74th Army Brigade: Multi -point synchronization for delivery training at sea

Organize the search for alert, guide vehicles to enter, and carry out man -loading … Not long ago, a brigade of the 74th Army joined hands with joint support, national defense mobilization, local traffic warfare and other parties to rely on local ports and large -scale civilian ships to carry out multi -point synchronization loading, carry out development Sea delivery training. The brigade is close to actual combat needs, and strictly organizes maritime delivery.

Faced with the "enemy love", the brigade defense unit collaborated with local public security and Guoan forces to search for regions to search for reconnaissance and establish alert defense, guide loading echelons into the loading position, and quickly concealed the ship according to the combat marshal. In the strange environment, the whole element is carried out, the real -compilation, installation, and real match completion complete the conversion of the combat reserve level, the mobile assembly is continuous day and night, and the formation of the formation is fast -loading … It is a great test for officers and soldiers.

According to the brigade leadership, they focus on planning and conducting the troops to act in the standard of war, refine the spirit of officers and soldiers ‘fighting, and test the troops’ delivery capabilities.

Sailing all the way, "enemy love" all the way.

Above the Bobo, the formation was hidden by the foggy weather, and the officers and soldiers suddenly found that there were unknown ships followed.

The Hangdu Command immediately issued an instruction, and the emergency team quickly dispatched to warn it. In this delivery training, the brigade focuses on coordinated commands and military -civilian linkage. It organizes 14 key issues, 5 special operations drills, and collects more than 100 combat data simultaneously, effectively refining troops’ combat capabilities. (Sheng Zicheng, Tan Yiqing) (Editor: Chen Yu, Ren Yilin) ??Share let more people see it.