Diseases that can be ground from appetite

Diseases that can be ground from appetite

Loss of appetite and strong appetite may be the cause of certain diseases, so how to distinguish between certain diseases?

Let ‘s take a look together. Armor can always pay attention to the health of yourself and family and friends in life.

  Loss of appetite may be the cause of these diseases. ↓ ↓ When it comes to appetite, most people will have temporary loss of appetite due to fatigue or nervousness. This is a relatively minor phenomenon.

  However, if your appetite fluctuates, pay attention!

Studies have found that in addition to environmental, emotional and other factors, human appetite will be affected by disease.

In other words, the appetite may or may not indicate a disease inside the body.

  ○ If anorexia is accompanied by nausea, it is often a sign of renal failure, uremia, advanced diabetes, acidosis, and ketone poisoning.

  ○ Poor appetite, anorexia, abnormal stool, diarrhea after eating greasy food, this is a manifestation of indigestion.

  ○ Sudden loss of appetite, nausea when seeing food, especially nausea when seeing greasy food, tired body, weak waist, dark yellow urine like strong tea, and yellow eyes, may be suffering from viral hepatitis.

  ○ Occasionally, the lack of appetite is mostly a signal of spleen and stomach deficiency, and anorexia stubbornness is often the onset of atrophic gastritis, and even the possibility of gastric cancer and squamous cell carcinoma.

Intractable anorexia is still often a sign of liver depression and mental illness.

  ○ For people over 40 years old, without any reason, the abdomen is full after eating, accompanied by burnout, decreased appetite, and the body is getting thinner. It may be suffering from esophageal or gastric cancer. You should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  ○ Depression patients are not interested in the onset of the surrounding disease and cannot focus on their basic physiological needs. They only focus on replacing or invading their own thoughts. They also have problems with loss of appetite.

  Excessive appetite may be caused by these diseases. ↓↓ ○ Sudden appetite is mostly a sign of fire in the stomach.

Hyperthyroidism and psychosis are also marked by anorexia.

  ○ If you like to eat foreign objects, such as candles, coal, soil, raw rice, etc., they are mostly a sign of infantile accumulation and mental illness.

  ○ Appetite is strong and easy to be obese, the body is getting thinner and thinner, accompanied by thirst, drink more, and urinate more, it is likely that you have diabetes.

  ○ Abnormal appetite and abdominal distension, and more often after eating, abdominal distension can be relieved when lying, accompanied by nausea, stomach pain and other symptoms, which may be suffering from stomach ptosis.

  ○ In the near future, the appetite will be strong, but the weight will be reduced, accompanied by fatigue, fever, sweating, and excitement.

If the eye is full and slightly overhangs, it may cause hyperthyroidism.

  ○ After eating a lot of greasy food, the appetite is obviously reduced, accompanied by abdominal distension, chest tightness, paroxysmal abdominal pain and other symptoms, it may be caused by indigestion.

If the appetite is acceptable, after eating greasy food, pain in the right upper quadrant appears, which may be a problem with the gallbladder.

  ○ Sudden pain in the upper abdomen after overeating, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and fever. Taking analgesics does not relieve the symptoms, which may be a manifestation of acute diabetes.

Of course-not to say that all cases of high appetite (loss) indicate illness!

Here I just want to tell you that sometimes large appetite drops are not a small problem, you need to know.

  If the appetite changes little, then you should pay attention to: regular diet, avoid overeating.

  Appetite is too high, you can stimulate your taste by eating pine nuts, soft-bristled toothbrushes, tongue brushing, a cup of coffee before meals, and mint.

  Loss of appetite. Foods with flavor, spice, and bitterness can be used to stimulate and increase the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite.

  If the difference between appetite before and after is too large, it is recommended to go to the hospital for consultation, the complications are still unknown.