At this moment,Assist the Great God Jiangnan to speak:

Happy today,I also give everyone a wave of benefits,Ten Huawei’s latest mobile phones,The lottery conditions are the same as before。
The latest phone,It seems to be seven or eight thousand?Ten stations are seven to eighty thousand,Worthy of the rich,When you feel good, you throw money。but,Everyone likes this kind of local tyrant。
Don’t talk about players,Even the anchor is excited,Pay attention,Public screen speech:《Yongle Festival》,Then wait for the draw。
result,Hu Yang successfully completed the task of 100,000 attention。
The long-lost voice comes from the system,Congratulations to him for completing the task of 100,000 followers,Successfully upgraded the intermediate treasure hunter。
Populus close eyes,Feel the change in your eyes at that moment,Not only the eyes,I feel like a drop of wind oil in my brain,Sober a lot。
Subsequently,Two new tasks:
the first,Add 100,000 followers again,Access to primary perspective。
second,A million followers,Can upgrade treasure eye to advanced。
Get!The system is a bit silly,But still awesome,Even the perspective eyes came out。Upgrading advanced treasure hunting eyes is a bit difficult,Temporarily can only overcome perspective。
I just don’t know what the perspective eye is for,Can’t be used to spy on girls?That’s too evil。Populus thought:It seems,The system is a little bit rude。
“Thank you everyone,This kind of activity will be frequent in the future。I hope,Everyone is not just for the lucky draw,I can also notice the traditional culture of our country from my live broadcast。
Today’s live broadcast,It ends here,Everyone who hasn’t eaten eats,See you tomorrow about the same time。”

As for Murong Ningbing,Anyway, Lin Yu didn’t say anything about himself,Don’t worry about it,What’s more, Xia Chenglong is also willing to adult beauty,After all, I would rather demolish ten temples than destroy a marriage!

But something Xia Chenglong didn’t know,This falling flower intentionally,Ruthless,Although Lin Yu likes Murong Qianxue,But Murong Qianxue,I like him,The relationship between these three people is really complicated。
The three of them just keep going,But because the relationship between the three people is very delicate,So the three of them have been awkward to get along along the way。
Lin Yu always pays attention to Murong Ningbing,And she,As long as there is a chance, stick to Xia Chenglong’s body。
But Xia Chenglong wanted to match,Murong Ningbing and Lin Yu,So on this road,The relationship between these people is still extremely delicate and complicated。
But finally early the next morning,This group of people came to Tianxuanfeng,After arriving at Tianxuan Peak,Even if Murong Ningbing doesn’t let go,I’m going to be separated from Xia Chenglong,Because at this time he is going to the law enforcement hall,Explain this matter clearly。
If you can explain this clearly,Then everything is in peace,If this matter is unclear,,Then the questions are coming!
Law enforcement hall。
“Old five,What do you think of this thing?It’s been so many days now,Lin Yu hasn’t come yet,Is that kid,Has been killed by Xia Chenglong?!”
The fifth elder heard the fourth elder say so,It was also taken aback:“Can’t it,What does that kid say,Ask the strength of the peak of the gods,And Xia Chenglong, have we checked,Is he just asking about the strength of the gods??will not,will not,Even if this affection is separated by a small level, the difference is a thousand miles away.,So Xia Chenglong shouldn’t do anything to him,Maybe it was delayed on the road!”
“I don’t think so,Xia Chenglong is very weird,Didn’t you find out?This kid’s previous battles have always leapfrogged,I don’t know where he went?Can actually have such strength!”
“Hard to say,Hard to say,But this time he should not go against,We mean one more,We didn’t really fight,I want to do something to him,We just plan to ask him some information,He still can’t make a jump!”
“Ok,Old five,What you said makes sense,I just talk about it casually,Uncountable,Uncountable!”
And at this moment,Two people heard it,One of my own disciples ran in in a panic:“Master,Master…”

Naturally, it is impossible for China to spend that much money just to buy a batch of planes.:How much tax did Lao Tzu’s order create for you??How many jobs?Also make many requests。

