“My little teacher,Don’t make trouble!Master is coming back, I will blame me from the teacher.!”Laudno’s head。

“Small teacher,But the surname forest is getting angry.?”Lu Da has to see Yue Lingshan in a small temper。
“who said it?His Xiaolin can get to me?”Yue Lingshan said to the land big,Let him don’t dare to ask more。
After all, Lin Ping saved the Yue Lingshan hero.,And the skin is also handsome,When Yue Yue is in the income of Linping,Yue Lingshan“Fresh fresh meat”Also look at,I immediately decided that I didn’t make a small teacher.……
Discussion on teacher time order,The earliest is from small adopted,Second, Yue is not a group of more than 30 years old.,Laudno with a teach,The third is Yue Yue’s older Yue Lin,Just when the teacher brothers and sisters,Yue Lingshan has always been“Small teacher”。
Until Lin Ping’s apprentice,Yue Lingshan took the initiative to travel seven,That is, the teacher who is doing Lin Ping!
Usually, not only like to tease this little brother,Even an anti-normal intention to teach him a sword,One way to make Lin Ping in the door in the door,It is also a way to know what this is,Thinking on the cliff……
When Lin Ping, I went to Huashan.,The brothers and brothers are against themselves because of Yue Lingshan.——After all, everyone is default.“Master and Masters”ofcp,So therefore“Shot”of,You a new come,I got up, I dared to smash our little sister.?
Especially like the stream of land,Although there is no bad heart,But as a fox,Usually don’t have less than to learn,Bully Lin Ping,This is also the cause of Yue Lingshan quietly teaches Lin Ping’s sword.!
But there is slightly different from the original work.,Yue Lingshan is not a good look at Lin Ping.,Mainly seek,It is always that he will always“Chu Da Ge”Hang on your mouth,Even two people still quarrel,“Chu Da Ge”and“Master brother”Who is even more。
Finally, of course, Lin Ping said……
This time Chu Deiren killed Tian Bo,Walking to Huashan reported,Lin Ping is happy,Order“Dominance”The young brother’s Yue Lingshan has some taste。
This is not surprising,After all, Yue Lingshan’s feelings of Lin Ping’s feelings,In addition to the hero of the foot,that is“The little teacher is greasy.”,have“Made a fresh feeling”。
Other brothers faintly targeted Lin Ping,Just inspiring Yue Lingshan’s protection,And rebellion。
However, now Linping’s most admired、Most reliable,Actually it is not yourself,This makes Yue Lingshan somewhat depressed.……
“Small teacher,or……You go see‘The senior’Go out of the mountain!This year is coming soon.,There is no important business in the door.。”Laudno said,Flashing the color of the conspiracy in the eyes。
If it is a group of Yue,Will definitely——Laudno after all“Lushan school undercover”identity of,Yue Yue has already been perceived.,Just deliberately left him misleading left cold。
“This……But so many years,I have never been to work too much.,Just every year,Please a year banquet,In order to entertain Chu Deirers,Please ask Mu for my elders.……is it necessary?”Yue Lingshan wrinkled frown。
“Masters don’t understand this,So many years,Master has never really entrusted what the seniors do.,Just invite a banquet every year,Since this……Today, please ask the senior party banquet,After the New Year,Master goes to invite,Maybe you may agree with the predecessor,Is this relationship not to pull into a piece??”Laudno said very reasonable。
Learn Laudno said,The disciples have some good,And persuade Yue Lingshan together……
The seniite they said,It is now in the mountains in Huashan,But with Huashan Pai Mountain,Not in a hill!
Their Mu Qingren is also a master of Huashan Qingzi.,Faint is the first person in the air,But the time of the priest,Not only a lot of disciples,In this bucket, you will die.,And the gas reluctance also moved some conspiracy,This makes Mu Qing people very disappointed。
Anger,Mu Qing people renamed Mu people,The disciples are not in the Lantern Festival.,Sand out of Huashan School……
Chapter 135 Ankle
Yue Lingshan is a child,Misunderstanding missed to mix my peak,I saw the Mu people.。
Maybe the year is high、Heartache the reasons for children,Mu people are strictly prohibited from Mashan disciples near their own mixed geoferer.,But the Yue Lingshan is very good.,So Yue Yue also took the opportunity to set a few times.。
As one go,Mu people clear mouth promise Yue Yue,Every year, you can send hands to Huashan.……
Yue does not do people,Never really refer to what Mu people have done?,Just every year of the year,Ask him that the old man is also a banquet。
If there is no previous commitment,Mo people will not take care of it at all,However, Yue Yue is doing this.“One-year-old”Invite,Mu people have no good faces forever,But attended the year。
At this time, I have already seen it to the twelfth lunar month.,Banquet Chu Deirers are small things,But the exudation of the Laudno surface,It is necessary to use this small prior to use promise.,After the New Year, please invite,If the Mo people are still willing to come,This kind of relationship is not more eased.?
Yue Lingshan saw Laudno said,Other brothers also agree,So I didn’t agree with it.,Go to the mixed fate。
Chu Deiren naturally does not know the dilemma of Huashan disciples,I don’t know what Yue Lingshan’s mind is,At this time, it is still drinking with Lin Ping.——Tian Bigu’s good wine,No waste。

