Tianyang, Guangxi: Tourism, poverty alleviation, water, to create Guixi tourism "night"

Tanzhou ancient city scenic spot.

Tain Yang County Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Zhu Yongxue, deputy magistrate, was interviewed by reporters. Guangxi News Net reporter Liao Zhirong took the national costume, wearing a scenic spot for embroidery.

Guangxi News Net reporter Liao Zhirong Xiaoda Premier Town Scenic Area.

Guangxi News Net reporter Liao Zhirong Xiaoyang is the hometown of Zhuang’s ancestor Bulo, is the birthplace of Zhuang national culture. On July 24th, "Report from the Revolutionary Old Areas – National Network Media Guangxi" interview group came to the ancient city of Tanzhou, Tianyang County, Tianyang, and experienced the strong cultural culture of Tianyang to explore the pilot path of Tamang tourism. Wen travel integration "travel + poverty alleviation" Tianyang model "ambitions!" In the evening, Tanzhou ancient city under the reflection of Yuhui, the streamer brilliant. The interview group walked into the ancient city of Tianzhou, the strong guys and hydrangea, the traditional classical architecture, Xiaoqiao flowing water reflected in the eye, and the strong national cultural breath made the reporters amazed. The reporter learned that Tanzhou ancient city project covers an area of ??more than 1,500 mu, with a total construction area of ??nearly 900,000 square meters, with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, is a business, living and cultural tourism, with ancient architecture as a carrier, and Zhuang culture is "soul" "Large-scale cultural tourism integrated project.

The ancient city is distributed in a four-in-band, a commercial and residential, a tourist, a pub, a bar, a restaurant, a KTV, a spa, a clubhouse, ancestral tower, ancestral tower, a Plotto Square, Turi, Zhuang Wenshi Museum, etc. Functional buildings, while combining local historical humanities and rich natural resources to shape the characteristics of Tanzhou ancient city.

Tainang County Tanzhou Ancient City Operations personal paid, Tanzhou ancient city is based on local culture as the original pulse, with "Building Guixi Tourism Night" as a target, and catching six elements of "food and hop-playing entertainment" tourism. Digging in the local cultural and historical culture of the field, activating it is a visible scenic spots and tourism products that can participate in experienced experience, attracting more eight-party visitors to visit and travel, feel colorful folk customs.

Industrial poverty alleviation is the fundamental policy of poverty reduction, and it is also a long-lasting for stability.

In recent years, tourism poverty alleviation has become a power of poverty alleviation.

Tianyang County Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Zhu Yongxue, deputy magistrate "At present, there are 322 people in the ancient city scenic spot in Tainan, with more than 55 million commercial sales, and the development and construction of Tanzhou ancient city has brought a lot of employment opportunities in the local area, and there are many employment opportunities in the scenic spot, security, cleaning and other various. About 3,000 employment employees, per capita monthly income of about 3,000 yuan. A total of 1800 jobs are provided, of which more than 800 positions absorbed the Popular Poverty Poverty.

Poverty households around Tianyang County Guocheng businessmen can enjoy the ancient city to reduce certain rental discounts, to sell local crafts such as earth specialty or sales in the ancient city, and the ancient city will provide entrepreneurial funds.

"Zhu Yongxue introduced the reporters. This is a minority of the poverty alleviation in Tianyang County to help promote a minor shadow of poverty.

"Good wind with power, send me on the Qing Yun", tourism as the pillar industry of Tianyang, how to carry out how to promote poverty alleviation? Tianyang experience attracts attention. In recent years, Tainao County has leaving all localized humanities, folk, agriculture, natural resources, and builds tourism projects and attractions in modern agriculture, tourism, and poverty alleviation. In the tourism industry chain, the poor households are engaged in the three-sector service industry, broaden the income and increasing channels of farmers. This is the powerful power and effective path of Tianyang County in the poverty reduction.