PS:Bros,Sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Little Macdonald’s face was a bit unsightly right now。
Can be biased,He still doesn’t know how to refute,Because in the world,High-value goods like airplanes,Has broken away from its original commodity attributes,Became a special carrier:For any country that wants to purchase Boeing and McDonnell Douglas aircraft,As long as you can’t produce this aircraft,The U.S. government will make some special requests all the time,For example, for China,The U.S. government asked China to not use these aircraft for military purposes,Do not disassemble the engine without permission、System components such as avionics systems and imitate them……
Naturally, it is impossible for China to spend that much money just to buy a batch of planes.:How much tax did Lao Tzu’s order create for you??How many jobs?Also make many requests。
First1053chapter go out
Chen Geng shook his head,Tao:“Nothing。”
Little MacDonald looks at Chen Geng,Although he didn’t speak,But the look in his eyes clearly showed what he meant:I don’t believe it!
“I understand why you think so,After all, strictly speaking,The major shareholder of COMAC is not me,China Aviation Industry Department,”Chen Gengdao:“But Mike,Don’t you forget,I am also the second largest shareholder of COMAC,If McDonnell really wants to introduceF150,Am I not making money??”
Little MacDonald admitted that Chen Geng made sense,Although he is not clear about the role of the Chinese government in this matter,But no doubt,For McDonnell Douglas introductionF150Technology of this matter,The Chinese government is absolutely happy to see it happen,Pursed his lips and thought for a while,Little MacDonald:“Dude,If McDonnell refused the offer,Does it affect the sales of McDonnell Douglas in the China market??”
“What do you say?”Chen Geng shrugged。
Some things needless to say are too clear,But everyone understands:Compared to McDonnell DouglasMD-11,Just completed the airworthiness certification work、Airbus that has not been officially delivered to customers330Isn’t it more advanced??Or China Air China Group must buyMD-12,If you bought Boeing747Will die?Not necessarily?
In that case,at thisMD-12The research and development of McDonnell Douglas has exhausted all the strength of McDonnell Douglas、This order from China is for McDonnell Douglas,Why China Airlines must buy your McDonnell Douglas products?
“Ok,”Got this least wanted answer,Little Macdonald smiled helplessly:“I will think about it。”
Although Chen Geng didn’t say,But Little MacDonald thinks this is what China is purchasingMD-11Preconditions for signing the contract:Do not introduce ourF150,We won’t buyMD-11。
For the current extreme lack of funds、For little MacDonald, who urgently needs to make this year’s sales report more attractive,Although he was very entangled,But the reality did not give him too many choices。

“just,The world in which the members of the magic sword group are now weakened,If the members of the magic sword group use points to advance to the fourth level,,The whole world can’t bear the existence of the members of the Demon Sword Group,I don’t know if the world stopped weakening。”

