A command order,The Shenmei army is like a precise war machine,Big army,Monillary。Gao Biyi also let Chen Zhen bring people in the big flag,Strongness。
Don’t say,It is light look,This army is very“King domineering”the taste of。
Zhou Jun,Yu Wen’s black face looked opposite the opposite army getting closer,Some regrets in my heart。
Previous impulse,Give Hulun Town to kill the flag,Recall now,In fact, you can fight backwards.。
But the words come back,If you don’t kill the Town at that time,The military is absolutely shake。Especially here, there is a military order of He Ruoyi!
He is impossible to kill,But this is always a personal“Cooker”Bar?Otherwise the military law can play?
He Ruunun as a general,He will certainly direct a part of the horse.。If this person is received by Gao Bo Yi(This possibility is not small),A little put a little water while war,So the place he commanded,Absolutely become a breakthrough in Qi Jun!
Yu Wenzhen does not dare to bet,Or,I am alone.,I have no gambling capital.。
After killing Hulun Town,He obviously feels,The nerves of the army are tight.。He Rukun is almost in addition to He Ruoyu and Liang Shi Yan.,Even he can be slaughtered,Anyone else dare to slack?
“You are a pioneer,Don’t let you down。”
Yu Wen said to the He Ruoxi behind him.。
“Bamboo!The end will be dying!”
He Ruo,The tone is no longer the generous and passion of the beginning of the job.。
He seems to be in the heart of his father Hulun Tun.,grown up。
In fact, people’s psychological age,Sometimes there is no absolute linear relationship with physiological age。Parents are at the time,Children will always be children,Always have parents top in front。
Once the parents are not there,All things have to be up.,At this moment,Original“child”,Talented to real long“grown ups”。
As a gift now。
certainly,“Avenge”What is something,He never thought,It is impossible to do it.。There are too many helpless life,Tragedy occurs,It is often unable to stop,I can only look at all happened.。
This is the sorrow of life,It is the sorrow of the times.。As He Rukun said to He Ruozhen,Everyone is a head, don’t be in the belt of belt.,Unclear,The head is falling.。
Hand-held person,Often died in violence,Instead of fate。
Qi Jun came this moment,He Ruoyu’s heart is very calm。
“call out!”
A bed, a bed, not far from Yuwen, a spear,But not in the middle of the target,Just squatting on the ground,The lance is constantly shaking。
The goddess army soldiers after the robbery,But it seems that I haven’t seen it at all.。They are red,Lifting the shield in the front of the dead,Speed is extremely amazing!
Never visit Yuwen 邕,The strong momentum of the opposite Qi army was shocked.!
Army and military,As long as one is more,I can see the good or bad,Especially the kind of temperament,Is helmet and weapons can’t cover up。
this moment,Yu Wenxia is unprecedented in unprecedented!
“His Majesty!Qi Jun copied from the right wing bag!”
A commander of the soldiers and apantan knee pour in front of Yu Wen。
That army is so beautiful,Just like there is no armor in your body.!In front of the army,The tired army with the Tiger is completely different from the tiger.。
Don’t say Yu Wen,It is the size of Zhou Jun.,They were shocked by one in front of them.!
You run continuously,Ten kilometers per day,I can’t sleep well.。After a period of time, I have a good rest every day.,Hot-fitting athletes,The status is naturally a difference of 100,000 thousand miles!

Liao Wenjie took a business card,Justice in the pocket,Elevator directly to underground parking,Touching a fragrant business card and paper towel from the pocket,手 手 进。

