Still follow the route of the small garbage door behind the building,Qiao Tianyu entered the brown building easily,I found the human resources department on the 9th floor with ease.。

However, a scene that made Qiao Tianyu suspect in life happened.
First0020chapter Work in embarrassment
It’s completely different from when Qiao Tianyu was contained an hour ago,Facing Qiao Tianyu’s initiative“surrender”,Goldman Sachs Human Resources President Hooke completely lost his previous enthusiasm。
I rub!
what’s the situation?
You were not crying and calling for me to join Goldman Sachs,I’m still begging to be begging to put my business card into my pocket,Let me think about it?
I think about it now,You regret it?
“Egg set!Egg set!”Qiao Tianyu tried to suppress the anger in his heart。
“Maybe Hook is deliberately playing deep,Just to suppress my salary?This is their customary trick!”
Qiao Tianyu took a long breath,Lower your body and express that you are willing to start from the most basic level,Just need Goldman Sachs to provide him with a platform cloud cloud。
However, it turns out,Qiao Tianyu thinks too much。

A few words are like a thunder exploding in the ear,All the people in Sword City were stunned in an instant,Co-author,The boss of the entire Dahua country is here?Such a strong strength,Even a strong man at the level of the green pheasant has meaningless resistance in front of him!

Xia Chenglong, who was recovering from his injuries, was also awakened,Co-author,The real boss is here?Although he is one of the six thrones of the military,,But in fact, I haven’t seen this big guy.!It seems that the battle between himself and the old man Huomu shocked too many people!
Even if it’s not a relationship,Such a big man appeared in front of me,How many people can disrespect?Xia Chenglong quickly walked out of the closed room,I came directly to the real dragon,Paid a military salute,As a strong man asking the gods,Even in front of the real dragon,No need to bow,Just show it,Besides, Xia Chenglong is not a bully,For real dragon,What I do most is respect。
“long time no see,Xia Chenglong!”
Zhenlong smiled and looked at the guy in front of him,It really is a talent,Especially the aura flowing down Xia Chenglong,That tyrannical and steady force is like mountains and rivers,Only practice each realm to the extreme,To be able to reflect this powerful momentum。
The rest of the people also nodded slightly,Xia Chenglong’s combat effectiveness is definitely much stronger than they expected,If you can reach the concentrating state,Absolutely capable of earthshaking existence!
“I don’t know if Real Dragon is here this time?”
Xia Chenglong looked at these guys in front of him,Was he just beheading a guy who asked the gods??Does it need such a big battle??Everyone is a powerhouse in the concentrating state,I can offend these people.!
“some things,You can’t know now,We come here this time,nothing else,Just want to see if you are the one we want to find!”
Real dragon nodded,Wave your hand,The shackles on the green pheasant are instantly lifted,Just waved,Can trap a big monster like the green pheasant,This strength,Conceivable。
“Rest assured,Just make trouble,If those guys in Hong Yuntian come out to trouble you during this period,Just go back directly,In addition,Rest assured,Those in the concentrating state just dare to appear,We will definitely do it,So you don’t have to worry!”
With these words from the real dragon,Xia Chenglong is more relieved,After all, Hong Yuntian does have a guy in the concentrating state,If those guys come here,Even if his cultivation level has reached the half-step concentrating state,Not enough to see the opposite,not to mention,There are many brothers who are not very strong beside me.!
“Military affairs,It should be almost done now!”
Suddenly,Real dragon seems to have thought of something,Looking at Xia Chenglong in front of you。
A few years ago,The real dragon once issued an order from a novice,Passed to the hands of the Sixth Throne。
Gradually reduce the development in war,And during this time began to hoard a large number of troops and elite。
It is clear,What big event is this planning!
“Please rest assured,Everything is done according to the will of the true dragon,The battlefield on the East China Sea has basically been cleared,The army has also doubled!”

Lin Yoona returns to the room after the meeting,Ask Xiao Fan:“How’s it going?Did Chu Yao and Yiming handle the matter??”Xiao Fan nodded。

