In fact, he can’t completely determine whether it is really cerebral hemorrhage.,After all, the diagnosis is based on symptoms、Signature and combined with imaging。

At the very least, you should take out the head as the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage.CTandCTVascular imaging,Clearly discover hematoma,And initially judge the type of vascular malformation。Or head magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance blood vessel imaging,Show the relationship between malformed blood vessels and its relationship with the surrounding brain,Can also distinguish bleeding and calcification。Or cerebral angiography,In addition to sponge blood vessels,It is the most reliable and main diagnostic method for diagnosing other vascular deformities.,Gold standard。
Middle-aged and elderly patients suddenly occur during the activity or emotional excitement,Rapid appearance of focal neurosurgeons and headaches、Vomiting and other skull hypertension should consider the possibility of cerebral hemorrhage,Binding headCTan examination,Take the quick and clear diagnosis。
Generally,The main basis for the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage has six points。
The first point,Most50Years old,History of hypertensive arteriosclerosis。
Second point,Sudden disease when physical activity or emotion is excited,Headache,Vomit,Symptoms such as consciousness。
Third point,Fastation,Symptoms of limb dysfunction and increase in intracranial pressure within a few minutes or hours。
fourth point,Signs have nervous system positioning signs。
Fifth,brainCTScan inspection can be seen in the brain hematoma in high density area,Diameter15Blood swelling can be accurately shown,Determine the part of the bleeding,Hematoma,Whether it breaks into the brain,No cerebral edema and cerebrospheneous formation,A diagnosisCTScanning to see bleeding lesions,CTBrain bleeding almost100diagnosis。
Sixteenth point,Waist, visible blood brain fluid,I have rarely diagnosed brain bleeding according to cerebrospinal fluid.。
Light from front4Come to judge,The old man is very likely to be cerebral hemorrhage。
“Alert,Cerebral bleeding is not a big illness now.,Tianfeng People’s Hospital, there is a bleeding in the world,I believe the doctor there,Will be fine。”Zhou Ye,By the way, the Tianfeng People’s Hospital has played a wave of advertisements.。
Old lady whispering“Um”A sentence,Nor did you continue to ask。
Take a short while,An emergency ambulance came。
A moment from the car from the car,I saw Wichen at a glance.,“Another you are。”
Yes,it’s me again。
Dun Nima’s unlucky。
Zhou Ye has a helpless smile,“May be a cerebral hemorrhage,Inspired words5minute。”
The doctor said with a doctor.“Thank you”,Then start and nurse moving patients。
“Is this pancake fruit still eat??”Shu De looked to Wen Ye。
Zhou Ye watched the old man who was carried to ambulance,Cache:“eat。”
Anyway, I have to send an emergency.,The doctor who handed over to the other side was going to handle it.,Why do you have to waste time?。
Two people know each other,Sure enough, you have this thing.,Still there is a consistent agreement!
Zhou Ye originally thought that there was no one.。
After all, he is not in the hospital now.,He is the same as the pedestrians who come and go in this street.,It’s just a citizen in this large world.。
“Come help,Boy。”at120It has already got the patient and the patient’s family.,Doctor who follows the car。
Zhou Ye is a bit surprised120ambulance。
Carrying doctors and two young little nurse。
Tong doctors use a request:“Waiting for the life to save people,You know the situation of emergency,Now this point,Along there, Li Qifeng is in,Unfair,If you are fine,Let’s help,Today is more special,I don’t know what ghosts doing in the rescue area.,There are not many people。”
But the pancake fruit has not been eaten yet.。
Take Li Qifeng’s urine!This is an emergency,It is estimated that you have to have dinner.……
Zhou Ye is still hesitant,Weekly has been straight.120Ambulance:“bring it on,In fact, this pancake fruit is also taken out.,Let the emergency will be good.,Anyway, it is also available outside.。”
This is true of this。
Xu Lu and Zhou Ye quickly followed the car。
NS94chapter Emergency is a descendant
The patient’s life is above everything.!
“What is this?,Also think about eating pancake fruit!”Zhou Ye wrote his own crime。
Ambulance driving,The mood of the people in the car is like this car.。

After Lingju’s brother and sister recovered,Lingju was the first to look at Jingpu Road excitedly:

“senior,Can i come to help then?”
Jingpu nodded and said:“when……”
Of course Jingpu’s haven’t finished,Suddenly froze,Can you come too???
Jingpu has no objection to this beautiful fairy sister,There is a normal person,Talk to myself or something,Jingpu is still very happy,And it’s so pretty。
but……What does this mean??
I didn’t agree to let others come.??
It’s impossible……It’s Lingjing……?!
When Jingpu still hadn’t recovered,Na Lingjing suddenly looked at Jingpu Road with excitement:
“Senpai let my sister come with me too。”
Jingpu blinked,It’s okay to let your sister come……only……When did Lao Tzu tell you to come too?!
At this time, Lingju is looking at Jingpu with piercing eyes,I’m afraid that Jingpu will reject me,That kind of little scared look,Jingpu really can’t bear it。
Jingpu is a bit speechless……You cultivators……I usually eat too much meat,So I want to change some Chinese cabbage??

