this matter,Fang Yu doesn’t want to talk more。

Furthermore,Fang Yu and Li Yan only met today。
“I want to tell you……Recently, a handsome man was chasing her……You have to work harder!”
Finished,Li Yan left in a hurry。
Fang Yu rubbed his temples,What’s all this?!
First12chapter Exchange terms!
“Is the movie good??”
Fangjia Pharmacy。
Fang Yu poured a glass of boiled water,Fang Deyun is finished,Just came over and asked,Eyes full of concern。
“Quite good looking……Just not enough popcorn……”
Fang Yu took a sip of water,Serious look。
“I’m asking how you are doing?”
Fang Deyun gave his son a white look。
Is this deliberately changing the subject?!
“I went back beforehand……”Fang Yu helpless。
“Forget it,I will rest for a while!”
Fang Deyun shook his head。
Looks like he wants to have a cup of tea from his daughter-in-law,A little hard!
Almost in the evening。

All the mothers in the world will say their sons look good,Chen Yueqin is typical in this matter。Tell the truth,Yao Chunni now,Snow white skin,Good looking。She and Wang Youcai go together,There really is a kind of flower planted on the cow dung。

Opened the big iron gate,Wang Youcai went to start the car。To be honest,He really doesn’t want to leave。You said there are delicious meals at home,And beautiful women love。In addition to TV,Liu Ying is the only one left。
Have been with someone for a long time,Inevitably get annoying。But except for Liu Ying,It’s hard to find someone to talk to,Let alone other。
The moment the car left the gate,Yao Chunni threw a plastic bag in。She smiled and said:“The cat lard pancake you like to eat,You can eat it as soon as you bake it on the stove”
Wang Youcai smiled sweetly at Yao Chunni,Kick the throttle,The car bumped and drove out of the village。It’s too cold,There is no child at the entrance of the village。
Thinking of Xiping Village,Xia Jian is gone,Zhao Hong is gone。He wants to find an opponent,There are no more people who want to worry about。Suddenly Wang Youcai has a particularly boring feeling,He suddenly felt,This person lives in the world,Actually it doesn’t mean anything。
Driving all the way,One to Pingdu,Wang Youcai went to the supermarket to buy things。He is purchasing,While calculating the time for Liu Ying to go home。The shopping trolley is full soon。
Lots of vegetables in the supermarket,Most of them come from the vegetable greenhouses in Xiping Village。Possible reasons for low transportation costs,The prices of these vegetables are not too high。
Wang Youcai took a look,Picked a handful of garlic sprouts,Took a bunch of celery。He bought some tomatoes and so on。Fortunately, Chenzhuang’s refrigerator is not small,Otherwise these things will freeze out as soon as they are pulled back。
This time, Wang Youcai has lost his blood,He filled up two shopping trolleys。The manager inside also sent someone to help push these things to his car。
Just finished loading the car,When Wang Youcai was about to get on the bus,Suddenly a long hair fluttering came towards me,Woman in red coat。This woman is wearing half-heel riding boots,The walking posture is really beautiful。
Wait a closer look,Wang Youcai was dumbfounded。
First2200chapter Chance encounter
“what!Ma Hongfang?”Wang Youcai couldn’t help but cried out。He has seen this woman for a while,She seems to have evaporated from the world。
Ma Hongfang obviously came to Wang Youcai,So she has a calm face,Just smiled and said:“What do you mean?Why do you see me like seeing a ghost”
Wang Youcai smiled,Only then did Ma Hongfang look at it from head to toe。This woman still looks so charming,Just take a closer look,Even though she painted heavy makeup,But there are still obvious wrinkles at the corners of the eyes。This shows that the years will not let anyone off。
“stop looking,Don’t you get old??Are you starting to hate me,Just avoid seeing me?”Ma Hongfang smiled,The red-painted little mouth kept talking。
Wang Youcai is afraid that others will hear their conversation,So he smiled and said:“Talk in the car,People come and go here,How inconvenient“
Wang Youcai opened the door。Ma Hongfang is also welcome,I opened the door and sat in the passenger seat。A cold breeze,The smell of inferior perfume wafted through Ma Hongfang’s body。


