“Ten thousand?Should be more than,It won’t be 100,000?”Lu Youshan was surprised。

Master Fang shook his head blankly。
“one million?No way!”This time it was Lu Youshan’s turn to be surprised,Sneered。
Master Fang still shook his head firmly,Lightly:“Add another zero!”
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Chapter six hundred and eighty one Fuchun Mountain Residence
“Ten million?Oh my God!”Mr. Li next to him suddenly exclaimed。
I bought a painting for 600 yuan ten years ago,Actually worth ten million?Mr. Li’s face turned red all of a sudden。
Lu Youshan was also quelled,Muttered:“No way?There are so many?”
At this moment,The Master Fang nodded his head in a genuine manner,Smiled:“Of course,This price is only the current market,If you can find the right buyer,Only a lot more。”
“More than 10 million?”Lu Youshan’s eyes are straight this time。

An instant,Azhong’s sleeves are flying like butterflies,Rotten to pieces,And his whole arm,From the phalanx to the wrist,To the arm bone,Back to shoulder bone,Burst all the way,Make a noise like fried beans。

Suddenly,Azhong only feels black,An unstoppable pain hit my heart,Then he had a cardiac arrest,Don’t know anything。
By contrast,A Yi is much more cunning than A Zhong。
His movements are slower than A Chung on the line,A nail in the palm,I originally planned to turn the palm and nail it to this person’s waist,The result hasn’t had time to get close,I heard a series of weird sounds like fried beans from A Yi,So scared that he quickly stopped,Dare not rush。
It’s this stupid effort,Azhong from a martial arts school has fallen straight down,But the handsome boy looked at himself with a smile。
A Yi’s heart trembled,An instinctive sense of fear,Let him make the most correct decision in his life。
A Yi smiled bitterly,Spread your hands,Let the nails in your palm slip from your fingers,Then let my knees soften,Kneeling in front of this person on the spot。
He doesn’t know why he kneels,Even if you are facing the boss Du Shaoping,He never kneeled。
Probably because of those eyes!That pair is full of compassion,With a trace of disdain,Let him keenly capture the difference in strength between the two sides。
In front of people with that look,I’m probably just inferior to ants!
Seeing A Yi kneeling on the spot,Du Shaoping standing behind was taken aback,His face turned pale after a while。
Deng Jiajia and Wang Xiaomei rushed up when they saw the two fierce thugs,One fell to the ground,One kneel,I was so happy that I almost screamed。
Even if the two of them get confused again,I also know that this handsome Lu is definitely not an ordinary person,How else could it be so powerful!
At this moment,Lu Menglin didn’t look at Ma Zi Xiaoyi who was kneeling on the ground.,But since I walked by him,Came to Du Shao Ping。
“Bring people up,I give you a chance to shout。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Du Shaoping’s heart stunned,He has been in society for so many years,Of course there is only a lot more experience than Xiaoyi,When I hear it, I know that this is a real hard ball,Absolutely can’t force the other party。
“it is good!”After Du Shaoping burst out such a word from his teeth,Turned around and jumped into the mud,Put Deng Ping on his back。
Lu Menglin turned around now,Said lightly to A Yi who was kneeling on the ground:“Go call everyone behind him,I only wait a quarter of an hour!If people are not coming,I buried him。”

Celestial Bull Ape is not a vegetarian,Originally it just used the body to fight,At this moment, it emits a blue-black light on the opponent’s body,Those eyes became red too。

The surrounding sky became dizzy because of the anger of the sky blue bull ape,Make those red eyes look more terrifying,Many surviving spirit beasts crawl on the ground and dare not move。
Their king is angry,This is for beastslIt’s hard to see,Have your own dignity as a king,So everything is done by one of them。
Haoyue’s spear pierced the black light fiercely,Create a barrier where the two sides touch,Is a natural reflection of the friction between two forces。
This time Yue Wuhen was bombed out,And didn’t guard like before,But rushed up after stopping the figure。
“Livestock,Stay for life!”
Other people followed,Various terrifying forces are mixed together,Go to that guy from all directions,Actually trapped it for a while。
This time!
Xia Chenglong decisively issued the order,The others quickly followed,Go west。
The closer you get to that day, the greater the pressure you feel,This is the problem they will face next。
Many people get dizzy when approaching this power,Xia Chenglong and the others are fine。
no way,Strong leaders manifest at this time,Want to resist the oppression,There are just two methods。
Either strong enough,Either the power of artistic conception is full。