Give it to Chen Xiu for me!”

Chen Xiu returned to the hotel with Tang Yuanyuan’s support, but he recovered after a long rest,Although he uses Tai Chi“Four or two”Han Lingsong’s strong and powerful Baji Quan Jin,But the physical energy consumed is no less than that of four consecutive uses“Perspective eye”。
“Chen Xiu,Do you want me to warn Wang Jingyu!”
376 One step to the sky does not exist
I stayed so that the breath circulated all over my body,It’s the week in Han Ling’s book。
Chen Xiu just feels uncomfortable all over,Consciously like power、reaction、The five senses are much more sensitive。
“Yes,These breaths can transform my body。It’s just that I didn’t know how to guide,I can’t let the gas spread all over my body to moisturize my cells、Bone network,Can only absorb more gas from outside,It’s like the water in the pond overflowed before it flows out to moisturize,This speed is naturally much slower;
Now you can freely control these breaths to any corner of my body under the guidance,Naturally, the speed of transforming the body is much faster!”
Chen Xiu gets more excited the more I think about it,Such as
377 Trouble in the gym
Relative to the village in the city,There are obviously a lot of vacant houses in the high-end community。
“These developers are really,Since the house cannot be sold,Why not sell at a lower price。This way, there is no need for so many people to be crowded in the village in the city!”Chen Xiu couldn’t help but complain。

The evil star dragon attacked the rune masters of the trapped dragon rune formation,Face the giant spirit slaughter dragon head-on。

The giant spirit slaughter dragon is like a small mountain,Is a real giant dragon,Its arms are like steel,The whole body has armor-like hard muscles,It tries to catch the tail of the evil star dragon,Throw it from mid-air to the ground。
Fiend Dragon Swift and Smart,It easily avoided the grabbing of the Dragon Slaughter,Then suddenly swam around,A black virtual ring appeared on the trajectory of the body!
This black virtual ring is like shackles,Locked to the sturdy body of the Giant Spirit Slaughter Dragon,Make the dragon slaughter the dragon immobile,Then the evil star dragon opened its mouth,There are countless brilliant streamers in the chest flowing towards its throat!!
A breath of starlight dragon sprayed towards the body of the giant spirit Slaughter Dragon,Seems colorful、Gorgeous,In fact, there is a huge horrible energy,Scorching、Penetrate、Crush……
Like stars,This terrible breath completely disintegrated the skin defenses of the Dragon Slaughter Dragon,A bright red giant spirit dragon’s blood was dripping from the body。
The giant slaying dragon fell to a stone bridge,Completely crush the stone bridge,The whole body is immersed in the river water,I can’t get up and fight again。
Su Tai stood on a high post,Eyes full of disbelief!
The giant spirit slaying dragon he is proud of is like a young dragon with no teeth and claws in front of the evil star dragon,Defeat too lightly!
“Don’t call the dragon easily,Let the army consume the mana of the evil star dragon。”Tu Wenhe said to Su Tai。
Sutai is still too naive,The existence of the evil star dragon,No matter what dragon is called to fight against it,Are equivalent to cannon fodder。
They do need a lot of cannon fodder,But it’s definitely not their powerful dragon shepherd,Aren’t there tens of thousands of soldiers from the massacre???
Extremely heavy losses,The seemingly mighty army hunt,But a soldier is no different from a mayfly in the eyes of the evil star dragon,Its breath of dragon can annihilate thousands of people,Its bombardment,Can kill nearly a hundred practitioners。
The gods and mortals of the Shenfan Academy also lost nearly half,Especially those rune masters who want to suppress the evil star dragon spell,Once those Talismans cast the Dragon Talisman,You have to stand where you are,Can’t be interrupted midway。
It’s too easy for the evil star dragon to kill these runemasters,As easy as harvesting grass and mustard。

Phabiz,Gao Bi took the shoulder of Zheng Minmin.:“Since the last cold, it will,I think your brain is a lot.,I just wonderful,It’s just that I am.,The effect is far more than you said that you have said.。”