The tourism industry is upgraded to the tourist poverty alleviation "such as Tiger!" To create a "18 ° BAK Summer Spring Resort", take the five-star rural tourism, four-star car tourist camp, leisure agriculture and rural tourism as the development goal, build tourist service centers, people to change the guests and B & B, Tao Li Landscape Base, etc. Batch tourism projects, do bigger rural tourism.

Introducing the company’s cooperation and development of industrial projects, and achieve industrial linkage through the extension of the industrial chain, effectively driving poor household income and get rich.

In the process of exploring rural tourism poverty alleviation, Tianyang County has always adhered to the mass line, allowing local people to participate in, and tourism and developers participate in rural tourism projects, people share the dividends of tourism development. By promoting the masses, create a rural tourism in Pakistan, strive to achieve the national 4A-level scenic spot Tanzhou Ancient City, Guangxi Juzhi Le Le Leisure Agricultural Park, National 3A Cultural Site Dare Zhilong Mountain, Cultural Site Tourist Scenic Area, Star Level Farm Beham Le Yufeng Mountain Essence Shanzhuang, Guangxi "Dreamway" and other scenic spots and other scenic spots. Tainang County used tourism as a new engineering, and walked out a tourist poverty alleviation and tourism.

Broaden the poor people to get rich roads, activate the internal life of the county economic development.

Today, the tourism industry has become another new force on the road of Tainang, which has become a poverty of Tiansheng, with its strong "hematopoietic" function and huge driving. "The next step will further carry out publicity promotion, strengthen cooperation with the surrounding counties, interior travel agencies, tourism enterprises, promote Tanyang Zhuang Nationality Cultural Tourism Destinations and Guangxi Western Tourism ‘Night’ Construction, broaden the tourism poverty alleviation income channel, promote full County special tourism, healthy development of national tourism.

"Tainang County Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Zhu Yongxian, deputy magistrate.

Pinggui District held a private entrepreneur symposium and political and enterprise communication consultation symposium

meeting venue. On November 10, the Pinggui District, Hezhou City held a symposium and political and enterprise communication consultation in Pinggui District, Hezhou City. The meeting listened to entrepreneurs’ opinions and suggestions for the overall goals of the economic and social development and construction of the Republic of China, conjugate the consensus of the political and enterprises, and hit the development of private enterprises, in order to achieve economic growth, completed the whole year The target task provides support to ensure a good start of "14th Five-Year Plan". Private enterprises are the important source of the development of the energetic force, the main channels of employment and innovation. From January to September, the non-public industrial enterprises above the Pinggui area completed the total industrial output value of 100 million yuan, the year-on-year increase%; the increase in non-public economic industries, which increased year-on-year.

The meeting requires that all relevant departments and enterprises must firmly confident, maintain their own strength, and strive to grasp new machines in the crisis; strengthen support, optimize the environment, focus on protecting and stimulating private enterprises; to act as active, hard work, vigorously promote Home spirit; to fully overcome the influence of new coronal pneumonia, dare to act, reform and innovate, and work hard, closely around the building "modern new urban and strategic emerging industry base" total goals, in order to build "regional strong people and rich beauty and" High quality development new cinnabarns and unremitting struggles.

Huang Songmei, Wei Luquan, Liang Yu Yao Photo Report (Editor: Chen Lulu, Ye Bin) Share more people to see.

Rongsheng Holdings: Lifting 54 million shares of PLA Development Shares

Yangguangwang Beijing November 18th news (Reporter Door Ting Ting) November 17 November, Rongsheng Development issued its shareholders Rongsheng Holdings to cancel the pledge and re-pledge of pledge. According to the announcement, Rongsheng developed the controlling shareholder Rongsheng Holdings Co., Ltd., which was informed of the 54 million shares held, accounting for the proportion of shares held, accounting for the proportion of total share capital of Rongsheng Development. In addition, Rongsheng Holdings this pledged Rongsheng Development Shares 200 million shares, accounting for the proportion of shares held, accounting for the proportion of total share capital of Rongsheng Development.

