The world is amazing!

If you don’t see it with your own eyes,Who can believe that this shy and shy waiter in front of me is actually leaning back several years later《Die Hard》This series of films successfully created a tough guy image on the screen.?!
But now?,Old cloth who is only twenty-four or five……Should be called Xiaobu,Comrade Xiaobu has a respectful smile on his face:“Mr,What do you need?”
Although the man in front of me is Asian,But Comrade Xiaobu dare not even underestimate the other party’s thoughts:Guests who can appear at this dinner party in Chrysler,There is no simple。
Why did he rack his brains to serve as a waiter at this banquet?,I just want to try my luck、See if you can get an opportunity,The Asian man in front of me just met Li at the door·Mr. Iacocca talked for nearly three minutes,He sees it,I’m pretty sure the Asian man in front of me is a person of status and status——Otherwise, why would Chen Geng meet him??
Chen Geng didn’t know that all of this was Xiaobu’s caution,He was also immersed in the pleasure of instructing classmate Xiaobu to work,I looked at Comrade Xiaobu, who was kind of flattering and cautious.,Said:“Can you get me a cocktail?”
“Cocktail is it?no problem。”Student Xiaobu nodded immediately:“Miss you?”
“Also bring me a cocktail。”
“Two cocktails?Two please wait。”
Student Xiaobu was very happy to help Chen Geng and Rosemary get wine,Rosemary looked at her boss excitedly:“boss,Is this waiter special??”
“Oh,It’s nothing,I just think this kid’s body is more suitable to be an actor,”Chen Geng said casually:“Maybe you can become a big star in the future。”
“You say him?A hotel waiter,To be a star in Hollywood?”Rosemary thought about countless possibilities,But there is no such thing as possible,Eyes widened:“Are you sure you are not joking?”
PS:Bros,Today’s second time is coming to night,Sleep or sleep until you wake up comfortable,This kind of sleep divided into two sleeps feels really bad,Just one day or two,Like this every day,I feel like people are going to split。