“real?”I heard this, Zheng Minxin heart,I can’t wait to grab Gao Bo Yi to someone else.。
“But isn’t it true?,You are not the value of Raiders,Please, I can still eat meat.?”
The two launched a laughter,Easy mood is very easy,after all,Pu 坂 broke the city,Zhou Guo has no worry.,Even if it is a Turkic person in the entry,At this moment, the first advantage has been lost.。
Chen Guo in the south,Various problems,I lost Jing Jing and two Huai,Not afraid。And Zhou Guo now opens the portal,Already a death countdown。
Qi State,Gao Bo Yi has been fully controlled by Yucheng,Jinyang,Qizhou,Three major main force。Huainan,Wang Lin also calm the scene。
Day of Qiao Yang,That is the time of the world。
Zheng Minmin has been busy in the military,a big part,It is about how to arrange things in Luoyang.,Including resettlement,Envelope,It is intended in Luoyang.。
Gao Baoyi inside and outside,Every step is precise,with a clear purpose。
Zheng Minmin is sincerely loves this man,The moth is in the fire.。Inner, decoction,It’s very different from the weak temperature in the weekdays.。
“Greater host!”
“Greater host!”
“Greater host!”
Gao Boyi walks all the way,There are uniforms who will be passionately。
Greater host,Forever,omnipotent,Uncomfortable battle!
“Long live!”
I don’t know who shouted this in the city.。
“Long live!”“Long live!”“Long live!”“Long live!”
The sound gradually gathered into a group,Hinge,Form resonance in Puchacheng,It seems that you can hear two words.。
this moment,Gao Biyi is not to feel yourself“Treatment”。
Pu 坂 is all over,Will Zhou Rang still far??Will the emperor still far??
At this moment,Two wearing Qi Jun!,It looks like the soldiers in the weeks.,Quietly raise the goddess army,Aiming Zheng Minmin。
Whoever people?
Gao Baoyi’s eye angle is seen.,A great horror in my heart。
If it is Zhou Jun, it is not unrest,But the two are the people of the gods.,Aiming at Zheng Minmin rather than him Gao Baoyi。
That’s very problematic.。
Gao Boyi hugs Zheng Minmin will fall down,There is a arrow behind it.。This arrow is an arrow,Powerful,As long as it is not a key,No life is worried。
“It’s not good.。”
Gao Boyi does not feel the feeling of painful pain,Because the stroke of the arrow is on the paper armor,It’s still behind,I can live in tomorrow.。
The bamboo pole will take the sword.,I follow several pro soldiers behind them.。
Today’s things suddenly,I can’t blame them.。
“Alang!What’s wrong with you?”

Chen Xiaoju pushed away Wang Youcai who was standing at the door,Stepped in,Close the door。

Suddenly a beauty came in the room,Wang Youcai immediately refreshed,When he saw Chen Xiaoju,,Asked a little unhappy:“How did you come?People are sleeping”
“Ha ha!Don’t sleep,I have something to do with you”Chen Xiaoju changed his former arrogance,Said with a smiley face。
Wang Youcai, who only wore a big trousers, went to bed again,Picking up the fan next to the bed and fanning it to cool, asked:“looking for me?Hurry up,I want to sleep for a while after talking”He said,Can’t help but yawn again。
Chen Xiaoju gently sat next to Wang Youcai,Said softly:“I’ll go with you twice,Lost a lot,You know the money,Which old Chen did I borrow,Now he is upset”
“He is not happy to care about me,Moreover,I didn’t invite you to gamble,But you have to pester me to take you。And last night,I can’t stop it,You must throw 10,000 yuan,Who do you blame for this”Wang Youcai said,Luscious eyes glanced over Chen Xiaoju’s white thigh。
Chen Xiaoju grabbed Wang Youcai’s big fan,While catching a cold fan for Wang Youcai,Smiled:“How can I blame you for this,It’s all mine”
Wang Youcai closed his eyes with enjoyment,Since Chen Xiaoju followed him,He has never seen her so gentle as today。Wang Youcai’s hand involuntarily touched Chen Xiaoju’s thigh,Not only did the woman not scold him,And moved his body to him,Wang Youcai’s hand touched deeper。
“Speak!What the hell is looking for me?”Wang Youcai gasped and asked。
Chen Xiaoju attached her body,Exhale and say like silk:“Lend me some money,How about this old Chen wants to break with me,You know”
Wang Youcai listened,Secretly cursed,To your uncle,Turned out to be for money,No wonder being so gentle and active today,Humph!I’m not a fool,Never sell or buy at a loss。
Wang Youcai did not speak,Instead, he pushed Chen Xiaoju down on the bed,The whole person is pressed up。Chen Xiaoju panting,Said softly:“You haven’t promised me about money”
“Money matters”Wang Youcai said,Two tore off the very few clothes that Chen Xiaoju wore。
The big wooden bed has been ringing for a long time,Finally stopped,Wang Youcai lying on the side is sweaty,He kept shaking the fan,Scolded:“What kind of weather,So hot“

“Good girl?fart!”