“It’s better if the members of the Demon Sword group see Ye Shu,You can ask Ye Shu,Ye Shu can definitely answer the doubts of the members of the magic sword group。”
Jingtian said in a leisurely tone,He really didn’t know what would happen after the magic sword advanced to Tier 4,Therefore, he can only suggest that the members of the magic sword group go to Ye Shu,Ye Shu must have a way。
“Correct,Members of the magic sword group can ask Ye Shu,Ye Shu’s hundreds of thousands of years of experience can definitely answer the doubts of the members of the magic sword group。”
Nezha, who was gorging on the side, heard Sedum’s words,Said with a smile,They have never seen how sword spirit advanced to Tier 4 before.。
“That’s it,Thank you Jingtian for your doubts,Later, I will ask Ye Shu,just,If you want to increase the world heritage,How to do?”
After Demon Sword heard the words of King Sedum and Nezha group members,Said with a smile,Although she is a little disappointed,But it’s okay,At least she knows how to make Taiyi Sword Sect Sect Master Lin Xingwan advance to Tier 4。
After all, she is Taiyi Jianzong Zhenzong Demon Sword,Always consider the future of Taiyi Jianzong,If Lin Xingwan can advance to Tier 4,She can do what she wants to do without worry。
“I remember the world where Zhang Sanfeng’s group members originally lived was a small world,Then Zhang Sanfeng’s group members seized the power of heaven in a world,Enhance the origin of the world in which you live。”
“The origin of the world is limited after all,Unless after a long time of accumulation,Otherwise, there is only one way to plunder the origins of other worlds。”
After Jingtian heard the question from the members of the Demon Sword Group,Said with a smile,For the members of the magic sword group,There should be no discomfort to plunder the origins of other worlds,It depends on what the members of the magic sword group think。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Take home
Originally listening silently to Master Demon Sword and Master Jing,Although Li Gongzi’s Lin Xingwan was chatting with his face covered by a mask,Did not show any emotions,But Lin Xingwan was extremely shocked。
She retreats for too long?Can’t understand the Master of Magic Sword and Master Jing,Li Gongzi’s words?Or the Master Demon Sword has kept a lot of things from her,Just because of her low cultivation,Not qualified to know?
What fourth order?What promotion to the world?Lin Xingwan feels in the clouds and mist,Can’t understand,But looking at the Demon Sword Master with a gentle smile in front of you,There is no arrogance and domineering in Taiyi Jianzong in the past.,Lin Xingwan didn’t rush to disturb Master Demon Sword and Master Jing.,Li Gongzi’s chat。
Big deal, wait until these two distinguished guests leave,She can ask Master Demon Sword,What she is going to do now,Just sit silently,Watching that Young Master Li devour the spirit fruit she stored in the magic treasure。
Then by the way, calculate how many spirit crystals she will lose this time,Ask for it afterwards,These spiritual fruits are very precious,Even in Taiyi Jianzong,Only the elders, suzerain, and some disciples with extraordinary talents are eligible to enjoy a few coins every month.。

“Can only be filled in by quantity?”

Before Qin Feng finished thinking,The enemy has launched another attack。More than a hundred people on Cen Wen’s side can’t support it at all。But Qin Feng didn’t call any orders,Some members have spontaneously helped Cen Wen’s team attack and resist。
Chapter Three Hundred and Seven Win
See this scene,Qin Feng couldn’t help it anymore,“What are you doing?,Beat me hard!”
Since the soldiers under my own hands are not afraid of death,As a general, he is in trouble,Isn’t this making the soldiers laugh??So Qin Feng swept like a bandit who was not afraid of death.。
After a fight,,The poisonous general’s team was suppressed and could only retreat。Then the two sides ceased fire。
At this time Qin Feng didn’t mean to count the injuries,“Send me to charge。Kill them all!”
At the same moment,Cen Wen took a few backbones and found Traore who was hidden,The latter was stunned when he saw Cen Wen could actually find him。
“Ha ha,Traore!Eight Great Wars sent you out,Bian has no masters。I want to see,Can you leave alive this time?”Cen Wen looked confident。In fact, he had already guessed that there might be a third wave of people on the warlord’s side.,But he will do it,Since the masters have been assigned,Traore, who is the Seven Saints, can’t be guarded by eight warlords。
Thus,They can have a peak duel with only a few people。
as expected,Cen Wen based on his own experience,Finally found Traore’s hiding place,After saying this, before Traore could respond, he waved his hand to let the backbone of his side rush up.。
After half an hour of fierce battle,Both sides have injuries,But relative,Qin Feng’s so-called regular army must have a higher death rate。
But both sides have calmed down。the most important is,The third wave of teams is left on the opposite side,It’s just that there are only dozens of people left in that team,Qin Feng’s number is at least dozens of times the other side。
just,If we waste manpower like this,After Qin Feng, don’t think about having enough manpower to develop and transport jadeite。
“Listen to my password,Retreat!”Qin Feng directly issued the order。
Qin Feng knows what these soldiers think,So just say:“rest assured,You go,I stayed!Absolutely wiped them out!”
In fact,If all the Lear Army members leave,The words of Qin Feng and Cen Wen’s tribe must be five to prevent the enemy from retreating。The issue is,Qin Feng didn’t think the members of this third wave would retreat so easily。

The two bodyguards Yan Que left behind are also masters,It was found that something was wrong,Just draw a gun and shoot,But still failed to stop Xiang Chen and Yao Yao from rushing into the attic。

