No less than every month15Ten thousand U.S. dollars?

No less than200Ten thousand U.S. dollars?
White looked at Chen Geng dumbfounded,I think Chen Geng is going crazy。
Although he has never worked with a used car dealer before,But I know a little bit about this industry under the influence,A used car dealer wants to apply from the bank for a month15Ten thousand dollar car loan,Almost sold100to150Just a car,On average, it’s a day to sell4To5Car,Can sell in one day4To5Second-hand car dealer,The ones that are right are large used car sales groups with many years of experience,What qualifications does Fernandez have to compare with those big companies?
First6chapter Four promises&First customer
“I’m not stupid,It’s clear that you have to sell at least a month100A car needs so much loan,”Seeing White’s dumbfounded look,Chen Geng knew what this guy was thinking:“rest assured,Since we are compatriots,I won’t make you embarrassed,such,You go back and tell your manager,As compensation to you,If the loan amount I apply for each month is not up to15Ten thousand,I don’t even want a cent rebate……”
White’s face flushed、A burst of white,Before Chen Geng finished,He suddenly interrupted Chen Geng,Gritted his teeth and said:“Every month10Ten thousand!brothers,Every month10Ten thousand,Per year150Ten thousand,If you are sure to do this,I will help you fight25%Rebate。”
“Ha ha……No need,”Chen Geng waved his hand,Since White is so interesting,Chen Geng:“That `s a deal,per month15Ten thousand U.S. dollars,25%Rebate,Your bank promised,Let’s sign a cooperation agreement,If you don’t agree,Then I will switch to another bank to cooperate……”
Talking,Chen Geng winked at White:“as far as I know,Auto credit business has never accounted for a high proportion of your bank’s business、And your bank always wants to expand this part of the business volume?As long as your bankers are not stupid,They will agree。”
These words,Chen Geng said with confidence:Taking the current situation of the US used car market,If I can’t sell every month100Car,Not to be laughed to death?
White went away happily and worriedly,After all, he still didn’t dare to agree。
25%The interest rate rebate is not a small amount,He needs to go back and report to the manager of the credit department、Negotiate,But he also told Chen Geng clearly,No problem,If Chen Geng can really apply monthly15Million car loan,The bank has a very high chance of agreeing to this rebate ratio——Union Community Bank’s rebate to some large car sales companies in Detroit has reached30%,Just want to remove these big customers from Mellon、Poached from the hands of a big bank like Chase,It’s just that people simply don’t like small and medium banks like United Community Bank.。
White left happily,He already feels the good life is beckoning to him。