“Just win me one or two positions,Wouldn’t it be a few kilometers away from him to go all the way,Put this face there!”

Just chasing,Instead, let Lin Tianfu get further away,In desperation,Accidentally took this step,Actually grabbed a few feet ahead,This is“Xiaoyao Yufengbu”Step in。
A happy heart:“This Xiaoyao Yufengbu is more and more used to dodge enemy attacks,Can also be used to hurry!”
The second step is“Xiaoyao Yufengbu’,One step is several feet,After a few ups and downs, he caught up with Lin Tianfu。
Two people stand side by side,Can only hear the wind,The trees on the side of the road receded by。
Lin Tianfu takes a big step,Faster and faster,In an instant, it was far ahead of Chen Xiu,But just take a few breaths,Chen Xiu caught up。
Lin Tianfu squinted,See Chen Xiu’s handsome figure,Like walking in the garden,Not half domineering in the pace。
Secretly admire,A few steps faster,And left him behind,But Chen Xiu soon caught up。
Tried this a few times,Lin Tianfu knows that Chen Xiu is strong,Still better than yourself,Light work is above oneself,If you compare,I have to lose。
The two ran all the way,Soon I came to a small hill more than 30 miles away from the cave。
A group of people are fighting with each other on the hill,Probably not more than 30 people,Lin Tianfu admires Chen Xiu even more!
The two have never been close,I heard someone scolding while fighting:“he.mom.of,Lin Li,Zhou Xiong,Wang Qing,What do you want?”
“What do we want,You still don’t know?”
“Naturally I have a share!”
“Correct!Yellow Crane,If you don’t hand over those few spirit paints,We hacked you to death!”
Three different sounds are played in sequence。
The yellow crane cursed back:“I also saw your mother-in-law taking a bath,Do I have a copy when I sleep!”
The people on the side of Huang He burst into laughter。
Chen Xiu recognized these people as bounty hunters who had appeared in Longxi Village before.,But they are even more curious about the spirit paint they are fighting for,Asked in a low voice:“Lin Biaotou,What is Ling paint?”
“Blindly taste precious medicinal materials,It’s a blind adjuvant for refining Qi Ju Pill!”