I think his soul has been sucked away by Shen Wenwen,Can’t say anything。May god bless him!Amen!

“Thanks also for your reminder。It’s not you, I can’t find Shen Wenwen right under my nose。never mind,Just watch it。As long as you don’t get started,I just endure。But you still have to return it if you have a chance,Lend Sister Nan to see me。”He actually bargained with me to make a deal。
I really regret,I regret that I didn’t recognize it。The woman under the window is Shen Wenwen。I really want to slam my head against the wall to punish my careless talk。
“Return your uncle!If you dare to see Sister Nan not wearing clothes,,Believe it or not, I raped Shen Wenwen。”Mess in my mind,A sentence for yourself“Fortune Sharing”Unintentional and upset。On the one hand, it caused disaster because of seeing Shen Wenwen,Makes me feel guilty。I am thinking of him,And he is grateful for this disaster。I’m really sad。
Suddenly I thought of a scene on the wall that made me hate。It’s the big head quietly locked the door。I told the whole story what I saw with my own eyes.。Who knows when he finishes listening,I leaned down and touched the ground。I saw him pick up a brick under the road teeth and turned away。I hug him,Good life comfort。Come to Japan,No need to rush。Thirty Years of Hedong,Hexi for thirty years。Gentleman revenge,Ten years is not too late。Good talk,He finally promised me to stop here today。This is too childish。It’s a miracle that he can always live。Thank me for this,He would have died a thousand and one times without me。
D!A peeping thing that a man wants to do because he wants to do it,Fame for a while。Although I was pointed out in the village,But he doesn’t think there is anything。Instead, he gained popularity and praise from his peers.。We were together before,I’m here as a big brother。And now,Someone saw me**nor**。My heart is sad,Feel like an overdue star,A retired actress。Loneliness and loss surround me,Makes me unhappy。The eyes of the public can only see brightly,I don’t know that there is a low-key hero like me behind my back。Looking at a man in front of the boundless scenery,Less and less treating me as a big brother,I have to remind him that he still has a deep revenge。
First26chapter Ants and female toilet
I’ve long been uncomfortable with the big head。Although he is in his early twenties,Five or six years older than us。One said that the big head looks like a rapist,It reminds me of what I said to my mom。
Extracurricular activities this afternoon,I took him to the horizontal bar area of the playground to admire the abdominal winding bar I just practiced。I bit my lip and held on to ten。I seem to have found the idol again,There is the flame of worship in my eyes。“how did you do it?”Shouted excitedly。“little tricks!Brother is more capable。This does not flow。”I boasted。After many years,《Soldier assault》Xu Sanduo in China became my idol。Just because he wraps his belly 333 in public。I want to win back the follow,I need a buddy standing behind me。Not a minion、Follower and younger brother,It’s a kind of strong support that never asks why。Even if I go to destroy this world tomorrow,He can also accompany me on the road。
We squatted under the horizontal bar,Everyone picked up a small stick,Poke the ant nest in boredom。I stared at an ant trying to escape。It’s big,But panicked。It doesn’t know where it is going,All it can do is to leave this disaster site quickly。I just didn’t do what it wanted。Every time it wants to escape from my control,I put the small wooden stick in front of it。It had to change direction quickly,Keep running。When it wants to escape again,I repeat the same tricks again。So and so,It’s always fighting in a range that belongs to me。Ten minutes passed,Still running。Still at the same frequency as at the beginning,Same speed,The same stubbornness。Although my eyes can’t see,But I can feel it sweating,Panting like a cow。Its body is almost drained by me,Like the end of the crossbow,Shaky。But it still doesn’t believe it’s impossible。He did not rest for a while,Didn’t sit still。I clearly saw it squeezed again,Biting teeth that are already shaking,Take the next step firmly。It deeply believes,And always believe,Its next step must be freedom。Although it has gone through many, many next steps,As long as it’s not dead,It will keep going。It is for a simple freedom,At the cost of life。I am deeply convinced that there is a dedication stronger than mine hidden in its small body。I remembered again《brave Heart》,William?Wallace just shouted a word before the execution——*******!
I picked it up with my hands,Gently put on the stick。I lifted the stick to one face,I want him to feel the tenacity of life。Just when I was cautiously carrying a wooden stick for fear that the ants would fall,There was a violent girl in front of me。She smelled of bad perfume everywhere,That smell is enough to make you cut your nose to make you clear。I already have an answer to who she is。But in order to confirm who this girl is sacred,I threw the stick with the little ant outside the wall。It finally got free,But this freedom is not the reward of persistence。I don’t know if I feel unworthy of sadness for it or congratulate him for the rest of his life.。I have no time to think about life,Run to catch up with the girl who just passed by my eyes。She ran towards the toilet as if she was on the road。I ran in front of her,Took a look。It really is Xiufen。
She is the most weird woman in our whole grade。She has a shawl,But the hair has always been like a grass nest。He has long legs,But keep wearing ripped jeans。Other cowboys have broken knees,Broken thigh,She is different from others,Her broken ass。Every time the teacher tells her to stand up and answer questions,The boys sitting behind her will push and yell,A commotion。She still has a face that is not ugly,But she keeps on the perfume she understands,****The same bad smell。Our positions in the class are far apart,One in the southwest,One in the northeast。I sit by the back door,Like to open the door,Look at the trees outside in class。So her taste didn’t pollute me much in the class。remember once,The teacher slept in class for a small punishment,Order him to distribute the workbook。Every time he passes by Xiufen,Will pinch his nose and pass by。Everyone around her sneered and laughed。The teacher saw that he was a little abnormal,Just asked:“What do you keep covering your nose?”“Oh shit!There are****!Stinks!”His dull tone is accompanied by seriousness。This remark,The whole class is laughing crazy。Even Xiufen blushed consciously。but,She or she。Nothing has changed because of classmates’ jokes。Many years later,She married into our village。Every time I go home and meet her,I still smell it before I see it。After marrying,Perfume is no longer the perfume of the year,But she is the same。
“Hi!What are you doing in a hurry?Was it chased by a wolf??”I have nothing to say。

