Three ways to edema yoga to restore slimness

Three ways to edema yoga to restore slimness

Many women are obese because of edema, especially on the face and limbs.

How can I effectively treat edema?

May wish to practice the following three yoga moves, so that your edema can be alleviated and improved.

  Stand on one foot and stand vertically 1. Inhale and lift your feet off the ground. Make your toes cross your head and land on top of your head.

  2. Inhale, straighten one leg up, exhale, and then change the other leg to stand on one shoulder.

  3. After a slow recovery, you can use the supine position to soothe your body and adjust your breath.

  Note: Note: Beginners who can’t stand with their feet up at the same time can do one foot first, don’t force yourself to be safe.

  Key points of health care: prevention of splanchnic stagnation, prevention of varicose veins, improvement of color and edema, whole-body cosmetology, promotion of metabolism and blood circulation.

  Straighten up with one foot, extend, straighten your lower back.

  2. Bend over so that your hands touch the ground and hold your center of gravity.

  3. Inhale, lift one foot upward, try to push it up, stay deep for a deep breath, and return to doing another foot replacement.

  4. After restoring, baby resting and supine can be used to ease breathing and relax the whole body.

  Note: When the action is completed, the feet should be aligned as straight as possible to achieve the best stimulation and massage effect.

  Bicycling style 1, sit with your feet on the aid.

  2. Slowly lay your body on the aid (note: your head is on the ground) and step on the aid with your feet.

  3. Grasp the auxiliary device with your hands, raise your feet, bend your knees, cut back and forth, do a bicycle-like shape, and slowly reduce the acidity on your feet.

  4. After restoring, you can use the supine position to soothe your body and adjust your breathing.

  Note: If there is no aid, you can use a quilt to fold it to a certain height, and pad it on the waist to practice.

When you step on your feet, try your best to step on them with great effort.

  Auxiliary props: Yoga practice aids.