First2702chapter Beg

I saw in the private room,Ouyang Hong、Qin Xiaomin、There is an unexpected person,That’s Cai Li。
Everyone see Xia Jian is here,All stood up。Xia Jian walked over with embarrassment,He laughed and said:“I wanted to visit you in the provincial capital,Unexpectedly, it turned out that you visit me”
Ouyang Hong came over,And Xia Jian gave a light hug,Qin Xiaomin and Cai Li are the same,They changed the old handshake into a hug,The meaning of this is self-evident。
After everyone is seated,Yao Junli quickly let the waiter serve the dishes and wine。Xia Jian is the only man among these women,He wanted to take the initiative to greet everyone,But these women won’t let,Don’t even let him do the pouring。
A few glasses of wine,The atmosphere slowly became active。With regards to everyone,Xia Jian explained to everyone the incident of his tribulation from beginning to end。The women who listened have widened their eyes,All surprised。
In fact, for Xia Jian himself,He also felt like he had a dream。He always thinks,Things like this usually appear in movies,I didn’t expect it happened to him。
Just when everyone was chatting,Xia Jian’s phone rang。He took out a look,See it is a strange landline number,And it’s local。Xia Jian was taken aback,He had to connect。
One call,An old voice came from inside:“Are you President Xia Jianxia?”
“I am Xia Jian,Who are you?”
The voice on the phone is a bit familiar,But Xia Jian couldn’t remember who this was。
I only heard a cough on the phone,Followed by:“Xia Jian!I am Wang Degui。I have something to ask you,Please see if we are a villager, save my son and get rich!”
“what!What’s wrong with Wang Youcai??You first make it clear”
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up in shock。To know,Lao Wang’s family is a big family in Xiping Village,Not to mention their three sons,The people of the Guangwang clan are amazing。Then why did Wang Degui call him for help??
Just listen to Wang Degui’s voice on the phone and say in a low voice:“I don’t know the specific situation,I only know he was beaten,After the rescue, I finally saved,But the person is still in the intensive care unit。My mother and I fell ill as soon as I heard the news,Can’t get out of Xiping Village,I can only ask you about this”
“Don’t say that about the old village chief,Anyway, we are all from Xiping Village,You just ask me。I just came back from the field,Don’t know this at all。what do you want me to do,Just say”
Xia Jian heard Wang Degui say this,He is still quite nervous。Isn’t Wang Youcai still celebrating the New Year at home??How come……
“Xia Jian!Which of my two sons I don’t want to beg them,You have the money。If the city cannot be cured,You just think of a way to send him to the big city for treatment。As long as he can be cured,How much money will be paid by him,It’s not enough,Doesn’t he still have a hospital??sold,Or give you a credit。Anyway, I want him to come alive”

“I remember that I took this number of the card yesterday is an old man.?

