Wang Shaoxiao is from a financial background,Always settle accounts first。to be frank,He really didn’t understand this time,Even suspected,Does this big ocean horse fall in love with our brother Menglin?,How else would you come up with such a stupid cooperation plan?。

They injected one billion dollars into Menglin Group,This price is almost able to buy the current Menglin Group,But the other party is just doing equity swap,And with their shares in Menglin Group,You can’t beat Lu Menglin’s rule at all。
And the strength of the other American company,Especially their blood test technology,It is likely to become another new outlet in the future。
If this new technology is introduced
If you enter China,Can imagine,China’s huge population,What huge commercial value and profit this new technology will bring。
But the other party is willing to pay one billion dollars,Also exchanged shares with Menglin Group,The condition is only to use Menglin Group’s network promotion channels in the future.。
In Wang Shaoxiao’s opinion,It’s just a lot of money,Take the initiative to send money back!If Lao Mei is such an IQ,Then there will be peace in the future。
“I have one more condition!”Lu Menglin didn’t hold up the wine glass,But smiled unhurriedly。
“What?Gangster,Stop playing with me!?”Wang Shaoxiao almost cried in her heart,There is still a smile on my face。
He can’t understand,The other party’s conditions are so generous that they are stupid,You have to add more?Is she really a fool??Don’t become a snake swallowing elephant!Wang Shaoxiao’s heart activity is quite intense,Winking hard at Lu Menglin。
Elizabeth was also taken aback at this moment,Squinted,Staring closely at Lu Menglin’s face。
If the opponent is not a powerful Secret Medicine Venerable,But to be someone whoever,She will definitely go back on the spot,“Little Yakuza,You don’t go too far!”
The Ten Billion Club is the number one organization in the world,Its power is beyond doubt,If anyone dares to tease it,We must be mentally prepared to endure the thunder of this behemoth。
In Elizabeth’s concept,The Ten Billion Club and myself have released enough kindness to this Lu Menglin,And also helped him,If he is still not satisfied,If you continue to choose greed,,There will only be one result,That is destruction,And it’s complete destruction。
Elizabeth stared at her face,Because she wants to see clearly,Is this kid greedy??Still dazzled by desire,Can’t figure out where you are!In fact,Ten billion clubs anywhere on earth,Face anyone,Have enough initiative,Their huge wealth,Huge resources that can be mobilized,Can let them easily gain the upper hand。
“you,What do you want?”Elizabeth speaks in the vernacular,I immediately felt that I was still too weak,Can’t help but get a little angry。
Have no idea!
Besides being the company president,It’s a sacred master,Own extraordinary power,If you didn’t say a word,You can reach out and pinch yourself to death。
Elizabeth’s thoughts in her mind,Get angry。