Ye Xingkong naturally grasped Tian Lu’s hand gently and powerfully,Give her the bracelet a few turns,It fits on Tian Lu’s wrist,Exquisite and a girlish sense of violation,Don’t mention Tian Lu’s joy。They didn’t say a word at the door,Silent is better than sound,Convey a strange feeling。

Happy to meet,Like“Goodbye”Reunion,Tian Lu forgot to mention to Ye Xingkong about renting a backyard alone。
After a simple greeting, they went back to the house with their own thoughts。When Ye Xingkong returned to the house,Tian Lu just remembered living alone in the backyard。
I want to knock on the door several times and tell him,Think it’s too late,Tired considering the starry sky,Let him rest early,Fallen hammer。
As if it is inductive,Just when Tian Lu was undecided whether to knock on the door,The door opened,Ye Xingkong tilted his head,Immediately three-dimensional return,Like a playful question:What’s the matter?
Tian Lu smiled for a few seconds,Said:“Nothing、Nothing,Rest!”
Then he turned his head and walked back to his house,Funny and stiff smile on his face,Ye Xingkong, standing at the door behind, looked misty,He didn’t close the door until Tian Lu went back to the room,Simple clean up the house,Then take a shower。
Soon,There was a splash of water in the bathroom。
About ten minutes later,Tian Lu stood behind the door,Ears on the door,Listen to the movement,It’s surprisingly quiet outside。
Tian Lu slipped downstairs quietly,I want to see a small building in the legendary abandoned yard。
By the street lights on the road in the courtyard,Walk along the road for a hundred meters and you will arrive at this small building。
The outer wall of the building is made of jade,Go up the stairs,The internal wall structure is a good wooden frame structure。Door closed,Hand touch the door,Did not feel any dust,I don’t want to be cleaned,It should be very clean inside too。
The courtyard is quiet,Away from the road,Occasionally there will be noises of crickets。
The boldness of Tian Lulai’s small building disappeared,Although not afraid of ghosts,She is still a little scared。
So stepped up and returned to the floor where most people live—Chen Limu and Ye Xingkong’s floor。
Walking in the backyard that is not too late,Perceive the surrounding,Calm as usual,Nothing beats,The fear is just to scare yourself,Everything around as usual,But at ease。
Tian Lu has a lack of security since he was young,May also be“I was bitten by a snake and feared forever”,Has encountered two safety accidents that concern her,Imprinted on her immature heart,Still have lingering fears,Be especially alert to the sense of security around you。
Once during the internship,Just stepping into society,Several girls crowded in a dormitory room,one night,A few boys who stepped into society came upstairs and knocked on their door,later“knock”Becomes“hammer”,“Dong dong dong”Like drumming,Scared a few girls back to a corner,The atmosphere dare not come out,They are afraid that there is no teacher present in the dormitory,An unbearable image of being molested appeared in my mind。
They are afraid that unbearable things will happen,How important is chastity to girls,Especially under traditional thinking,Appear sacred,The carefully guarded chastity cannot be lost in this situation。The girl who has never seen a big scene,Terribly scared,So I feel fear,And the phone has and happens to have no signal,Can’t ask for help。

The old fox originally had eyes wide open,Look at Qin Feng,After being chopped off by his palm, I fainted,Fell to the ground softly。