The pledge will start from November 16, 2021. As of the disclosure of the announcement, Rongsheng Holdings and its consistent actors held a total share of shares, shareholding shares; the total amount of shares and set trusts were 100 million units, accounting for the proportion of shares held, accounting for the total development of Rongsheng Development Shares ratio%. It is also known that Rongsheng Holdings and its consistent actors have accumulated a total of hundreds of shares in the next half of the year. In the next year, the total number of pledge shares that have expired in the next year is 100 million shares, respectively correspond to the balance of billion yuan, billion yuan.

The announcement shows that Rongsheng Holdings and its consistent actors stock pledge have mainly funded return, dividend, investment income, other income, etc., its credit status is good, with financial repayment ability, pledge shares risk control .

Shaanxi 9 departments gather rural water supply protection

Original title: 9 departments of our province gather rural water supply to ensure this newspaper (Reporter Wu Sha) November 17 Guidance for doing a good job in rural water supply security work, gathering rural water supply security, continues to enhance the water supply construction and management level of the province villages.

  The notice requires that all localities should focus on the integration of urban and rural water supply, adhere to the principle of "building, and reduce", implement scale centralized water supply projects, standardize construction of small water supply projects, Guanzhong area take the lead in achieving urban and rural water supply integration, Southern Shaanxi Promoting the water supply integration in the basin, the integration of water supply in the northern Shaanxi area, and strives to achieve more than 95% of the province’s rural tap water. All localities must establish provincial, municipal, county, township (town), village "five responsible system", "three responsibilities" of rural drinking water safety management in the end of the year, cover all the towns (hometown), villages and water supply units; the water conservancy department must be serious Performing the supervision responsibility of the industry, set up a water supply specialist institution to implement special person management, guide the water supply unit to strengthen engineering maintenance, deepen water supply reform, encourage the management of enterprises, professional management operation mode, to achieve water, long-term development; implementation of water supply engineering maintenance The maintenance system, the establishment of rural water supply emergency response mechanisms, and effectively solve the problem of drinking water "urgent expensive". There must be multi-channel, multi-level, multi-form guarantee water supply project construction fund demand, and strengthen the prior factor, in the middle, afterwards, and strive to build a group of demonstrations, provincial standardized water plants, provincial standardized water plants for 5 years. A new level of the province’s rural water supply guarantee level. (Editor: McGenxiong, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Shu Ji Lu border revolutionary education base camp iron breakthrough battle depression

The night of 2 February 1943, the Japanese separately from Tianjin, Cangzhou, Texas, Zhanhua, Wudi, Jinan and other places, gathered more than 20,000 troops, and armored cavalry troops, with more than 120 light machine guns, all kinds of cannon 50 door, armored cars and more than 200 vehicles, the use of long-range raid, forces were divided two punch of comb dragnet tactics, implementation of the "iron wall encirclement" of the camp in the vicinity of iron, iron Dawa camp surrounded by a packed. Jilu side of the three regions of nearly 400 cadres and soldiers who fight with the enemy launched roundabout.

February 3 (lunar twelfth lunar month 29), the dawn fog, enemy gunfire sounded from all sides. Our troops and the people, from different directions trying to break through, have been blocking day, puppet troops. Several times in the face of the enemy own, cadres and soldiers courage and calm fight with the enemy to die juxtaposition. The soldiers hit from dawn darkness, did not eat a dry food, no drink of water. Many of the wounded insist on fighting until the last drop of blood flow. The battle lasted fourteen, five hours, the cruel big "mop up" the enemy, except Yangxin County Brigade chief Wang Zhicheng rate dozen people outside the tight encirclement, the three Military Deputy Commander Li Yongan, democratic government Yangxin County Magistrate Wu wind, the three subdistricts directly under the five squad leader Li Qingshou and troops, about 300 agency personnel more than all the heroic sacrifice. The enemy was hit, the bodies of Japanese soldiers only pretend for a few cars.

