Li Jiacheng is screaming:“Comer,Come soon!”

The mediocrity in the family guards round the clock,As long as he has a little movement,Someone will come in soon,This time he broke his throat and no one answered。
“People……Where are people dead……Come soon!”
“You don’t need to call,They really became dead!”
An indifferent voice sounded from behind,Li Jiacheng hurriedly turned and looked,I saw a young man with a stern face。
“you……who are you,How did you come in!”
“Aren’t you trying to kill me?”
Chen Xiu sneered:“You don’t even know who I am,I am Chen Xiu!”
“Chen Xiu!”
Li Jiacheng was in horror,He hurried to the bedside table and took out a revolver from the drawer and pointed it at Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu didn’t stop him,Just sneered:“I can bring Luming’s head to your bed in your sleep,Do you think a mere pistol is useful to me!”
Li Jiacheng’s heart trembled,Trembling,He knows how good Lu Ming is,That’s a superman who can pull up weeping willows。
Such a superhuman head is on the bedside table behind him。
And the person who chopped off Lu Ming’s head is the one in front of him who used his gun at the young man。