2021 "Quality Month" is coming, the wonderful activities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region see here!

In order to vigorously promote the construction of quality and strong area, carry out quality improvement actions, continue to improve the overall quality of the quality, better meet the growing beauty of the people, and the Quality Strong District Work Leading Group in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region decided to carry out the "Quality Month" activity in 2021.

Main activities to carry out quality theme publicity advocate the quality first strong sense of consciousness.

In-depth propaganda discourse the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Quality Work and Inner Mongolia Work, Party Central Committee Construction Quality Decision Deployment of Quality Strong District Party Committee of the Autonomous Region.

In the whole media vigorously carry out quality special propaganda, focus on the quality story of Inner Mongolia, show the "13th Five-Year Plan", the results of the construction of internal construction, and spread in Inner Mongolia to promote the determination of high quality development. The results exhibition on the "13th Five-Year" quality work line of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Produce the "Quality Month" activities promotional materials, in-depth organs, enterprises, schools, communities, etc., and promote relevant laws and regulations. Carry out the "Transport Quality Accident Warning Education Week" activity, "Improve Service Quality Construction High Standard Welfare Market System" Theme Promotion Activities, "Financial Knowledge Popularization Month" concentrated financial knowledge popular activities, and "Laboratory Open Day", " Technology Exhibition Hall Open Week, "Standard Open Day" and other activities.

In-depth implementation of quality improvement action efforts to improve product and quality of service.

Experience with quality improvement achievements around important industries, key products and services, and promote quality improvement results.

Extensive mobilization and organization of autonomous region enterprises to carry out joint initiatives, quality monitoring and analysis, quality consultation, quality research, quality improvement, etc., strengthen industry self-discipline and corporate quality, promote quality management, information, comprehensive improvement quality level and quality competition force.

Strengthen defect product recall management.

Host training courses for the quality control of the construction of autonomous region construction projects, ready-mixed concrete (mortar) quality supervision business training courses.

Carry out the quality of transportation services.

Organize the implementation of "2021 National Medical Quality and Safety Improvement Goals".

Accelerate the construction of comprehensive service community, expand service content, and improve service quality. Carry out the quality improvement of petrochemical engineering. Promote the implementation of "user satisfaction project" in the region. Establish a "brand living room" live interview and "Inner Mongolia brand promotion – shared live broadcast", promote the promotion of regional public brands and corporate brands and product brands in the livestock products.

Strengthening Quality and Cultural Construction Promotion Implementing Comprehensive Quality Management.

A certificate was issued for the 8th Autonomous Region Chairman Quality Awards, establishing a quality management benchmark, leading the autonomous regional enterprises to strengthen comprehensive quality management.

Tour the organization award-winning enterprises and organize the combination of industry chain related companies to the winners of the award-winning enterprises, promote advanced, extensive exchanges and share advanced quality management experience, and promote application advanced quality management methods. All-round, multi-angle deeply excavate the quality story of governance of government quality awards at all levels. The joint association, the media extensively carry out quality management typical case collection activities, chief quality official style show activities, "corporate quality integrity" special events. Hold the first QC group story speech contest and the 3rd Inner Mongolia Quality Brand Story Competition. Carry out the quality brand laboratory evaluation of the regional quality brand and the construction of the quality and integrity system of the city’s products, mobilized enterprises to actively participate in China’s brand value evaluation activities.

In-depth grassroots, organize to learn from all walks of business, and vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen.

Consolidating quality infrastructure enhanced quality service effects around "two bases" "two barriers" and "a bridgehead" construction, coert the high-quality development action, standardization improvement actions, "Mongolian" standard, "Meng" standard, "Mongolia" Brand action, traditional dairy industry development action, SME quality management level improvement action, inspection and testing ability improvement action, comprehensively improve the quality of quality infrastructure construction in the autonomous region, increase quality infrastructure "one-stop" service, service autonomous regional economic society High quality development and integration into the new development pattern. In combination, "I have a practical thing for the masses", solid-state, and do quality and practical work for the masses. Carry out product quality technology to help "tour consultation" activities, establish a system quality and technical assistance mechanism for the whole process of inspection agencies, organize quality comparison and negative consultation, focusing on key common technologies that have long plagued product quality, concentrate on capacity Quality research, solve critical quality technical issues. Promote the revitalization of rural industries in the rural industry with quality and technology. Carry out the "Metrology Service SME" activity, in-depth grassroots and first lines are enterprises and institutions, the masses provide metrics and benefit services, plush fiber fair inspection services, and the quality identification services of indoor air, gold and silver jewelry, fur products.

Carry out intellectual property services, and accurately solve the problem of enterprise intellectual property. Strictly regulate law enforcement to create a good consumption environment.

Promote intelligent supervision.

In-depth development of "clothing and food and housing" special rectification. Carry out food, drugs, special food, health products, special equipment, important industrial products, pig slaughter, aquaculture, cultural tourism, etc., special rectification, supervision and inspection, system inspection and other supervision activities.

Carry out children, students, old-age supplies, non-medical masks safe guard special action. Closely combined with the "Kunlun 2021" special actions, combating crimes against infringement.

Promote the Implementation of the "Regulations on the Management of the Snorning Slaughter". Special actions were used for the use of aquaculture. Carry out the "double random, one disclosure" supervision and spot check activity of the ecological environment monitoring institution.

Increase 12315 and other platforms and hotline propaganda efforts, smooth exchange of consumer rights protection channels, promote the social treatment of consumer rights protection, improve consumer rights protection awareness and ability. Announced the quality complaints of agricultural machinery complaints, calls, and concentrated on accepting mediation.

The third party "experience" unannounced discipline for cultivating cultural and tourism markets, strengthening the supervision and inspection of cultural and tourism related standards.

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