Chen Xiu scolded:“Xue Xia dropped out of high school and fooled around with the old gangster Tang Zhong in the town,I heard that I had a miscarriage,Now she was swept out by Tang Zhong’s Zhengpo,I want to be a fool if no one takes over!”
There was silence at the dinner table,Chen’s father and Chen’s mother were also taken aback,Qi Qi looked at Ergu。
“Second aunt,What Xiaoxiu said is true?”
Er Gu was embarrassed to see things broken,After embarrassment, it turns into anger,“sister in law,You don’t even look at your family,The bungalows on the first floor are still tiled,Other girls don’t dislike your being poor,You still hate others?
Talking about minor repairs,I heard that college students,I don’t have three thousand wages a month,Not as good as my son、His cousin——Jiang Shenglei,Although I graduated from junior high school and entered the factory for more than five thousand a month。
Just fix this little salary and others don’t dislike him.,Actually still pick and choose;
and also,Brother you、And sister-in-law,You are all farmers,No savings,You are farming besides farming,What else!”
Second aunt is not enough,Pointing at Chen Han again:“And her,Without the princess’s life, the princess’s disease,What else besides eating!”
Chen Han was cried out by the second aunt’s sudden scolding。
Chen Xiu hit the table,Roared:“enough!”
“I have no money?joke!”
Chen Xiu opened the door and pointed at Volvo outsideS90Said:“See the car outside,That one car is almost one million,I will have no money!
I won’t marry a wife?
Fuck her?!”

Wang Youcai, don’t look at him a bit rude,But in the face of big things,Still very careful,He rearranged the whole process,This allowed Wu Wu to lead the van and follow his car。

Guided by Wang Xiaomei,Tian Wa drove slowly into an alley in East Street。Stopped in front of a low courtyard。
“This is Er Lengzi’s House”Wang Youcai asked again。
Wang Xiaomei nodded and said:“His home”
Wang Youcai pulled the car door and jumped down,He put a pair of big sunglasses on his face,Then waved,After Tian Wa and Wu Wu follow,He stepped on the closed courtyard door。
Five mud houses,Looks a bit poor。A motorcycle parked in the middle of the yard,Wang Youcai took a look,Just recognized,Which car Er Lengzi is riding。
The door of the upper room is wide open,There was noise from several men inside,Listen carefully,It turned out that a few people were drinking。No wonder Wang Youcai brought so many people into his yard and no one knew。
Neighbors of Er Leng Family,Seeing so many people rushing into the gate of Er Leng’s house,There are some bold people,Sneaking over to watch。
Wang Youcai’s formation,It looks like a movie。He just wanted to give Er Lengzi a fight,Let him retreat。
Wang Youcai winked at Wu Wu,Wu Wu found an empty wine bottle in the yard,Slammed against a piece of glass on the window。With a click,The noise inside the house then stopped,Immediately after, Er Lengzi rushed out of the door。
“Which bastard…”Er Lengzi was frightened by the scene before him。He scolded half,Stopped immediately。
Three men ran out of the house one after another,But when these three men ran out,It’s like getting an electric shock,First surprised,Then no sound。
Wang Youcai waved his hand,Wu Wu rushed up with his people,Formed a half-circle against the group of Er Lengzi。Er Lengzi is playing sideways in Baishui Town,But this big scene,He saw it for the first time。
But when he saw Wang Xiaomei standing beside Wang Youcai,Seems to understand something。He borrowed,Hehe smiled and said:“Wang Xiaomei!What do you want to do?”
“I don’t want to do anything,I just want to tell you。Between us from now on,Nothing to do。Did you hear clearly?”Wang Xiaomei asked coldly。of course,Wang Youcai told her these words in advance。
Er Lengzi grinned and said:“Even if you fucking don’t want to marry me,Don’t bring someone to threaten me!”This guy is really a stunned boy。Things have reached this point,But his mouth is still very hard。
Wang Youcai coughed and said:“You fucking don’t see the yellow river or cry。I dared to beat Lao Tzu this morning,I will let you know,What does lao tzu do?”
Wang Youcai waved his hands,Wu Wu and Tian Wa rushed forward with someone。These people brought by Wu Wu,When they came, they were all holding sticks,Looks pretty scary。