You are his grandson?
His relative?”
“Hey-hey,I spent 10,000 yuan to buy.,God doctor,You don’t know how hot is giving people now.,The number of this number was stirred up to more than 20,000 last night.,Even I know that there is a soil flower of 100,000.。”
One heard this,Li Hui’s brow wrinkled more deeply。
“When you buy this number card,Have you threatened people??”
Seeing Li Hui’s meaning without seeing a doctor,Wang Damer is also stunned.。
He is coming to the field,We must know that the Changsheng, who is last night, but personally,And also gave him a number of numbers before ranking,What is to let him ruin the reputation of Li’s wind on the Internet today.。
Why is Lu Changsheng who will find him?,He doesn’t know,But how much can also guess some,After all, he has a black background.,And there are more than 100,000 fans,Bottom anchor,Traffic is also large。
Once Li speaks from the wind,So his help of fans can spread all nets.,Take Li Jia’s a little,He can even become a million-level big anchor is not impossible.。
“Hey-hey,God doctor,How can I do that??
This is, my real gold is bought.,You hurry to show me something wrong.,If there is no problem, it is best。”
Li Hui looked at the face of the opposite side of the face.,Although my heart is not happy,But but still give the other party.。
“How about it?
I am very powerful.?”
“Um,You are very powerful,Powerful is over.,Don’t be smart, take the phone from my face.,Then shut down live,Maybe you still have to save,Otherwise, the fairy can’t save you.。”
Wang Daji is originally to find a doctor.,I have heard that Li Hui said like this.,He is looking for a chance,I didn’t expect the other party to send the opportunity directly.。
“Hey-hey,God doctor,I am going to the hospital just checked.,I don’t have a problem.,Are you fooling me??
You see my inspection report is here.。”
When the king big hammer directly puts the inspection report on the table。
Li Hui felt a look,Cold-cold road:“This check report is really,But the results above are forged,Or you find someone directly to print a qualified inspection report.,If you don’t care,You can let the doctor who check you come over with me.,If I lose, give you a million??”
Chapter 664 Professor
Li Hui has always put his mobile phone to his face for Wang Damer.,He feels very impatient.。
Especially the other party looks at his eyes.,It is full of gloats.,He feels that the other party should be the kind of for the way to think about red and no brain.。
Or in order to think about it,Directly do some things that do not limit。
Wang Dao hammer did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually proposed such conditions.。
Especially when I see the fans between the live broadcasts are also smashed.,He feels that this is just giving him traffic.,It’s just God assists.。
Although one million is not much,But this is completely opportunistic to face Li Hui,If the wind is the most fascinating,Then the next burste is definitely him.。
Don’t say one million,It is 10 million to deliver traffic.,Easily。
“Hey-hey,I’m doing this, I am not playing.?
So many people look,And one million is too small.,How do we play a big??
A million。”
Li Hui Feng’s death for Wang Dahamer,No emotional fluctuations。
“hehe,Can,Don’t say 10 million,It is a billion, I dare to gamble with you.,Did you see my medicine behind me??

so now,Ji Xue is very worried。

Her ability,Compared to others,Not very good。
and so,She is worried,Won’t be selected by Wang Teng。
Actually,Wang Teng just finds someone,Can manage these。
So look at Ji Xue,After asking a few simple questions,Wang Teng nodded and said:“Congratulations,You have passed the test。”
With Wang Teng’s words finished,Ji Xue’s eyes widened,I can’t believe it looks here。
“how,So simple?”
Ji Xue can’t believe it,After all, ordinary words,Those big companies asked this again,Ask that again。
So now,Ji Xue actually hopes that Wang Teng will inquire more。
“This is the contract here,You look at it first!”
When Wang Teng looked at Ji Xue,Wang Teng said directly here。
And Ji Xue,Take a closer look。
Actually, if the contract,There is no problem at all。
“Ok,Thank you,do not worry,I will work hard。”
Ji Xue looks at Wang Teng,Very sincerely。
It’s Wang Teng,See here,Smiled slightly。
Actually such a thing,For Wang Teng,But it’s just a small episode。

Zhu Minglang look up,Saw a dragon with an enlarged neck,Is constantly making this weird cry。

“It’s the kind of dragon that can imitate human voice。”Zhu Minglang noticed the difference in this lost dragon。
At first, Zhu Minglang thought that this creepy dragon was commanding the dragon group,But those mourning dragons just hide in the vines,Try to avoid the powerful Bingchen Bailong。
Is it calling other companions?
Zhu Minglang is commanding the sword spirit dragon,Let the stegosaurus go around behind the cliff,I’ll kill this creepy dragon first。
This kind of mourning,Not only can imitate human cry for help,The sounds of other creatures can be imitated,And the creepy dragon with this ability,Only one purpose,Is to use this tragedy to induce prey companions!
There are several big stockades in Lihuagou,There are countless small villages,I’m afraid that hundreds of people have died from this cry for help。
Weird、cruel、Cunning and vicious,This kind of creepy sound is the last to stay,They are often the leader of all lost dragons!
really,The strength of the ghost dragon is far superior to other dragons,Its alertness is even more terrifying,The sword spirit dragon flew silently behind the cliff,This creepy Sanglong has actually noticed it,Immediately disappeared into Zhu Minglang’s sight。
“Can you find it?”Zhu Minglang communicates with Jianlinglong。
“call out~”
The sword spirit dragon is chasing,But on the cliff,Rocky rock,Layers of trees and vines,It’s not easy to find that creepy dragon。
“Bai Qi,Go on。”