Qin Feng kicked him again after watching,Scolded,“You immortal,Let’s see Lao Tzu, I’ll kill you,My surname is no longer Lin。”
So Qin Feng reached out and grabbed the clothes behind the old fox,Picked up the old fox from the ground like a chicken,Walked to the old fox’s room with Sakura View。
Qin Feng opened the old fox’s room the same way last time,The door to the underground kicked the old fox straight down。
Suddenly the clanging sound came from the cold basement,The old fox rolled from the entrance to the underground factory。
Qin Feng slowly walked in after hearing the voice,Going down the factory leisurely again。This time is totally different from last time,This time I lost my breath,A few more icy flavors and bleak feelings。
Qin Feng went down and took a look,At this time the basement is empty,Tools randomly placed everywhere,If you don’t look carefully, you don’t know what these tools are for。
Qin Feng had seen it before,These are all things used to make that stuff,Now a bunch of people who seem to be placed randomly are left on the ground,There is no place to go。
Qin Feng turned his head and looked at the house of the person who had worked here,Now those fences are all opened,The things inside are still randomly placed。
And the excrement was not cleared away in time,It’s already suffocating。
After Qin Feng looked around here,,Then he regained his eyes on the old fox lying on the ground。
At this time, the old fox had been scarred from falling down from a height。
And the face that was originally full of wrinkles was cracked in several places。At this time blood is constantly leaking out。
but,Qin Feng won’t pity him,After all, he is a man who has done enough bad things。
He kicked the old fox again and said,“Hey,Undead,To the place,Why are you still dizzy??Wasn’t it very capable just now??Still want to control Lao Tzu!Why is it like a dead dog now?”
That old fox was kicked by Qin Feng,The body also moved,But there is still no sign of awakening。
Qin Feng looked at it for a while and said,“Tut tut,Sure enough, old is old。It’s been so long,Not awake yet。I still have to let Lao Tzu help you。”


First759chapter Perilous
For what’s happening,Chen Genghao feels nothing,now,He who ended the dinner,Working with Anthony·Fokker had a frank conversation——Only Chen Geng and Anthony in the room·Fokker,Some words,You don’t have to worry about it……
“Mr. Fokker,I know what you mean,”I watched and talked to myself about development again“3+3SeatedF150”Anthony·Fokker,Chen Geng pierced his cautious thinking in a word:“But are you Fokker just willing to be a second-rate regional aircraft manufacturer??”
“Uh……Mr. Fernandez,What do you mean?”Anthony·Fokker frowned,Can’t understand what Chen Geng said。
Looking at Anthony, whose face is almost innocent·Fokker,Chen Geng smiled:Pretend to me?Ok,You continue to install:“Mr. Fokker,I don’t believe you don’t know that Bombardier Canada·Havilland makes contact、Proposed acquisition·News from Havilland’s civil aircraft business,You say,Bombardier acquired Germany·After the Havilland Group’s aircraft manufacturing business,In order to recover this investment as soon as possible,What action they will take?”
30After many years of military fans,·Havilland is probably very strange,Many people have never even heard of this company’s name,But put the whole80Before the age,Morality·Havilland is a non-ignorable existence in the world civil aviation field,Just give you a few examples to illustrate Germany·Havilland’s strength in the field of civil aviation in the world:
During World War II,Britain produced nearly8000Main bomber:Mosquito bomber,Just virtue·Havilland’s products;
The world’s first transatlantic flight after World War II、Civil aviation aircraft with jet engines:comet,Also from Germany·Havilland,Ande·Havilland officially launched“comet”On a passenger plane,Boeing、,McDonnell Douglas and even Lockheed,You can only play with the stupid and dumb piston engine,Ok,JustB29The Wright on the bomberR3350Subsequent improvements to the engine;
And in a special historical period of our country more than ten years ago, it had special significance“Trident”airliner,Same virtue·Havilland’s products。
Just follow the center of the world、The world’s boss gradually changed from Britain to America,The aviation industry of the British Empire, whose national transportation has declined, is just like their automobile industry,Is also inevitably beginning to decline,Morality·Havilland Group has continued to lose money for many years,Last resort,Morality·Havilland Group began to sell its own group’s properties……Ok,According to their own words,Is stripping off bad assets,Pack light。
Anthony·Fokker can’t pretend anymore。
Since Chen Geng has mentioned Germany·Havilland and Bombardier Canada began to hook up、flirt,It shows that he is、Especially the situation in the civil aviation industry is clear。
Like him Fernandez·Chen himself said that,Bombardier invested heavily in the acquisition of Germany·Havilland Group’s aircraft business,That is to make money,And by virtue·Havilland has accumulated deep technology in the field of civil aircraft for decades,What’s next for Bombardier,I can think of it even with the heel。

“I don’t know why you were destined to mess with the world,Why become a great emperor,It also created today’s flourishing business world,Let the people of Dashang live and work in peace,No longer suffer from the evil of Yaozu,But now Dashang is indeed a human orthodoxy,Strength,Not weaker than Yaozu。”