In fact,Neolithic stuff,Although very old,But basically it’s research value,Collection value will not be very high,Only a few special exceptions,It’s different like Topaz Pig Dragon,It’s still a favorite。

“do not worry,My friend won’t let you lose in price,As long as things are true。prior to,He asked for a price of more than 5 million。But i see the one you got,Not very good,May be slightly lower。”Zhou Xing told Hu Yang。
Populus nodded:“Yes you can!Brother Zhou’s friends,Is my friend,Negotiable price,It doesn’t have to be five million。”
People around listened,stunned,five million?Just this stuff?Everyone feels numb scalp,Unbelievable。
hang up the phone,See everyone’s expression,Hu Yang asked:“Why is this expression?”
“Hu Ge,Brother Zhou said five million?”Huazi couldn’t help asking。
Hu Yang smiled badly:“What do you think?Brother Zhou’s friend wanted to buy a topaz pig dragon from Hongshan Culture for a price of more than 5 million.,But the requirements of that appearance must be higher。Like this,Not very good,If you can give two or three million, just laugh!”
Even if Hu Yang said that,Everyone still sighed。Especially new viewers in the live broadcast room,Antique once again refreshed their three views。
“This boss,Good person!”Lu Daqiang couldn’t help but send a good person card to the stall owner。
is not that right?Except Xu Hong、The three of Huazi and Jiezi,Everyone else got a treasure here,This situation is really rare。
I don’t know how to say Brother Hu and the others are lucky,Or the stall owner’s luck is too bad?
Nothing else,If the stall owner knew this fact,It is estimated that I will take sleeping pills to fall asleep for half a year。
Xu Hong is not in a hurry,He is the same as Populus,30,000 antiques look down on。And Jiezi is not particularly interested in these things,She is fascinated by calligraphy and painting。
Huazai has no other ideas,He followed Brother Hu,Often get benefits,I don’t care if there is any gain this time。

This tactic,The old captain clearly wants to sacrifice all the ship-based drones,In exchange for the last twenty seconds of precious time!

There are more than one hundred drones on board Taishan,The shape of these drones is very expensive,And it’s very versatile,All consumed in this place,It’s really reluctant。
but,The order of the old captain has been given,No one can violate,The two had to type a series of instructions on the keyboard like flying fingers。
In an instant,Belly door opening,The drones buzzed out in groups,Quickly plunge into the battle group below。
The number of drones has increased,Sure enough to stop the crazy attack of those bees。
And in the free attack mode,Even if I blew myself up by those weird metal bees,At most, it’s just one or two drones involved in the power of the explosion.,The overall strength has not been affected。
The cautiousness of the old captain,Once again proved that he was correct。
Time goes by every second,Seeing that there are still tens of seconds left to enter the acceleration time,And the swarm below is still entangled by the drone swarm,It’s about 100 meters away from Qinshan,Never close。
The swarms below blew themselves up,At the same time there was a loud noise,Also produced a large cloud of black fog。
quickly,Below the Taishan ship,Black mist,Can only faintly hear the drone’s machine guns,And the explosion of those bugs,But I can’t see the real scene below。
One thousand two hundred and twenty one chapters Devourer
“Countdown to five seconds,Fives、four、three.”The two have a calm face,Place your palm on the handle of the thruster,Just wait for the countdown to end,Energy filled,He pushes the pusher,The Taishan ship will exceed the speed of sound 16,Leave this ghost place。
suddenly,The energy filling indicator in front of the second officer turns from green to red,Flickering frantically。
“not good!Our energy is falling sharply!”The second pair was shocked,Yelled immediately。
The old captain turned around suddenly,Regardless of danger,Unlocked the magnetic equipment on the seat,Three steps and two steps,Rushed to the second officer。

Thought of here,Tian Lu’s mouth rises,Shrugged,Take a deep breath,Secretly mocking people who have nothing to do with them and worrying about prying into others’ privacy。