Looking for cover while shooting,But apart from strict justice,The responsiveness of several people is first-rate,Short time,No one can kill each other。
It’s just,Seems to be suffocated enough to want to exchange injuries with others,Life for life,But whether it’s Xiang Chen or Yao Yao,Neither of them are fools,How could you do such a cool thing?。
“Come out!You two are very good?What’s wrong now?”
Yan Zhengyi’s excitement,Side shot,Ask questions。
The two bodyguards left behind by Yan Que were a little helpless,The boss’s brother is obviously messing around,But the two of them who accompanied the prince to study,Not good to say,Can only wait cautiously,Everything made Yan Zhengyi have fun。
everybody knows,Opportunity to use firearms,Is determined by the capacity in the magazine,In this attic,No one has a chance to change the magazine。
But it’s just as if you don’t know。
Everyone is pushing away,Strive to kill the opponent with one shot,Only Yan Zhengyi is firing unscrupulously。
“Their bullets are running out!”
Yao Yao looked at Xiang Chen,Signaled that he still had two bullets,And Xiang Chen and Yao Yao made a three gesture,Yao Yao suddenly became big。
With the sound of the last shotgun falling,Xiang Chen and Yao Yao also counterattack at the same time,No chance to add ammunition at all。
Just one shot exploded the ammunition prepared by Yan Zhengyi,The gunfire left,No one hit each other。
Expected thing,But a little disappointed。
“The enemy,give it to you!”
Yao Yao told Xiang Chen,Arm hard,The whole person jumped out。
Have to admit,The bodyguards who can be brought around by severe lack still have a certain professionalism,At least he was not defeated by Yao Yao,Two people work together,And fight Yao Yao back and forth。

Such an amazing change,How could Hu Lin not be surprised?!

but,In Lu Menglin’s opinion,It’s a matter of course。
This chick
Has a good body foundation,Plus the stimulation boost of the secret medicine,Inhaled the red mist to produce mutations,It is equivalent to a concentration of different strengthening methods on three planes,It’s hard not to become strong。
For a time,Lu Menglin is also full of interest in this change in Hu Lin,In his eyes,Hu Lin Xiao Niu has been regarded as a temporarily successful experiment,As for how powerful it is,What changes might happen,It’s time to watch the effects。
“you,Don’t look at me like this!”Hu Lin was overwhelmed by Lu Menglin’s gaze,Said with a flustered face。
“Ok,Just don’t watch!It seems that the effect is not bad!”Lu Menglin nodded,Really don’t go see her。
Actually see or not,The result is no different,Scanned by Lu Menglin’s consciousness,It’s more thorough than seeing with eyes。
“Mr. Wu Hao,what did you do to me?”Hu Lin is not a fool,She calmed down quickly,Understand the changes in myself,Mostly from this super strong,So I asked patiently。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“It’s nothing。You are poisoned by the red mist,Mutated,I just helped you stabilize your vital signs。”
“What is red mist mutation?”Hu Lin thought for a while,Finally decided to ask,After all, she is a reporter,Shamelessly ask,No psychological barrier。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Understand immediately。
It seems that the cognition of the two different planes is different!This human plane has just been attacked by the Dark Race,Limited understanding of the Dark Race,They don’t know what red mist is,I don’t know what the red mist does。
“simply put,Among those alien monsters,Some will release some kind of gas,I call this gas red mist,It can change the environment,Make the environment more suitable for those monsters。And our life form,When inhaling these mists,Alienation。I said so,do you understand?”
Hu Lin was serious,Nodded seriously,Tao:“understood!You are also a mutant,That’s why it became so powerful!”
I saw the chick look admiring,Lu Menglin suddenly didn’t know what to say,Nodded,I recognize it。
“Mr. Wu Hao,One thing,I want to ask you。Can you tell anyone that I am a mutant,May I?”Hu Lin thought for a while,Finally gritted his teeth and asked。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Asked rhetorically:“why?”