“I just wanna tell you,Your origin,as well as,Sign up to join the Demon Slayer Army。”
Real Taiyi said with emotion,He thinks maybe his teacher is always confused,Miscalculated,But these are not important,The important thing is,Today’s big business is under Nezha’s governance,It can be said that the people live and work in peace and contentment,This is the focus of his attention,As long as the people can live a stable life,This is enough,What else is Nezha destined to live less than three years old?,What fate,All imaginary,therefore,Although I feel that what Nezha did is completely different from the mission of Magic Maru,but,That’s good,Don’t have to do it yourself。
but,Not long ago, I heard that Nezha planned to form an army of exterminating monsters and after the first war,Madam Taiyi is still unable to give up his human identity after all,Decided to go with Nezha,Although Nezha, as a great businessman, is very generous to the common people of Dashang,but,It’s a magic pill after all,Madam Taiyi is also afraid that Nezha gets red,Come to a slaughterhouse or something,That’s the misfortune of Human Race。
“Say it early,Join the Demon Slayer Army with the strength of real people,Is the blessing of my business,Humble place,Please also ask real people to follow me to the song,Then,Real people will contribute during the war。”
Nezha opened his eyes and looked at the real Taiyi who played the cards illegally,Said with a smile,I thought I was here to persuade myself,I didn’t expect to come to rely on myself,but,Nezha doesn’t agree,Polite invitation,Nowadays, there are not many powerful people in Dashang who have reached the third level,therefore,Nezha is very welcome to join Taiyi,Even if Taiyi looks really unreliable,but,The strength of Tier 3 is even parallel imports,It’s comparable to many second-order。
Chapter Ninety One Preparation before the war
“Say yes first,I prefer to drink,There is no shortage of wine every day。”
Real Taiyi looked at Nezha’s warm invitation,Said with a smile,He himself is a member of the human race,Now the big business wants to completely wipe out the chaos of the monster race,He will also help,but,The treatment requirements should still be put forward。
“Full wine,Real people have cultivated for many years,I don’t know if it’s nearly female?Do you want me to find some beautiful maids to serve real people??”
Nezha said calmly,Taiyi’s performance made him very puzzled,Could it be that the Taoists in your own world are such unreliable guys??Look at Zhang Sanfeng in the chat group,Now it has advanced to Tier 4,Looks like a respected elder,Look at the big fat man Taiyi in front of me,Let yourself have a different impression of Taoist profession。
“No need for a beautiful maid,I always like to drink good wine,Bad female sex。”
Real Taiyi waved his hand and refused,He dare not really find some beautiful maids to serve him,otherwise,It’s time for his master to clean up his insulting disciple。
“Oh,It turns out that there are things real people dare to think or do,People can not escape from doing wrong?Dao Chang has a very long life span now,Also need to remember,As the saying goes,There are three unfilial piety,No success is big,It’s a human tradition,Don’t give up at will。”

Chen Wenjin yelled at Xiao Xiao and left,But she was too frightened,I was shaking all over,So I went over and took her away,Persuade:“never mind。The world of night is unpredictable、All kinds of messy troubles,It’s easy to feel like a place outside the law。”