“Gone?!”Wu Fang’s eyes widened,“what do you mean?Don’t want to play?Is it because I suffered a bit??brothers,This is not your style。”
“What style should i be?”Li Tianchou asked with a smile。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighth get together
All kinds of snacks are ready,Wu Fang picked up his chopsticks and ate,“Stop fucking,Began to eat,Look at you。”
Li Tianchou was slightly startled,Did not refute,I don’t have much appetite while holding chopsticks,Most of the time I was watching Wu Fang gobble up,Exquisite food like this,This way of eating would be spoiled。
Not much effort,Wu Fang wiped his mouth to stop fighting,A satisfied look,Most of the food on the table is gone,“tasty,Just too tired。I said why don’t you eat it?”
“Eating,The things here have to be tasted slowly,Liu Qiang said。”Li Tianchou picked up a small slice of rice noodles and placed it in the small dish in front of him,The unhurried appearance makes Wu Fang quite depressed。
“One rough embryo,He knows a ball。”Wu Fang dismissed,“Eat and drink,I have something to tell you。”
“I want to relax,So I want to find someone to fight。”
“relax?”Li Tianchou put down his chopsticks in shock,“Your hobby is too weird, right?”
“Bird hair,Can’t let people vent if you are in a bad mood??”Wu Fang is serious,“Laozi’s beating is principled,Pick out those garbage。Not only can relax,And it can improve your sentiment all at once,How?Kill two birds with one stone,There are not many enlightened people like me, right??”
“How do you know others are rubbish。”Li Tianchou asked coldly,Suddenly the other party looked stinky and couldn’t figure out what to say。
“Pull it down,Is it rubbish,Our vision standards are the same。You say Aman,What’s that oldA,Dare you say it’s not scum?You just have a holiday with brother,It’s irrational not to fight。”Wu Fang is plausible。
Li Tianchou’s eyes narrowed into a slit,Almost laughed。Wu Fang went around such a big circle,It was to say this,I can’t see the rough man in front of me,Face is thinner than paper,So deliberately,“Didn’t you say that this thing is very risky?I suddenly changed sex?”

Chen Xiu is sitting between Ou Sheng and Li Lili,Can’t help but curiously say:“Osheng,Who is this Guo Zijian?,Why are you so domineering?”

“Guo’s Thirteenth Young Master,Just a prodigal。”
Osheng said quietly,I don’t want Guo Zijian’s ears but his ears are extremely sharp,Holding one’s chest,One said sadly:“Sister Sheng,You say me like this,But it broke my heart!”
Obviously Guo Zijian and Ou Sheng knew each other early,Looking at his two eyeballs, looking at Osheng’s low-cut evening dress,She’s going to swallow her alive,Chen Xiu looked aside and couldn’t help but taste a bit,Said angrily:“Kid,What can I see,Good playing cards,Behave!”
“Hey hello!”
Guo Zijian faced Chen Xiu’s provocation and said to Ou Sheng with an angry smile.:“Sister Sheng,When did you raise such a little wolf dog,Kind of barking!”
Chen Xiu is a beat on the table,Stood up and said angrily:“Kid is looking for smoke!”
Guo Zijian also stood up with a beat on the table,Glared at Chen Xiu and shouted:“Hey,Pretty horizontal,No one on the streets of Australia dare to talk to me like this。There is a kind of you come and try one!”
664 Licensing
Chen Xiu and Guo Zijian glared at each other,The gamblers around are also not attracted。