When Huang Tieping saw this,at this time,Huang Tieping was very indifferent。

After all, look now,These things should actually be resolved as quickly as possible.。
“What are you guys doing?,Hurry up!”
When Huang Tieping’s words are finished,Those around,Looking in front of you。
After all, from the current point of view,Such a thing,How to solve it。
Such a thing,To be precise,It’s a little unexpected。
And slowly,Looking at it all。
at this time,In fact, it looks like Huang Tieping,deep in the heart,I am a little eager to try。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Huang Tieping’s deep heart,Is a little eager to try。
And seeing these,Huang Tieping’s side,The people around see here,Are desperate to arrive quickly。
“Let’s go together,We all join hands,I don’t believe he can still support it!”
“That’s right,This kid,No matter how great,This time it will definitely die!”
“What are you waiting for,Next, let’s go directly together,Let him learn about our greatness!”
This moment,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。

When Yang Ying was about to speak,Her secretary came in with Xia Jian’s ID,She smiled and said:“Manager Yang!Three tickets have been booked,9:15 the day after tomorrow,The arrival time should be after 12 o’clock”

“it is good!Go ahead!”Yang Ying took Xia Jian’s ID card,Gave it to Xia Jian。
I’m going to investigate the day after tomorrow,But there is nothing in Bucheon,Should Yang Ying visit Bucheon??Xia Jian can’t sit still。
He immediately stood up and said:“I’m sorry, Mr. Yang,I’ll go one step ahead,Since we are going to investigate the day after tomorrow,I still have something to arrange”
Xia Jian turned around and left。Yang Ying got up and chased after a step or two and said:“Keep the phone open,make contact then”Yang Ying’s voice just fell,Xia Jian responded,Opened the door and walked out。
Come out from Tianguang Building,It was almost half past five when Xia Jian looked at his watch,He is really anxious at this moment。He didn’t stop the car,But a walk,I found a Loucha on the roadside,Asked for a private room and sat in。
Wait for the waiter to make tea for him and exit。Xia Jian called Dragon Ball,Xia Jian asked about Xiao Xiao first,Then he said seriously to Dragon Ball:“Dragon Ball!I’m alreadyGZNegotiated business partners,But they will come to inspect the day after tomorrow”
“I know you are very surprised,Because we have nothing。So you act quickly,Talk to me about the transfer of a piece of land of about 100 acres in the southern suburbs within one day tomorrow。First determine the area,Second, there must be a preliminary price”
“and also,You’d better use all diplomatic means,Let Bucheon Investment Promotion Office,Or the relevant personnel of the Bureau of Commerce can participate in our event”
Xia Jian stopped here when he said that,Because he was talking about,Can you remember the Dragon Ball too much?,That’s a different matter。
The Dragon Ball on the phone was obviously frightened by Xia Jian’s difficult task。Just when she was in a daze,Xia Jian suddenly heard Xiao Xiao’s voice:“You promise him,We can handle this”
“Mr. Xiao said,This can be done,Just let you bring someone over”Dragon Ball suddenly said happily。Since Xiao Xiao said this,That can definitely be done。Xiao Xiao has worked hard in Buchuan for many years,I know a lot of people naturally。
Xia Jianyi heard Xiao Xiao speak,He immediately became happy。As long as Xiao Xiaoyi is involved in this matter,The probability of success will naturally increase。The point of the male foreigner is that Xiao Xiao has walked out of the shadow of pain,This is something that makes him happier。
Hang up the phone,Xia Jian ate half a pot of tea,He really can’t drink it alone。Now the next question is to find a way to leave the Luo family。But Grandma Luo’s family treats him so well,How did he leave the law。
Xia Jian was in trouble for a while,He always feels wrong after thinking about it。Yang Ying didn’t want Luo Yi to know about her investigation,She naturally has her own concerns。But this matter is still led by Luo’s help,This really makes Xia Jian difficult。
Sitting in the box of the tea house,Xia Jiansi thought before and after,Finally,I thought of treating Ganglande Ping。Just say that Nalandeping’s condition has improved,Need to follow up,Have to live in his house to treat。It seems that this excuse can only be given to Grandma Luo。
If you tell Luo Yi,It will show flaws。and also,Tie Li also wants to go to Bucheon with him,And don’t know why,Tie Li still wouldn’t let Xia Jian tell Gu Yue about it。These women are really troublesome,Xia Jianyi thought of these things,Head is big。
He glanced at his watch,Found it’s six o’clock,If he runs faster,Can run to her villa before Luo Yi,Just bring things,After leaving her house,Xia Jian is about to shut down。
With this idea,Xia Jian quickly went downstairs and stopped a car,Go straight to the Luo family’s villa。