Iron depression battle to contain the enemy camp more than 20,000 people, hundreds of people wipe out the enemy, a powerful blow to the enemy’s effective strength, to smash the enemy on the border of brutal "mopping up" and adhere to the anti-Japanese base areas played an important role. The window rusty bullet, shrapnel, iron camp is fighting depression remains of the martyrs sacrificed found.

June 25, 2015, we will be buried in scattered iron Town Dongying Village of six re-interment remains of the Unknown Soldier to the martyrs cemetery.

When finishing the remains found many warheads each martyr who has shrapnel, most of the body as much as a martyr 34 …… (Editor: – Situ Zhao Gang) share to allow more people to see.

Sichuan Terrace: There is a kind of open-minded called "there is no existence"

  Point GET small problem, "does not exist". I don’t have any meaning of "Búcénzài], there is a lot of words" do not exist ", mainly there are three types: used as a negation of objective facts, indicating that there is no meaning; it is used to comfort each other, indicating that it will not happen, let each other Rest assured; polite, used to answer the other party, apologize, etc., it means no relationship.

  Create a sentence: "Today, it is very cold, but also said the sun, there is no (impossible)!" Dava’s brother: "There is no existence (relaxation), maybe it will be the sun tomorrow. Heat. "Two baby:" Fortunately, you borrow my clothes, or I will get up.

"Twin brothers:" We also said these, there is no existence (no relationship). "Come to" now sell now "to practice, please ask this sentence," does not exist "is the meaning? Do not exist, you don’t have any wrong scorpion, I don’t have angry. In addition to using" There is no relationship "expression, Sichuan people also say" not do things "" Mole "or" Mo Ke ". For example:" Not every sorry, you can exchange a sentence.

"Mo Ke, it’s a big thing."

"When you want to comfort each other, let him not be afraid, you can say" notificant ".

For example: "It is not virtual, there is a collapse, I will help you pick up.

"Strength" After using the drug opening, the cotton or white paper of the bottle bottle is also "do not exist" (no problem), but the desiccant is the best wait for the medicine to lose, and the drug is depleted due to the moisture of the atmosphere. Failure. Related news:.

The 6th Weihai · Lushan Oyster Culture Festival launched this National Day holiday to arrange your own

I would like to negotiate the late September, and the oyster cultural and e-commerce products are held in Haiyang. Active players can exchange cooperation agreements online, conduct live sales themselves). During the opening of the Oyster Culture Festival on October 2-6 Overall result. I discuss the collection and choice: in early October, surrounded by the oysters, ginger, tea, peanuts, wine, figs, etc., and selected by the organizer, and determine the local supply chain of Lushan to represent the company. Online communication is initially determined. Investigation, signature: mid-October, centralized organizing the entries to visit the origin and supply chain enterprises in Lushan.

Organize local specialty agricultural products trade fairs, participants and Lai Shan’s local preferred farm products supply chain represent the company’s live signing, the conference group announced the preliminary evaluation rules, and clarify the responsibility of the goods in the goods. Preliminary selection first day: October 16th to 31st competition form: Each contestant has carried out live marketing, withdrawal action within the specified time.

According to the indicators of sales, sales volume, exposure, fans grow, etc., the organizing committee organizes industry experts to comprehensively evaluate the project, and select 10 excellent players to advance to the finals.

Finals than the Saturday: November 10th 12: 00- November 12th 12:00 contest setting 1, two, third prizes. (喆) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The national dance drama "Clad" "a change" revision expert speaking

  With the short echo, the spirit of the Age, Han Sheng (Professor, Shanghai Drama Academy): The dance drama "Camel" has the characteristics of the little big.

Big aforementable, large environment, big background, falling on a microscopic little story, showing the meaning and story of the Silk Road from ancient times.

