The old fox originally had eyes wide open,Look at Qin Feng,After being chopped off by his palm, I fainted,Fell to the ground softly。

Qin Feng kicked him again after watching,Scolded,“You immortal,Let’s see Lao Tzu, I’ll kill you,My surname is no longer Lin。”
So Qin Feng reached out and grabbed the clothes behind the old fox,Picked up the old fox from the ground like a chicken,Walked to the old fox’s room with Sakura View。
Qin Feng opened the old fox’s room the same way last time,The door to the underground kicked the old fox straight down。
Suddenly the clanging sound came from the cold basement,The old fox rolled from the entrance to the underground factory。
Qin Feng slowly walked in after hearing the voice,Going down the factory leisurely again。This time is totally different from last time,This time I lost my breath,A few more icy flavors and bleak feelings。
Qin Feng went down and took a look,At this time the basement is empty,Tools randomly placed everywhere,If you don’t look carefully, you don’t know what these tools are for。
Qin Feng had seen it before,These are all things used to make that stuff,Now a bunch of people who seem to be placed randomly are left on the ground,There is no place to go。
Qin Feng turned his head and looked at the house of the person who had worked here,Now those fences are all opened,The things inside are still randomly placed。
And the excrement was not cleared away in time,It’s already suffocating。
After Qin Feng looked around here,,Then he regained his eyes on the old fox lying on the ground。
At this time, the old fox had been scarred from falling down from a height。
And the face that was originally full of wrinkles was cracked in several places。At this time blood is constantly leaking out。
but,Qin Feng won’t pity him,After all, he is a man who has done enough bad things。
He kicked the old fox again and said,“Hey,Undead,To the place,Why are you still dizzy??Wasn’t it very capable just now??Still want to control Lao Tzu!Why is it like a dead dog now?”
That old fox was kicked by Qin Feng,The body also moved,But there is still no sign of awakening。
Qin Feng looked at it for a while and said,“Tut tut,Sure enough, old is old。It’s been so long,Not awake yet。I still have to let Lao Tzu help you。”