Winter health words porridge


Winter health words porridge

It has entered winter since the beginning of winter. After light snow and heavy snow, it will soon be the winter solstice.

Winter marches withered and frozen insects are the season when everything in nature is hidden.

In winter, the yang is hidden in the body. Therefore, the principle of conserving yin and protecting yang should be used in winter.

Especially the elderly who are weak and old should sleep earlier and get up later. It is better to exercise when the sunlight overlaps, so as to prevent the cold and the sun hidden in the body from catching a cold.

Colds are the enemy of the health and longevity of the elderly.

It can reduce the body’s resistance and aggravate other diseases such as chronic bronchitis, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc.

  Yam porridge: 50 grams of yam (peeled), 50 grams of rice, honey, edible oil are moderate.

Cut the yam into small pieces, stir-fry with oil, add honey, boil the rice into porridge, add the fried yam and boil, and serve.

Yam is a nourishing kidney and spleen.

  Chestnut porridge: 50 grams of chestnuts (peeled), 50 grams of rice, salt concentration.

Cook raw chestnuts in a pressure cooker (less water), peel, mash, put in washed rice, add water to cook porridge, and season with salt.

Chestnuts can nourish the kidneys and have a therapeutic effect on the softness or pain in the waist and knees caused by insufficient kidney qi.

  Sesame porridge: 10 grams of sesame, 50 grams of rice, honey or salt.

First stir-fry the sesame seeds, wash the rice to make porridge, add sesame seeds, add honey or salt, and serve immediately.

Sesame can be divided into white sesame and black sesame. White sesame can help the intestines and lungs; black sesame can enter the kidney and strengthen bones and bones.

  Almond porridge: about 20 almonds (peeled), 50 grams of rice, seasoned with sugar or salt.

Wash the rice and cook the porridge, add the almonds when they are ready to cook, and add some sugar or salt.

Almonds can relieve cough, asthma, expectorant and dryness.

  30 grams of walnut kernels, washed and mashed; 15 grams of wolfberry, washed; 50 grams of rice, washed, and add porridge with appropriate amount of water.

For neurasthenia, urination is not the best food therapy.

  Pear porridge: 3 duck pears, washed and peeled, pitted, and cut into pieces.

Add an appropriate amount of water and cook for half an hour. Wash 50 grams of rice and cook into a thick porridge.

When it is ripe, add pear juice and pear pieces and cook together.

It has the functions of nourishing the lungs and clearing the heart, expelling phlegm and reducing fire, and has a therapeutic effect on pediatric pulmonary heat cough.

  Tripe rice porridge: tripe 200 grams, rice 50 grams, salt similar.

Wash the tripe with salt, cut it into dices, and cook the rotten porridge with the washed rice and water, and season with salt.

It is a good food therapy for pediatric patients who are physically weak, lose their appetite, and have weak limbs.