Early next morning,Ouyang Hong went straight to Pingdu。

Xiao Xiao looked at Xia Jian who was in a daze and said:“Let’s go!Over two million,You don’t run,Sitting here can sit two million?”
“Jianer!Are you leaving again?“Sun Yuejuan heard Xiao Xiao say this,Hurriedly walked out and asked。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“Aunt!The village needs to be rebuilt,It probably needs more than four million yuan,Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong are half each,To get a loan in the last few days,So he must go back“
“mom!I will be back soon,Where to go!“Xia Jian suddenly stood up,Hello,Turned around and walked out the door。
Sun Yuejuan shook her head straight,Although my son is so old,,But she must have him not grown up yet,Do things in a rush,Not safe at all,Make people always hold a heart。
Village Committee Office,Zhao Hong is busy with statistics,When she heard that Xia Jian was going back to Buchuan,Woman’s eye circles instantly red,Xia Jian has a look,Hurriedly said:“I will be back in a few days,Here you and Erniu serve dim sum“
Zhao Hong nodded,I feel like tears are about to fall。
“Hey!Can you hurry up,Gritty“Xiao Xiao stood at the gate of the village committee and urged。
Woman!Just think carefully,Xia Jian helplessly shook his head,Walked out quickly,He didn’t want to see Zhao Hong crying,Hero shortness,Love for children,Not to mention that I am not a hero yet。
All the way,It can be said to be the sun, moon and stars,Sleeping。
When I get home,Old Xiao had been waiting at the door for a long time。
“Damn!Upon receiving a call from Xiao Xiao,I start counting time“Old man with a smile。
Xiao Xiao said wearily:“I’m going for a rest“People entered the house。
“so tired?“Old Xiao smiled and asked Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Where do we not have high-speed,And this national road is also bumpy,Drive so fast,They are really hard enough“
The two said,Went back to the living room,Xia Jian didn’t drive,Besides, he is a man,So not very tired,He drank two glasses of water,Sit for a while,Came the spirit,Let him go home this time,Tell Old Xiao from beginning to end。
The look on Old Xiao’s face is like the weather in May,Sunny for a while,Overcast for a while,When he heard Xia Jian say Wang Degui,The old man finally couldn’t help it,Yelled:“Bastard“
Xia Jian finished eating,Xiao Xiao didn’t come out,It seems she is really tired。
Old Xiao thought for a while,And said to Xia Jian:“Both of you are not in the company these days,You should go check it out“

He can understand this sentence,But just don’t want to understand how to break?

