“My little teacher,Don’t make trouble!Master is coming back, I will blame me from the teacher.!”Laudno’s head。

“Small teacher,But the surname forest is getting angry.?”Lu Da has to see Yue Lingshan in a small temper。
“who said it?His Xiaolin can get to me?”Yue Lingshan said to the land big,Let him don’t dare to ask more。
After all, Lin Ping saved the Yue Lingshan hero.,And the skin is also handsome,When Yue Yue is in the income of Linping,Yue Lingshan“Fresh fresh meat”Also look at,I immediately decided that I didn’t make a small teacher.……
Discussion on teacher time order,The earliest is from small adopted,Second, Yue is not a group of more than 30 years old.,Laudno with a teach,The third is Yue Yue’s older Yue Lin,Just when the teacher brothers and sisters,Yue Lingshan has always been“Small teacher”。
Until Lin Ping’s apprentice,Yue Lingshan took the initiative to travel seven,That is, the teacher who is doing Lin Ping!
Usually, not only like to tease this little brother,Even an anti-normal intention to teach him a sword,One way to make Lin Ping in the door in the door,It is also a way to know what this is,Thinking on the cliff……
When Lin Ping, I went to Huashan.,The brothers and brothers are against themselves because of Yue Lingshan.——After all, everyone is default.“Master and Masters”ofcp,So therefore“Shot”of,You a new come,I got up, I dared to smash our little sister.?
Especially like the stream of land,Although there is no bad heart,But as a fox,Usually don’t have less than to learn,Bully Lin Ping,This is also the cause of Yue Lingshan quietly teaches Lin Ping’s sword.!
But there is slightly different from the original work.,Yue Lingshan is not a good look at Lin Ping.,Mainly seek,It is always that he will always“Chu Da Ge”Hang on your mouth,Even two people still quarrel,“Chu Da Ge”and“Master brother”Who is even more。
Finally, of course, Lin Ping said……
This time Chu Deiren killed Tian Bo,Walking to Huashan reported,Lin Ping is happy,Order“Dominance”The young brother’s Yue Lingshan has some taste。
This is not surprising,After all, Yue Lingshan’s feelings of Lin Ping’s feelings,In addition to the hero of the foot,that is“The little teacher is greasy.”,have“Made a fresh feeling”。
Other brothers faintly targeted Lin Ping,Just inspiring Yue Lingshan’s protection,And rebellion。
However, now Linping’s most admired、Most reliable,Actually it is not yourself,This makes Yue Lingshan somewhat depressed.……
“Small teacher,or……You go see‘The senior’Go out of the mountain!This year is coming soon.,There is no important business in the door.。”Laudno said,Flashing the color of the conspiracy in the eyes。
If it is a group of Yue,Will definitely——Laudno after all“Lushan school undercover”identity of,Yue Yue has already been perceived.,Just deliberately left him misleading left cold。
“This……But so many years,I have never been to work too much.,Just every year,Please a year banquet,In order to entertain Chu Deirers,Please ask Mu for my elders.……is it necessary?”Yue Lingshan wrinkled frown。
“Masters don’t understand this,So many years,Master has never really entrusted what the seniors do.,Just invite a banquet every year,Since this……Today, please ask the senior party banquet,After the New Year,Master goes to invite,Maybe you may agree with the predecessor,Is this relationship not to pull into a piece??”Laudno said very reasonable。
Learn Laudno said,The disciples have some good,And persuade Yue Lingshan together……
The seniite they said,It is now in the mountains in Huashan,But with Huashan Pai Mountain,Not in a hill!
Their Mu Qingren is also a master of Huashan Qingzi.,Faint is the first person in the air,But the time of the priest,Not only a lot of disciples,In this bucket, you will die.,And the gas reluctance also moved some conspiracy,This makes Mu Qing people very disappointed。
Anger,Mu Qing people renamed Mu people,The disciples are not in the Lantern Festival.,Sand out of Huashan School……
Chapter 135 Ankle
Yue Lingshan is a child,Misunderstanding missed to mix my peak,I saw the Mu people.。
Maybe the year is high、Heartache the reasons for children,Mu people are strictly prohibited from Mashan disciples near their own mixed geoferer.,But the Yue Lingshan is very good.,So Yue Yue also took the opportunity to set a few times.。
As one go,Mu people clear mouth promise Yue Yue,Every year, you can send hands to Huashan.……
Yue does not do people,Never really refer to what Mu people have done?,Just every year of the year,Ask him that the old man is also a banquet。
If there is no previous commitment,Mo people will not take care of it at all,However, Yue Yue is doing this.“One-year-old”Invite,Mu people have no good faces forever,But attended the year。
At this time, I have already seen it to the twelfth lunar month.,Banquet Chu Deirers are small things,But the exudation of the Laudno surface,It is necessary to use this small prior to use promise.,After the New Year, please invite,If the Mo people are still willing to come,This kind of relationship is not more eased.?
Yue Lingshan saw Laudno said,Other brothers also agree,So I didn’t agree with it.,Go to the mixed fate。
Chu Deiren naturally does not know the dilemma of Huashan disciples,I don’t know what Yue Lingshan’s mind is,At this time, it is still drinking with Lin Ping.——Tian Bigu’s good wine,No waste。