As the saying goes, people’s hands are short,Eat soft mouth,Mao Dongming is now more like a guide than a leader,Do your best to introduce the natural environment around Xi Laofeng,Point to the steep mountain in the distance and talk freely,What looks like a gentle slope,Dangerous,Where is the raised rock,In fact, there is another way,Where can you use your bare hands,Where must the appliance be used,Rushu Jiazhen。

This is only the situation at the foot of the mountain,Xi Laofeng’s majesty,The complexity of the geological environment is not as simple as those seen outside the mountains。
The man surnamed Li is also humble enough to ask questions,I sigh in my heart,The five people behind are all taciturn,The Yao sisters also changed their previous twitter,The pretty face is so cold,In fact, they secretly wrote down the main points and geographical location mentioned by Mao Dongming.。
“Stop for a while。”Mao Dongming, who was at the forefront of the team, suddenly signaled the team to suspend,And pointed his finger at a large raised rock road in the far front right,“Behind the rock is the rescue station,It is also the only way to enter the foot of the mountain,When the site was selected, it was for the convenience of transit,In case the climbers encounter danger,This is the only one、And the nearest rescue station。”
“Oh,you do not say,Really didn’t see it,The location is safe,Very hidden。”The man surnamed Li kept nodding,But I was really surprised,Fortunately there is such a guide,Otherwise, you might bump into it。
“There is also a safety station 300 meters southeast of the rescue station,Do you want to go over and take a look?Or say hello to others?”Mao Dongming seeks opinions,At this time in the closure period,He is actually afraid of trouble,He doesn’t know whether the people at the hydrological station and the epidemic prevention station talk about it.,But it shouldn’t be a big problem,And sooner or later tomorrow climbing will have to pass,Annoying once,Twice is annoying,It’s better to say in advance。
“not going,not going,The environment is almost familiar,Everyone has worked hard all the way,We will prepare some small gifts tomorrow morning,Then everyone will talk together,May be more convenient。”
Then do whatever you want,Mao Dongming doesn’t matter,The group returned to the camp along the same route。
Chapter six hundred and three Sneak attack
Before going to bed at night,The man surnamed Li talked to Mao Dongming for a while,Inadvertently asked,Except the road to the rescue station,Is there any other path that leads directly to the foot of the mountain?
Mao Dongming shook his head almost without thinking,He is quite confident about Xi Laofeng’s understanding,Have been here many times,Never heard of,As for whether the Houshan,He doesn’t know,Even if there is,You have to fly over too?
And it’s back again,Why does the management of the scenic spot build rescue stations and safety stations on the only way??That means there is no second way,This conclusion was confirmed by strict scientific geological survey,What are you thinking??
The face of the man surnamed Li showed disappointment,After another two bluffs, he left。
The rescue station consists of three sturdy bungalows,No electricity at night,Only kerosene lamp,There is drinking water,But the conditions are also very difficult。A total of five armed police soldiers stationed temporarily,Guoan Special Services,Their main responsibility is to seal the mountain,Not only strictly prohibit tourists who enter the scenic spot by mistake、Explorers and climbers climbing,Also guard against suspicious creatures that may come from the back mountain,Except flying in the sky,Almost all living targets are under surveillance and management。
Seven people are divided into three groups,Keep value alone,The other three sets of cross patrol,Even so,The scope of jurisdiction is still large,Very hard,But compared to comrades in the core blockade,They are very happy,Soldiers in the core area must wear chemical protective clothing,Five shifts a day,One and a half hour shift,Follow biochemical experts in the intricate mountain environment to search for suspicious virus sources and infected vectors,Often two or three shifts are basically exhausted,And the whole person is the same as washed,Very uncomfortable,Heat stroke happens from time to time,This is the most stressful time。
Now it’s said to have relaxed a lot,Biochemical experts have found certain characteristics of the virus,To put it bluntly, this virus is a highly targeted biochemical weapon,The human body is its best survival carrier,Viruses are difficult to survive in other living organisms,Left the carrier,The survival rate of the virus within three hours does not exceed 10%,Five hours is the survival limit,Unless there is a special medium,So the probability of non-human body spreading in a large area is almost zero,This is an extremely important discovery,The participating troops who had been nervous for forty-eight hours were relieved.。
But the situation is still not optimistic,Experts have yet to find an effective treatment,In other words, relatively cruel,Once a human is infected,Incurable,100% fatality rate,And the shape is terrible before dying,The most important thing is that someone has escaped,It cannot be ruled out that there are other people who stray into the blockade,So the tight string cannot be relaxed at all times。

