Drink water for your skin for 6 moments

Drink water for your skin for 6 moments

Drinking water to the skin is a must for beauty. However, it is also an important step to pick the timing. So how do you choose the right time to let the skin absorb the water?

Below we will introduce how to drink water for your skin.

  SPA first stop: 8 hours of sleep at 7 o’clock, which is equal to the skin does not actively absorb water for 8 hours.

So the skin will be a bit dry. The easiest and most effective way is to drink a glass of water and let the body function again.

  Suggested hydration measures: hydrating facial cleanser + skin care water + hydrating cream SPA second stop: 9:00 to the company, start a day of work, the intense work on the road must be tired, don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of water at this time,Timely replenish the water that the body has just lost.

  Suggested hydration measures: add hydrating cream + drinking water according to sweating. The third station: 12 points, the skin becomes dry and has an effect inside and outside the body.

You should eat more fish (such as squid, flounder, etc.) and vegetables at lunch, which can increase skin moisture and is good for health.

  Suggested hydration measures: squid + meat + vegetable SPA fourth stop: 13 o’clock lunch break, if you feel the skin is tight, you can “stolen very leisurely”, spray some moisturizing spray on the skin, and carry out a quick care procedure, thenDrink a glass of water, then you can raise your face with a refreshing face to face the afternoon work.

  Recommended hydration measures: moisturizing spray + drinking water SPA fifth stop: jump into the pool at 19 o’clock, wash away the fatigue and irritability of the day.

Swimming after work is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax.

Let the body be close to the water surrounded by superiority.

Also don’t forget to drink some fresh juice to replenish the water lost after exercise.

  Suggested hydration measures: Swimming + Juice SPA Sixth Station: After dinner at 21:30, don’t forget to eat some fruit.

After enjoying a completely relaxing spray, make a deep moisturizing mask. After 15 minutes of skin SPA, relax your skin thoroughly. Also, don’t forget to use toner and hydrating cream before going to bed.

  Suggested hydration measures: fruit + deep moisturizing mask + toner + hydrating cream + sleep well, 24-hour hydration plan comes to an end, accompanied by moisturizing and tender, full of elastic skin into the dream, even the dream is also sweet!

  Water-deficient skin moisturizing oily oily skin 1

Continue to use deep cleansing products to cleanse the skin, using water moisturizing lotion or crystal gel; 2.

Exfoliate care once a week for oil control;

A deep cleansing mask every two weeks to effectively absorb moisture and control oil secretion.

  Dry and dehydrated skin 1.

Use a mild cleanser; 2.

Exfoliate care once a month to avoid irritating water-deficient skin;

Use a cream moisturizing cream, apply a moisturizing mask twice a week, and massage the skin with a moisturizing or nourishing serum.

  Don’t think that the best emollients or the most expensive masks will give you a healthy skin.

If you don’t pay attention to maintaining a healthy and balanced life, maintain a happy mood, and balance your mind, you will have a healthy and moisturized skin.

  Here are 7 tips to guide you to have a beautiful and healthy skin – a good amount of water to drink a lot of boiled water every day, good for the skin.

Drinking an average of 6 to 10 glasses of water a day can be both cosmetic and healthy.

Wonderful two pay attention to sunscreen no matter what season, go out and remember to use sunscreen to avoid the sun radiating skin.

In short, remember to go out to the sun, it is good for your skin.

Moderate Three Moderate Exercise Moderate exercise helps blood circulation and is good for the skin, because the skin also needs to breathe.

A little exercise, jogging or walking can promote blood circulation.

Wonderful four release pressure to learn to release stress in daily life, listen to music, communicate more, and participate in some active and beneficial outdoor activities.

If you want to have a healthy and beautiful expression, you must have a good night’s sleep.

In addition, it is very important to maintain healthy skin and have adequate sleep.

Wonderful Six Contact friends, relatives and friends is your gas station for healthy living, the source of happy life, you must pay attention to keep in touch with friends and relatives in your daily life.

Wonderful Seven is good at sharing gratitude and knowing how to share. It is the true meaning of life. We must remember to face life with gratitude and sharing.