The four tires of the off-road jeep made a series of harsh grinding noises on the road,There was also a clear abnormal sound mixed with this sound of grinding,Simultaneous flutter of the front hood,A glaring scratch 30 cm long appeared in front of you like a knife。

This is the scratch caused by the warhead’s instant contact with the inclination of the hood,Quan Xingguo quickly judged,Dangerous here,The imaginary sniper really appeared。His hands and feet seem to move faster than thinking,Put in gear、Boom the throttle,The car galloped again in the roar。
Looking at the co-pilot again, Li Tianzhi did not know when he had already turned over to the back row,Leaning down and observing the road in the rear window,“Should be fine。”
Quan Xingguo does not answer,Observe the inverted mirror,Speed up,There are a few big drops of sweat hanging on the forehead,That’s the cold sweat that I am afraid of。If the reaction was a little slow earlier,The point of the warhead is not the hood,But the windshield of the co-pilot,It seems that the other party’s goal is Li Tianzhi, no doubt。
Not long,The off-road vehicle drove away from this small hilly area。After the toll gate, drive for another 20 minutes,The car enteredSZUrban area,No exceptions have been encountered since then。
The two are speechless,After parking the car in the square in front of the station,Quan Xingguo made a few cheeks with both hands,Turning to look at Li Tianzhi,“You said,Will it be him?“
“Ling Feng?“Such a name quickly popped out of Li Tianzhen’s mind,Its ghostly shadow is impressive,Then he shook his head again,”do not know,Not very similar in technique。“
“brothers,Look at the posture,I’m afraid there is still danger on the road behind,You might as well go back to the base with me temporarily,It’s not too late to leave when things come to light。”
Li Tianzhen smiled and shook his head,“I’m not that weak,I really want to see who is thinking of me。But you,Pay special attention when you go back。”
“Don’t worry about me,Hold this。“I know I can’t persuade the other party,Quan Xingguo is no longer wordy,Handed Li Tianzhu a watch,This is the last time I went to Qingshui,The piece that Wu Fang gave him,Was confiscated by Yunshan police,Xu Wen got it back together with everyone’s guns for some reason。
Seeing the other party so carefully,Li Tianzhen is also welcome,Wearing it on your wrist with a smile,Put on the backpack and got out of the car,“Be careful all the way back,brothers。”
“Take care。”Quan Xingguo nodded,Watching Li Tianzhen pass the ticket gate,Until the figure disappears into the waiting hall,He just started the car Left the train station slowly。
Small meeting room on the second floor of the South Building of the base,Xu Wen and a middle-aged officer glared,The two quarreled loudly just now,Even patted each other on the table。I’m panting now like a cockfight,Seems to be brewing a more fierce attack in the next round。
“Stop here。”The middle-aged officer finally suppressed his anger and sighed,Slowly retracted his eyes,“The chief has a last resort。”
“He has no choice but to do my ass。”Xu Wen sneered,“I just ask you,Who changed the list?Who left the news again?”