Beijing strengthens employment mode 50 years old, rural labor, still "renew"

Original title: This city explores a three guaranteed five-strengthening employment mode Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the relevant departments, this year, the city has condensed the government, enterprises, and society, etc. Full quality employment.

This typical experience, recently received praise from the eighth supervision of the State Council. Decomposition of key indicators into 7 real-time monitoring indicators to grasp the real-time mechanism, which is to adhere to the construction of employment work mechanisms, pay close attention to "three comprehensive", sound improvement "cover the city, the level is clear, the duties is clear, the process is clear, the operation is smooth" Employment system operation mechanism. These include comprehensive coordinating employment work, play the overall coordination of employment work leading groups, and the key indicators such as urban new employment, urban investigation and unemployment rate, urban registration unemployment rate, and decomposes the number of new employment insurance, newly increasing entrepreneurship unit 7 items such as employment positions can be monitored in real time, and the key work indicators that can be scheduled on moon; fully monitor employment situation, relying on social insurance, enterprise registration, etc., from employment, employment quality, employment environment, employment contribution, employment boom 5 dimensions to carry out monthly "stable industrial insurance employment" monitoring and evaluation, real name to people, accurate to households, "no informal" monitoring and analysis of the city’s employment situation and key work progress; comprehensive strengthening service, establish employment service instructors, employment services The "three" team of the company, the "three" teams of the company, improve the competent department of the horizontal collaboration, portrait, and all levels of employment services in the city, district, street and communities (village). Relying on informationization means to actively interrupte the employer and key groups, realize "employment work network, monitoring and evaluation and follow-up," the last km "in the implementation of policies and services.

  The three key points to strengthen public welfare posts and use steady protection, this city will focus more attention in key groups, key enterprises, and key areas.

  The key groups include college graduates, rural labor, and employment difficulties.

Among them, in terms of rural labor, the implementation of farmers fully employment projects, develop urban modern agriculture, enhance farmers’ professionalization, and employment. By encouraging companies to prioritize, leading to entities such as rural collective economic organizations, and the use of law, strengthen public welfare positions, and promote the stable employment income of farmers. According to statistics, from January to October, there are 10,000 rural labor transfer. Key companies will give more help to small and medium-sized enterprises. Including the continuation of the implementation of unemployment insurance returns, with the expansion of the work and training, and the stable post policy.

Through the comprehensive initiative of tax reduction, financial support and other comprehensive initiatives, accurate support for small and medium-sized enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households accelerate recovery production and operation, better and stable employment, improve people’s livelihood.

According to statistics, as of the end of October, the accumulated approved subsidy fund billion, benefiting 10,000 people. In terms of key areas, to ensure innovative entrepreneurship. Formulate the implementation of entrepreneurship’s three-year action plan, gradually aggregating policy service resources and market-based service resources, forming a full-chain entrepreneurial service such as entrepreneurship training, financing support, hatching base, and achievement transformation. Expand the coverage of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, realizing the same treatment in Beijing entrepreneurs, and the Bank of China has increased from 1 to 14.

Create "Entrepreneurship Beijing" brand, carry out the entrepreneurial innovation competition, and special village revitalization specialty. As of the end of October, a new entrepreneurial unit has been added to the employment position. Strengthening the five major initiatives to make personalized training courses to create fair and fair and orderly employment environments, and the city has also launched five supportive initiatives.

  One is to strengthen policy system. Focusing around security, promoting employment, preventing unemployment, encouraging entrepreneurs, etc. The cycle has achieved full coverage of urban and rural laborers. Second, strengthen service convenience. These include the "Employment Supermarket" platform in the integration of integration of job job recruitment, policy application, unemployment insurance treatment, etc.; comprehensive implementation of "unemployment insurance premiums return to the exemption" service model, realize funds "fast dial, precision" Fully deepen the "Board General Process", canceled the graduate entry repeated medical examination, and cancel the non-public unit to receive the graduate employment agreement signing seal. The third is to strengthen the effectiveness of training. Promote the "four new" digital skill training system for building a new platform, new mechanism, new model, and new content.

Collect quality training resources, create a new model of flexible training, increase new profession, new state training courses. This year, 930,000 people have been trained, subsidizing fund billion.

  The fourth is to strengthen market leading. Explore the new model of human resources service in "government guidance, market operation, professional services", and promote efficient optimization of human resources. The fifth is to strengthen the targeted law enforcement. In response to mild illegal activities to release administrative punishment, the system of administrative punishment, innovation "a case three book" system, guide the employer to learn lessons, enhance the law-abiding awareness, provide fault tolerance support and development space. Text / This newspaper reporter Yan Li (Editor: Mencheng, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.