Chapter 752 Expose

On the island of Taohua Island,The Chu Deirers have some people who have a ship with everyone.——Ship carrying them,Flying it like。
As Jiaxing’s boatman,He knows Taohua Island,Also know the rules of Taohua Island,It’s easy to come……It’s just that Chu is too much.!
Chu Deirers did not go away,The monkey armor made of this peach forest,Still some doorways,And the Chu Deirers are now able to turn around,Forcine, you will get out of it.,It is no need to find a breath.,After all, Huang Laoxue is careful……
“Chu Da Ge!Why didn’t you leave a secret?,I will pick you up.。”Huang Rong will not come out from the forest soon,And curious look at the dog hybrid——Several other people have naturally recognized。
“Exactly there is a boatman know,I will come myself.……Huang Yaodian is also there??”Chu Deiren looked in,Naturally, I can’t see anything.。
“What is Huang Lao senior?,Monster!I am almost forgotten that you are guilty of the crime of Yunzhuang.!”Huang Rong shouted a Chu Deirers。
But this is the deer people.……
“what?it’s not good,Is it a yellow brother??Wugong high can not be so expanded……Cough,you say。”Chu Deiren saw Huang Rong in hearing,I quickly change the mouth。
“Call uncle,Look close to you。”Huang Rong helpless。
“Huang Shu?”Chu Deirers secretly feel some vulgar,But there is no spit outlet。
“Who is this……”Huang Rong looked at the dog hybrid,Taohua Island is not welcome to welcome,Chu Debans bring people who don’t know,She naturally wants to ask。
And she also wants to know,What is the friend of Chu Deirers?,If you have an acquaintance, you will introduce yourself.,Huang Rong is also angry。
“Oh!This is my southern brother,Haven’t taken my big brother yet、Three brothers worshiped together,First, it is my southern brother.,Waiting for them,Is my four brothers……There is a name in his teacher.,History。”Chu Deirers actually really want to spit,Slightly told some scoop,Hundreds of billion,This name is also unable to grant。
“Brother。”Huang Rong arch。
“Premiere,Live,The younger brother is very interested in……”The dog’s hybrid says this will stop.,Generally, you should take a gift.,Unfortunately he didn’t。
Huang Rong also seen,This little brother should have not walking on the rivers and lakes.,say、The number of gifts is very strange and the dead board。
Huang Rong took the way in Qimen armor,Chu Deirers asked:“Huang Shu at home,Is it easy??”
Said to be easy,In fact, it is a flat panel of human skin mask.,At first glance is a false face,perhaps……Chu Deer estimation,It is his first practice“Bi needle”Time to develop habits。
Just practiced,One-running full face,No one wants to cover one’s cover。
“Generally, when you see people who don’t want to see,Will wear a mask。”Huang Rong said very certain。
Chu Deirers heard a little worried,That is to say,After a while, Huang He did not necessarily wear a mask.,After all, Wang Yizhen、Woody Qingqing、Although he has never seen it,But all are cute little girls,What does he have not to see??
Chu Deirers will follow these two steps,In the eyes of Huang Rong,arrive“Hundreds of words”What is it?。
“Unfielder,you need to know,Sometimes people are reluctant to disclose their identity.,It is forced to have,There is no need to go to break up。”
“Grace,The big brother said yes.!”
Chu Deiren did not dare to say Taiming,After all, the yellow pharmacist may not expose.,Don’t give yourself instead,only……Chu Deirers don’t know,How much is the dog hybrid?。
Through the peach forest,I saw the yellow pharmacist is with a yarn.、Back to everyone on the roof。
“father,What do you do in your room??I don’t see you at the sunset.,How to have a guest?,Make up?”Huang Rong quietly dismantled the behavior of Huang Ocean。
Huang Laoxi,Obvious figure,However, at this time,Listen to the dog hybrid shout:“Xie Laibo?Thank God, are you here??Hahaha,I can find you.!”
Chu Deman:……
The original Chu Deirers are still nervous,Worried that the yellow pharmacist turned,Will be recognized,However……I didn’t expect him to expose it just a back.!
Huang Pharma is suddenly a heavy feet,Two bricks,I saw that he only saw him not only with a yarn.,And through a black yarn,The eyiliansman saw his face with a mask。
Chu Deman:???
Could it be to the dog hybrid?
“The original yellow girl’s 爹 is Xie Laibo.!”Dog hybrid looks at the face of each other,Not doubt。

suddenly,She stopped,Speak softly:“Oh no,The footsteps suddenly disappeared,Won’t we be dumped??”