“Nothing to add。correct,Where do you live?I have a terrible headache,Need to sleep。”Wu Fang feels about to collapse,Also ignore hypocrisy,Eviction order。

Xu Wen discovered that Wu Fang’s eyes were red,Quickly touched his forehead again and couldn’t help but frown slightly,“How could it be fired like this,Lao Wu,Your symptom is wrong。”
“What’s wrong,Just catch a cold,Just sleep。”Wu Fang’s impatient response,But the eyelids are suddenly heavy,If the upper body is swaying, I will lie down immediately。
Xu Wen feels bad,At the same time turned his head and stared fiercely‘Doctors’At a glance,He knows that the two are at odds,This guy stared at Wu Fang for a few days,It’s impossible not to know that the other party is sick。
and‘Doctors’Although a little guilty,But seeing Wu Fang’s unlucky appearance, I didn’t feel much burden。Xu Wen was rather helpless,But there is no time to fix this guy for a while,One careless,Flutter,Wu Fang collapsed,The head is exactly on the shoulders of the mane rat。
“So hot!”The mane rat wants to reach out and straighten him,But immediately frightened by the hot body temperature,“This is not a normal bad cold,I have never seen such a high body temperature。”
In shock, Xu Wen quickly helped Mane Rat to straighten Wu Fang’s body,Reached out and opened the eyelid of the opponent’s left eye,Take a closer look,An ominous premonition flooded my heart,Involuntarily took a big step back。
See Xu Wen’s unusual behavior,Everyone stood up,Seeing‘Doctors’When I was approaching Wu Fang’s body,Xu Wen shouted,“Give me back,Don’t move。Yingjie,Contact the provincial department and task force immediately,Seek support from the nearest CDC。Mane rat,Just stay quiet and don’t move。”
Xu Wen’s face is extremely solemn,Shen Yingjie dare not delay for a moment,Immediately took out the phone and started contacting。But Quanxingguo quit,Turned and shouted,“Group leader,What’s the situation with Wu Tou??How come you faint?”
“It’s hard to say now,I suspect it is a rare biological virus。”Xu Wen smiled bitterly,More messy inside,If unfortunately by myself,That happened,Lao Wu may be in danger,And the people in this room have to be quickly isolated,What else to talk about to perform tasks?Unexpectedly high spirits,From afar‘Ranger’Frustrated one after another,So vulnerable。
for‘Ranger’Encounter in the small town,Provincial Public Security Department and relevant departments attach great importance,The response is also very fast,Emergency consultations. The health department has transferred two medical rescue teams from the state capital and the county.,And brought a biochemical expert。
And on a Dai bamboo building not far from the small hotel,A short young man stared motionlessly at the ambulance downstairs in the small hotel,A grim smile gradually appeared on his face。If Wu Fang has a chance to meet this person,Will be surprised,I just took a photo at the wood factory,And look bad、Extremely unfriendly curly youth。
Xu Wen and others were rescued、The morning of the second day of isolation,Li TianchouSZCity Lanxiang International Airport boarded a flight to Kunhe City。He is extremely tired at the moment,Leaning on the back of the chair slantingly,Due to high spirits,Can’t sleep,Unconsciously,The thick dossier of the Southwest series of cases appeared in my mind。

“what,Actually entered the forbidden area。”

After Lin Yu left,A person,Appeared where Lin Yu stood before。
This person,If Linyu is there。
Will definitely be the first time,Also recognize,This person,Is the strong one I met before。
just,Curious,Just follow,Want to see where I go。did not think of,Actually saw it,Enter the forbidden area by yourself。
As for,After the other party saw that he entered the forbidden area。
Next,What do you want。
this one,Lin Yu doesn’t know。
Because Lin Yu at the moment,Has appeared in this forbidden stream of light。
Feet,Just stood firm。
A big lion,Yell at a certain place。
The place being yelled at,Collapsed。
And the place that collapsed,Several lions。These lions,Very small,Look like,Just born。
only,These little lions,Is dying at the moment。
lion,See little lion,Already dying。
Lin Yu saw this one,I remembered that I still had healing medicine on my body。
Take out a few pills,And threw it at the lion,Said to the lion:“Some medicinal pills,It’s a healing medicine,perhaps,Useful to them。”
The reason for helping,Not because the other party doesn’t attack oneself。
But,Lin Yu is not familiar with this place。If I can deal with this lion,That self,Can ask the lion,The situation of this place。
This for myself,Also a good thing。
The lion took Lin Yu’s medicine,I didn’t give it to the little lion right away,But,Swallowed one myself。
After swallowing for a few seconds,Found this pill,No harm,Then I went to the side of the little lion,Give these little lions to eat。
Passed out,Dying little lion。

Ways to make money?