517 The best fans
Love·Dracula left the office building of Yuxin Technology unconsciously。
Although he failed to take a look at Xiaozhi in the mouths of Wang Yufei and Old John,But from the description of Wang Yufei and Old John, he knew that the alliance he had worked so hard to set up had fallen behind to the point that he was embarrassed to greet people.。
Something must be wrong。
Love·Dracula1977Annual,this year43year old,In prime of life。
Since he was sensible,What we know is that his home country is the most powerful country in the world。
This power is all-round,military、Technology、capital、Cohesion, etc.,and many more。
So what went wrong?
The most important part of the all-round power has been surpassed?
But this link is still the link he is in charge of now。
Unceremoniously,Everything he heard today was a fatal blow to his belief in life。
If we said that at the meeting prepared by the alliance,,He is only dissatisfied with the greed of those big guys,Then his mood at this time is anger at these guys。
Must be angry。
These rats are short-sighted,Those who only have immediate interests in their eyes,Let a great country miss an entire era。

“Went to the United States,But I came back in a few days”Guan Tingna said without showing her situation。

The rain from the car window keeps falling,There are fewer and fewer vehicles on high speeds。This time,It’s raining again,Most people don’t get out of the car。
One hour passed,Two hours passed,Guan Tingna made her effort without saying a word,It’s a pity that it rains too much,The visibility outside the car is too poor,The speed of the car can only be between sixty and eighty。
Arrived at a service area,The two got out of the car and went back to the toilet。Back to the car again,Xia Jian said nothing to let Guan Tingna open。But this time Guan Tingna didn’t insist,Because she drove for so long just now,For a woman,Already very tired。
After Xia Jian got in the car,Dare not come in。He hasn’t opened Tingna soon,Because he knows such a sentence。Haste is not enough,So he has to be more patient,Otherwise it’s still a question mark whether you can reach Xiping Village tonight。
Not in the car for a while,Guan Tingna, who was sitting in the co-pilot, snored softly。She slept very sweetly,There is still a faint smile at the corner of the mouth。
Xia Jian drove the car,Dare not look at her more。that’s it,I ran for more than six hours from the Fuchong Airport,Xia Jiancai drove the car into the village committee of Xiping Village,He can hardly even walk when getting off the bus。
The whole Xiping Village,Look around,The street lights in the yard are on。Xia Jian got off the car,Chen Erniu ran over,Helped him up the steps。
Village committee people coming and going,Like going to the market。When Ma Yan saw Xia Jian came back,She ran over,Not waiting for her to speak,Xia Jian pointed to the car and said:“You go and wake her up,Brought to my house,Let her sleep well in my house”
Ma Yan agreed,Hold an umbrella to call Guan Tingna。
Zhao Hong’s office on the third floor,Ouyang Hong sitting at Zhao Hong’s desk,Hoarse on the phone,Zhao Hong sitting on the sofa,Draw in circles on a piece of paper with a pen。Everyone see Xia Jian is here,There was a burst of cheers in the office。
“fast!Mo Yan,Pour a glass of water for our village chief,Let him catch his breath”Zhao Hong shouted happily。
Mo Yan responded,I quickly poured Xia Jian a glass of water and brought it over。Xia Jian took a sip,Then I asked Zhao Hongdao:“What’s the situation now?”
“Our village because of youSDDid preventive work,So the river is basically unblocked,But a lot of debris was washed down from upstream,So that there is water in some rivers。Thus,If it rains harder or another day or two,The flood will rush into the village again”Zhao Hong frowned and said。
After the phone call, Ouyang Hong walked over with a tired face,She smiled at Xia Jian first:“Hard work along the way,Really your character,Such a long way,If you change someone else,It’s pretty good to be there tomorrow”
“Hi!When i got the call,I rushed to the airport after half of my meal,Fortunately, there are air tickets”Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Smiled and said。
Ouyang Hong glanced at the door,Lowered his voice and asked:“Who brought you here?“
“Such a heavy rain,The chartered car is definitely not available。I called one of my former colleagues,She is now from the entrepreneurial group just like me,Just idle at home,I can only ask her for help“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。He went to the back window,Listened to the roar of Xichuanhe。

Qin Xiaomin,Asked out loud immediately:“what?Du Xiaoli left an absolute letter?Did you say anything in front of him??”