First227chapter Hard to recognize
Ding Kelan is a low-key,Doing things silently is easy to achieve results。When a department manager is in a meeting,Suggested that he would go to various departments,To the department、Care for staff,More mobilization,The most important thing is to reflect affinity。
Ding Kelan agrees with everyone’s proposal,Shishiwu agreed with a smile,Indicates that I will go to research another day。
The top executives of the company follow the instructions of the administration department,I got used to calling Ding Kelanakey,The following staff also formed a consensus,Address in speechakey,Almost obscured the real name。
It’s better to hit the sun,Ding Kelan did not deliberately choose a day to transfer to the department to understand the truth,After finishing the official business on hand,Go directly to each department to check the facts,Did not say hello to the department before coming,Randomly called several department heads,Visited several departments together,Observed the operation and the work of the staff。
Transferred several departments,Everywhere, I talked to relevant staff about the work situation of several departments,Pass、ask,Have an understanding of the general situation。
Came to the planning department,The employees are doing their jobs,Didn’t notice anything special about the visitor,If the leader comes,That’s what the manager went to receive。
Xia Meihan introduced to Ding Kelan the division of personnel in the planning department、Performance、System management,Introduced recent work and ongoing work。When I heard that a promotional video was being filmed according to the script,Already in post editing,Ding Kelan is interested,He told Xia Meihan,After the production of the image promo,Be sure to report it to him first。
Xia Meihan saw that the boss was keen and attached great importance to,Frightened,Decided to pass the best quality promotional video to the boss,This is an important work for the Planning Department to strive for Ding Kelan’s approval。
By the way, Tian Lu and Chen Amei at the other end thought they could see the new boss of the inspection department,Just because I have to make a promotional video,Wasn’t in the planning department for a while,I missed the highlight moment of meeting the new boss。
Later, I heard from my colleagues,It turned out that the new boss came to inspect this afternoon,I knew I should dress up better,The new boss is not only handsome,And mature, steady and generous,Looks very attractive。
Tian Lu pretended to stare at them,A group of flatterers are ashamed of their words。
Not long,They were notified by the Administration Department,The manager of the planning department and the staff who made the image promotion video come to the conference room to review the film.。Because before,Xia Meihan reported to Ding Kelan about the proof of the promo,Only then did the Administration Department inform Tian Lu and Chen Amei to review the film together。
meeting room,Meeting room dim after turning off the lights,The light and shadow effect of the large screen is very clear。
Xia Meihan and Tian Lu、Chen Amei sit down,The promotional video scrolls on the screen,Let’s see if there is any correction,Then wait for the boss to come over and watch again、Review、give opinions。
Wait and wait until the boss comes to review the film,Excitement and excitement are extinguished。
Just when they received the leader watching the promo with a calm mind,But I saw a dark figure in the first row taking the tea from the administration department,Have a tasteful sip,Knock on Erlang’s legs and stare at the big screen intently。It turns out that Ding Kelan had already arrived in the conference room unknowingly。

“Hello there,excuse me, may I ask,Did you see one wearing a white t-shirt,Come in with a girl carrying durian in a milk box?”

“That lady just left。”
Just left?Can’t,He is standing at the door,Didn’t see it?
The waiter saw his doubts,Explain with a smile,“Mr,Our shop has two doors,She walked from there。”
Voice down,Huo Yun pushed out the door as fast as the wind,Standing in front of the store and looking around,There seem to be more people on the street than before,I can’t find the girl who makes him bewitched。
If he did not calculate wrong,She came out from that door,To chase it out,No more than one minute,This is less than sixty seconds,Let him miss the beauty。
The heat of the day is gone,The coolness of the night falls,The hustle and bustle continues regardless of time,There are more pedestrians on the street than during the day,I can see countless backs at a glance,Huo Yunhe felt for the first time that the country has too much population,In the blink of an eye,So big,I can’t find it in the crowd。
A deep sense of loss came to my heart,It can be said,Without the girl knowing,Love her at first sight,But because of a bad mood,Did not come forward to strike up a conversation。
Nowadays,He saw the girl he liked again,Take the initiative,Still a step too late。
in fact,He doesn’t believe in love at first sight,I don’t know how it feels to fall in love at first sight,but,The shock when I saw her,I’ve been thinking about it in my heart for so many days,When I saw her again just now,The heart is pounding again,Then I was sure that I really fell in love with that girl at first sight。
He doesn’t know the girl’s name,I don’t even know if she is single,Just chased it out recklessly,In case she has a boyfriend,Or married,Wouldn’t I be a joke??
Looks handsome,The top-dressed man ran out in a panic,The waiter at the fruit supermarket didn’t know what was wrong,Waited a while and didn’t see him return,Just grab the fruit and chase it out,I saw him standing on the opposite side of West Point House, looking around,Don’t understand what he is doing,Trot over,Call him carefully,“Mr,Your fruit。”
Huo Yunhe looked back blankly,Caught the waiter’s puzzled eyes,Suddenly wake up to my gaffe,Somewhat uncomfortable,But he is used to facial paralysis,An unfamiliar person cannot see that he is unnatural。
Thank you faintly,Take the fruit and walk towards the car,The moment you open the door,Still looking up,I still haven’t seen the figure that moved his heart,Can only start the car and leave。

