Psychological analysis of single men and women’s mate selection difficulties

Psychological analysis of single men and women’s mate selection difficulties

According to census data, single people in developing countries are expanding. In 1982, there were 1.74 million single households. In 1990, more than 8 million people were not married. In 1990, there were 200,000 single men and women. In 2005, Nanjing alone reached 400,000.Both Beijing and Shanghai have exceeded 1 million people.

The phenomenon of parents participating in various blind dates to find objects for their children has become a landscape in many large cities.

  The reasons for single men and women’s difficulty in choosing a spouse, except for what most people understand and see, for example, too much attention to their careers at a young age delays the selection of a spouse, cannot properly evaluate their own conditions, the intervention of parents or relatives, and restrictions on work and social conditionsIn addition to these, there are some personal psychological reasons.

These problems may not be recognized by themselves, their relatives and friends, or effective measures have not been taken to solve them.

  First, a woman who has the ability to love and be loved generally told me that when she was introduced to a man, she began to think about when and how to break up with him without talking a few words.

Another female visitor narrated herself that when she was with her boyfriend for about three months, she felt so bored that she couldn’t bear it and had to end it.

These two women are in good condition in all aspects. When they realized that they may have psychological problems, they chose to ask a psychiatrist for help.

  It is understood that they lived in a family where parents were at odds with each other. Since childhood, they have not learned to observe the sincere and strong emotions between husband and wife.

Therefore, when they grow up to talk about marriage, they don’t feel like men, so they will neither give nor accept love to others!

When love came to her, it made her extremely unhappy and chose to flee immediately.

  Most children who grew up in divorced parents’ families are likely to develop a lack of confidence in marriage.

They are particularly apt to look at each other’s shortcomings when dealing with the opposite sex, and when the two sides have a little conflict, they will even shake their confidence.

At this time, they often do not choose how to solve the problem and move forward, but always choose to leave involuntarily. In fact, it is a manifestation of lack of confidence.

  Second, a male visitor has not come out of his past creations and injuries. When someone introduced him to the subject, he actually led the woman to a counselor. He asked the counselor to help him determine whether the woman was “good or not.”OK “,” Will it be to lie to her “and pursue him.

  It turned out that he had been divorced once, so-called “once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of rope.”

He runs his own company, owns cars and houses in the city, and always chooses a new lover to worry that women are trying to covet his wealth, so he loses his judgment when facing women.

They cannot make the past event an independent event. After the end, they calmly analyze the causal relationship, find out the lessons, and trigger the new interpersonal relationship. It is really the beginning of the new event, not the continuation of the past event.
Many people are immersed in memories and reflections on past events. They are nostalgic for the causes that they missed in the past. When facing new objects now, they are used to comparing him or her with him or her then. No matter how you look at the person in front of youThe one who differs is too far to accept.

Most of these people, the person in their mind, is actually the product of the illusion in their hearts.

The desire for a lover makes them focus more emotions and more ideals on the imaginary person, shifting the shift of time. This illusory shadow is increasingly stretched, and finally occupies all positions in their hearts.It is difficult for any newcomer to enter their inner world.

But they themselves insist that the ideal person does not appear, and they may have to wait and seek for their entire lives.

But one day, when the perfect and tall man in their minds really appeared in front of them, they might be as crazy as love for Ash when they were young, like Scarlett, the hero of the American novel Gone with the Wind.Lee, when she went through a series of life tests such as war and the death of her family, let’s take a look at the perfect person in her mind that year, and find that he is just a commonplace.

  Third, the defect in personality A female visitor, who talked about the subject unsuccessfully for many times, asked the reason, and she told me that every time she started talking about her boyfriend, she liked to ask her friends and colleagues around her for advice. These women saidThere are both good and bad. In this case, she has no idea herself. In the end, the more she looks the worse, and it ends.

A man has a tendency to be violent. Whenever he quarrels with his girlfriend, he involuntarily beats him. After the fight, he regrets it very much and apologizes to his girlfriend in tears.

However, soon afterwards, she returned to the old state.

For a long time, no one could endure his violence. Now, after all, it is the 21st century. Women are no longer willing to be husband’s accessories.

Beyond this woman, she may be a person with an incomplete personality. When she encounters a problem, she often lacks ideas, or she may cause a sense of security in her heart. She is full of dangers and trusts in her future predictions.
  A violent man may have grown up in a family that often resorts to violence and has developed a behavioral approach to solving problems by force.

In our experience, we often have to warn women that in the face of a man with severe violence or violent behavior, whether to choose to be his partner needs to be carefully considered and decided, because once there is a violent tendency in personality, it is difficult to changeof.

  In addition, if men or women desire too much control, they should be jealous too close to paranoia, extremely distorted emotions, and too conservative or radical in sexuality, which can all be regarded as personality defects.