First of all, Xiao Fan felt that this kind of thing,Can’t make a slap,There is so much anti-fraud promotion,Whether it is a person with insufficient social experience or a person with sufficient social experience,Should have their own consciousness。

Secondly, Xiao Fan wanted to kill them all at once,Because Xiao Fan learned that they were scattered in various places,I want to re-register the company recently,That’s why they all gather together。
Everything Xiao Fan does has its own reason,Maybe others don’t understand Xiao Fan’s thoughts,But slowly,The longer,The more they feel that what Xiao Fan does is meaningful。
After returning home,Xiao Fan saw Lin Yuner in the study,Seems to be having a video conference,He didn’t want to disturb Lin Yoona’s work,So I thought to pour her a glass of water first。
When Xiao Fan took the water into the study,Lin Yuner raised her head and glanced at him,Then did not speak,Keep focusing on the computer,Communicate with the opposite person。
Xiao Fan slowly walked over,Then put water on the table,Pointed,Motion to Lin Yoona to drink water,Lin Yoona smiled and nodded,Xiao Fan plans to go back to the room。
But Xiao Fan’s hand was successfully in the mirror just now,Xiao Fan’s fingers are slender,Skin is whiter,Very nice hands,The people on the other side of the video conference are gossiping。
Some brave ones have already started to ask Lin Yoona:“boss,Was it your husband just now?,Watching you smile so tenderly,Must be,So warm-hearted and still serve tea and water。”
Others also echoed,And then started a rushing discussion,Some say they have met Xiao Fan,Long and handsome,Some said that the one who was on the news last time was him.
Lin Yoona has a good temper,Get along with the staff below very well,So everyone dare to gossip in front of her,Everyone likes to work with Yoona Lin,Easy and happy and efficient。
Lin Yoona shook her head helplessly,Then to the gossiping employees on the other end of the video:“If you put this gossip spirit on your work, you could have been promoted and raised.。”
Lin Yoona is not angry,Originally, their video conference was to discuss some affairs relatively easily,It’s not a serious matter,So Lin Yoona didn’t say much。
Because Lin Yoona feels that the people under her hands are still very considerate,They must be serious when they know they should be serious,But when they are relaxed, they all get along very easily。
Xiao Fan’s hearing is much better than others,So naturally I heard their talk,Actually Xiao Fan doesn’t care much about these things。
Because some things in this regard,He gave Lin Yoona a sense of security,Did not deliberately hide his identity,Also generously let Lin Yuna understand her world。
Two people have been married for many years,There is basically no contradiction,Because the most important thing is a process of mutual understanding,Many people may find this kind of marriage boring。
But actually Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona didn’t feel that way at all,The two of them think this is the best way to get along with each other,Nothing boring。

The world is amazing!

If you don’t see it with your own eyes,Who can believe that this shy and shy waiter in front of me is actually leaning back several years later《Die Hard》This series of films successfully created a tough guy image on the screen.?!
But now?,Old cloth who is only twenty-four or five……Should be called Xiaobu,Comrade Xiaobu has a respectful smile on his face:“Mr,What do you need?”
Although the man in front of me is Asian,But Comrade Xiaobu dare not even underestimate the other party’s thoughts:Guests who can appear at this dinner party in Chrysler,There is no simple。
Why did he rack his brains to serve as a waiter at this banquet?,I just want to try my luck、See if you can get an opportunity,The Asian man in front of me just met Li at the door·Mr. Iacocca talked for nearly three minutes,He sees it,I’m pretty sure the Asian man in front of me is a person of status and status——Otherwise, why would Chen Geng meet him??
Chen Geng didn’t know that all of this was Xiaobu’s caution,He was also immersed in the pleasure of instructing classmate Xiaobu to work,I looked at Comrade Xiaobu, who was kind of flattering and cautious.,Said:“Can you get me a cocktail?”
“Cocktail is it?no problem。”Student Xiaobu nodded immediately:“Miss you?”
“Also bring me a cocktail。”
“Two cocktails?Two please wait。”
Student Xiaobu was very happy to help Chen Geng and Rosemary get wine,Rosemary looked at her boss excitedly:“boss,Is this waiter special??”
“Oh,It’s nothing,I just think this kid’s body is more suitable to be an actor,”Chen Geng said casually:“Maybe you can become a big star in the future。”
“You say him?A hotel waiter,To be a star in Hollywood?”Rosemary thought about countless possibilities,But there is no such thing as possible,Eyes widened:“Are you sure you are not joking?”
PS:Bros,Today’s second time is coming to night,Sleep or sleep until you wake up comfortable,This kind of sleep divided into two sleeps feels really bad,Just one day or two,Like this every day,I feel like people are going to split。

