“what??Isn’t that just living in a yard?,How can the lady let a man live in your yard,Although separated by atrium……”Shuang’er surprised。

Li Yunzi did not answer,She is tired,I don’t seem to have much strength to speak,Or thinking,I have no intention of saying it again。
Shuang’er understands that my lady is not the kind of hesitant lady,She said,Just have to do it。
Shuang’er hurried to clean up,Vacate the left courtyard house,At the same time I was thinking,Do you want to add a temporary door between the atrium and the left court?,Keep this door by yourself at night,Avoid any trouble。
Zhu Minglang moved into Zuo Ting House,Fang Niannian soon got acquainted with Shuang’er,The two females have endless words,I always http://www.leshengwenhua.cn see them smiling between the two courts……
Lai Yunzi does not leave the house。
Zhu Minglang will only go to the back mountain when training the dragon。
It’s still dark,It’s the fourth day,This vision caused even greater panic in the entire Zulong City State,More and more people are beginning to spread the speech。
These remarks,No accidents point to Li Yunzi。
“Lai Yunzi is a fierce star,Wherever you go,Heavenly God Stone,Directly at Zulong City,Isn’t it just telling us Zulong people,To destroy this evil star,Otherwise, you will never see the bright universe!!”
“Brutal Acts of Lai Yunzi,Caused sky anger,God punishes her people,But you still follow so foolishly,Want me to say she should apologize,Otherwise, there will be skyfire punishment!”
Inside and outside the city-state,A mess。
No light,Night forever covers the earth,I thought http://www.mtxwifi.cn that spring and summer was coming,Lichuan Plain will become rich again,But the sunlight seems to be taken away by God,Even if you go beyond the Lichuan Plain,I can only see some http://www.bhutanairlines.cn Xiwei。
No sun,No harvest,No harvest, no meat,If this is the same in late spring,Chaos in the world!