“will not,They should sit down and rest,Don’t move,Otherwise it will be found”Xia Jian said very decisively。
that’s it,Everyone standing in place,Listen carefully to the sound in front,After a long time,There are rustling footsteps ahead,Dragon Ball did not say a word,Continue to lead everyone forward。
The temperature in the mountains is getting lower and lower,Xia Jian feels that the temperature is a bit irritating,He couldn’t help but look at his watch,It’s too dark,He didn’t see anything。
“Everyone hold on for a while,It should be bright soon”Dragon Ball said quite experienced。
“It’s not bright again,This person will freeze to death“Fang Fang said softly,Even she said it was cold,Let alone ordinary people。
It took another ten minutes,Everyone suddenly shines,Only then discovered,They have reached the top of the mountain,No wonder the light is so good。The top of the mountain is almost full of stones,So fewer trees,This go,Also a lot easier。
Behind a big rock,Suddenly there was a hoarse voice:“Pharaoh!How i feel,There are always people behind us”
“You fucking nonsense,No one,This ghost place is a primeval forest,In addition to our human activities,The rest are beasts,Go down the mountain and go to sleep!”Said another man’s voice。
The hoarse voice suddenly sighed and said:“Sleep fart!If Brother Mao gives me a reward,I have to sleep with this sleep”Two men talking and laughing,Walk down the mountain。
at this time,White fish has appeared in the east,It seems naive is almost bright,Dragon Ball asked quietly:“Do you want to follow??”
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“no need,Anyway they are under the mountain,It shouldn’t be hard to find,Everyone take this opportunity to rest,Add energy,Let’s wait until dawn”
Everyone,Squatted behind the big rock,Opened their respective equipment,Fang Fang and Heiwa are soldiers,And Dragon Ball used to hunt in the mountains with his father,So all the essentials they bring are very complete。
Although Xia Jian doesn’t have both of these aspects,,But somebody got his equipment for him,So what others have,He still has no shortage。Drinking mineral water,Eating compressed biscuits,Xia Jian suddenly felt how this scene resembles the movie。

Ouyang Feng is going to escape、Long say,At this moment,I saw it in the room just burned.,A huge、Dragon Shadow, which makes a flame,Cut the black robes!

Zhao ignores the face change,Drink low to Shangguan Haishu:“go!”
And yourself is a palm.,The hand is like a black hole、It seems a round of black days,In several times, one of your own dragon,Suddenly“Fire dragon”Marst,Four down drift。
at the same time,Dews on the other end!
“Unmistive?”Zhao ignored his face, more yin,Understand that Chu Dee people also have stepped into the state of Tianmen。
Chu Deer did not think,This old monkey actually turned so much.
“You actually broke through?”Chu Deirers are also unexpected。
Tiandi strange man,I can’t overcome the side effects of sucking.
It seems that the Activity,Really feasible,And who is the last unlucky egg??Chu Deirers have not figured out。
Zhao ignorant,Great awkward“You can break through this kind of person.”some type of,At the same time, the hard work is not slow,I saw that their body is lighter and flicked around.,Then slammed to the Chu Deer!
However, this time the Chu Deiren,I have been staring at him.,But I found it。
Chu Deman“Look”Clear,Purchase,Her is a black robe,by“Unmistive”control,Plus the extremely dark air fills
As for Zhao ignore myself,I have already passed the way.。
And he can finalize at masters,Confident can open the other party’s gas machine lock,It is the trial of the phantom of the phantom.,Just prototype,He is from hundreds of ji-sports training in Xiangxi,Seventy-two people,Absorbing its skills,Patchwork prototype
Since Chu Deiren has already seen,Natural will not be polite,Direct high,Instant translational“French sky”。
It is not his best to do the dragon turtle.,But a head Dai Pingtuan、Human forming armor!
I saw this vain four flat and eight stables.,Directly broke the gown,The strength of the power straight into Zhao ignore the direction of slippery。
Zhao ignorant:!!!
Chu Deirers can see this virtual shovel,Just make Zhao ignored surprise,And what they are,Then Zhao is ignorant。
Be right,Chu Deman makes it,It is the mood of the mood of the emperor of Tai’s ancestors.,Punch of the ruler,Is also authentic“Rush”
Strictly report that Taizu Harmonic in the rivers and lakes,But it is a shallow effort,It is impossible to practice so。
However, the Wan Dhama of the Chu Deiren has encountered it to this level.,And the Warrior map is also longer than imitation,It can be seen as a small unusual work of the enhanced version.,And is not limited to“gas”,But“Mechanism”all-round“imitate”。
This fist is not much,And lies in the identity of Zhao Zhao!
He is not afraid to expose?
That Chu Deiren made him out of the Song Room secret!
Although it is not the original version,But there are six or seven points of images.
Chapter 11 Chess
Zhao ignorant watching Taizu vain,He knows Chu’s intention,Faces don’t help but get it difficult。
I only see these steps.,Then both hands are moving together,Suddenly the Taizu law,Eight wild、That is, the position of the three quadrants of the three-dimensional coordinate axis,Eight paint black“hole”
“Reverse eight poles!”
Zhao ignores the direction of Chu Deirers,Holding hands,Has a sustained force,Resonance with the Eight Wild Black Cave,Suddenly Chu Deirers feel that there is a great suction in eight directions.,Sleepy yourself in the original place!
Chu Deirers directly disappear“French sky”,Holding a sword in half air、Eternal sword behind and the Dragon Slayer,Instant two knife swords fly out,And accompanying the sound of the air,This knife is a sword to be eight
I only see eight sides of the sword,Surrounded by Chu Deirens
If Zhang Zhen see,I will feel very emotion,Can see this eight handles again,Sword is desperate、Qingming、Purple electricity、White jade、Mu Tie、Glazed、Xuanwu、nameless!
good,It is the treasure of the eight-handed town of Jianji Villa.。
At this time, the eight handles have different colors.,But all the fog blur,Seems to be entity
It is the Chu Deirers“Unmistive”Can,Will ignore the sword first、Dragon Sword is a true gas,Then then the eight high levels of freedom,Naturally, it is restored to the eight hand sword.!
Natural Chu Dee people do the first time、And when it is successful,I have taken the secret inside.。