“Probably because of excessive brain use recently?You know,I am studying aviation engineering by myself recently、Geology also goes to the Quantum Institute to see things every day,I feel very hungry every time I read too much。”

I can eat something like this,Wang Yufei also feels very troubled。
of course,The good thing is that although he can eat,But the body has always been well proportioned,Not fat。
“correct,After this final exam,Will the Brain Machine Society continue to recruit new people next year??After all, you have finished the thesis defense now,After getting the graduation certificate and degree certificate, they will no longer be a Huaqing student,Keep staying in the position of president。”Lu Yuxin touched her belly and sighed。
Although she feels that she doesn’t get fat no matter how she eats,But every day watching Wang Yufei eat so deliciously,So she can’t help but eat one more bowl,Accumulated over a period of time,She still gained two pounds。
This is a very dangerous signal,And let her watch Wang Yufei after eating,Lazy and don’t want to leave,Can only chat。
“Today, Lao Gao called me and told me that he would get a PhD in Huaqing,Waiting for you to graduate。I thought about it and agreed。Before thinking about graduation,I went to study with Professor Pan as a graduate student,But Professor Pan arranged for me as a co-researcher,There is no need to graduate so early。And a doctorate degree is not bad。”
Wang Yufei said easily。
of course,In fact, it doesn’t matter whether a doctor is a doctor or not,The point is to wait for Lu Yuxin to graduate。
These words also made Lu Yuxin feel a little lost。
How can I say that people cannot be compared with people??
In the second year of high school,Lu Yuxin thinks the high school topics are really simple,One year is enough for her to go to university。
But when I arrived in Huaqing, I started to learn about university content,If she doesn’t spend time studying psychology,It will take at least two years to be confident of a smooth undergraduate graduation,And postgraduate。
However, this guy graduated in three days,Graduated from graduate school in one year。
To wait for her,I can graduate anytime。
Tremendous stress,If undergraduate study for another year,Three-year postgraduate study,She was23Year old girl,And then Wang Yufei will also be22Year old doctor!
This made Lu Yuxin ask herself,Is she too comfortable in the comfort zone?The whole person is slacking off?

But only in front of Li Hui Feng,She feels that Li is always I haven’t been to I have I haven’t been to.。

The first thousand and forty-five chapters
Wu Feizhen looked at Li Hui Feng from the inside.。
As for other teachers, he is too lazy to see。
Because he saw the fear from the eyes of the teachers,fear,Only Li Rong is calm。
“You are Teacher Li?”
“Correct,You are Wu Feiyang.?”
Li Xiangqi got up and down the other party,I feel that Wu Feiyang has not rumored.。
Although the other party,But it is obvious that it has been moved in exercise。
Especially the opposite side of the opponent, although the meaning of fierce,But the spirit of the spirit is not too much.。
Such a pair of model,At first glance, I was blown out of the body.。
“You are still the first to have a prove to ask my teacher.,Give you a chance now,地 apologize,I spare you rude to me.。”
Wu Feiyang looked proudly,God finally fell on Li Hui。
Li Hui Feng is also a glimpse by Wu Feiyang.。
He thought Wu Feiyang would not reason,Will be arrogant,But I didn’t expect that the other party actually an opening is this kind of mistake.。
“hehe,If I don’t want it??”
Li Hui is directly exhausted, I feel a funny laugh.。
When is the student has already begun to have a good teacher?,When is the teacher actually has already managed the child only Iweno。
Watching a teacher next to him,In the face of Wu Feiyang,Actually no one is blocked。
Li Hui Feng understands the big environment,These people have no blood.。
“Do not kneel?
That is ready to prepare。”
Said that Wu Feiyang walked directly to Li Hui Feng,A huge way:“Do you know how to write?”
“I am a teacher,You said that I know, I still don’t know.?”
Face Wu Feiyang’s provocation,Li Hui has been suppressing,After all, he is a teacher.,Can’t do it first。
But I was forced by Wu Feiyang.,He doesn’t mind tealing the other party。
“Then you should know,But you should know not to hit me in front of me.,Otherwise, it’s not good.。”
“Give you a choice,Beggared for mercy,Then drill over,Either let me fight you,Drag the dog。”
Wu Feiyang said that this is arrogant,But everyone knows his temper,More I know the forces behind him.。
No one dares to come out to obstruct。
“hehe,Then I will also give you this issue.,Which one you choose??”
Facing an aggressive Wu Feiyang,Li Hui has not been afraid.。
But Wu Feiyang is directly frying.。
“Good gallbladder,Since you don’t choose,I greeted you.。”
Said that a punch has smashed the head of Li.。
This punch is like,He has confidence, Li Hui Hui lived on the spot.。
As for the follow-up, how to clean up Li,He will definitely give Li Hui’s unforgettable memories.。

