80 sets of intelligent power shift piles have been installed in Beijing Daxing District to solve the worries of residents

People’s Network Beijing September 27th, you don’t look at this "small cabinet", it is called intelligent shift pile. It can make electric bikes in an instantaneous power in 10 seconds, eliminating various hidden dangers of the original electric bicycle charge at home from the source. It is understood that since 2020, Daxing District promotes intelligent power exchange piles, these magical "small cabinets" have installed 80 groups in the streets of Daxing District. 1 set of electric piles can serve 50 to 60 users, so Counting, the audience is at least 4,000 people. It is understood that the smart shift pile is small, the space is small, which greatly solves some of the problems in the installation of the electric vehicle charging pile.

It uses a dedicated battery and automatic identification system. After driving to the electric shift pile, put the battery in the air battery, and then pop up a full-electric battery, which can be completed in 10 seconds, instead of the previously taken 8 hours. The pattern of charging can be running up to 4 or 50 kilometers.

New batteries with electric shift piles can only be charged in the shift pile, and the hidden dangers of indoor charging safety can be eliminated from the source.

The change cabinet is equipped with a high-temperature alarm, a set of protective measures such as automatic power off, and the safety factor is high.

If you encounter failures or other dangers during charging, the system will be powered down to minimize security hazards. At the same time, in the equipment operation company, 24 hours a special person monitors the system.

Operations companies integrate Internet of Things, big data, mobile platforms, and achieve remote monitoring, abnormal alarms, precision positioning and remote physical locking of vehicles and batteries through full-scene 24-hour background data supervision system.

You can get information such as user feedback, device failure, and battery real-time location through the mobile terminal. If the problem can be disposed of, the automatic power-off protection function can be activated, and the maintenance management efficiency is increased to ensure user security. The installation and construction of intelligent shift piles provides a new path to meet the needs of electric bicycle in Daxing District, which provides a new path to minimize safety hazards. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

Anhui Medical University held an international Youth Scholar Forum to issue "heroes" to the world

People’s Network Hefei June 25 (Zhou Kun) is facing the world, nesting the phoenix.

On the morning of June 25, the First International Youth Scholar Forum of Anhui Medical University opened in Hefei. Through the forum, the security of the Annea has attracted high-level medical talents from the world to join hands with the first-class high-level medical universities in China to jointly open the new future of medical education.

"Anhui Medical University is the first batch of" Ministry of Medicine, Provincial Medical University, Vice President of the University of Medicine, the Yangtze Medical Education Alliance, the first batch of local characteristics of the China and Western University] The first batch of local characteristics of Anhui Province. "Anhui Medical University Party Committee Gu Jiashan said in a speech, "introducing it, two-way, so that high-level talents have become the powerful power and innovation engine of the high-quality development of the school." "We will firmly grasp the first resources of talents, and the eyes of the child , The sincerity of love, the use of courage, the ya, the good thing of the talent, and the road to enter the sages, and fully implement more active, open and effective talent policies.

"Cao Yunxia, ??principal of Anhui Medical University, said," Let the school truly become the ‘fertilet’ of cultivating talents, attracting talented ‘magnetic fields, letting talent, respecting knowledge, respecting labor, respecting the creation of a common style. "It is reported that this international Youth Scholar Forum is carried out in the way in line on the line, and the school main forum, subject part of the forum, signing ceremony and campus visit experience.

The main forum is held in the form of live global live, and the forum is carried out by various colleges in various forms of discipline, interview, negotiations. In the forum contract, the school site and the intention of the intentional talents are signed.

(Question: Fan Xiaolin, Zhang Lei).

Beijing special supervision and inspection prevention and control thermometer involved in production and sales

  Body temperature detection is an important part of the epidemic prevention and control, and the accuracy of the thermometer is especially critical. Recently, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the market supervision department to strengthen the management of epidemic prevention and control of thermometer management, many urban areas have launched special supervision and inspection of the thermometer, inspect the production, sales and use of production.

