Wang Youcai had this idea in his heart,But he can’t say clearly。Because of something,He has to secretly manipulate,to be honest,Song Fang is a female stream,Do something like this,She can’t do it。

There is another important reason,Song Fang is the village chief with mission and purpose。If she can’t complete the task arranged by Hu Huiru,,That will be a very troublesome thing。
Because I have eaten in the city,So Wang Youcai didn’t eat anymore。He quickly took the time to go to Chen Gui’s house。This time,Chen Gui should come home for dinner。
Chen Gui’s door is hidden,Wang Youcai just pushed away,Meizi came out of the West Room dressed very coolly。When she saw Wang Youcai,Then he laughed:“Boss Wang!Did you go to the wrong place??”
“Nonsense,I come to Chen Gui,Is he at home?”Wang Youcai said,And walked into Westinghouse。He thought Chen Gui was resting in Westinghouse,But as soon as he left,I was a little stunned。
Because there is no one in the Westinghouse,Where is the shadow of Chen Gui。Meizi, who walked in from behind, gave a soft hit, Wang Youcai said:“sit down!I will give you tea and drink”
“No need to,Where is Chen Guiren?”Wang Youcai said,Twisted butt and sat on the edge of the kang。
Meizi smiled and said:“The farm works overtime at noon today,He ran away as soon as he ate。Said that the newly appointed Ma Yan has a particularly tight management,I’ll be expelled”
“cut!He Chen Gui is also true,Anyway, he is also the original village cadre of Xiping Village,It’s not ashamed to be called by a little girl now”Wang Youcai said,Shook his head exaggeratedly。
Meizi smiled,There was a bad smile on his face。She asked with a smile:“Where is he young?Her!I want to see that she is not young anymore”Meizi said,I couldn’t help laughing。
So many women in Xiping Village,There are really few like plums。Wang Youcai is a little bit confused,Meizi talks to everyone like this,Or she only treats herself like this。
Although this woman is a little older,Not pretty。But what kind of charm comes out of her bones,It really looks tempting。Wang Youcai’s eyes drifted from Meizi with dishonesty。
Meizi suddenly lowered her voice and said:“Chen Gui said when he came back for dinner at noon,He is going to work for someone else tonight,Not coming back overnight”