Xiao Xiao was really scared,She just came out to play,Nothing happened before,Wang Shuai always moves with a large group of people,I happen to have few people tonight,Just run into this unexpected situation,She can’t imagine,If Chen Wenjin gets beaten up,What will happen to her herself?
Past a group of injured,When there is no crowd with the will to fight,Xiao Xiao thinks about this,Feel terrible,Involuntarily holding Chen Wenjin’s arms with both hands,But please have a little more security。
Wang Shuai drove the car closer,I looked at the people outside the store and counted them one by one,Back in the car,Just say:“I go!Chen Wenjin, you are too exaggerated,Refreshed the record of one dozen nine,One pick nineteen!There are no cows!”
Xiao Xiao in the back seat,Holding body,I still feel scared,It’s not like Wang Shuai’s excitement for fighting results。
Chen Wenjin hopes,If this shock can make Xiao Xiao look at the night world again,Even back to the normal trajectory during the day,Then this one is worth fighting。
Chapter One Hundred and Ten resist
Wang Shuai was busy recalling the fight just now,Don’t worry。
“okay,Withdraw quickly,Save trouble。”Chen Wenjin urged it,Ask again:“Where’s Abao?”
“Behind。”Wang Shuai turns around,Drove back for a while,I saw Abao walking towards here from a distance,Obviously,He didn’t plan to exercise and run,But to save effort。Wang Shuai couldn’t help laughing:“He is very leisurely。”
Wang Shuai parking,Call Abao to drive,He opened the back door and said:“Xiao Xiao, sit in the middle。”
“Let me sit in front。”Xiao Xiao said so,Wang Shuai quickly said:“Forget it,I sit in front。I just think you might be scared,Thinking of having me and Chen Wenjin by your side,You will feel more secure。”
“Nothing。”Xiao Xiao obviously has no emotions at this time,The car started,She still leaned against the car door,Looking out the car window。
“simply,Go to mine at night,Let’s eat and drink at home,Not going to the venue,You can rest whenever you are tired。”Wang Shuai thought about what happened just now,Xiao Xiao must have an increase in Chen Wenjin’s favorability,He doesn’t know how much he has to do to get to the level。
“I’m fine,Don’t change the plan for me alone。”Xiao Xiao said so suddenly,Wang Shuai feels that the situation is not good,Just say:“do not talk,Ok, deal。Chen Wenjin,What happened just now?Why did you bring Xiao Xiao to make trouble with people??”
“Met someone who drank,Drunk,Can’t hide。”Chen Wenjin just finished,Abao can’t wait to ask:“What happened?”
“Nothing big,Met a group of people looking for something,It’s okay。”Chen Wenjin’s brief answer,Wang Shuai couldn’t help thinking about another interesting idea,I regret not letting Abao go in the car with me just now。

The original plan was to wait for Prince Huang Mao to chase Xiao Xiao,Now adjusted to let him go to the cusp,It’s like taking on trouble for Xiao Xiao,Of course Chen Wenjin agreed。

“I hope Prince Huang Mao and the director will not let us down too much!”Shuai Wang is very happy,He finally realized that Chen Wenjin’s relationship with Xiao Xiao is different!That is——Chen Wenjin is finally willing to end!
If Chen Wenjin doesn’t end now,,It is equivalent to let Xiao Xiao be in front。
“The nickname of Prince Huang Mao sounds awkward,Have you seen?”Xiao Xiao was strange。
“Have seen,But don’t know。This guy has short hair,Always dyed yellow,The sports car is also yellow,He didn’t let other people in the school dye their hair yellow,A friend next to him half-jokingly said that the prince is the only yellow hair in the ridge。He felt good,Let people call him Prince Huang Mao。”Chen Wenjin knew these things in his memory,Have a brief intersection。
“I really don’t want to have much contact with this person。”Xiao Xiao said,Wang Shuai felt that after she had confirmed the relationship with Chen Wenjin,,Clearly, one mind is all about feelings,Lack of interest in other things,So I decided to cheer her up,Intentionally said:“Punish evil!After this,Then punish the villain you mentioned last time!”
Xiao Xiao really doesn’t want to mention this,She just wants to be happy in the last few days,Her mother didn’t have a family,I was reminded to remember now,Just say:“That person will not mention it。”
“Row,Let alone that person,Prince Huang Mao will definitely bring the director tonight,Xiao Xiao just handle it,It doesn’t matter if you have a high posture。”
Xiao Xiao thinks about Chen Wenjin, since he thinks things have to be investigated,I agreed。
They are talking here,Suddenly I heard what Li Xiang said to Qiangwei,Can’t help but quiet down and listen。
“Abao always said that gold would not care about his stocks to make money after the holidays,I told him several times to ask him to ask for more gold,Speak well,It’s useless to talk about Abao。Do you think it’s true?”Li Xiang cares about this,Chen Wenjin, they all speculated that it was to decide when to start。
“Abao should be true。If he asks for gold to be useful,He asked without you。”Qiangwei answered and asked again:“You are ready to act early?So much money,Not easy。”
“I have a plan,But I didn’t think of a way to share money with others。It’s annoying to think about the money,You said it would be great if Abao would pass the money to me willingly!No need to share with others!I took the money and changed my city life,No worries in this life。”Li Xiang is full of dreams,But the reality is that she wants to take out Abao’s money and realize it into her own pocket.,We need some help,That means giving money to others,It just depends on which way to divide more、Which one gets less。
“I think you should be steady,eat slowly,The holiday is over, find a shop to do business and let Abao pay,Look for opportunities later,Don’t think about eating a fat man,Such a large sum of money,You can’t rest assured whoever you ask for help!”Rose Guo is more patient than Li Xiang。
“Too lazy to waste time with him,Exhausted!A Bao treats me like a buffet,Play whenever you have a chance,Playing less once is like eating a buffet and not getting back to the original,Tossing to death。He is not handsome,Looking at his face is annoying,I have to endure being bored and praise him for being handsome,Pretend to be passionate。I sucked him up early,Start enjoying life early。Play with handsome guys at the fair every day and night,Happy days?Maybe I will meet another big fish。”Li Xiang has no patience,She likes to squeeze it dry。