joke,He is not good, you are good.!
Running car to Hover Center underground parking lot,Liao Wenjie opened the yang eyes,Did not find a ghost soldier,Sniffing the ghost to arrive at the first floor hall。
“Just entering the night, you can’t kill.,Did you go to the tire??”Liao Wenjie secretly thinks,Walk toward a rich corner of a ghostless corner。
When I started construction company information,He knows,Hover Center Building has been built for many years,Also, these two years have just begun to build and operate,But the ghost nest layout is absolutely short,It is very likely that Tianzhong is ready to be prepared.。
architect、Chairman of the investigation board、Death of the construction worker,Just part of the initial layout,The death of three designers last month,It is necessary to officially kick out the conspiracy curtain。
Clever,Whether it is a nine synony、Otaku、Tanaka,Frequently in recent events。
Surface,It is because Lyon is dead.,Harbor island lacks a top pillar,Julievan to the demon ghost。
You can see the multi-year layout of the hood center,Easy to find,Regardless of the form of Hong Kong Island,Tanaka Dasu is going to live,The death of Yunluo is just accelerating this process.。
Liao Wenjie feels feeling,Ghost nest buried in the Underground Island, not reflecting the Male Dago and Tanaka,The land will also jump out of other big sizes.,It is not uniform, it is a bunch of a bunch.。
Liao Wenjie really wants to say a sentence,The strange things are more beneficial to him brush money.,The more ghosts,The more system rewards that are brushed,But people live,I would rather don’t have these broken things.。
Second floor,A young security holding a flash rubber roller patrol,Road passing through the small single room of fire protection equipment,Suddenly hear‘Tinkling’A sword out of sheath。
Small single room can only put extinguisher,It is difficult to hide individuals,How can someone pull the sword inside??
Young security,Lift your hand,Want to pull the wooden door open。
A hand reaching out,Tightly buckle young security wrist,Scared him。
“you,who are you,Overtime?”
“I am here to check the case.,Trouble you with。”
Liao Wenjie does not explain,Take out the police officer to wear the chest,With this layer of identity,Doing things is simple,Although the young security guard has doubts,Still standing next to it。
Be awkward,Liao Wenjie,The face is a ghost army,Hold a hands over a long knife,I don’t say it, I don’t say it.。
啷 啷~~~
Cold light,The knife is hit by Liao Wenjie,Blade,Flying in the ground。
Young security, scared two legs,One ass sitting on the ground,Support your hand to the corner,Gigrenomyman。
Blade break,Ghosts are in a small single room,Do not wait for him, two sentences,Liao Wenjie,Draw his ugly face,Probe in its ear。
“Heaven and earth nature,Gas……”
Sorrowful,Take a black smoke together with the long knife of the break。
Liao Wenjie helpless,Refining the road end,Daoxiao,It is very commonplace that the ghost has caught the net.。
It’s like this.,The eight words have not been finished.,Thoroughly fly ash annihilation。
Too,Is there a bit lasting?,I can listen to the ninety-three words of the threat of the poor and pass the net world.?
No way,A round of a round,I don’t really have a ghost.!
No money to see novels?Send you cashorDollar currency,Limited time1Heaven!Pay attention·Public·Free collar!

“Dolido,I won’t be able to eat here anymore!”

Dorito, who was still pouring tea for Leo, was taken aback.。
“Major,Where to go?”
“Step on the four emperors、All over the world!”
“If you can’t go back?”
“Then,Keep coming back for dinner!”
First26chapter Great route
“Major Leo,We can get the navy headquarters in just six or seven days,Marin Vando!”
Leo stood on the bow of the main warship,Watching everything ahead,Then slowly nod。
It’s noon the next day,They have entered the windless zone,Small and medium-sized Neptune species can be seen everywhere in the sea,I can occasionally see large sea kings。
This behemoth that travels a hundred meters at every turn has the ability to easily shred warships。
but,Because the navy ship’s bottom is equipped with sea-building stones,So these sea kings directly treat warships as sea creatures,Will not attack warships。
As for the person standing next to Leo, he was one of the school officials who wanted to work with Leo before.。
“Can you tell me how the headquarter usually arranges a branch navy like me??”
The warship crosses the windless zone without risk,So Leo started to ask this headmaster a few questions。

After hanging up,Wang Youcai suddenly remembered,This worker is injured like this,Should let his family know,What if something happens?So he went to find Tianwa。