Zhu Minglang also smiled。

The fierce lizard water monster clan has such a stupid and cute side.。
Raise wings,Tianshalong doesn’t bother to look at these little lizard,Soaring in the vast ocean sky。
Beach、The ocean is gradually pulling away,Zhu Minglang is sitting on the back of Tianshalong,Looked back,I found that the white belly of the lizard water monsters was still on,I don’t expect to turn over for a long time。
“Fly to the far sea,It is said that there is a spiritual island in the far sea,I don’t know if I can bump into the Phoenix。”Zhu Minglang said。
Tianshalong raised the evil and cool head,A copy of the dragon king loves to fly wherever you go。
But the direction it flies,I’m probably referring to Zhu Minglang。
First368chapter Helping others
Sky blue,Cloudless。
The dragon is slender,Like the dark crystals of the night king,In the daytime, it is very evil and handsome。
Zhu Minglang is paying attention to Nihai。
When I first arrived in Nihai,Zhu Minglang noticed a change。
That is Nihai’s most famous wooden coral. I don’t know why it lost its former color.。
This makes many beautiful buildings in Mancheng seem to have faded,Even the sea is far cleaner than before。
I thought it was offshore,Some states have polluted Nihai,But to the far sea,This situation does not seem to be improved。

It is also necessary“Hand Shaoyang Sanjiao”Showing“Hand and Shaoyin”Effect,Small unusual work can only make the former as the nature of the latter,And small chaotic work,It can make the congenital pulse,It seems that he is born.!

If you are from the veraminated layer,Perspective of small unacceptable practitioners,It will find that its systemic meridians are indefinite,Perspective of small chaotic work,But it can see the volatile road at the time shift……
See“Small chaotic work”Badge effect,Chu Dee people secretly cheered——A successful fusion。
Not only will“Unhappy”Thousands of change can be further,and“Congenital strength”Consolidating the effect of congenital gas,Also received,Otherwise, you can also do it.。
if we assume“Unhappy”Can be your own“gas”,Adjust to any of the properties“Technique”,At least seven or eight eight,If you have something……
So“Small chaotic work”Afterward,Just change your own transformation into“Born, you should practice this martial art.”Degree,When a yang finger is displayed,It is born to cultivate a yang finger.,More easily cultivation than ordinary people、Powerful three points,Show the dragon 18 palm,It is natural to cultivate the dragon force.,All the meridians involved are thick and very strong!
certainly,In fact, Chu Deirers can’t play directly.“Greatly”Effect,Still add to practice,after all“Congenital gas”Not so easy to accumulate。
Small chaotic work also inherited,“Congenital strength”accumulation“Congenital gas”A very slow defect,Slowly、Useful,Before accumulating,Chu Deirers can also change。
But just“simulation”One on one,Rather than“Unhappy”More than a lot of,And if the acupuncture road is shifted,There is also a practical effect of preventive point, etc.……
Another weakness,that is“Small chaotic work”Compared with other unioneer,After all, I have a little powerful.,It is important to simulate——This is just the effect of the most suitable of the people who have a very profound in Wu Sudan.。
Chu Dee people feel this integration,Absolutely“Big success”Level——really,Initially fusion,To consider the nature of the practice。
As for the fuse……Chu Deirers are roughly estimated,I am afraid enough to use two times.!
Other integration first put it first,Chu Deirers decided to first“gas”Replace。
Just in the Chu Deirers“Swim”exist“gas”Instantaneous moment on one,Suddenly the body is chaotic,Focus on the scene of the magic!
Under anxious,Chu Deirers will fight backhand“Small chaotic work”Put on,Want“Small chaotic work”To integrate、Even the internal force of a few riots。
How is this lucky job?,I am more chaotic at the atmosphere.!
replace“gas”when,Actually there is anti-alternation?
Think about it,Even maintained internal roots,Unless it is inhabited or a similar,Otherwise, even if you won’t walk into the magic,Maybe part of the internal force……
If there is a conflict,Or《Plastic star Dafa》This differential practice,There is a fire into the magic、And even the dangers of scattered work。
Before the Chu Deirers“Taizu’s vitality”,Replace it“Swim”,Because it is not a tendency to“gas”Skill,And the Chu Deirers have the internal force at the time.,Natural performance is very“Soothe”。
And now constraints can’t live in the internal force,Even I just took a shower,Chu Deirers wearing loose clothing,Some open chest。
But now Chu Deirens have a way……
Do things?First level!
Just when the Chu Deirers were confused,Sudden painting,Naturally, it is active.,And the time,It can be said that it is just a mess.,Step-by-step correction……
Half half a time,Disorderless cellogen is completely fixed——Only lost around the internal force,Take the replacement of internal power!
After the Chu Deirers,Half of time,by“Small chaotic work”Cultivate some。
Efficiency is greatly improved,Not only make up for the dissipative part,And more than before“Increment”Four-five%……
certainly,This is also the reason for the mean before the Chu Deirers.,At this time,Deefficient of Chu Deirers,Probably inferior to Yue Lao,Strive to the extent to the cloud crane。
Research on the preparation of Chu Deirers,《Tianshan Liuyang》and《White Hongli》when,Wang Yizhen“Hurt”Bring together。
See the Chu Deirers unexpected,Wang Yuzhen was shocked,I am busy,At the same time:“what!Feel sorry……Chu Chuzi,I、I am watching you before you didn’t move outside.,Think you……What have you?。”
Wang Yizhen will not martial arts,But it is the king of the mouth,Theoretical knowledge in martial arts,A thorough。
I know that the Chu Deiren has just entered the jade hole.,Read a lot of martial arts,Before, let the people burn water,It seems to be bath,Therefore, Wang Yizhen thought that the Chu Deiren did something problem.。
Plus, a time is a time,I have delayed it.,Wang Yizhen see the food box,I thought that the Chu Deiren was in dangerous juncture,So I don’t dare to knock on the door.,Just be careful to enter the door……
In fact, Wang’s words are not considered.,After all, the Chu Deiren just replaced the direct replacement of the uncommon.,If it is not an epiphany effect,It is indeed hurt now、And it is also a critical juncture!
“Indeed,But it has been solved,Thank you for your concern。”Chu Deirers quickly organized their clothes。