Now,Chen Geng more affirmed Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s previous remarks were made deliberately by him。

“Since you won’t let me suffer from the price,I’ll talk about my conditions,”Ferruccio·Lamborghini happy way:“I request to keep10%Shares and a board seat。”
“no problem,”Chen Geng nodded:“Are there any other conditions?”
10%Shares and one board seat,From this request, we can tell that Ferruccio·The purpose of Lamborghini:He doesn’t want to leave Lamborghini,I don’t want Lamborghini to completely separate from myself,This share ratio will not have much impact on the company’s operations and strategy,Simultaneously,If Lamborghini makes money in his own hands in the future,He can get some shares,No good,In the future, you can sell this part of the shares to cash out。
From this perspective,What the old man thinks is really long-term,But it doesn’t matter,It depends on the relationship between the two,Just Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s conditions are not excessive,I can agree。
Ferruccio·Lamborghini really has other conditions:“If you increase capital, expand shares and even go public in the future,My shares can only be diluted up to2.5%,And the seat on the board of directors is permanently reserved;Also in terms of propaganda,Must guarantee Lamborghini’s Italian origin。”
“As a friend,I also promise,As long as you are the operator of the company,I promise to always stand by your side。”
“OK,”Chen Geng smiled:“Deal!”
Ferruccio·Lamborghini,She’s still very smart,But also,Although his management of Lamborghini was not successful,But being able to manage Lamborghini to be alongside Ferrari in such a short period of time、The only supercar brand in the world,Ferruccio·Lamborghini can have two brushes?
This is no longer a problem with two brushes,Ferruccio·Lamborghini has at least eight or nine brushes in his hand,The only problem is,Lamborghini is alone,And what about Ferrari,They are backed by the big tree of Fiat Group,It’s natural to enjoy the cold。
But it can be interpreted from another angle,Ferruccio·Lamborghini can be born under the suppression of Fiat Group,Lamborghini can be achieved by himself,What else can you ask for?Back to the futureAMCLamborghini of this big tree,Naturally it is worth having more expectations。
“Deal!”Ferruccio·Lamborghini slapped Chen Geng’s hand heavily,Then winked at Chen Geng:“Fernandez,my friend,I know you are not short of money,There is no shortage of women if you have money,But i tell you,The gentleness of Italian girls is unmatched by American girls。”
“Ferruccio really decided to retreat from the rapids?”Received a call from Chen Geng,Jack·Welch almost bit his tongue in surprise:My ears are alright?I heard it right。
“Ok。”Chen Geng is in a happy mood,He can imagine Jack on the phone·Welch’s face,What kind of expression is it at this moment。
Jack·Welch did not speak,The reason for not speaking is that he suddenly didn’t know what to say,There is an extremely absurd feeling in my heart:I knew I was going to talk to Ferruccio·Lamborghini this bastard talk,It would not be enough for Chen Geng to hold so many Lamborghini shares。
The reason why he asked Chen Geng to be Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s persuasion work,The main reason is that he is not even sure he can convince Ferruccio.·Lamborghini buys Lamborghini shares to itself,Who in the world does not know Ferruccio·Lamborghini is a stubborn bull、A stubborn donkey、A smelly and hard stone in a pit?