“He came to me tonight,But i didn’t say anything。Moreover,You also know that I know limited things,Just want to tell him something,Can’t tell!”Xia Jian whispered to Qin Xiaomin。
Qin Xiaomin was stunned on the phone and said:“Don’t stop,Live to meet people,Die to see the corpse。I will report to Secretary Gao”Qin Xiaomin finished,Hung up the phone。
Xia Jian just hung up,Liu Zimin’s phone rang。Just listen to Liu Zimin shouting and asking:“what?what did you say?Hanged on a peach tree?”
Xia Jianyi heard this,The whole person collapsed。Such a thing,He is only in the book,Or he just saw it in the movie,did not expect,He will encounter something like this in his life,And he needs to experience it in person。
“Chief Xia!found it,In Taoyuan behind the township government,People are already cold”Liu Zimin said cryingly。
Xia Jianchang took a breath,Sit up straight,I called Qin Xiaomin again。The call was connected immediately,I didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,Qin Xiaomin asked first:“Did the person find it??how about it?”
“Hanged in Taoyuan behind the township government,The body is cold”Xia Jian said a bit sadly。
Qin Xiaomin paused for a while on the phone and said:“You guys hurry up110with120,Director Mao and I rush over right away”
Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Liu Zimin, who was sitting next to him, called110with120.Man is dead,But this is a procedural issue。
As the saying goes, good things don’t go out,Bad things spread thousands of miles。This night in Donglin Township is everywhere,Not a human voice,Barking。
120with110Arrived almost at the same time,After finishing the procedure,Du Xiaoli’s body was wrapped up。At this time,Director Mao and Qin Xiaomin arrived together。
I didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,Director Mao has walked to Xia Jian and said:“Give me the absolute letter that Du Xiaoli left,Then everyone go back!Du Xiaoli’s family has already called me,His body will be transported to his hometown”
“Ok!Then what else do we need to do?”Xia Jian asked sadly。
Qin Xiaomin looked at Xia Jian and said:“Work hard,Don’t want you to do anything”Qin Xiaomin said,Pulled Xia Jian aside。

“She is a tiger?”Xia Jian said disapprovingly,Suddenly reached out and touched his waist,Untied the dart bag he always carried with him,Removed the small bag inserted in the silver needle from above。

When I saw these equipment of Xia Jian,Chen Jing opened her eyes wide in surprise。She laughed:“President Xia!These products of the cold weapon age,Why would you take it with you,Won’t be runningGZHere comes the sale of cultural relics!”
“Less nonsense,Find me an alcohol lamp,Alcohol is fine if there is no light”Xia Jian interrupted Chen Jing’s questioning,Said with a serious face。
Chen Jing smiled and said:“I didn’t expect you to be a quack doctor,But Miss Xia can’t fool you,Don’t look at her hurt,But the skill is still pretty good”
“Even if she is not injured,I’m still not afraid of her,Don’t you know this?Hurry up”Xia Jian stared at Chen Jing,Said fiercely。
Chen Jing turned around and left,After all in someone else’s house,Chen Jing looked for a while,I brought half a bottle of alcohol and a bag of cotton wool,Xia Jian didn’t find the alcohol lamp。
Xia Jian thought for a while,So I wiped the silver needle with alcohol,Then got up and walked towards Xia Fei’s bedroom。Chen Jing grabbed Xia Jian,Lower your voice and say:“I said you pierced her with such a long needle,Not afraid of breaking?”
“From now on,You better shut up,No, you sit in the living room and drink tea,Don’t follow me in”When Xia Jian said this,,Serious face。Chen Jing sighed,I spread my helpless hands,But she followed Xia Jian into Xia Fei’s bedroom。
Xia Fei put on shorts and lay on the bed,Under shorts,Both long and slender legs are called,But not very white。On the thigh of the right leg,A very conspicuous scar came out quietly under the cover of the shorts。
Xia Fei lay on the pillow,Eyes closed,Didn’t say anything。Xia Jian has a look,Said with a smile:“Relax,I’m just looking around,You don’t need to be so nervous”
“So much nonsense,Who is nervous?I just think you are really boring,Obviously he’s not a doctor,I want to be a big guy here”Xia Fei said coldly,Don’t forget to look back at Chen Jing。Her meaning is obvious,This matter has nothing to do with Chen Jing。
People have experienced life and death,Indeed, the temperament will change drastically。Xia Jian didn’t expect him toGZTrip,Many things were unexpected。Such as Gu Yue,And this Xia Fei crawling on the bed and grumbling,They have changed so much。
Xia Jian gently sat beside Xia Jian,Picked up her shorts with two fingers,Pulled up a bit,Then see clearly,The scar on Xia Fei’s leg is five or six inches long,Extends to the base of the thigh。
Where she hurt,Although it’s not the most private part of a woman,But for more conservative women,It’s better not to be seen by others,Especially men。
Xia Jian frowned,Use two fingers to gently press the injured area of Xia Fei,And found an acupuncture point,Slightly hard fingers。Xia Fei raised her head,From the nostrils came a comfortable*sound。
Chen Jing has a look,I couldn’t help but smile at Xia Jian。Layman watching the excitement,Insider。Xia Jian couldn’t help but breathe out:“Why did you give up exercising?Injured place,Muscles are beginning to shrink,Do you think you can walk without being lame?“
“Still exercise,Lame,Does it make sense?“Xia Fei said angrily。

