“Thank you!No need to,I only need the room card”Xia Jian said eagerly。

Yao Junli says:“You give your phone to the front desk clerk”Xia Jianyi listen,Quickly handed over the phone,The waitress just responded,Then put8106Found his room card,Handed it to Xia Jian。
Almost trot upstairs,Xia Jian dare not delay,Opened quickly8106’S door,Xia Jian leaned in and sneaked in,What makes him thankful,The bathroom door is closed,Lights inside,There was a rushing sound,This shows that someone is taking a bath,But it’s definitely not Li Na。
Li Na should be in the room,Xia Jian moved lightly,Walk inside,Only the bedside lamp was turned on in the room,Looks a little dim。
In front of a big bed,The clothes of men and women were thrown in a mess on the ground,Follow the foot of the bed and look towards the bed,Xia Jian could hardly believe the scene before him,This turned out to be true。
I saw Li Na naked,Hands and feet are tied up,The mouth was strangled with a tape,Quilt on the bed,It might be due to Li Na’s resistance,All on the ground。
What’s the situation,Isn’t she making a movie??Xia Jian until now,I still don’t believe in the situation,Li Na found Xia Jian,Pedaling hard on the bed,Motion him to come quickly。
Xia Jian just woke up like a dream,Ran over in a hurry,Looking at Li Na naked,This time he,No distractions,Both hands quickly liberated Li Na’s hands and feet,And took the strap off her mouth。
“Give me my coat on the floor”Li Na is crying,Said eagerly。
I did lose a pile of clothes on the ground,Have underwear,With coat,And also men’s clothes,Since she wants a coat,It seems she has no time to wear underwear,Xia Jian hurriedly found Li Na’s top and skirt,Just lost it。
Li Na shuddered,Just put on the coat,When preparing to wear shoes,A man’s voice came over in a low voice:“you this**,Still feels not enough,Found another one?”
Xia Jian surprised,Turn around quickly,I saw one in his forties,Middle-aged man with a fat body,Wrapped in a bath towel and smirked at them。
When Li Na saw this person,Like a mouse saw a cat,She shivered and said:“Manager Chen,Will you let me go tonight?I can’t stand it”
“Bastard,You fucking pretend to meb,What kind of formation you have never seen,I even made such a show tonight,Sister Wang won’t spare you“Middle-aged man talking,Reach for the phone on the coffee table。
Li Na suddenly jumped over,Grabbed the middle-aged man’s hand,Crying:“Manager Chen,Don’t tell Sister Wang,I will disappear from Pingdu tomorrow“
“Li Na is late!Look at you now,Dress like this,How coquettish。I have been pretending to be pure all these years,I have endured you for a long time“Middle-aged man talking,Swipe your arm,He threw Li Na to the ground。