and discussed with Xiaolin.

Moreover, in the process of discussion, the two people simply met each other and the policy was successfully signed. Xiaolin also became a friend with Wang.

  This story is very easy to explain from a psychological point of view. In general, when people encounter topics they have noticed, they will pay attention to the enthusiasm of twelve points; however, if there is no interest in the topic, even the other party’s enthusiasmIf you are up, you will be sleepy.

  In the process of personalization with others, I also hope that I will be able to grasp the topic of interest and attract the attention and curiosity of the other party.

This will shorten the distance between each other in a short period of time, resolve the psychological barriers, and make the communication go smoothly.

  Psychology believes that the development and realization of human potential is the activity of connecting people for a lifetime. The central task of life is to find alternative and fulfilling ways of life.

Unfortunately, in terms of people’s experience or experience, because someone lives in society, they often feel that they are not getting along well and bring many possible troubles to themselves.

Everyone lives in a certain cultural group or other institution.In a sense, every part of society often has its own distinctive personality characteristics, that is, everyone has their own specific way to do things, but when you talk, others are happy to participate in your topic.When you get to this topic, it means that your next personality may be very enjoyable.

  Use your eyes to pay attention to each other’s gestures, postures, expressions, and the entire reaction at the time. Use your mind to analyze the true extent of the situation and understand the meaning of the other’s words.

The feelings of the other party when talking are happy, angry, or worried. These emotional states are sometimes more important than the words themselves.

Realizing the personality of the other person’s personality is another important content of personality and communication with others, so that they are properly concerned about each other and change the psychological distance between them.

  There is a kind of people in the world who always think that the endless talk is communication. They think they can convince the sparrow to come down from the tree.

They think that communication is talking, and forgetting the true meaning of communication is to clear and close each other’s relationship.

Communicating is people, not language, and talking is just a way.

  Communication is to build relationships with each other.

When communicating, you should focus on the relationship. When the other person’s mood is low, don’t stop talking about the topic that the other party is not interested in. From a psychological point of view, the language of communication is constantly translated.

You listen to what others say and translate it into what others think; likewise, he listens to you and translates it into what you want.

  Therefore, in personality, if the other party clearly reflects that there is not much participation in your topic, and there are not many words, he may be indifferent to your topic, or may be shy or not interested.

At this point, you have to work hard to make his enthusiasm so high that the atmosphere between you can quickly become harmonious. If you want to do this, if you are not as responsive as Xiaolin in the story, you need to talk to people.At the first time, we must first grasp the information of others, know ourselves and know each other, and fight against each other. Only by knowing one’s basic personality habits and psychological characteristics, we will not touch the rocks when we are individual, but we will talk and laugh, and people will be in the spring!