For the lost thermometer, market supervision law enforcement officers require the use unit to be replaced immediately. It is understood that the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau has carried out comprehensive investigations and quality special inspections of the 10-day temperature measurement instrument.

In the inspection of the use of the link, law enforcement personnel examinate the shopping mall, supermarket and other places to check with the thermometer.

"Whether the thermometer is taken by a special person? Do you have a calibration self-examination every day?" In the Yuecheng, Chaoyang, inquiry, the shopping center staff said that all the thermostats have a special person, and they will collect all the goods every day. The thermometer replaces the battery and measures the temperature comparison with the mercury thermometer, and it will be used next day after passing.

  "The sales thermometer, the law enforcement personnel focus on whether there is a quality inspection certificate and implement the product standard number; the use of the thermometer, our focus on the implementation of the" Guidelines for the Epidemic Prevention and Control ", collecting temperature measurement products Information, the temperature measuring instrument is not allowed to detect the temperature measurement of the battery power, the maintenance is not in place, and the operation is not active. Requires the use of unit to disable the irradiation thermometer, strengthen the management and maintenance of the thermometer, regularly Calibration self-examination to ensure the normal use of the thermometer. (Reporter Wang Wei) Original title: Beijing special supervision and inspection prevention and control thermometer coverage production and sales and use links are required to replace the law enforcement personnel of ignoring thermometer.

China Aviation Lithium Electric Hefei Base Project in Changfeng started construction

People’s Network Hefei November 8th (Yang Saijun) Hefei New Energy Automobile Industry adds strong engine, November 8th, China Aviation Lithium Electric Battery and Energy Storage System Hefei Base Project Promotion Association held in Changfeng County, Anhui Provincial Committee, Hefei The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Fu Aihua, announced the project. It is reported that China AV is established in 2007, a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sales, and market applications developed by lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems and related integration products and lithium battery materials.

The total investment of Hefei base project is about 24.8 billion yuan, and it has completed 50GWH after completion. Among them, the construction project of this period has investing 10 billion yuan, and it has completed 20GWH after the birth of the year.

The new energy automotive industry is the key construction and cultivation industry of Hefei City. Hefei City grabs new energy vehicles development opportunities, and cultivates a large number of major projects and leading companies.

China AV is a "single champion" in the manufacturing industry. This combination is to inject new green "electricity" for Hefei to build new energy vehicles. It also opens up new sustainable development space for China Aviation. In recent years, the total amount of private economy in Hefei, Changfeng County, has continued to expand, from January to September, the county has 310 industrial enterprises, and the industrial added value increases year-on-year, and the growth rate has been in five counties and cities in five consecutive months. The county’s output value exceeded 70 yuan, of which 6 more than 1 billion yuan.

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China’s drie belangrijkste telecomoperators kondigden 5G-ontwikkelingsgegevens aan

Originele titel: China’s drie belangrijke telecomoperators kondigden 5G-ontwikkelingsgegevens aan tot 25 maart, China’s drie belangrijke telecomoperators hebben 5G-ontwikkeling in het prestatierapport beschreven. China Mobile’s rapport toonde aan dat China Mobile 5G gerelateerde investering in 2020 102,5 miljard yuan (RMB, hetzelfde) bedroeg.

Nieuw gebouwd op ongeveer 340.000 5G-basisstations het hele jaar door, met in totaal 390.000 5G-basisstations, met 5G-diensten in alle steden van de Prefecture-niveau, enkele provincies en belangrijke gebieden en bouwden een wereldwijde toonaangevende technologie, het grootste commerci?le netwerk van 5GSA.

Tegen het einde van 2020 bereikte China Mobile 5G-pakketklanten 100 miljoen huishoudens, netto toename van miljarden.

Bij het bevorderen van de demonstratie van de 5G verticale industrie, heeft China Mobile 100 Group-level Lead-demonstratieprojecten gecre?erd en breidde de regionale kenmerken van 2340 provinciale niveau uit en kwamen geleidelijk naar voren in 15 sub-industrie?n. In 2020, China Telecom 5G kapitaaluitgaven RMB 39,2 miljard, China Telecom, zei dat 5G gerelateerde kapitaaluitgaven in 2021 39,7 miljard yuan waren in 2021, die van plan is om 700.000 5G-basisstations te openen aan het einde van 2021, een nieuw 320.000 5G-basisstation, 5G-netwerk De dekking wordt uitgebreid naar alle provincie en sommige townships.