These may all become factors that influence mate selection.

  Fourth, the United Nations is not in the minority of men or women who lack skills in intercourse with the opposite sex.

A female teacher, conscious of her low interpersonal skills, was afraid that she would not speak when she saw her boyfriend and said something wrong, so she chose not to see her boyfriend.

She and her boyfriend are in the same city, and they rest on weekends. The boyfriend asks to spend time together, but she refuses her boyfriend because she is worried about seeing her boyfriend “behaving badly”.

  Imagine what men and women in love would think if they refused to meet.

She was worried that she wouldn’t speak, but because the men and women were not deep in each other and hadn’t reached mutual understanding, her boyfriend might think that she intentionally refused and avoided herself because she didn’t look at herself.

If the misunderstanding persists for a long time, it may cause qualitative change and go to the opposite side of her hope.

  Especially when young people are in love, they often need to receive technical guidance.Human talent and growth environment are not the same. Some people can easily learn the skills of dealing with the opposite sex, but some people always have this knowledge and need to actively participate in learning.

Eat 6 pieces of tofu and lose 8 pounds a day.

Eat 6 pieces of tofu and lose 8 pounds a day.

Eating tofu when you lose weight can improve your body’s metabolism and avoid eating ketoacidosis.

Weight loss physicians proposed a new method of eating tofu diet, weighing 60 kilograms of women, eating six tofu and six servings of fruits and vegetables a day, can lose two kilograms a month and no ketoacidosis.


hzh {display: none; }  尿酸过高者不宜 但医师提醒痛风及尿酸过高者不能吃太多豆腐,一般人摄取过量也可造成代谢负担。Chen Liping, a medical practitioner who proposed this method, said that tofu contains a variety of nutrients such as plant protein, which can increase muscle tissue production and increase the body’s basal metabolic rate.

  Chen Liping suggested that people who want to lose weight can replace rice and meat with tofu, but they must be balanced with nutrients. Their wife, Zhang Hualun, is a pediatrician. After birth, he is fat to 70 kilograms. He is nearly 20 kilograms in five months.

  Chen Jinming, a physician at the family doctor of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, said that he does not approve of eating a single food to lose weight. If too much or too little is enough, the energy needed by the body cannot be formed. Too much tofu will also burden the body.

  Tofu diet method: It is recommended to eat more than 2 tofu per day, instead of rice, meat replacement, 2 boxes of tofu 300 card principle: tofu produces plant protein and soy isoflavones, with a sense of satiety, not easy to be hungry.
  Gout patients or blood uric acid concentration is too high Note: excessive excess may be flatulence, and still need to eat enough fruits and vegetables, in order to maintain nutrition, remember, two tofu every day can lose weight, but can not eat more!

How to develop children’s dietary attitudes

How to develop children’s dietary attitudes

At this time you should be a good companion when your child is eating, and he is ready to start learning basic table manners.

He can no longer hold the fork and spoon, because he can now use these tools like an adult.

Under the guidance, he will also use a table knife reasonably.

Now you can also teach him other table manners, such as not talking when your mouth is full of food, and not crossing the table to get other people’s food.

It is essential to explain these principles to young children, and parents’ own role models are even more important.

  How much to eat is enough Many parents worry about whether their children eat “enough”.

Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether your child is eating enough or not enough: 1.

Give him a small portion only after asking for some food for a while.


Eat dessert no more than twice a day. It is recommended to use a healthy diet instead of some soft drinks, sweets, flour pastries, salty or small amounts of food.

  Too many desserts and even too young children’s appetite for dinner are reduced, and it is easy for children to fracture.

To minimize the risk of teeth and excessive traces, children are encouraged to eat the following nutritious snacks: fruits and juices, carrots, oatmeal porridge with celery and cucumber flakes, wheat bran bread or biscuit cheese.


Don’t use food as a reward for your children.


When young children ask for food or drinks, they must be actually obese or thirsty.

  If your child’s real purpose is to get your attention, talk or play with him, but don’t use food for comfort.


Do not let your toddler eat while playing, listening to stories or watching TV.

This can lead to him being full due to eating “subconsciously”.


Calculate the amount of food he eats often, and note how many calories he transfers on average every day.

6-year-old preschooler needs 900 total calories per day?
1800 calories, or about 40 calories / body weight.


Don’t worry if the toddler’s meals are not consistent, sometimes he will eat any food he can get, and sometimes he estimates that any food is sneered.

When a child refuses to eat, he may be tired because he has too little activity the other day.

You can also use meals as an exercise method for self-control.

Especially when the child is not interested in anything, he is destined to resist your idea of letting him eat.

Anyway, don’t force your child to eat.

When the child is lethargic, make sure that he rests. He will neither get hot nor lose weight.

