“I bought you a Tier 3 Force suit,Lest you be hacked to death!”Li Ming chuckles,indeed so,Li Ming has a permanent star grade 5 Mo Yun。And another moyun vine was also given to Hong,After all, Hong’s power is relatively weak,But the realm is high,Stronger use of Mo Yun Teng。And Thor does lack a defensive weapon。

“flood,And Thor,I follow your request,I bought you Tier 3 force weapons!”
“As for the seven of you!”Li Ming glanced,“I have also brought you each a set of Tier 2 Force suits and Force weapons.。Atani,I asked you to practice the arc cutter in the virtual universe, right?,This weapon is for you。”
Atani,Among the ten spiritual teachers bought by Li Ming, he ranked second in strength.,After studying some secrets, he broke through the field,Of course it’s only the domain one,This arc cutter can also display the second form。And the number one‘Reiji’,Is a piece of debris dropped by the Meteorite,His mind power increased even more。
“Thanks master!”Atani’s appearance is a young girl,Has light green hair,At this moment, I took the arc cutter from Li Ming。
And Thor put a hand on Li Ming’s shoulder,Whispered in a voice that the entire spacecraft could hear:“Wow,Li Ming, your spiritual teacher is very beautiful,Are you old bachelor planning。。。”
“Thor,Buy it for you‘Lightning Blade’Still can’t seal your mouth?!”
“Ha ha~”
“But really,Li Ming, you are over fifty,It’s time to find a wife!”Hong Ye joked。
“。。。。。。”Li Ming was speechless,I will be urged to marry now。
A few days later,The black dragon spacecraft landed on the white mercury,The managers of Baishuixing came out to greet。
“Master Li Ming!”
Bowed respectfully,This is a group with long white hair,White-haired ape man with three eyes on the head。
They are residents of White Mercury。
After Li Ming bought the entire White Mercury,Although these local natives are not his slaves,But also works for him。Unless they are willing to move again。But the human race of this white-haired ape,Very low strength,The pedigree is slightly higher than that of humans on earth,Adult members are generally at the beginner level,The strongest is also a star,It is also very difficult to wander in the universe。
White Mercury is a long-term sub-zero planet,Usually covered in snow and ice,Each revolution cycle is only a few days(Earth time)Will be above freezing temperature。Even though some plants and crops in the universe are tougher than those on earth,But it’s rare to grow on White Mercury。
Which resulted in,White Mercury is very barren,Not a habitable planet for humans。
About tens of millions of years ago,There is a branch of ape-man tribes migrating to this planet in the universe。Although the ape-men of this tribe are weak,But very hardy,After migrating to this planet, I barely survived。