“President Wang!Where is Wu Wu from this person?,Should call him over,He knows how to inform his family“Tian Wa said。Wang Youcai glanced at Tian Wa’s other worker,I saw the blood on both of them,Looks quite uncomfortable。
At this moment, Ni Xiaoli called,Wang Youcai takes it,I heard Ni Xiaoli curse on the phone:“ This dead old Liu,He said this mine was contracted to you,You are responsible for these things,So he doesn’t pay more for the money,only,He will immediately pay your 50,000 yuan to make up for you“
“Ok!I know,Where you go to buy clothes now,Buy two sets of men,Just buy a set for Tianwa,Then buy another set of bigger ones,Hurry up and bring it to the door of the emergency room“Wang Youcai arranged for Ni Xiaoli on the phone。
At this time, Ni Xiaoli is very knowledgeable,She didn’t say anything,He immediately agreed。Wang Youcai quickly called Wu Wu again。
Ten minutes later,Wu Wu ran in in a panic,Wang Youcai told him about the situation。Tian Wa told the injured name。Wu Wu,Take a breath and say:“Okay,He just installed a phone at home“
Wu Wu said,Took out the phone,And started looking for the phone。Tian Wa glanced at him and said:“Go out to fight,Don’t be too scary,Said he was injured,Just come here to wait“
It seems that this critical time,Wang Youcai still has trouble thinking about some things,This worker was injured,Family comfort is also a science。Don’t watch this Tian baby fight and kill,Some things are considered very thoughtful。
“Did the doctor say how long the operation will take??“Wang Youcai couldn’t help asking Tian Wadao。
“Three or four hours!Come in and sign up,Just now in order for the provincial experts to perform surgery on your wounded,This procedure also saves a bit“Tian Wa hasn’t opened her mouth yet,A male doctor walked out with a signature pad,To Wang Youcai。
Surgery in the hospital,Wang Youcai is clear in his heart,So-called signature,Which is the hospital’s waiver,Anyway, no problem will be fine,If there is a problem, only the patient is not good,So he didn’t even look at it,Picked up the pen and signed my name on it。
Wait for the doctor to leave,Tian Wa whispered to Wang Youcai:“President Wang,Or do you go ahead,It will take three or four hours here anyway“
“Don’t talk nonsense,Mr. Wang is away,In case something happens during the operation,You can do it lord“The other big worker asked,He seems to be a little scared。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Nothing,I’ll just sit here and wait!“
At this moment,Wu Wu ran in,He whispered:“There is no car coming here at this time,I have to call a car to pick you up,Mr. Wang is troubled here”

“Thank you!No need to,I only need the room card”Xia Jian said eagerly。

Yao Junli says:“You give your phone to the front desk clerk”Xia Jianyi listen,Quickly handed over the phone,The waitress just responded,Then put8106Found his room card,Handed it to Xia Jian。
Almost trot upstairs,Xia Jian dare not delay,Opened quickly8106’S door,Xia Jian leaned in and sneaked in,What makes him thankful,The bathroom door is closed,Lights inside,There was a rushing sound,This shows that someone is taking a bath,But it’s definitely not Li Na。
Li Na should be in the room,Xia Jian moved lightly,Walk inside,Only the bedside lamp was turned on in the room,Looks a little dim。
In front of a big bed,The clothes of men and women were thrown in a mess on the ground,Follow the foot of the bed and look towards the bed,Xia Jian could hardly believe the scene before him,This turned out to be true。
I saw Li Na naked,Hands and feet are tied up,The mouth was strangled with a tape,Quilt on the bed,It might be due to Li Na’s resistance,All on the ground。
What’s the situation,Isn’t she making a movie??Xia Jian until now,I still don’t believe in the situation,Li Na found Xia Jian,Pedaling hard on the bed,Motion him to come quickly。
Xia Jian just woke up like a dream,Ran over in a hurry,Looking at Li Na naked,This time he,No distractions,Both hands quickly liberated Li Na’s hands and feet,And took the strap off her mouth。
“Give me my coat on the floor”Li Na is crying,Said eagerly。
I did lose a pile of clothes on the ground,Have underwear,With coat,And also men’s clothes,Since she wants a coat,It seems she has no time to wear underwear,Xia Jian hurriedly found Li Na’s top and skirt,Just lost it。
Li Na shuddered,Just put on the coat,When preparing to wear shoes,A man’s voice came over in a low voice:“you this**,Still feels not enough,Found another one?”
Xia Jian surprised,Turn around quickly,I saw one in his forties,Middle-aged man with a fat body,Wrapped in a bath towel and smirked at them。
When Li Na saw this person,Like a mouse saw a cat,She shivered and said:“Manager Chen,Will you let me go tonight?I can’t stand it”
“Bastard,You fucking pretend to meb,What kind of formation you have never seen,I even made such a show tonight,Sister Wang won’t spare you“Middle-aged man talking,Reach for the phone on the coffee table。
Li Na suddenly jumped over,Grabbed the middle-aged man’s hand,Crying:“Manager Chen,Don’t tell Sister Wang,I will disappear from Pingdu tomorrow“
“Li Na is late!Look at you now,Dress like this,How coquettish。I have been pretending to be pure all these years,I have endured you for a long time“Middle-aged man talking,Swipe your arm,He threw Li Na to the ground。