However, if his appetite has dropped significantly for more than a week, or if he has symptoms of fever, vomiting, diarrhea or weight loss, consult a pediatrician.


Limit young children’s intake of too much milk.

Milk is an important food, mainly due to its high calcium content.

However, too much milk will reduce your child’s desire for other foods.

A child’s calcium requirement can be met by 480 grams of milk per day.

  Although young children in this period are very eager to eat, there are still some special behaviors when eating, and these performances may change every day.
When your child comes across a food they like very much, his greed can irritate you, but it’s best not to do it.
Instead, let him eat the food on his plate, or something else.

As long as the food he chooses is not too much sugar or salt, don’t object.

Let him taste a little bit of other foods, encourage him to eat other foods, and don’t insist that he eat foods that he is completely unfamiliar with.

Sometimes TV ads can severely prevent children from getting proper nutrition.

Some studies have shown that children who watch more than 12 hours of television each day are likely to gain weight, and at this stage children are more likely to receive advertisements for sugary cereals and desserts, especially after he has visited other families who have prepared certain foods.

  To combat these external influences, keep your family as “clean” as possible.

Buy some low-salt, low-sugar, and low-feces foods and serve desserts only on special occasions.

It is also necessary to monitor the television and advertisements watched by young children. In the end, he will gradually become accustomed to a healthy diet. In the end, the young children’s desire for sugar, salt or small amounts of food will obviously decline.

Is the baby not breathing?

Don’t worry!

Is the baby not breathing?
Don’t worry!

Infants have different causes of poor breathing. Here are five major causes and countermeasures.

  First: cold and nasal congestion (performance: nasal congestion and runny nose, double reddish nose wings, and some accompanied by fever.

) Because the baby’s temperature regulation center is not perfect, the nasal mucosa is weak, the respiratory tract resistance is poor, and it is easy to catch a cold.

Subsequent acute edema of the nasal mucosa caused nasal congestion.

  Abstract countermeasures: 1.

Use a warm and damp towel on the baby’s nose for hot compresses (not too hot) twice a day for about 15 minutes each time.


When using air-conditioning, the indoor and suburban temperatures must not be too different.
About 30 seconds is appropriate.


About half a month after the birth of the baby, the appropriate amount of cod liver oil began to be added; 4 months began to add complementary foods, supplemented with vitamin A, can be fed some liver puree, carrot puree, vegetable puree to enhance the defense ability of the respiratory tract.

  Second: Acute sinusitis and nasal congestion (performance: in addition to nasal symptoms such as nasal congestion, purulent snot, open mouth breathing, etc., the more serious are fever, headache, sore throat, irritability and other symptoms.

) Repeated onset of babies can affect the sinus mucosa, causing congestion and swelling, increased secretions, and acute sinusitis caused by multiple sinus openings.

  Abstract countermeasures: 1.

If your baby has a nasal purulent nose, ask your doctor for replacement therapy to remove the purulent discharge from the sinuses.


Babies with severe nasal congestion should be used with caution under the guidance of a doctor.

5% ephedrine furacicillin drops, 10 before feeding?
One drop on each nostril for 15 minutes, it usually activates within a few minutes.

However, ephedrine has anesthesia for small infants and is not suitable for excessive or long-term use, so as not to cause atrophic rhinitis and affect the olfactory sensitivity of the nose.


Once you have acute rhinosinusitis, take your baby to the ENT department in time to see a doctor and replace the antibiotics reasonably under the guidance of the doctor to completely cure and prevent recurrence.


If the baby has a sensation, it should be actively treated.

  Third: Nasal glandular gland (performance: Nasal glandular gland at the outer nasal cavity or deep, divided into slender nasal passages.

) There is a normal amount of secretions in the nasal mucosa every day. Because the baby will not blow his nose, the mother did not clear the secretions in the nasal cavity to the baby in time. The secretions are duplicated and stored in the nasal passage. Over time, the accumulated secretions will dry.Hardened to form an epistaxis.

  Abstract countermeasures: 1.

Do not squeeze the baby’s nose when removing nasal rash, so as not to damage the weak nasal mucosa, causing bleeding and infection.


Immediately remove nasal secretions, such as the retina, from the baby and use a nasal aspirator.

  Correct method: If the nasal constriction is blocked in the nostril, it can be gently rolled off with a small sterile cotton swab.

If the nasal stains are deep in the nasal cavity, you can use physiological saline, cold water or breast milk to drip into the nostrils 1?
2 drops, let the nasal pimple slowly wet and soften, and then gently squeeze the nasal wing to promote the nasal pimple to loosen gradually, and then remove the nasal pimple with a small cotton swab.

  Fourth: foreign body insertion (performance: re-insertion into the nasal cavity, poor ventilation; if the secondary infection, the mucus gradually becomes purulent; if the foreign body stays for too long, the nasal mucosa can be eroded, granulations can develop, and bloody snot can be issuedSmelly.

