“Xin Zhao,Don’t die!”

“Xin Zhao,Please come alive,I promise you everything, OK!”
Lena is watching Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng fighting,Suddenly my ears move,Then froze。
‘Qilin said Xin Zhao was dead just now,Did she use the Deicide 1 armor-piercing bullet??’
‘Do not,Shouldn’t,That’s special military supplies,When it’s not fighting,Won’t give Qilin the authorization!’
“Go back with me!”
Although I know Xin Zhao will not die,But even if there is only a chance,Lena wouldn’t bet。
On the one hand is the reluctance in her heart,Another point is because,She spent a lot of resources on Xin Zhao,Have not received benefits,Are these resources going to be drained?!
Why Xin Zhao and Rui Mengmeng can equip weapons so quickly,And why can the second team of Xiongbing Company be formed so quickly,It’s not that Ducao sold Xin Zhao for a good price。
Even if it is Lena,I also feel a bit painful price。
Qiangwei watching Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng fighting there,In the time of ignorance,Was pulled up by Lena and ran back。
Seeing Lena in a hurry,Qiangwei decided to say hello later,Look at her expression,Obviously, I don’t want to answer any questions.。
Thinking in my heart,Qiangwei followed Lena to Qilin’s side,When you see Xin Zhao’s face full of blood,And the blood that Qilin got on reaching out,Qiangwei froze。
‘Is this fatal??Xin Zhao is dead,And it was killed by Qilin!’
What an international joke!
Lena took a deep breath,Then opened the dark communication。
Lena:“Lianfeng,Check Xin Zhao’s physical condition?”
Lianfeng:“I’m busy,I’m going to transfer to you,She is responsible for your physical condition!”
Yuqin:“You finally think of me,Xin Zhao is healthy, right?,He is in good health now,What happened?”