Because it is obvious how much Qin Feng has surpassed him by one level,I even touched the threshold of Transformation。He is sour!I’m so jealous!

unfortunately,Even if the boundless Taoist gave Jiang Min Bing Lingcao,The latter’s assimilation rate is still very slow,In fact, they are almost the same as the group of students in the college。
Speaking of which, if it weren’t for Jiang Min, this old guy is indeed talented,Maybe because of his age, he was left behind by those young people。
so,Even if he is not convinced,Have to admit,sometimes,Life in other times,It’s really not human control。
“Can i go now?”Angry Qin Feng is not so easy to forgive others。
So he thinks staying here is equally meaningless,So he needs to leave early!
However, what surprised him was,The vast Taoist doesn’t mean to keep him at all。
“how?Just leave?Forget it,Anyway, there is no way to talk to your people。”Qin Feng said to himself。
After saying this,Qin Feng really slipped away。
But not far,Old man Jiang Min suddenly said,“Hey,Boy, do you know the Jiujie calamus?”
“What the hell is that?”Qin Feng naturally didn’t know the scientific names of these things,of course,Judging from such a noun,Should be a plant?
only,Why did the old man suddenly tell him such a thing?In the middle,It should have any special meaning?
“Haven’t you studied pharmacology??”
“I study a leg,Don’t you teach me everything I know?”Qin Feng almost didn’t lift the table。I followed this old guy after I was ten,The latter didn’t even remember what he taught him?
But then again,This old man
Zi seems to have some pharmacological knowledge,But Qin Feng has never heard of the nine-section calamus。It should not be something they can see in the day after tomorrow。
It’s like Qin Feng had never seen Bing Ling Grass before。It seems that only people who feel the energy can see it。Of course it’s different if it’s artificially cultivated。After all, it is an item that can be obtained by human。
“Do you know what is huajing?”Old man Jiang Min explained。
“its not right,You’re just a dark-powered player and my bright-powered science world?Are you serious?”Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain。
then,Something depressing happened。

“Xin Zhao,Don’t die!”

“Xin Zhao,Please come alive,I promise you everything, OK!”
Lena is watching Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng fighting,Suddenly my ears move,Then froze。
‘Qilin said Xin Zhao was dead just now,Did she use the Deicide 1 armor-piercing bullet??’
‘Do not,Shouldn’t,That’s special military supplies,When it’s not fighting,Won’t give Qilin the authorization!’
“Go back with me!”
Although I know Xin Zhao will not die,But even if there is only a chance,Lena wouldn’t bet。
On the one hand is the reluctance in her heart,Another point is because,She spent a lot of resources on Xin Zhao,Have not received benefits,Are these resources going to be drained?!
Why Xin Zhao and Rui Mengmeng can equip weapons so quickly,And why can the second team of Xiongbing Company be formed so quickly,It’s not that Ducao sold Xin Zhao for a good price。
Even if it is Lena,I also feel a bit painful price。
Qiangwei watching Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng fighting there,In the time of ignorance,Was pulled up by Lena and ran back。
Seeing Lena in a hurry,Qiangwei decided to say hello later,Look at her expression,Obviously, I don’t want to answer any questions.。
Thinking in my heart,Qiangwei followed Lena to Qilin’s side,When you see Xin Zhao’s face full of blood,And the blood that Qilin got on reaching out,Qiangwei froze。
‘Is this fatal??Xin Zhao is dead,And it was killed by Qilin!’
What an international joke!
Lena took a deep breath,Then opened the dark communication。
Lena:“Lianfeng,Check Xin Zhao’s physical condition?”
Lianfeng:“I’m busy,I’m going to transfer to you,She is responsible for your physical condition!”
Yuqin:“You finally think of me,Xin Zhao is healthy, right?,He is in good health now,What happened?”