It’s the one I grabbed casually in the book,I don’t know who wrote it!
But some of his descriptions of Longxue are true!
Cliff Eagle,These cliff eagles are the guardians of the dragon’s cave treasure house!
“Robbing the Dragon’s Den is the fastest way to get money!”
I wish Minglang never dreamed that I would have such a day!!
First51chapter Dragon
The scales of the dragon are very hard,They don’t like soft things to make nests,On the contrary, gold and diamonds that are hard and will not be crushed are their most comfortable beds.,And gold and diamonds can polish their dragon scales,Make dragon scales stronger and brighter。
solid,Is to fight,Keep yourself in the shape of King Kong。
Brightness is to attract the opposite sex,This is the same as people like to wear all kinds of beautiful clothes。
The richest dragon,This sentence is absolutely true。
“Winter is coming,This dragon should also be looking for food,Hoarding winter food。”
“Just wait,Wait for it to leave,Empty the dragon’s cave treasure house!”
Zhu Minglang looks at the group of cliff eagles,Suddenly feel that they are a group of wonderful guide elves,The gray-brown dirty feathers and pointed face are also very cute……Eat slowly,Eat slowly,Don’t choke。
“We have to spend money。”Talking leaks and returns to leaks,It’s hard to stop, I wish Minglang joy in my heart。
Finally get rich overnight!

A hungry tiger,Guo Meili gently*With a,Like a ball of slime,She fell under Xia Jian。Pajamas,I didn’t know where I went in an instant。

Two crazy,Enjoy the world of two people。The big bed underneath screamed overwhelmedly,I feel like I’m falling apart。
First1335chapter Candidates for inspection
The man who fell into the tender country is the happiest。
Xia Jian slept the next morning until more than nine o’clock in the morning,When he opens his eyes,Guo Meili has gone to work long ago。He got up to the bathroom and just washed his face,The phone rang。
Xia Jian picked up the towel and wiped his face indiscriminately,Ran out quickly,Pick up the phone and take a look,This call turned out to be from Qin Xiaomin。Xia Jian just remembered,They ate together at noon yesterday,Qin Xiaomin drank a little too much,He should call back and ask,Why did he forget this?。
Xia Jian answered the phone with anxiety,Qin Xiaomin on the phone said with a smile:“Flower planting,I have asked someone to contact you,You have to take someone over to investigate,And then combined with our local situation,See if Zhangyang Village is suitable for planting“
“is it?So fast,where“Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Qin Xiaomin said with a smile:“inYN,Where the flower base can be called first-class in China,You go to study,I need to report back,This matter will be executed immediately,Someone answer you,You just take someone there“
“Good secretary qin,I will go back to Xiping now“Xia Jian accidentally exposed his whereabouts。
as expected,Qin Xiaomin asked in surprise:“what?You didn’t go back?Don’t make a phone call that night,I have so many things I want to tell you“

Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“You have followed me for many years,I’ve been working hard in this place all these years,Long time is not a problem”

