This tactic,The old captain clearly wants to sacrifice all the ship-based drones,In exchange for the last twenty seconds of precious time!

There are more than one hundred drones on board Taishan,The shape of these drones is very expensive,And it’s very versatile,All consumed in this place,It’s really reluctant。
but,The order of the old captain has been given,No one can violate,The two had to type a series of instructions on the keyboard like flying fingers。
In an instant,Belly door opening,The drones buzzed out in groups,Quickly plunge into the battle group below。
The number of drones has increased,Sure enough to stop the crazy attack of those bees。
And in the free attack mode,Even if I blew myself up by those weird metal bees,At most, it’s just one or two drones involved in the power of the explosion.,The overall strength has not been affected。
The cautiousness of the old captain,Once again proved that he was correct。
Time goes by every second,Seeing that there are still tens of seconds left to enter the acceleration time,And the swarm below is still entangled by the drone swarm,It’s about 100 meters away from Qinshan,Never close。
The swarms below blew themselves up,At the same time there was a loud noise,Also produced a large cloud of black fog。
quickly,Below the Taishan ship,Black mist,Can only faintly hear the drone’s machine guns,And the explosion of those bugs,But I can’t see the real scene below。
One thousand two hundred and twenty one chapters Devourer
“Countdown to five seconds,Fives、four、three.”The two have a calm face,Place your palm on the handle of the thruster,Just wait for the countdown to end,Energy filled,He pushes the pusher,The Taishan ship will exceed the speed of sound 16,Leave this ghost place。
suddenly,The energy filling indicator in front of the second officer turns from green to red,Flickering frantically。
“not good!Our energy is falling sharply!”The second pair was shocked,Yelled immediately。
The old captain turned around suddenly,Regardless of danger,Unlocked the magnetic equipment on the seat,Three steps and two steps,Rushed to the second officer。