China Unicom Eerste geopenbaarde 5G-gebruikers in het prestatierapport.

Vanaf het einde van 2020 bereikte het 5G-pakketnummer van China Unicom 7,083 miljoen, en 5G-uitgaven bedroeg ongeveer 34 miljard in 2020.

Door de oprichting van China Telecom, is ‘s werelds grootste 5G-co-constructiedeelingsnetwerk voltooid, het algemene 5G-basisstation heeft 380.000 opgebouwd.

(Reporter Liu Yingying) (Editor: Xiao Yuan, Danglong).

Changsha’s first public rental housing community "neighboring department store" opened

Original title: Warm heart! Volunteer Service Forward Hemathers (Raising City Civilization Creating Sitting Standing National Civilization Model City) Public Rental Households Use large points to exchange small appliances.

Reporter Li Zhuoke 7th, Changsha’s first public rental housing community "Neighborhood Department Store" opened in Wuyanghe Community, Wuji, Kaifu District, Hongjun District, public rental housing community. As the creation of Civilization, Kaifu District, the "department store" does not buy, but accepts quality idle items and public welfare donations of residents, public rental housing residents participate in volunteer service exchange points, can be exchanged, helping people Self-help, make charities more decent.

Public rental housing 322 households "Someone" thanks to public rental housing benefits, monthly rent is only 50 yuan, the province’s lower room has been doing a few meal red meat. "50 yuan may not be a meal, but for Fuze Garden Mr. Li, who is public rental housing, will let him avoid cold in the elevator small apartment in a living room, after all, the money under the low-guarantee, and the firewood oil salt is too much to worry. Like other buildings in the community, the B area of ??Fuzeyuan is also a garden elevator home, but only 322 households like Mr. Li.

322 households from all directions of the public rental housing, who is lack of rice, who needs to change the season clothes, the rainstorm comes to the rain umbrella raincoat, the heat is alternate, who is a lack of electric fan small household appliances … These parents are short, and they will become public rental houses. "Rapidity", is also a "key little thing" in the Liuyang River Community Party Committee. In the practice of "I do practical things for the people", solve the "missing" in the public rental house, which has become a practical thing to do.

Doing public welfare ingredients and exchanges department store neighborhood more harmonious, "changed to heater." On the afternoon of the 7th, the public rental households Zhang Jie came to the "neighborial department store" of the residential activities of Fu Zeyuan Community. Li Hanxiang, who is "shopkeeper", is bright out of the points card. "Your points are full of dangling, there is still balance of heating.

"The" shopkeeper "handed a new heater from her card, deduct 30 points from her card, and the whole" transaction "process is decent and relaxed. Zhang Jie is a volunteer of community public welfare schools, only escorting When you have accumulated more than 10 hours, it has accumulated more than 10 hours. It is more than 60 points for one hour. "The public security patrol is 1 hour accumulation in the jurisdiction of" 3 points "" 4 conflict of mediation is 3 points "" "For residents free maintenance 5 points "… in the" neighboring department store "points, the party group is built, helping each other, the neighborhood is watching the three major categories of volunteer service.

Li Hanxiang himself is also a public rental household, and he is enthusiastic about three differences from three different five-pointed five different five-pointed, although never counted, the community is integrated according to the standards 5 minutes a day. "Little ‘Department Store", from the’ supplier ” shopkeeper ‘to’ customer ‘is a unit and residents of the jurisdiction, the incomplete’ wall ‘between the neighborhood is broken. "Wang Shuo, secretary of the Community Party Committee, told reporters, except Help alleviate the difficulties of low-income households, "neighboring department store" makes the jurisdiction unit and neighbors more harmonious. Wheel value "shopkeeper" Wu Weiping, Wang Minchun is a non-public rental owner of the community. They participate in management without any payment.