“A rough brother,Will fight and kill。You let me do something else,I really can’t do it”Wu Wu said,Bowed his head a little frustrated。
Wang Youcai smiled slightly,Lowered his voice and said:“I want to open a private hospital in Pingdu,Then you will be the security captain,Then find a good girl to make the home,I’m worthy of you”
“what!Brother Wang wants to open a private hospital?That’s a good relationship!brother!I can remember your words。This hospital opened,Let’s not do this。Don’t you know,What I do every day is fearful,In case something happens before you go in,I really ruined my life”Wu Wu finally said what he was saying。
Wang Youcai nodded,Lower your voice and say:“This thing is working,You know it in your heart,Never say it。Even Tian Baby doesn’t know about this,do you understand me?”
“understand!Thank you brother Wang”Wu Wu said,A little excited and raised the bottle again。Wang Youcai touched him,Just do it。
Two people drinking,Drinking song,Played till one o’clock midnight。What is commendable is,A horny person like Wang Youcai,This time I didn’t even call the little sister who was singing。
Drank so much alcohol,When Wang Youcai went back,Wu Wu asked his horse to give it。Can see,Wang Youcai is really happy。
I slept until ten o’clock the next morning,When Wang Youcai thought of the burden on his shoulders,And got up quickly。
I found a snack bar on the side of the road,Casually pad something,He went to the small clinic again。Many people come to see the doctor,He quickly pulled out,Drove the car to the supermarket again。
In front of the supermarket,He saw the traffic police checking the car,This scared him a lot。Fortunately, the car he drove was clean and bright,When I found him,Which traffic policeman waved his hand,Let him go。
Park the car,He immediately called Wu Wu,One call,Wang Youcai said angrily:“More money,Get my driver’s license quickly”
First2360chapter Pay
Wang Youcai came out of the supermarket,Drove the car and slipped back to Chenzhuang。Only then did he realize the seriousness of not having a driver’s license。Along the way,He drives this car with fear。Fortunately, once he returned to his office,I got a call from Wu Wu。
Wu Wu said,Let’s add another five hundred yuan,This driver’s license will be available next week。Such a thing,Of course Wang Youcai is very willing to do it。
Just put the phone on the table,Liu Ying knocked on the door and walked in。She gave Wang Youcai a sweet smile,Just said:“The meat you bought this time is good,Not only cheap,And the meat is very good”
“Hi!Also caught up”Wang Youcai smiled slightly,Motioned Liu Ying to sit down。he knows,Liu Ying came to him during the day,Definitely not for talking about meat。
as expected,Liu Ying paused and said:“Which woman came to you the day before yesterday,I was blasted away。You won’t blame me!”
“That woman?You are so good now?”Wang Youcai asked in surprise。

Chen Donghai was taken aback,Then roared buzzing:“What i wanna do?I want to ask you,What do you think?She’s my wife,What did you lead her to?”

“Fucking nonsense!I’m looking for Xu Lihong,I ran into Julan at the entrance of the alley,So we came in together,There is a problem with this?”Wang Youcai comes as soon as he speaks,This lie seems to be fine。
At this moment,Xu Lihong in the house is wearing a coat,Ran out with two slippers,She yelled at Chen Donghai:“You mountain stick!Nonsense。I called Brother Wang,What does it have to do with your wife?”
Chen Donghai was killed halfway by Xu Lihong and had nothing to say,Where did you falter for a long time。Xu Lihong glared at Wang Youcai,Stretched out his arm and said:“You also like such a woman?Old and ugly,Or a hillbilly!”
Julan was flushed by Xu Lihong’s scolding,But at this time she dare not speak out,Because Chen Donghai has given him enough headache。
Julan saw that Wang Youcai was pulled into her room by Xu Lilan。The anger in Julan’s heart burned fiercely,She spread all the grievances on Chen Donghai。
“Chen Donghai!Listen to me。It’s you going tonight,I’m going?I’m patient with you,I didn’t expect you to be like this。Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the procedures tomorrow morning”Julan pushed away Chen Donghai who was in front of her,Strode towards her room。
Chen Donghai suddenly shouted:“The construction site is dissolved,I don’t come to live here,Where else to go?”A man,Say something like this,I can hear how impatient it is。
Julan stopped abruptly,Anyway,This man is still a child and his father,till this moment,He is still his rightful husband。
Julan didn’t speak anymore,She took out the key and opened the door。Chen Donghai squeezed in from one side of his body behind him。He seems to be afraid that Julan will drive him away tonight。
First2242chapter Finally got news
Xia Jian stayed in Pingdu for two days,They have been waiting for news from Yao Junli。But there is no movement at all。Xia Jian knew,You have to be patient in doing such things,So he didn’t even call Yao Junli。
Wang Lin is back this time,Many tasks,So in the morning of the third day,She can’t wait any longer。She asked Xia Jian to take her to the coach station,Go back to Pingdu after getting on the coach。

“Ha ha,So much the better”Murong Qingling turned and walked into the hall,The chairs on both sides of the hall were full of people,Looking at Murong Qingling who walked in with his eyes,But when I saw Qingling’s fuming behind,A little surprised。