“Ok,”Chen Geng responded,Thought for a while,Added:“This cost price,Is the real cost price plus20%Profit。”

Wang Dazhi suddenly screamed,Boss, this is a bit dark。Nodding:“do not worry,I know。”
I know why my boss came to the ice city this time,After saying these things,Without waiting for Chen Geng to ask,Wang Dazhi took the initiative to introduce this to Chen Gengf120Airworthiness verification in cold areas:“This cold test,Mainly to verify the actual effect of the wing’s anti-icing and hoeing system in such alpine regions,In addition, the various systems of the whole machine must be tested, such asapusystem、Air Conditioning System、Hydraulic system、Can the radar system and other subsystems work normally in this low temperature climate?。”
Finished,Wang Dazhi said proudly:“Although the flight test has not started normally,But according to our experience when we came,This test should be no problem。”
Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“I also think the problem is not big。”
The dimension of the Netherlands is very north,Almost at the same latitude and longitude as Hei province,Therefore, the aircraft designed by the Dutch do very well in terms of low temperature adaptability.,andf120Itself isf100Extended version,For insurance considerations,Wing、Vertical tail、The flat tail, including the various pneumatic surfaces above and the corresponding anti-ice hoeing system, has not undergone any changes.,inf100Under the premise of passing the airworthiness test in cold regions,in casef120Fail the corresponding test,It can only show that the procurement team of COMAC is in trouble。
But even so,Before the test is over,Chen Geng still dare not take it lightly:Why do you always have to go through the airworthiness verification process again as long as it is a new model?It’s because as long as the aircraft has been slightly modified,I’m not sure where there will be a little problem,This is the experience summed up by countless blood and tears in the past。
For this test,COMAC borrowed a hangar with a steel roof from a military airport near Bingcheng through its relationship,Don’t expect any air conditioning and heating for this kind of steel structure hangar,The only advantage is that it can prevent rain and snow,So that everyone will not be able to inspect and repair the aircraft under the rain and snow. The insulated hangars with air-conditioning systems in Europe and the United States cannot be compared.,But at this time in China,It’s already a very luxurious configuration。
When Chen Geng and his team came to an airport temporarily borrowed from Bingcheng,One by one, the engineers and technicians of the COMAC Group, who are wearing thick and fighting bears, are facing the indoor minus20Excessive temperatures are carefully inspecting the aircraft,Make detailed preparations for the next airworthiness verification,Wang Dazhi stepped forward,Just about to let everyone suspend their work to welcome Chen Geng’s arrival,Was stopped by Chen Geng:“Don’t delay everyone’s work……Just find someone to tell me about the situation。”
Since the boss said so,Wang Dazhi also nodded,Pulled the secretary and whispered a few words,Secretary nodded,Then he ran at a small pace to a person wearing a thick down jacket and thick leather boots and whispered something.,A moment later,This person quickly came to Chen Geng。
Chen Geng just noticed,This guy who wears something like a bear is still his old acquaintance,Immediately happy:“Lao Nie,how about it,Can this climate still adapt??”
Nie Guang gave a wry smile,Said to Chen Geng in a small voice:“It’s too cold in Northeast!”
“You still turned over the years,If you came five, nine, six, nine years ago,Can freeze you southerner to death,”Chen Geng smiled:“Bear with me,It’s over in a few days anyway,After going back, have a good hot pot and go to the cold……Ok,Tell me about your current work。”
Nie Guang also knew that his boss came so far,Not to chat with myself,Nodded:“Chairman,The cold zone airworthiness test will be carried out in three hours,What we are doing now is to inspect the hydraulic system and oil system of the aircraft,Previously, we have completed the inspection of various wing systems and avionics systems,No problem,As long as there is no problem with the hydraulic system and the oil system,Airworthiness test can be carried out。”
Chen Geng nodded:“What do you think of this airworthiness verification?”