"Helping people’s constant" Charity is more people who have seen the reporters on the spot. "Department stores" commonly used goods have new and semi-new, except for the purchase of the community and community, the rest is the idle quality supplies donated by residents. .

Wang Minchun said that while non-public rental housing owners donated idle materials, they accepted and participated in public welfare services, and the public rental housing households were treated with ripe and cooked, and there was a "small district disease" in the city. Some sociologists pointed out that this particular difficult group of public rental housing has been exchanged from the "neighboring grocery shop" to help people to achieve self-help, digestion of the psychological pressure of "relief", reflecting charity help is trending humanization, is Progress of Social Governance Innovation. (Reporter Li Zhuo) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Chongqing Mobile 5G + Industrial Internet Summit held in Liang Ping

On-site show new technologies and applications such as China Mobile and Bao Wisdom Canteen, IDC Data Center, Onenet Situation Platform, etc. in the industrial sector. Chongqing Mobile is awarded by Chongqing, July 31, recently, hosted by the Liangping District Economic and Information Committee, China Mobile Chongqing Company (hereinafter referred to as "Chongqing Mobile") hosted by the 5G + Industrial Internet Summit held in Liang Ping.

This peak forum aims to in-depth practice of new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration development, actively guiding and encouraging industrial enterprises to achieve intelligent and digital transformation and upgrading, and boost region 100 billion industrial high quality development. Liang Ping has formed an integrated circuit, smart home, green food processing and other industries, covering electronic components manufacturing, food processing, chemical industry, warehousing logistics and other manufacturing areas. As the pioneer of "5G + Industrial Internet", Chongqing Mobile, jointly established the national industrial Internet logo to analyze the top nodes of Chongqing, and the self-built industry Internet logo analysis of integrated secondary nodes, deepened "5G + industrial Internet" integration, Created industrial Internet platforms for the whole industry, providing a comprehensive one-stop service of "Cloud + Net + Identity + Platform", can effectively meet the business of the company, solve its digital transformation, intelligent transformation of industrial enterprises Injective power. This forum invited experts from the industrial Internet, 5G, and cloud computing, in which Chongqing Mobile’s relevant person in charge shared the current situation and trend of industrial Internet development, and introduced China Mobile at 5G network, industrial Internet industry applications, Industrial cloud typical scenarios, industrial digital twins capacity and case.

  Next, Chongqing Mobile will take this forum as an opportunity to fully implement national new infrastructure requirements, from solving the needs of enterprises, strengthen communication and exchanges between Liang Ping and other districts and counties, fully release their own cloud network capabilities and platform advantages. Effectively help regional intelligent manufacturing, making greater contributions to promoting high quality development of Chongqing digital economy.

(Hu Hong, Sun Qifan) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions Staff Choir

This newspaper (Reporter Liu Youuting) Recently, "Let’s have a powerful for hundreds of years, the first Shenzhen staff music festival and 2021 Shenzhen Staff Chorus Competition.

10 Follow-on-site competition from all levels of trade unions from all walks of life, and a staff member choir in Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions was established.This contest was hosted by the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions, which extensively launched all levels of trade unions, various institutions and enterprises in the city from May to July this year. After layer selection, finally, 10 teams entered the finals.According to reports, the Shenzhen Municipal Federation will take advantage of this chorus competition as an opportunity to discover, organize excellent employee music talents.

After the establishment, the Shenzhen Federation of Federation of Trade Uniscovers is voluntarily composed of excellent literary backbone of a certain singing level in the city’s employees. It is the employee amateur art group based on public welfare performances.The choir will issue an announcement for the city’s employees in the city.

2022 "Spring Breeze Actie" en de 5e "Youth Recruitment Fair" van Gansu Communist Youth League

People’s online Lanzhou 7 maart (Gao Xiang) 6 maart, de 2022 "Spring Breeze Action" en Gansu, de 5e "Jeugdwerving van Gansu, de provincie Gansu, gehost door het Comité van Gansu Provincial Party, Gansu Provincial Department of Education, Gansu Provincial Department of Education "start in de Menselijke Resources Market in de provincie Gansu.