of course,Just looking at the ball in your hand does not touch much,But what happened next was extremely terrifying。

I saw the originally small aura spread to the ground,Then I walked around the building in front of me,Finally bottom up,Enclose the five hundred square meters directly。
The scary thing is that the people inside haven’t realized what happened。
After the grey aura completely surrounded the building,It’s actually corroding,Or it’s more appropriate to swallow。
That power ruthlessly swallowed the entire venue,Including the people inside also disappear。
See the building decrease a little bit,The people inside felt fear,So they attacked desperately,Desperately wanting to get in touch with the outside world。
This includes the warrior who entered the holy realm,He attacked desperately after discovering the problem。
Useless,Nothing works。
Everything disappears in this grey aura cover,They did not expect,Suddenly there will be a heinously powerful,A lore on them。
Wait for everything to end in this silent battle,Black robe talents show their true colors,As the leader of the Fighting Tournament in Lingxiao City,Of course Mr. Huang has the ability to do all this。
The same thing happened in another branch venue,It is also a ninth-rank enters the holy master,He used similar methods when he came here。
Cover all areas within a few hundred meters,The purpose of this is naturally to avoid causing outside discoveries。
All the people in the aura hood are lying on the ground,With an expression of fear and pain。
heavy,Unimaginable power,As if there is a huge,The unshakable mountain is pressing on them,To squeeze all the internal organs。
The only Elder Wei who can stand and endure the bitterness。
A martial artist above the fifth rank,This is beyond what he can bear。
For such questions,Old man Ma is actually thinking,But he did it。
“Do you believe in personal charm?”Compared to the usual more serious old man, looking at this lingering warrior,“Some people possess the qualities of gods,He will let you help for no reason。”


Chapter Five Hundred and Four Kindness is rare
Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island,There is a big pharmacy here,Can be said to be famous。
No reason,Because the name of this pharmacy only has three characters,“Bao Zhi Lin”。
Yes,That’s the one“Bao Zhi Lin”,the Grand Master,The pharmacy opened in Huang Feihong’s home of Ten Tigers in Guangdong,Today’s century-old brand“Bao Zhi Lin”。
Lu Menglin and Bacha Shitai came to this legendary medicine shop。
This medicine shop covers a large area,Hong Kong Island in a bit of money,Can open such a large shop,It can only be said that the golden signboard of Bao Zhilin is still loud。
There are more than a dozen clever boys in the drugstore,It’s like running around in an old restaurant,They saw a guest come in,Hurried forward,Hush cold and ask warm,Ask about the condition。
“Two distinguished guests,How can i help you?”A young guy came forward,Chong Lu Menglin and Ba Che Shi asked with a smile too。
These guys are very particular about questioning,Very good at observing beauty,If it comes from a sad patient or a patient’s family,They are usually more serious,Deeper。
And if it’s like the two in front of you,I usually buy Chinese medicine to adjust my body,Or based on nourishment,Then there is no need to worry,But to be more energetic,Be more festive to correspond。
“Let’s get medicine。”Lu Menglin responded with a polite smile。
“Holler!Did you bring your prescription??Would you like the old doctor in our shop to take a look?See 80 yuan once。”The boy smiled。
Bao Zhilin raises eight old doctors,All experienced doctors,Practicing medicine for most of my life,Very familiar with the pharmacology of Chinese medicine,This kind of service in their store is very considerate,Very fair,Only eighty yuan,You can ask an old doctor to look at the prescription。
If there is a problem with the prescription,The ruler and the minister upside down,Will cause serious problems for the patient,The old doctor in the shop will bring it up,Let the patient’s family consider it carefully,Don’t rush to medication。
They are equivalent to the last check before the patient takes the medicine,This is also one of Baozhilin’s popular services。