Xia Jianchang took a breath and said:“What are you talking about?Fang Fang is your best friend,Something big happened in your house,I told her to let her go to watch the door,Actually let her accompany you。Moreover,I heard that the relationship between you two is a bit strained recently,Take this opportunity to get closer,May not be a good thing”

“You really have such a good heart?”Xiao Xiao stared at Xia Jian,As if to see the essence of the problem in his eyes。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I have never been wicked towards you”
First0712chapter Encounter again
Sent away Xiao Xiao,Xia Jian sat down and had a cup of tea,Only then did I retrieve all the information of the Eastern Wholesale Market,Since this project is going to be caught by him again,He has enough homework,Otherwise, ask three questions,Isn’t that a big joke。
Xia Jian called Wang Lin,Let her and Dragon Ball come to his office。Although Wang Lin said he was transferred to Pingdu to work,But she is still there in the group office,After all, she is the vice president。At the moment she and Dragon Ball are waiting in her office for Xia Jian to arrange work for them。
Door opened,Wang Lin and Dragon Ball came in one after another,Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“What is Mr. Xiao’s situation now??”
“Out of danger,Went to the general ward”Xia Jian said,Motioned for the two to sit down on the sofa in the office。
Xia Jian walked over,Sat down opposite Wang Lin and said:“You go to the hospital later,After seeing President Xiao,Just go home and rest,Go back to Pingdu at night!”
“Don’t be so hurry,There are currently no new projects in Pingdu,I’ll do something for you here!“Wang Lin said,Gave Xia Jian a little affectionate look。This time she comes,And Xia Jian have almost no time to spend time alone。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“How come there are no new projects?After you go back,Hurry up and contact Ouyang Hong,Eighteen villages above Zhangwang Village in Pingyang Town,Except for a part of Sichuan that was developed and utilized,The rest of the mountains are not barren,Is to grow crops with little profit“
“You understand so clearly,Is there any new idea?!“Wang Lin asked a little surprised。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Only keep learning,Will not be eliminated by the times。Where did you sample the soil,We dragged Zhao Hong to the Provincial Agricultural Research Institute for testing,See if this kind of soil is suitable for growing apples,especiallyYTRed Fuji“

“I bought you a Tier 3 Force suit,Lest you be hacked to death!”Li Ming chuckles,indeed so,Li Ming has a permanent star grade 5 Mo Yun。And another moyun vine was also given to Hong,After all, Hong’s power is relatively weak,But the realm is high,Stronger use of Mo Yun Teng。And Thor does lack a defensive weapon。