Op de dag van het evenement leverde de werkzoekende 3075 hervat door de werkgever via de offline, en werden 476 opzettelijke arbeidsovereenkomsten aanvankelijk offline bereikt.

Deze banenbeurs is een uitgebreide implementatie van "Gansu-provincie Medium andie Youth Development Plan (2018-2025)", stevig gepromoot de "Six-garanties" "zes stabiel" werk, consolideer de uitkomst van de armoede-aanval en promootte de dorp Revitalization-strategie .

Het is ook om de grootschalige college afgestudeerden en jonge arbeidskanalen verder te verbreden, de effectieve manier te bevorderen om een ??stabiel inkomen van de jeugdpopulatie in de armoedebestrijding te bereiken. De banenbeurs passeerde de jeugdfederatie, de Jeugdondernemer Association en de gemeenschap van Liefde, en nodigde bijna 300 huishoudelijke werknemers uit in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Gansu, die werkgelegenheidsposten leverde voor meer dan 10.000 banen. indivaald.

Volgens rapporten werden de 5e "Youth Recruitment Fair" Offline Recruitment Special en Online Network Recruitment-activiteiten gelanceerd.

Provinciale rekrutering is speciaal gelegen in de Menselijke Resources Market in de provincie Gansu. Meer dan 120 huishoudens uit het hele land bieden meer dan 8.000 banen in banen, 14 gemeenten (staten) in de provincie. Van 6 tot 3 april zal de banenbeurs ook het Gansu Talent-netwerk passeren, "Gansu Youth" Wechat Public Number, "Groep Help-Werkgelegenheid" Equipment Armment Service Platform om netwerkwervingsinformatie vrij te geven, om netwerk dubbele selectie, video Diverse uit te voeren Netwerkrecruitmentactiviteiten zoals interviews, verdere uitbreiding van de dekking van de activiteit. (Editor: Zhou Yuting, Wang Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

The fifteenth (2021) Hangzhou Wenbo will end successfully

  The fifteenth (2021) The Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry Expo has ended successfully.This session is based on the theme of "Creative Hangzhou · Unicom World – Culture Leading Good Life". On the basis of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the "Online Board + Line Forum and Index Release Activity" is adopted.The way is held.During the seven days, more than 30,000 cultural enterprises and brands of more than 30 countries and regions such as Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and the online vendar showed more than 200,000 domestic and foreign cultural boutiques. OnlineClicks the amount of 100 million.This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and it is also the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

In the context of an epidemic, the Hangzhou cultural industry still maintains a good development situation in a flourishing.

As an important exhibition platform for the development of the Hangzhou Cultural Industry, Hangzhou Wenbo will continue to show multi-diverse growth and unlimited creativity. It is reported that the Silk Expo completed the signing of the on-site project and reached a total financing intention to reach 100 million yuan.

Exhibitors, audiences, media, and satisfaction with the Wenbo Ceremony of this Cenco will be further improved.

According to the survey of the questionnaire, the audience satisfaction of this session of the Wenbo will reached more than 90%, and the exhibitor satisfaction of participating online activities was more than 96%. Online Changyou World Wenchuang History and Reality Congratulations and Thought Collision here. Just as the 15-year-old Hangzhou Wenbo Association is a cultural and creative event to the past, paying tribute to the past, concentrate on the latest cultural industrial development achievements and various cultural boutiques, vigorously promotes the promotion of the traditional Chinese traditional, red culture, Song Yun culture.

