2021 Yancheng City Amateur Club League Basketball Competition Successfully

A few days ago, a 6-day 2021 Yancheng City Amateur Club league basketball game, ended successfully in Jiangsu Xinyi Basketball Hall.

After 6 rounds of 71 fierce competitions, the Alien Club of Dafeng District won the Grand Championship, the Fengcai Club won the championship B (40-50) champion, Jiangsu Xinyi Club won the class B (50 years old Group) Champion, Tinghu Women’s Basket Club won the women’s group champion.

This league was hosted by the Yancheng Sports Bureau and Yancheng Sports Association. The League is an important initiative to develop Yancheng basketball business. It provides a fitness and competition for the majority of basketball enthusiasts, and creates a glow dynamic stage for basketball characteristics. It is understood that Yancheng has a long history and a wide range of mass bases. Over the years, a large number of excellent basketball players have been cultivated, and they have won awards in the provincial basketball championships and "governor cups" basketball competition. With the further deepening of the "National Sports Health Model" work in Yancheng, the construction of the city’s amateur club will continue to be a new level, and the health happiness index of the people will further increase. related suggestion.