Xia Jian lay down on the bed,Hold his head with both hands,I really know。Said it was a break,But this situation,He can’t calm down。

There is no sound in the yard,Then came the clash of mother and Aunt Ding washing the dishes。After all this is calm again,Xia Jian suddenly sat up。
The yard is very quiet,Several old people’s room,The lights are all turned off at this time。Xia Jian tiptoedly walked to Xiao Xiao’s door。A light push,The door is not closed。
Xiao Xiao saw that Xia Jian was here,Greeted him to sit on the sofa in the house,Then smiled and asked:“Tea or coffee?”
“Still tea!Drinking coffee may not sleep at night”Xia Jian said,He rubbed his temples with his hands。Now he really has a headache。
Xiao Xiao put the brewed tea on the coffee table in front of Xia Jian,Then go around behind Xia Jian,The slender jade fingers rubbed lightly on Xia Jian’s temples。Can enjoy Xiao Xiao’s treatment,Xia Jian never thought。
“I’m so sorry,Every time i get into trouble,You are all here to clean up the aftermath,But this time I really can’t handle it。The startup group is gone,I don’t care much。But my father got such a disease in his later years,I’m too hard to accept”Xiao Xiao said,Two tears dripped into Xia Jian’s neck。
Xia Jian reached out,Gently patted the back of Xiao Xiao’s hand twice。
“All right,Birth, old age, sickness and death,No one can escape。Mr. Xiao is very open about this,So we don’t need too much sadness,It affects his mood during this time。Since it has become like this,Why not be happy”Xia Jian comforted Xiao Xiao softly。
Xiao Xiao responded,Walked over and sat next to Xia Jian。
Xia Jianzhen did not expect,Xiao Xiao, who has always been arrogant, has become so gentle this time。It seems that some people only know how to live after experiencing something。
“Drink now!This is new tea from a friend,tasty。Bring some when you go,It’s more convenient if you want to drink”Xiao Xiao said,Handed the tea cup into Xia Jian’s hand。
Xia Jian took over the teacup,Can’t help turning his head,Took a look at Xiao Xiao next to him。Xiao Xiao under the light is very beautiful,With a contented smile on her face。
“how?Is there a problem with me?”Xiao Xiao blinked his eyes mischievously。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“No,I think you have changed a lot。It all made me look at you”