Then turned around and said to Lin Yoona:“You prepare,Then tell Gu Jin they,Then we will start together,Actually we should be almost ready。”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes,I have been organizing some things for the past two days,So actually there is nothing to prepare,I’m ready for your clothes or something。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“More and more virtuous。”Lin Yun’er glared at him angrily,Then I went to call Bai Chen。
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Two Properly arranged
Xiao Fan called the staff on the island to arrange,Because after all they are going on vacation these days,Although it is a short holiday,But also arrange well,So that everyone can relax。
Xiao Fan has always been very serious and careful in everything,He never deals with anything perfunctory,Because in Xiao Fan’s opinion,Whether it’s vacation,Work or work,It must be treated with a serious attitude,Only in this way,This person can live more comfortably。
What’s more, he thinks everyone is a little tired these days,I should have a good rest,So Xiao Fan called the manager of the hotel over there,Let them prepare the room,And arrange some other things。
So they don’t have to worry about other things when they go,You can just relax and play,Xiao Fan has always been careful about these things。
As long as it is for the good of the people around,In fact, although he always looks cold,Or it doesn’t look very interested,For something,But in fact, my heart is hot。
He hopes to protect the people around him,Can help these people get the happiness they should have,In that case, he himself would feel very happy。
Then Lin Yoona also called Bai Chen and the others,Made an appointment,Basically they will leave tomorrow。
Xiao Fan also told Chu Yao to follow Yiming,Let the two of them prepare well,Then let them not think too much。

But no one said bad things about Chen Geng,After listening to the report of the Chinese Embassy in the United States、Knowing that Chen Geng seems to have a good relationship with the current leader,Chen Geng’s weight in the hearts of the senior management is completely different,I went up a few steps in an instant。

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First555chapter I’ve been spotted a long time ago
? “Chen,Do you think my dress looks good?”Karen in a light gold evening dress·Carpenter turned lightly in front of Chen Geng,Asked with a smile。
There are two days before the New Year’s dinner at the White House,Chen Geng by Karen·Carpenter dragged it out in the name of helping her choose her evening dress。
of course,Whether it’s Karen·Carpenter’s identity is still the level of the White House New Year’s dinner,Carpenter’s evening dresses are impossible to buy mass-produced goods off the assembly line,Must be tailored,In fact, Carpenter’s evening dress began to be customized when she officially received the invitation from the White House.。
Nowadays,It’s not so much Carpenter invited Chen Geng to choose the evening dress,It’s better to say that Carpenter wants to show him his beauty in front of Chen Geng。
“Pretty!Simply perfect!”
Really beautiful,Tailor-made evening dresses will be Karen·Carpenter’s figure is perfectly set off,Chen Geng held his chin and looked carefully,Smile and nod:“I believe you must be the most dazzling one at the dinner party。”
“really?”Carpenter bowed his head slightly shyly:“You really think i’m pretty?”
“Yes,Miss Karen,This evening dress really matches you very well,Set off your figure just right,”Without waiting for Chen Geng to answer,Karen·Carpenter’s assistant and makeup artist echoed,Finished,She glanced at Chen Geng secretly,Said again:“Mr. Fernandez has a good vision。”
The little assistant doesn’t know his boss and Fernandez·What is the relationship between Chen, the famous super diamond king of the United States?,I can actually pull the other party out to help me choose the evening dress,But this time,As a small attendant, I just need to help my boss desperately.。
As for Chen Geng’s assistant Kelly·Hicks,Pouting,not talking。

Many things can only be understood in battle,For this,For several family owners who have experienced countless things,Very clear!

“it is good,Thank you, His Royal Highness Dragon King, for giving us this opportunity!”
“Don’t be happy too early,After all, did you feel it in the end?,That can only depend on heaven!”Xia Chenglong said truthfully。
“This is naturally rest assured,anyway,Hou Bincheng is our friend from today,As long as the dragon king has a call,I will go。”
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Two Momoyama
To this state,They can use many methods to fight,It’s not a fight by both sides,And they don’t lack these,Their wickedness is artistic conception。
So this battle will be a battle of mood。
Wang Family Master starts first,His intention is bow and arrow,Many people don’t know that the Wang family hides a bow,That bow is what Wang Patriarch became famous,Is the existence of Xeon。
Today he will use peach blossom as bow and peach blossom as arrow,To shoot his strong blow。
The spiritual energy between heaven and earth gathers together in an instant,From high above,The peach blossoms scattered on the ground began to converge towards the sky。
When gathered together on Tiandi Avenue,A bow of ten meters long is formed,Then a five-meter arrow appeared。
When the two are combined,The space around it has become distorted,This is when the breath and mind are combined,Terrible existence。

“This is how to play,What you like is this kind of miniature non-radiative flare bombing,Is there still a radiation flare bombing??I give you a chance to choose!”