The works have both the era of "all the way", and closely related to traditional culture, there are different national cultures, prosperous trade, and human common emotions. The Silk Road This theme is very large, but it is well integrated with the drama. It should focus on the costumes, dances, music showing the flea of ??the characters, which extends more new creative language.

It is necessary to find the docking between the plot and the theme line, with the dance expressing the story and emotions taken along the way, and the openness, inclusive, cooperation, and win-winning times of the ancestors. The story of the plot character has a highlight of the national style. The difference between the national style needs to pay attention to the probation of the Associate Dance Academy of the Central University for Nationalities. The Kazak and Mongolia are different in the clothes and dance style. For example, the pattern of pattern and Kazakh in the Mongolian clothes are completely different, and the rhythm of dance, and the wristwinding method, etc. also have different. The living habits and methods of different nations are different, their physical characteristics, action language, music melody and rhythm have different emotions and aesthetic expression.

  In terms of plots, the character of the two couples is very interesting. The relationship between them is very new, and the interaction of the four people is one of the highlights of the dance drama. It should be tightly seized this extension.

  In addition, when expressing the duststuff plot, the struggle with each person has some abrupt, and there is no panoramic lens, which makes people regret. Words Hihou’s inheritance of the emotions of the ethnic group (formerly the original sea military political department): the national dance "Camel" shows the story of the comeslies, showing the story of life and death, love, The future thinking is very touched. If Daoji is the root on this road, the golden flower silver flower represents the continuation of life. In their body, we have seen the kindness and beauty of all nations. Aquatic can be regarded as a inheritor, although he is not a Mongolian, but his combination with silver is a symbol of national integration. The Populus tree on the camel road can also be used as a symbol, which is like a coordinate on this road. It is used to life and death, still withstand the whistling of the sandy sand. Hu Yangshu has a rich emotion, you can use this symbol to express more enthusiasm. In addition, I think the picture of the drama can be more written, given a more intense literary color. Art Zhang Liqiang dances to improve Liu Jing (Guangdong Dancer Association Vice-Chair, First Level Actor): National Dance Play "Camel" is the main line of "camel road tea", showing the relationship between life and history , Highlight the deep thickness and strength in the dance drama, form a strong art tension. There are many advantages in this dance drama, but there are some problems in the arrangement.

First, the dance of the drama is mostly the content of the display, but many are not promoted by the plot needs.

The selection of the dance drama should be seen in the dance of the story and the drama, and the birth needs need to be more bonded. At the same time, the role in the play is much larger, making the main role of the role are not concentrated. In addition, you can focus on the dance of both dance, making the plot and character design more reasonable. The full drama has strong geographical and nationality, but now there are too many drama performances. It is recommended to further tug, improve the visibility and coherence of the full drama.

  Music should echo dance requirements to have unique personality Hao Wevia (Central Music Academy Director, professor): The relationship between music and dance is the relationship between composers and dance director and screenwriter.

Music first needs to respond to dance content, but it must not be satisfied.

In addition to expressing and expressing the basic laws of dance and basic plots, there must be its own value, that is, music itself has a powerful expression, and it is necessary to meet the rules and logic of music. Composer must have a unique creation style.

Composers may be affected by dance-oriented, but they can’t just simply make the demand for dance guidance. Be sure to adhere to their unique understanding, re-architect music with art personality.

The shadow play into the campus is a real inheritance

A shadow artist, if you want to succeed, you must first write the script, then you will be carved, you will say you to sing. When I arrived, I can play ten viars. The shadow production is usually used with cowhide. At that time, the farmers were very poor. How did you pay for the cowhide? Later, they would like this way, do it with paper, of course, is not our invention. Painted the pattern on the papers on the paperboard, drawing out the pattern to be carved in the clothing.

In the end of the 1980s, we started reform.

This change is also occasional. Rain windows are not floating, nailed with fertilizer bags on the window.