“it is good!Then I ask you,There is a cultural relic dealer named Xie Xiaoya,How did you know each other?What kind of relationship is it?“When the male police asked this,,Staring at Xia Jian。

Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but froze,Turns out the problem is here,This woman is really a broomstick,Since knowing her,I’ve been following bad luck。
“I met her by chance,There is no special relationship between us“Xia Jian sighed,Said a little helplessly。
The male police paused,Then continued:“Please elaborate on the process of your understanding。and also,You said there is no relationship between you,But why are you two staying in the same hotel?,And also enter and exit from the same room。We have evidence for this,Hope you can answer truthfully”
Xia Jianyi listen,Only then knew,The police brought him for a reason,I don’t seem to be able to explain well,It might be a bit difficult to go back。So Xia Jian thought for a while,So how to get to know Xie Xiaoya,I told the police from beginning to end。Except for him and Xie Xiaoya in the room,He confessed the rest“
The policeman who questioned was very satisfied with Xia Jian’s answer,He kept nodding his head,Let the female police record everything Xia Jian said。
“still have a question,What is your relationship with Jones?Why did you go to her villa so many times?。You have to make it clear,It’s best to start with your acquaintance“The male policeman then asked another question。
Xia Jianyi listen,I’m covered。How does this matter again with Jones,What the hell is this?
“Comrade Police!I don’t understand the questions you asked。Just like you asked about my relationship with Xie Xiaoya,I think this is normal,But why did you ask about me and Jones again。This makes me a little skeptical,Are you solving the case?,Still investigating my private life“Xia Jian is not happy anymore,He asked a little unhappy。
The male policeman smiled and said:“Hope i ask you something,What do you answer。Because of something,Can’t tell for now。But please trust us,We will never ask anything unrelated to the case。
“it is good!In this case,I’ll tell you all“Xia Jian took a breath,So I told how I met Jones,I told the police again from the beginning。
Because the plot is too long,When Xia Jian finishes speaking,I just feel dry and dry,Even my belly started to scream at this time,Xia Jian just remembered that he hadn’t eaten for so long。
The policeman who questioned saw Xia Jian’s unnaturalness at a glance。He smiled and said:“Sorry,Because this case is a bit tricky,So we have to hurry up。I know you are hungry now,But please hold on for a while,After answering my last question,Let’s go eat together“
Xia Jian did not speak,Just nodded。Xia Jian at this time,Very annoyed。What the hell is this?Don’t even give him food,And still asking questions in such a place,He feels very uncomfortable。