Murong Ba sitting in the middle of the hall,Murong Ba beckoned and arranged for Qingling to sit on his left hand,Fuming is leaning on one side of the pillar,Close your eyes,Fuming has no interest in this kind of thing。
Murong Yuan also walked in,Sat down to the front right position,When I saw Murong Qingling sitting next to Murong Ba,A haze flashed in my eyes。
“Patriarch,Everyone is here”One stood up and said。
“Regular meeting begins”At the beginning of the regular meeting, some people below report on the benefits and good or bad conditions of the place they manage,I felt a little lethargic。
Murong Ba got up and raised his hand,Quiet down instantly,Said:“There are two main things for this regular meeting today,The first one is my daughter Qingling returns to the family”。
Qingling got up and owed her body,It’s a courtesy to everyone,The people underneath also got up and responded。
“Second thing,I plan to abdicate,Pass on the position of patriarch to my daughter Qingling”As soon as this word came out, the people below were completely forced,Why did you say abdication as soon as you came up?,And pass the location to the woman。
“I finished,Who agrees,Who opposes!”(Hehe,Quote a classic line,Do you know who it is?)
“Patriarch,Please listen to me!”A man stood up and said。
“One,Missy just returned to the family,Unfamiliar with internal affairs of the family,Second, how can the position of the patriarch be passed on。。。”This man hesitated and stopped。
“How can it be passed on to women??”
This guy bowed his head and said nothing,Are you afraid to speak or tacitly agree。

Fortunately, the remnants of the underground base were almost wiped out,They were left without a strong counterattack。

From the exit,They were attacked,Obviously,It’s not enough just to rely on the ten elites left behind。
Just such a lighting,Several scientists can’t dodge,Was shot。
Simply,Not seriously injured。
“Huang Xiaoding,You guys go,Leave according to the route I started planning for you。”
“I stay here to snipe,”Seeing Huang Xiaoding still hesitating。
“This is an order,If you don’t leave, I will shoot and kill myself,”Qin Hao put Sha Ying on his forehead。
Huang Xiaoding stomped fiercely,Escorted these scientists and left quickly。
The other people also left,Qin Hao alone is here to snipe enemies from all directions。
“The show has begun,”Qin Hao casually dropped two smokes,bomb,Then hide aside。
As long as someone gets in,Will be hit by him。
“Bang bang bang,”Two sand eagles in hand,No one came to Qin Hao’s side。

Chen Yueqin,So happy,She shouted to Wang Youcai who was lying in the Westinghouse:“Rich!The village gave out money,You go get us back”

“Not going!Isn’t it a hundred dollars??I’ll get it if it’s a thousand”Wang Youcai replied loudly。In fact, he is making excuses for himself,He’s going to Chen Gui’s house in a while。
When the day is completely dark,Chen Yueqin in the Shangfang asked Wang Degui to collect the money from the village committee。Wang Youcai saw the opportunity,Quietly turned off the light in the room,Crept out of the gate。
At the alley,Wang Youcai met Chen Gui’s old lady with a flashlight。Old man walking,Scolded:“I was lying in bed at a young age and didn’t want to move,Let an old lady run for her,Really shameless“
Wang Youcai was overjoyed,On one side he fled from the old man and slipped past。Wang Youcai pushed open the door of Chen Gui’s house。As soon as he entered,Come back again,Close the door gently。
The whole yard is dark,There is still a faint light in the west room where Mei Zi lives。Wang Youcai tiptoed to the door,He leaned over the crack in the door and looked in。I saw Meizi wearing a sleeveless undershirt,The lower body is a short skirt。Maybe the skirt is too short,As soon as she sat down,The two big white legs are almost exposed。
Wang Youcai is a horny person,When he came tonight, he was thinking about asking the teacher,But when he saw Meizi like this,There was an unquenchable mass in his heart*。
“Don’t peek,Come in quickly!“Meizi beckoned to the door,He lowered his voice and said。
So this woman knew he was here,Wang Youcai is happy,Gently opened the door and walked in。same,He still won’t forget to turn around and close the door。
At this moment,Meizi stood up,She said with a cold snort:“When i called you today,How bad are you scolding others,What are you doing?“
Wang Youcai’s eyes sprayed with evil fire,Said in a low voice:“I don’t think I’m too bad,I can make a little bit more“Wang Youcai said,Step by step, he forced me towards Meizi。
“Then how do you want to earn back?“Plum frowned,A tender question。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“I have to ask about this?”He hasn’t finished,The whole person rushed up。
Wang Youcai is like a hungry wolf,All of a sudden he threw the plum on the edge of the kang。Mei Zijiao panted and said:“Can you be gentle”
“Is it warm??”Wang Youcai said,Hold the two plackets of the plum undershirt with both hands,A sharp point outward。The original thin material only heard a chick,Was torn in half by Wang Youcai and held in his hand。
Watching Wang Youcai’s eyes open,A bit hideous,Meizi swallowed when she reached her mouth。Wang Youcai, who tore his jacket, did not stop,It’s just holding Meizi’s skirt with both hands,I tore her short skirt with a jerk。
Meizi’s blank face,Only then did she know that she really underestimated this person。She thought it was over,Unexpectedly, he had hatred for good in his heart。