Dance jazz jump out of package good figure

Dance jazz jump out of package good figure

Open the menu, according to your personality and dining requirements, order different dance “slimming meals”, compare the deliciousness, health and digestive index, and see if the package is the best for your taste.

Maybe you will be delighted to find that this specially prepared food can make you healthy and upright for a whole year.

  African style package: Jazz dining number: single or multiple people Suggested pairing: hat, cane, chair Slimming code: waist, chest, abdomen, 胯 Signature dish: acorn honey wineJazz dance originated in Africa is representative of delicate and soft.

Sending crickets, twisting the waist, and wavy body are the main characteristics of jazz dance.

Because of the charming and gracefulness of jazz dance, as well as playfulness and humor, it is very popular with fashionable women.

Jazz dance requires more detailed expressions. In addition to the correct dance steps, a good jazz dancer must contain three major elements: soul, sexiness and balance.

In addition, another feature of jazz dance is that you can add many elements to it, such as hats, canes, chairs, etc.

  ”Dining” tip: Jazz dance tests joint supplementation, so this “fitness package” is not as easy to “digest” as you think.

Of course, learning this kind of dance requires a certain dance foundation, otherwise it will be very difficult to practice.

In addition, practicing jazz also requires a certain amount of physical strength and endurance. It is recommended that you do a cardiopulmonary endurance test before practicing.

  Fun Hip Hop Package: HIP-POP Dining: Number of people Suggested Matching: Loose Clothing Slimming Password: Whole Body Muscle Signature Dish: Hot Dog Diners Comment Free and simple is the cultural meaning of HIP-POP. In fact, fresh hot dogs sold at street stalls,Vibrant and casual natural flavor.

  HIP-POP originated from black street culture in the United States, and the dance has a strong sense of rhythm.

It is highly random, can improvise movements, has no specific dance steps and procedures, but requires high sense of rhythm, and has strong expressiveness and creativity.

  This dance can exercise the muscles of the body, and every part of the body can be practiced during the dance. It is a very interesting aerobic dance.

  ”Dining” tips: Choosing a HIP-POP fitness package requires dancers to have a better sense of rhythm, and their requirements for the legs are particularly high.

As you sweat a lot during the dance, you need to pay attention to rehydration during exercise.

Girls are advised to wear trousers during practice. If performing in a skirt, it is best to add a layer of safety pants.

  Mysterious Garden Package: Belly Dance Dining Count: Single Suggested Cooperation: Veil, Cane Slimming Password: Waist, Crotch, Head and Neck, Arm Signature dishes: Mossaga Diners comment “Mossaga” is a lamb wrapped in cheeseThe baked cake has Middle Eastern characteristics.

The mysterious belly dance originated in Middle Eastern countries and was originally used as a religious ritual to celebrate the fertility of women and celebrate the mystery of life.

During traditional belly dance, the dancer’s head and hair are constantly swaying.

Modern belly dance is mainly a twist of the waist, with the crotch, shoulder and neck and other parts, also belongs to aerobic systemic dance.

With a single twisting action, she jumped up and appeared particularly enchanting.

Belly dance is less demanding on dancers and does not require a special foundation.

Unlike other dances, full-bodied women can also practice, and they will have a special charm when they dance.

  ”Dining” Tips: Choose a belly dance package to exercise many parts of the body, including eyes.

Of course, coordinated movements of the abdomen and retina are also important.

It is recommended that you do not eat staple foods within two hours before dancing. You can eat fruit, yogurt, and other snacks. Set meals: Latin dance. Number of people: Single or double (aerobic Latin) Double (standard Latin).: Waist, chest, thigh signature dishes: Sauce barbecue Diner reviews The savory sauce barbecue is easily reminiscent of jumping Latin notes and various Latin dances.

Latin dance includes rumba, chachacha, samba, bullfight and cowboy dance.

Aerobic Latin exercises are different from standard Latin dances.

  The aerobic Latin in the gym is free and belongs to the aerobics class, which can mainly exercise cardiopulmonary function.

Many Latin elements are mixed in the practice, such as Chacha, Rumba, etc., but there is no standard Latin offset to the dance steps.

Standard Latin specializes in body language.

But all of them require the dancers to be 100% emotionally exhausted, which can liberate the body and restore the mood, which is a kind of exercise method to relieve stress.

  ”Dining” tips: Because of the emphasis on muscle and line training, the aerobic Latin package can cultivate women’s distinctive temperament and make them more shapely.

When practicing, pay attention to the use of breathing during the dance process, and you need to add water in time.

  Hot whirlwind set: Salsa dancing Number of people: Double Suggested cooperation: No special requirements Slimming code: Chest, waist, arms, thigh Signature dishes: Spicy skewers Comment on diners As a type of Latin dance, salsa is also passionate,The unrestrained characteristics are more “hot” than Chacha and Rumba, and they are also playful in jazz.

  Sa Sa is not very demanding on the dance steps, but has certain requirements on the degree of tacit understanding between the dance partners.

If you are tired of solo dancing, you can learn salsa and enjoy the feeling of dancing together.Various fancy rotations, forward and backward movements and kicks can be effectively applied to the whole body muscles.

  ”Dining” Tips: Once you choose to use the salsa dance package to shape your body, you need to work hard to make your diet more stringent and screen healthy or not to eat according to certain criteria to maintain a better shapeeffect.