“I just want to tell you。Don’t get involved with the special forces。After Gong Ming’s defeat this time,,He is abolished。At least let us finally occupy a little bit。So this trip to the island country,Only one of the seven sages will discuss with me。See whose layout is really effective。Which determines the future direction of the spider。”Cen Wen didn’t hide much。

Qin Feng hesitated after listening,“What do you want to do?Is it really rebellious??”
“Ha ha,No one in the leader today knows what he thinks。He knew we were fighting,But never came forward to stop。Instead, I think it’s normal to prevent these internal fights.。Because of this,Losers will leave,And the newcomer。”
“madman!”This is Qin Feng’s evaluation of this kind of thinking。Only a madman thinks that this constantly updated organization is vitality。
Do you think it is easy to bring new people?Those old people may have some shortcomings that lead to failure,But such people are at least experienced,Abandoning it like this is not causing trouble!
Forget it,Maybe this is also good,At least in this way, the number of members of the organization is controlled by a certain amount,Won’t accumulate more,This makes it more troublesome for Qin Feng to deal with。
“All right,To the point。Qin Feng, how will you help me this time??How about killing Chateauroux??”Cen Wen looked at Qin Fengdao seriously。
“Yo,Still a foreigner?Shouldn’t white paper fan be a special term from our country?”
“After all, he is like a soldier!And this Chateauroux is in his 30s,Always rely on the old to sell the old。I think he should almost be killed。”
“Of course I hope to kill the important person of the spider。But it won’t trouble you?”At this time, Qin Feng basically considered it from the perspective of Cen Wen。
It’s normal to die one or two people when fighting for power,But the problem is,This Chateauroux is one of the Seven Saints,The identity is comparable to Cen Wen。
It’s the position of other department heads。Although it may not allow others to follow their orders,But where is the identity?。
Such people are dead,Really won’t mess the world?
“Do not worry,Island country,Although there are many spider people,But they can’t access the core。When the time comes, Chateauroux and I will definitely not come forward。At this time, if you can touch where he is,Then come an assassination or something。Then perfect!I believe you can do this,After all, according to the judgment of the spider,You have heavenly strength。”
“Yo,So powerful?”
Qin Feng responded with a smile。
For the so-called division of combat power,He has not had a clear
impression。Previously, the strength of those who were sent by the Scavengers was used as a comparison.。
“Some information here,You look?”Talking,Cen Wen took out a stack of documents and put them in front of Qin Feng。

Click!Lu Menglin is fine,It’s just that the ground under his feet has suffered,Even the hard ground cannot withstand such a terrifying force,It collapses like tofu。

Lu Menglin’s body suddenly sank to the waist,Both legs are in the soil。Take his body as the center,The surrounding ground suddenly collapsed,The sinking area is more than ten square meters。
Although his gods and demons can withstand the terrifying power of this blow,But the land under your feet cannot。
The strike just now was really terrifying,The power is much greater than the roller,It’s about the size of two rollers dropped from the height of a five-story building。
In an instant,Lu Menglin fell into a true passivity。
His feet are stuck in the mud,No matter how fast you move,It also takes a short pause to pull it out,This is the impact of environmental changes。
And at this moment,That troll god is one step ahead,Insights,Shake his head。
Countless slender javelins shot out from the back of that troll god,Densely all over the sky,Then one after another fell to Lu Menglin in the pit。
These slender javelins are unique in shape,The mental fluctuations attached to the gun are still strange,Just launched,Immediately enveloped the land of three feet,And make a screaming sound,Destroy the soul。
Lu Menglin was half a beat slow,It’s too late to dodge,Had to take a deep breath,Squirt again。
Countless bright spots of light emerged from the body of the gods and demons,While whizzing,One after another greeted the spirit guns that fell from mid-air。
Every point of light,They all represent the air thread condensed by Lu Menglin’s toad fishing power,Lu Menglin’s mental power is attached to these air threads,Like tiny guided missiles,Took the initiative to meet those spirit guns,There was a popping sound above Lu Menglin’s head。
Hundreds of toad-fishing energizing threads came into contact with those spirit spears shooting all over,Burst immediately,perish together。