  This session, "Creative Creation Cloud" and "Song Yun Jiangnan" two major online venues have brushed a bright transcript. The two major venues have focused on domestic and foreign literary brands and cultural boutiques reaching thousands. The platform is concerned with the number of points and points to exceed 20 million, and the total amount of online transactions exceeded 100 million yuan, which strongly pulled the online cultural consumption. Among them, "Creative Creative Want Cloud" venue brings together hundreds of literary accounts in the fields of Wenbo, non-legacy, creative agricultural products, tens of thousands of high-quality short video, Hangzhou cultural IP in "cloud" with a joy and harmonious The way is deeply rooted; "Song Yun Jiangnan" venue is based on the propagation of Song Yun culture as the main purpose, through the innovation of "theme + content + scene + product", in the Oriental Aesthetics feast of "cloud", Hangzhou story. In addition, during the Wen Expo, it also organized 240 cultural broadcasts. "Xin’an Culture" "Jiande New Agricultural Products" has exceeded 50,000 people, and the country’s characteristic literary product sales exceeds millions. Yuan, strongly promoted the digital transformation of cultural enterprises and the revitalization of digital empowering rural cultures. Offline Creative "foresee" The Future "The Wenbo" of the "Thought" is the name of the Hangzhou Wenbo continues to cultivate "Wenbo" of the Thought. " In the meantime, the forum activities held the release of the industry index, so that this Wenbo will once again become a thought collision, the industry prospects.

Line underground, "Wenchong New Forces" awards ceremony, "Creative Dialogue Creative" Two Startary Industry Summit Forum, 2021 Industry Forum and other industrial forums such as Hangzhou Cultural Industry Investment and Finance Development Forum, and released "2021 China Digital Content Industry" in the country Development Index and Evaluation Report "2021 Hangzhou Cultural Consumption White Paper" "2020-2021 Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry Investment Development Research Report" and other five cultural field industry annual index development reports.

  In 2020, the city’s cultural industry in Hangzhou achieved an added value of 228.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of GDP, accounting for% GDP, and the total strength of Hangzhou cultural industry has jumped to the first place in the provincial cities in the country.

The development of cultural industries and digital economic integration is becoming an important booster that enhances the core competitiveness of Hangzhou cultural industry.

  The research results of a series of industrial development index released by this year’s Wenbo will fully highlight the innovative advantages and unlimited potential of high quality integration in Hangzhou cultural industry.

According to the "China Digital Content Industry Development Index" (2021) "released by the Wen Fa, the Hangzhou digital content industry has ranked first in the country (fourth in the country), which is a representative city of the Yangtze River Delta industry circle. This "Wenchuang New Force", "Wenchuang Qingyun List" has born a group of outstanding innovation companies on the new track of cultural industries and digital economic integration, fully showing the strength and style of the Hangzhou Cultural Industry Leading Enterprises.

  Promote industrial projects to translate the "never-ending Wenbo", the new light color adhere to market-oriented operation, pay attention to industrial performance, is the direction of the Hangzhou Wenbo Warm.

At this Cultural Fair, Hangzhou Cultural Related Enterprises have signed a project cooperation agreement with Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, and cooperate to form four cultural industries to guide the investment subscription fund, and the total amount of contract has reached 700 million yuan. The "Wen Chuangqing Yun List" and "Wenchuang New Forces" were reached to the project intention to cooperate, and the amount of intention of the company exceeded 2.1 billion yuan.

At the same time, "Wenchuang E-Talk", which is headed by the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, and the Municipal Wenchong Development Center, is officially opened during the Wen Fa, further promoting the digital reform and innovation of cultural industry digital strategic implementation and promotional cultural fields. . Since its establishment in 2007, Hangzhou Wenbo will continue to meet the increasing spiritual cultural needs of cultural creativity, to show the "internationalization, industrialization, specialization, marketization" to highlight the difference in the domestic key cultural exhibition, and climb year by year. The data and rapid expansion of the influence of the Hangzhou cultural industry booming new blueprint has become one of the four major comprehensive key cultural exhibition activities in China. According to relevant person in charge, it is the new starting point of the development of the cultural industry in the new era. Continue to innovate optimization of exhibition ideas and models, continue to start and maintain the "Thought Wenbo" brand, continuously improve the influence of the exhibition, driving force and reputation, and strive to provide "Hangzhou Sample" for the socialist cultural construction of new era .

(Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.