And Xin Zhao looked up,I saw a golden energy ball in Lena’s left hand,And the energy ball in the right hand is a little red,It feels a little unharmonious。
“Don’t work, sister, you do it,I will start!”
Facing this circumstances,Xin Zhao from the heart。joke,If you let Rena do it directly,Isn’t there a little less place on earth where humans can inhabit??
To protect every inch of the earth,In order to protect the earth, the beautiful home of mankind,He is indispensable to Zhao Xin。
Sacrifice the ego,Fulfillment。
Thinking like this,Xin Zhao feels that his mood has been sublimated again。
“cheap~People believe,Where are you laughing wretchedly,Hurry up,Qilin is ready!”Seeing Xin Zhao there in a daze,Lena knew right away that he hadn’t thought of anything good。
Qilin worked hard to adjust her state there,At this time, her state of mind is mostly restored,After the stress disappears,She feels strange to the sniper rifle。
It feels like she touched a sniper rifle for the first time。
But this shouldn’t be,She has been training for so long anyway,Hold this sniper rifle in your hand,It’s definitely not bragging.。
Caress the sniper rifle carefully,Qilin is working hard to find a familiar feeling for herself。
Xin Zhao’s figure soon appeared in the sniper field of vision,And he was actually jumping at Qilin~Stock dance!

Wang Shaoxiao is from a financial background,Always settle accounts first。to be frank,He really didn’t understand this time,Even suspected,Does this big ocean horse fall in love with our brother Menglin?,How else would you come up with such a stupid cooperation plan?。

They injected one billion dollars into Menglin Group,This price is almost able to buy the current Menglin Group,But the other party is just doing equity swap,And with their shares in Menglin Group,You can’t beat Lu Menglin’s rule at all。
And the strength of the other American company,Especially their blood test technology,It is likely to become another new outlet in the future。
If this new technology is introduced
If you enter China,Can imagine,China’s huge population,What huge commercial value and profit this new technology will bring。
But the other party is willing to pay one billion dollars,Also exchanged shares with Menglin Group,The condition is only to use Menglin Group’s network promotion channels in the future.。
In Wang Shaoxiao’s opinion,It’s just a lot of money,Take the initiative to send money back!If Lao Mei is such an IQ,Then there will be peace in the future。
“I have one more condition!”Lu Menglin didn’t hold up the wine glass,But smiled unhurriedly。
“What?Gangster,Stop playing with me!?”Wang Shaoxiao almost cried in her heart,There is still a smile on my face。
He can’t understand,The other party’s conditions are so generous that they are stupid,You have to add more?Is she really a fool??Don’t become a snake swallowing elephant!Wang Shaoxiao’s heart activity is quite intense,Winking hard at Lu Menglin。
Elizabeth was also taken aback at this moment,Squinted,Staring closely at Lu Menglin’s face。
If the opponent is not a powerful Secret Medicine Venerable,But to be someone whoever,She will definitely go back on the spot,“Little Yakuza,You don’t go too far!”
The Ten Billion Club is the number one organization in the world,Its power is beyond doubt,If anyone dares to tease it,We must be mentally prepared to endure the thunder of this behemoth。
In Elizabeth’s concept,The Ten Billion Club and myself have released enough kindness to this Lu Menglin,And also helped him,If he is still not satisfied,If you continue to choose greed,,There will only be one result,That is destruction,And it’s complete destruction。
Elizabeth stared at her face,Because she wants to see clearly,Is this kid greedy??Still dazzled by desire,Can’t figure out where you are!In fact,Ten billion clubs anywhere on earth,Face anyone,Have enough initiative,Their huge wealth,Huge resources that can be mobilized,Can let them easily gain the upper hand。
“you,What do you want?”Elizabeth speaks in the vernacular,I immediately felt that I was still too weak,Can’t help but get a little angry。
Have no idea!
Besides being the company president,It’s a sacred master,Own extraordinary power,If you didn’t say a word,You can reach out and pinch yourself to death。
Elizabeth’s thoughts in her mind,Get angry。


The magnitude of the earthquake is getting bigger,Some people’s feet were even caught in the cracks on the ground,They didn’t pay any attention,But to look far away,Because they have no choice。
This sound comes from that mountain,at last,When the moonlight disappears,At the moment that seemed to be blindfolded,The whole Jianshan mountain range is sinking。
It’s not like splitting a huge hole,But the whole collapsed。
This is another thing that many people can’t imagine,Even if Xia Chenglong is watching from far away,There is no way to imagine,Because the scene is too spectacular。
Without any signs,Heaven and earth collapse,Moonlight disappeared,All this is a symbol of something big going to happen next。
suddenly,Shangdiyue appeared in an instant that day,This is not a crescent moon,But a full moon。
The full moon in an instant happened to face the sinking pit,Then the two sides formed an echo,Then the originally dim world turned bright in an instant。
because……A beam of light formed between the moon and the deep pit。
This is the beam of light,Extremely large beam of light,Even far away,Xia Chenglong, they still feel close in front of them。
Everyone knows,What does this beam of light represent,Wan Jianzong relics appeared,This is their goal here。
It’s something I’ve been preparing for a long time to do。
The beam of light is really bright,Bright enough to illuminate everyone’s faces,So a lot of guys hiding in the dark showed up。
Because they don’t need to care about where the opponent is,Will you be madly attacked by your opponent in the next moment。
The melted blood mist did not dissipate randomly,But slowly condensing,Then turned into a blood bead。
The blood beads are also rising,Then head towards the sky and the moon。
The original white blood is calling,Finally the blood drops into the beam of light,The world began to tremble again,Then it exudes a strong breath。