“Yo!Big brother,Do you live in a hotel?We have many conditions here,And the price is also favorable”A woman holding a sign came over,Said to Wang Youcai with a big smile。

Wang Youcai glanced at this woman,Said coldly:“I don’t live in a hotel”
“Oh!Do not live in a hotel,Then you just want to stay in a hotel!Okay!I also have a hotel here,A lot cheaper。The key is the hotel I took you to,Not only good conditions,And there are special services,You say come out alone,How lonely,dont you agree?”Woman talking,And smashed Wang Youcai’s body like a baby。
Wang Youcai can see clearly through the light,This woman is fifty years old.。He ran away in two steps,Wang Youcai likes women,But such a woman does not hesitate。
Wang Youcai is walking around on the street,At this time he dare not call his second brother Wang Youdao。Because after six o’clock,It’s time to sleep,He doesn’t want to be scolded by the second brother。
Suddenly,He saw a beef noodle restaurant。A little hungry,Why not go in and eat bowl of noodles?。I knew it when I got closer,This is a beef noodle restaurant open 24 hours。When he went in,There are a lot of people sitting inside。
Wang Youcai asked for a bowl of beef noodles,Eating slowly,He is consuming time,Waiting for dawn。It’s a pity that a bowl of noodles is nothing delicious,Without any choice,How many Wang ordered another bowl,Two bowls of noodles made him a little bit strong。
Use the time to eat two bowls of noodles,Wang Youcai stayed in this beef noodle restaurant for an hour。When he comes out,The sky is bright。
Seven o’clock,Even on sunday,They should get up。Because the pedestrians on the street are like a tide,Not for running morning exercises,Just walk the birds。Most of them go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables。
Wang Youcai is worried,Dialed the phone。Wang Youdao’s lazy voice came from inside:“What is rich?”
“Second brother!I’m near the provincial train station,How do i come to your house?”Wang Youcai is very direct,He didn’t want to give the second brother any excuses to shirk。
Wang Youdao,Shouted loudly on the phone:“what?You are in the provincial capital,What the hell happened?You can speak on the phone”
“Nothing happened,I just want to come to your house。what happened?Can’t come?Then you say,I’ll turn around now”Wang Youcai came up as soon as he heard the anger。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“You misunderstood what I meant,Since there is nothing urgent,Then take a taxi!Jinjiang Garden, Dongping Road,At the gate of the community,You call me out to pick you up”
First2357chapter Wonderful lobbying
Wang Youcai got in the taxi,My eyes are straight。

“not yet,The phone keeps not getting through。”Red hair suddenly turned dark,I went to my brother’s house in the morning,The gate has been sealed by steel bars,The door is full of debt collection and threatening language,He knew in his heart that the creditors were looking for his brother all over the world,As for why I didn’t come to the Internet cafe,He can’t figure it out。