First1649chapter conquer
In the office of Guo Jiangang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee。Chen Jiang is drinking the fragrant tea made by the secretary himself,With a happy smile on his face。Secretary Guo is sitting opposite him,He didn’t drink tea,But smoking a cigarette。
“Mayor Chen,Which Xiaowei heard you arranged to Pingyang Town,And it’s Xia established?“Guo Jiangang raised his brow,Speak softly。The newly appointed Secretary of the Pingdu Municipal Party Committee,Don’t look at his height,But his face has an awe-inspiring majesty。
Chen Jiang smiled and said:“Pingyang Town is the best town in our city,Since he is a relative of the leader,Then I will say anything,Also let him go to a comfortable place。Besides, this young talent of Xia Jian,Very useful for the development of agriculture,Let Xiao Wei follow him,Maybe I can learn something”
“I don’t think so。Xiao Wei just graduated from a prestigious university,I am impetuous when I come to the grassroots work,He doesn’t like anyone。When this Xia Jian didn’t come,I’ve heard of his name。You put these two people together,Blame it for nothing”Secretary Guo took a breath,The look on his face is a little worried。
Chen Jiang smiled and said:“Xia Jian is stupid,Don’t offend Xiao Wei!”
“I’m still a little worried about this,You still have to take care of it when you are free。In case something happens,I can’t explain to the old leader”Secretary Guo said,Squeezed out half of the cigarette in the ashtray。
Chen Jiang hurriedly responded:“I will take it to heart,Don’t worry”
Xia Jian has been busy all this time。He has to run in every village,Fortunately, the newcomer Wei Xiaoming is quite diligent,He ran to do many things。
this day,Xia Jian had a little disagreement with Secretary Lu,The two were a little unhappy during the meeting。So when he returned to the office, he felt sulking,At this moment, the new secretary Wei Xiaoming walked in。
He first poured a glass of water for Xia Jian,Then smiled and handed it to Xia Jian’s hand。He laughed and said:“Mayor Xia!You really don’t need to be so angry”
“is it?Do you think I am careful??”Xia Jian took over the tea cup in Wei Xiaoming’s hand,Can’t help but ask such a sentence。
Wei Xiaoming turned around and closed the door,Then said with a smile:“Secretary Lu looks like a layman in business,He is nonsense about local investment”
“Is there any way?He is the number one in our town,Do you say i can’t listen to him?”Xia Jian said,A little helplessly shook his head。
Wei Xiaoming laughed and said:“It’s not wrong that he is the secretary,In the party and government building,You really can’t go against him。But in the rural development plan,You decide。But if you just listen to him,The people who suffer。You are not guilty of him,But blamed the people of Pingyang Town。Which is more important,Don’t need me to say!”

“Doctor Fang sent Miss Hu back……He has already treated you!Doctor Fang’s medical skills,It’s still so reliable!”

Jiang Yiyun sighed。
They also planned to use western medicine。
did not expect,I still want Fang Yu to shoot!
“I’m all right?”
Jiang Wan’er was surprised。
Why did Fang Yu send Hu Yili back??
This is what she doesn’t understand the most!
“daughter,Your head burned out, right?They said you have a fever before……”
Jiang Yiyun cares about Tao。
“dad,You think too much……I just want to see a doctor。Thank him so much!”Jiang Wan’er wants to know,Did Fang Yu find that guy?。
“Take a good rest now,I’ll let him come!”
Although Jiang Yiyun feels strange to her daughter’s request。

Wei Zhong frowned slightly,Glanced at Wang Teng,Suddenly asked。

And with Wei Zhong’s words finished,at this time,Wang Teng sees here,obviously,Wang Teng suddenly laughed。
Looks at Wang Teng,Wei Zhong’s move,There is also a feeling that there is no silver three hundred taels here。
And Wang Teng’s side,Wei Shasha came out。
“You don’t know him,Is it,Don’t you know me anymore?”
Wei Shasha’s words are finished,It made Wei Zhong in front of him,The whole person was completely dull on the spot。
Now,Wei Zhong didn’t even know,Him now,What should I do?。
Everything,It seemed that they all started to develop toward the opposite that Wei Zhong didn’t want to see。
at this time,Even Wei Zhong himself,Also laughed twice:“Missy,What are you doing here?”
Wei Zhong’s words,Doesn’t sound tempered。
But what about Wei Shasha,Took out the phone,Open the recording directly:“Wei Zhong,You should listen to this recording first before talking。”
Wei Shasha finished,The recording is playing intermittently。
Its content,A large part,Are all around this。
So for these,Actually Wei Zhong listened,Frown。
Because of these,Exactly the ones he conspired before。
Now it’s completely on the bright side,We can’t help Wei Zhong have the slightest excuse。
And this time,Wei Zhong gritted his teeth,I raised my head and looked at Wei Shasha in front of me。
“Humph,Even if I did it,So what can?”
Since this matter has been known to Wei Shasha,Then next,In fact, there is nothing to say。
what’s the matter,I’d better see the real chapter directly under my hand。