At this moment,Assist the Great God Jiangnan to speak:

Happy today,I also give everyone a wave of benefits,Ten Huawei’s latest mobile phones,The lottery conditions are the same as before。
The latest phone,It seems to be seven or eight thousand?Ten stations are seven to eighty thousand,Worthy of the rich,When you feel good, you throw money。but,Everyone likes this kind of local tyrant。
Don’t talk about players,Even the anchor is excited,Pay attention,Public screen speech:《Yongle Festival》,Then wait for the draw。
result,Hu Yang successfully completed the task of 100,000 attention。
The long-lost voice comes from the system,Congratulations to him for completing the task of 100,000 followers,Successfully upgraded the intermediate treasure hunter。
Populus close eyes,Feel the change in your eyes at that moment,Not only the eyes,I feel like a drop of wind oil in my brain,Sober a lot。
Subsequently,Two new tasks:
the first,Add 100,000 followers again,Access to primary perspective。
second,A million followers,Can upgrade treasure eye to advanced。
Get!The system is a bit silly,But still awesome,Even the perspective eyes came out。Upgrading advanced treasure hunting eyes is a bit difficult,Temporarily can only overcome perspective。
I just don’t know what the perspective eye is for,Can’t be used to spy on girls?That’s too evil。Populus thought:It seems,The system is a little bit rude。
“Thank you everyone,This kind of activity will be frequent in the future。I hope,Everyone is not just for the lucky draw,I can also notice the traditional culture of our country from my live broadcast。
Today’s live broadcast,It ends here,Everyone who hasn’t eaten eats,See you tomorrow about the same time。”

As for Murong Ningbing,Anyway, Lin Yu didn’t say anything about himself,Don’t worry about it,What’s more, Xia Chenglong is also willing to adult beauty,After all, I would rather demolish ten temples than destroy a marriage!

But something Xia Chenglong didn’t know,This falling flower intentionally,Ruthless,Although Lin Yu likes Murong Qianxue,But Murong Qianxue,I like him,The relationship between these three people is really complicated。
The three of them just keep going,But because the relationship between the three people is very delicate,So the three of them have been awkward to get along along the way。
Lin Yu always pays attention to Murong Ningbing,And she,As long as there is a chance, stick to Xia Chenglong’s body。
But Xia Chenglong wanted to match,Murong Ningbing and Lin Yu,So on this road,The relationship between these people is still extremely delicate and complicated。
But finally early the next morning,This group of people came to Tianxuanfeng,After arriving at Tianxuan Peak,Even if Murong Ningbing doesn’t let go,I’m going to be separated from Xia Chenglong,Because at this time he is going to the law enforcement hall,Explain this matter clearly。
If you can explain this clearly,Then everything is in peace,If this matter is unclear,,Then the questions are coming!
Law enforcement hall。
“Old five,What do you think of this thing?It’s been so many days now,Lin Yu hasn’t come yet,Is that kid,Has been killed by Xia Chenglong?!”
The fifth elder heard the fourth elder say so,It was also taken aback:“Can’t it,What does that kid say,Ask the strength of the peak of the gods,And Xia Chenglong, have we checked,Is he just asking about the strength of the gods??will not,will not,Even if this affection is separated by a small level, the difference is a thousand miles away.,So Xia Chenglong shouldn’t do anything to him,Maybe it was delayed on the road!”
“I don’t think so,Xia Chenglong is very weird,Didn’t you find out?This kid’s previous battles have always leapfrogged,I don’t know where he went?Can actually have such strength!”
“Hard to say,Hard to say,But this time he should not go against,We mean one more,We didn’t really fight,I want to do something to him,We just plan to ask him some information,He still can’t make a jump!”
“Ok,Old five,What you said makes sense,I just talk about it casually,Uncountable,Uncountable!”
And at this moment,Two people heard it,One of my own disciples ran in in a panic:“Master,Master…”