“flood,And Thor,I follow your request,I bought you Tier 3 force weapons!”
“As for the seven of you!”Li Ming glanced,“I have also brought you each a set of Tier 2 Force suits and Force weapons.。Atani,I asked you to practice the arc cutter in the virtual universe, right?,This weapon is for you。”
Atani,Among the ten spiritual teachers bought by Li Ming, he ranked second in strength.,After studying some secrets, he broke through the field,Of course it’s only the domain one,This arc cutter can also display the second form。And the number one‘Reiji’,Is a piece of debris dropped by the Meteorite,His mind power increased even more。
“Thanks master!”Atani’s appearance is a young girl,Has light green hair,At this moment, I took the arc cutter from Li Ming。
And Thor put a hand on Li Ming’s shoulder,Whispered in a voice that the entire spacecraft could hear:“Wow,Li Ming, your spiritual teacher is very beautiful,Are you old bachelor planning。。。”
“Thor,Buy it for you‘Lightning Blade’Still can’t seal your mouth?!”
“Ha ha~”
“But really,Li Ming, you are over fifty,It’s time to find a wife!”Hong Ye joked。
“。。。。。。”Li Ming was speechless,I will be urged to marry now。
A few days later,The black dragon spacecraft landed on the white mercury,The managers of Baishuixing came out to greet。
“Master Li Ming!”
Bowed respectfully,This is a group with long white hair,White-haired ape man with three eyes on the head。
They are residents of White Mercury。
After Li Ming bought the entire White Mercury,Although these local natives are not his slaves,But also works for him。Unless they are willing to move again。But the human race of this white-haired ape,Very low strength,The pedigree is slightly higher than that of humans on earth,Adult members are generally at the beginner level,The strongest is also a star,It is also very difficult to wander in the universe。
White Mercury is a long-term sub-zero planet,Usually covered in snow and ice,Each revolution cycle is only a few days(Earth time)Will be above freezing temperature。Even though some plants and crops in the universe are tougher than those on earth,But it’s rare to grow on White Mercury。
Which resulted in,White Mercury is very barren,Not a habitable planet for humans。
About tens of millions of years ago,There is a branch of ape-man tribes migrating to this planet in the universe。Although the ape-men of this tribe are weak,But very hardy,After migrating to this planet, I barely survived。

Mom returned to Lu family,Of course, this matter is not allowed。

In order to drive Lu Si,Mother deliberately designed to let Lu Si heard this matter,Lu Si is going abroad to study。
Lu Hao Cheng,Always not going home,I will not always go home after high school.,There are only one family left at home.,He feels very happy。
Dad has never mentioned this matter.。
Lu Wei looked at Lu Hao, he did not speak himself.,It’s even gas.,“What look?do you know?For your mother and child,What have I did what mixed?,No matter what you do,Send a little bit of thinking to the foreign book,Give everything of their brothers to your brothers and sisters.。Can be like this,Their sisters have lived better than you.。”
“You don’t live a stinky boy,Take a look at the situation like this,Are you worthy of me??”
Lu Wei is angry with a butt, sitting on the sofa。
Black in front of you,Liang Wei,Hand up a cup of hot water to him。
NS643chapter:It is possible that it is possible
“Chairman,Drink some water,Don’t be too angry,Body is tight,Can not be bad。”
Liang Wei advised,actually,I heard this time again.,He feels guilty。
He also advised the chairman of this year.,Let him carefully consider,That Qin Ningzhen and Lu Haokai are the wolves of two tigers.。
But,At that time, the chairman heard these,Qin Ning is young and beautiful,He can’t help temptation at all。
Now old things,What is the use??
All hurts have been caused。
That two children,I have never like the chairman,Especially Lu Haozheng,I have always been a rebellious existence。
Father and son,I have never sitting down and said a word.,Every time you meet,Some are endless quarrels。
“dad,What else is there now??
then,But you will wish everything of their sisters to us.,Dad now regret it now??”
“Dad, don’t forget it.,these years,People who have been with you around you, but our brothers and sisters have my mother.。”
“What did Lu Hao Cheng have done??
What did Lu Si?
Lu Haocheng only knows that Dad is angry,Lu Si did not return a few years,It’s going to see Lu Hao Cheng.,People who have accompanied by Dad in the years have always been our mother and child.。”
Lu Haokai said,He will never return Lu Hao Cheng’s shares.,I just blame Ku Qing too called.,So believe a person betrayed her。
Liang Wei lows at the side,My heart is dark:“Hao Cheng and Sisi have not accompanied by the chairman,Not because of your mother and child of this wolf。”
in those days,Lu Yi Group,Do not,It is the crisis of the Lu Group,Almost apply for bankruptcy。
It is the continuous effort of the lady.,Overthrew the old idea,Bold innovation design concept,Only let the Chalk Group will die。
It can be said,that time,No lady,How can there be a current land?。
Chairman not only grates the lady,Still outside, women and children,Now this situation,He is in a somewhat secret.。
Since Qin Ning’s woman enters the Lu Group,The chairman has not lived the day。
Qin Ning’s sexual deceit,I know that Ah is confident,Chairman is enjoying the comfort of the face,Not the comfort of the soul。
then,His father gave birth to serious illness,He borrows money around,I haven’t borrowed how much money。