How to say this,From the perspective of professional people doing professional things, there is nothing wrong。

But from the perspective of managers,Wang Yufei is obviously irresponsible。
“I probably understand!I will discuss these issues with Mr. Ge later。”Yu Xingwei nodded and said。
He is too lazy to discuss company issues with Wang Yufei,This is asking the blind。
But I was very happy to talk to Wang Yufei about technical matters。
Yu Xingwei came with the purpose of joining Changxiang Technology,I was embarrassed to ask,Now you can open up and ask,I’m not bored on the road。
The car drove directly to Tan’s Restaurant on Yong’an Street in Beijing。
Regardless of the per capita consumption,The boundary of Yong’an Street shows that it’s a matter of eating dinner,Ge Lingyue is much more professional than Wang Yufei。
If you change Wang Yufei, please eat,80% is in the canteen in Huaqing。
When the car stops,Ge Lingyue is already waiting at the door。
This also made Yu Xingwei once again feel the importance of Changxiang Technology。
I feel a lot better。
“Mr. Yu,welcome,welcome!”
“President Ge,No accidents in the future,You are my immediate superior,Take care。”
“Mr. Yu is too polite,What’s wrong with future work,I also hope that Yu always can give me your advice。”
The two are very polite,Started a routine business tout。
If you are not used to this occasion,Wang Yufei will think that adults are too terrible again。
The welcome ceremony came to an end soon,Ge Lingyue looked at Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin,Said with a smile:“Today there are some special guests,President Wang should feel very happy。”
“Ok?And guests?I know?”