In fact,Neolithic stuff,Although very old,But basically it’s research value,Collection value will not be very high,Only a few special exceptions,It’s different like Topaz Pig Dragon,It’s still a favorite。

“do not worry,My friend won’t let you lose in price,As long as things are true。prior to,He asked for a price of more than 5 million。But i see the one you got,Not very good,May be slightly lower。”Zhou Xing told Hu Yang。
Populus nodded:“Yes you can!Brother Zhou’s friends,Is my friend,Negotiable price,It doesn’t have to be five million。”
People around listened,stunned,five million?Just this stuff?Everyone feels numb scalp,Unbelievable。
hang up the phone,See everyone’s expression,Hu Yang asked:“Why is this expression?”
“Hu Ge,Brother Zhou said five million?”Huazi couldn’t help asking。
Hu Yang smiled badly:“What do you think?Brother Zhou’s friend wanted to buy a topaz pig dragon from Hongshan Culture for a price of more than 5 million.,But the requirements of that appearance must be higher。Like this,Not very good,If you can give two or three million, just laugh!”
Even if Hu Yang said that,Everyone still sighed。Especially new viewers in the live broadcast room,Antique once again refreshed their three views。
“This boss,Good person!”Lu Daqiang couldn’t help but send a good person card to the stall owner。
is not that right?Except Xu Hong、The three of Huazi and Jiezi,Everyone else got a treasure here,This situation is really rare。
I don’t know how to say Brother Hu and the others are lucky,Or the stall owner’s luck is too bad?
Nothing else,If the stall owner knew this fact,It is estimated that I will take sleeping pills to fall asleep for half a year。
Xu Hong is not in a hurry,He is the same as Populus,30,000 antiques look down on。And Jiezi is not particularly interested in these things,She is fascinated by calligraphy and painting。
Huazai has no other ideas,He followed Brother Hu,Often get benefits,I don’t care if there is any gain this time。