One day, I sat at home to see it. The green color on the urea bag is very translucent. I suddenly want to use this thing to do the shadow, it’s a few lottery, and later everyone will do this. . The third is in 1992. The 2nd National Peasant Games opened in our filial piety, let us Yun Mengji to the peasant sports meeting, we think that the urea bag does still do, one is too light, the second is that the wire is tied to it, nor good.

We think that the best material is found in our Yunmeng County Nylon Film Factory, which is called polyethylene.

In today, in the past few years, the film of decorative materials is everywhere, very good, it is not difficult.

This is a domestic equipment named "Dream" to walk more than 30 oilfields at home and abroad.

Original title: This is a domestic and equipment name "Dream". More than 30 oilfield results broadcast.

  At the high-end equipment industry base (hereinafter referred to as Shengli Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd.), he is still busy with colleagues.

Ten months before review, busy is the main rhythm of work, because domestic and foreign orders have come early from the age early.

  Li Jin, the identity is the director of the Institute of Petroleum Machinery Research Institute of the Victory Petroleum Engineering Company, and also the Shengli Tiangong "DREAM" automated drilling equipment project leader.

Up to now, this set stems from the National 863 Program Ocean Project, which is a representative equipment of China’s oil engineering scientific research, more than 30 oil fields in the region.

  "Machine Generator" is a "DREAM" automated drilling equipment project showing a bright business card for the outside world. Under the sun, the drilling worker uses both hands to lift the heavy drill pipe to help the drill rod to hange the bodies; in the cold wind, the two-storey well shelf works in tens of meters in high altitude to move the drill pipe, drill …… These scenarios are the daily day of drilling workers, but they reveal that they are not known. For the oil industry, you must pass through the drilling phase before extracting oil. "The petroleum drilling live operation mainly relies on manual operation, labor intensity, poor working environment, especially in pipe column transportation, unloading, and drilling, etc., there is a large security risk.

"Cai Wenjun, chief expert of Drilling Machinery, Victory Oil Engineering Company, told the Science and Technology Daily reporter," Cracked a first-line problem, it is the initiative of our research.

With the development of drilling rig automation, some new rigs, the ocean drilling platform is supported with corresponding rig automation equipment, and only two people can achieve automatic "unmanned take-up" homework in the drill room, but due to expensive price The purchase of foreign products is tantamous. Chinese scientific researchers have always had a proud bone. They decided to develop manufacturing internationally first-class rig automation equipment, and upgraded to the domestic oil equipment iteratively and inserted with dreams.

But no one thought that this scientific research dream, one chase is 10 years.

  Corpted column transportation, unloading, and drilling, these complex heavy links, each step requires manual operation, which has become the focus of the "DREAM" team.

Every day, researchers are thinking about how to transport the drill pipes and dozens of drilies, neatly store, accurately connected … Li Jin pays to the reporter that it will be afraid of him: "In developing automatic transmission In a live test of the power caddy of the drill pipe, the device of transmitting the drill rod on the well rack has failed, and the drill pipe is smashed. It is fortunate that the risk analysis was carried out before the test, and the emergency plan has not occurred. Safety accidents. "10 years, the researchers of the victory oil engineering company continue to go to the customs, have developed the dynamic cat, two-layer pipeline, mud splash box, hydraulic power integrated system, drill integrated control system, etc. Core equipment; through cooperation research and development, iron drilling workers for the site integrated supporting are customized, and well port automation tools such as dynamic kaisa, hydraulic lifting card are preferably formed, forming a drilling rig column automation integrated supporting technology. At present, the "DREAM" team has improved the pipe column automation processing system and key equipment, developed a rig integrated control system based on integrated Division’s drill chair, forming a Shengli Tiangong DREAM-II drilling pillar automation operating system, and Successfully promoted the application.

  Ten years of grinding a sword, the victory oil engineering company finally broke foreign technology monopoly with hard technology. Not long ago, this project has passed the technical and product identification of Sinopec, and industry experts believe that the equipment has achieved international advanced level. (Editor: Shen Jiaping, Chen Jun) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.