Li Tianchou observes words and colors,Keenly captured Hong Mao’s inner anxiety,So calmly,“You told me last time,Your brother has more than one creditor,Is there anyone else looking for trouble besides yesterday’s Huo??For example, go to your brother’s place。”
Hong Mao hurriedly shook his head,“not yet。”
Unnatural expression for red hair,Li Tianchou can almost conclude that something happened to his brother,Since the other party regards himself as the big brother,Don’t talk about politeness,He sinks his face,“Remind me a few times,You can speak without covering up?Do you really treat me as your big brother??”
“That’s right,Confess your careful eye。”The captain doing nothing,I didn’t hear everything,Began to help,Niubi coaxing as if he were the second master。
“go away。”Li Tianchou gave the captain an angry look,Next to the Red Hair Road:“I only ask once。”
Hong Mao naturally knows the meaning of Li Tianchou’s words,Dare not hide,So I explained clearly what happened to my brother-in-law’s home and the building materials store.。But what is the opposite party,Hong Mao really doesn’t know。
Li Tianchou was silent after listening,This is definitely not easy for the creditor,According to the master’s words,Internet cafe incident has a big impact,There is still no sign of stopping this group,It proves that the other party is confident。Now my situation is obviously not suitable for brute force。But drag on,The red-haired brother-in-law will definitely be more dangerous,Unless the other party can’t find them。Think left and right,There is really no good way for the time being。
“Or pick one or two people to squat with your brother,See who they are?”The captain interrupted again,Much more honest this time。
“this is not good,in danger,And it makes no sense。Keep calling your brother,Play when you have time;Internet cafes can’t let their guard down,I have a cell phone here,You will help me find a charger and call card,So you can contact in time。”Talking that Li Tianchou took out the phone given by the master,Handed it to Hongmao,But I have another plan in my heart。
Hong Mao nodded,“I’ll do it right away。”
“brother,What do you want to eat tonight,I’ll get it for you。”

“Xiao Zhi,I still have something urgent,Let’s make an appointment next time。”Chen Xiu was sorry。

“Ok,You go busy,I’m full too。”
“I’ll go now。”
Chen Xiu left the restaurant in a hurry,Directly take a taxi to Lujiazui Financial Center Building。
Financial Center Building88Floor,Was already under martial law by the police。
“Team Lee!”
“Team Lee,it is good!”
The police officers on site greeted Li Ying one after another,Li Ying nodded slightly in response,Put on shoe covers、The gloves came directly to the corpse,Asked forensic doctor Wang Daren:“Doctor Wang,Can you tell the definite time of death??”
Lord Wang lifted the white cloth covering the dead,Helplessly say:“We usually identify the time of death based on the degree of blood coagulation or liver temperature.,A drop of blood disappeared from the three dead,Can’t judge。”
Li Ying touched the dead body with her hand,It’s really cold,But the hands and feet are still not stiff。
Li Ying opened the deceased’s neck again,Compare the tooth prints of the three,Look at the size、The shapes are all the same,It is estimated that one person did it。

“Salvage the sunken ship!”

Zhu Huiwei said in surprise:“The shipwreck was found!”
“I have been searching for hundreds of years but have not been able to find it,You found it!”
Chen Xiu was also a little surprised,Zhu Huiwei is also looking for the sunken ship。
“tell me,The shipwreck is there!”
Zhu Huiwei mentioned Chen Xiu again,But this time Chen Xiu has a lot of confidence。
“I am very courageous,I don’t remember anything when I’m scared!”
How can Zhu Huiwei’s hundreds of years of social experience still fail to understand his meaning,Righting Chen Xiu,Patted him on the shoulder,Said:“Now you can talk。”
Chen Xiu cleared his throat,Twisted his neck and said:“I didn’t know that bastard pinched me just now,I am very angry,So angry that I have a bad memory……”
Zhu Huiwei slapped Chen Xiu’s shoulder vigorously,Said sharply:“Don’t overdo it,Lord Zhu, my patience is limited!The excavation of such a large shipwreck cannot be completely airtight,I want to find out!”
Chen Xiu shrank his neck now,Curse in my heart:“This old monster that has lived for hundreds of years is really not a threat!”