) Two or three-year-old babies are curious and sometimes play with small stones, small building blocks, small whistle, buttons, small rubber heads, bottle caps, paper balls, and love to stuff these little things into their noses; sometimes they eat sunflowersSeeds, peanuts, fried beans, nuts and stuff these into the nasal cavity.

Because the baby’s nasal cavity is small, these things can’t be taken out by himself, and he doesn’t dare to tell his parents that after he forgets it, foreign objects will stay in the nasal cavity.
Some babies suffer from eczema of the nasal vestibule. Because of itching, they rub the stuff to relieve the itching.

  Abstract countermeasures: 1.

Parents should pay attention to the baby’s breathing situation. Once the baby is found to have nasal congestion, or an unexplained runny nose, if there is an odor, take the baby to the doctor in time.

Educate babies to develop a good habit of hygiene. Don’t stuff things into their noses. Once they are stuffed, tell their parents in time and get back the foreign objects as soon as possible.

  Fifth: allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion (performance: obvious nasal congestion, more sneezing, and often runny nose.

) Allergic rhinitis is divided into two types: anatomy and perennial.

Perennial allergic rhinitis, which can occur throughout the year, is mostly caused by fungi, dust mites, insect secretions, animal fur, and the like.

  Abstract countermeasures: 1.

Take systemic and local anti-allergic medications under the guidance of a doctor.


Often take babies to outdoor activities, develop a good habit of washing face and hands with cold water, improve the body’s adaptability and resistance to external climate changes, and help prevent disease.


The room is often wet and dusty, with windows open to keep the air fresh.


Do not give babies spicy foods, fried foods and seafood, do not drink excessively; eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of boiling water.


Avoid babies from allergens such as dust, glands, fungi, animal fur, and feathers.

For example, do not use down pillows, duvets and Simmons mattresses; do not let babies get close to cats, dogs, birds and other pets.

In the season of pollen spreading, don’t take babies to the lush areas of flowers and trees, let alone pick and smell flowers and plants.

Ziyin Jianghuo Soup Old Cucumber Burdock Chenshen Soup

Ziyin Jianghuo Soup Old Cucumber Burdock Chenshen Soup

The weather is dry and the temperature is high, which makes people feel irritable and thirsty. If you accidentally eat more salty and hot food, it will be more uncomfortable to get angry. At this time, it is best to drink the soup of nourishing yin and lowering heat.When the symptoms are severe, drink “bitter tea”!

Come and try this old cucumber burdock Chenshen soup. It is very likely for those who are irritable, thirsty, sore throat, and swollen gums.

Ingredients for 4 people: 300g pig exhibition, 1 old cucumber, 1 burdock, 2 Chen kidney, 3 figs, 8 bowls of water

Chen Shen was washed and slightly soaked; figs were washed; 2.

2. The burdock is scrubbed clean with a coarse cloth; the old cucumber is washed, the seeds are cut open and cut into pieces;

Wash pigs, cut into pieces, and pick up the water; 4.

Pour 8 bowls of water into a clay pot and bring to a boil, add all the ingredients, boil it with martial arts heat, turn to medium or small heat for an hour and a half, season with salt.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and lowering fire, clearing away heat and annoyance, nourishing lungs and swallowing.

6 tips to stop your baby from eating complementary foods

6 tips to stop your baby from eating complementary foods

As long as you use appropriate tips, you can make your baby happily accept complementary food.

  Method 1 demonstrates how to chew and chew food. Some babies will push their food out with their tongues because they are not used to chewing. Parents will show the baby how to chew the food and swallow it.

You can slow down and try again to give him more learning opportunities.

  Method 2 Do not feed too much or too fast according to your baby’s food intake. Do not feed too fast. After feeding, give your child a rest, do not have any activities, and do not feed immediately.

  Method 3 Taste various new flavors. The diet is full of changes that can stimulate the baby’s appetite.

Add new ingredients to your baby’s original food, from small to large.

Foods that your baby doesn’t like can reduce the supply, but you should gradually increase the variety of complementary foods so that your baby develops a good habit of not picky eaters.

Babies hate a certain food, sometimes not in taste, but in the cooking style. Therefore, parents should change their styles in cooking style.

In addition, the child likes to chew food after teething, and may wish to change the fruit puree into fruit pieces at this time.

Food should also pay attention to color matching to stimulate the baby’s appetite, but the taste should not be too strong.

  Method 4 After knowing the baby’s independence, half a year old, the baby gradually has independence, and he wants to eat by himself. Parents can encourage the child to take the spoon to eat, giving him the opportunity to learn.

If your baby likes to grab and eat with his hands, he can cook foods that are easy to hold and satisfy the child’s desires, making him feel that eating is a “feeling of accomplishment” and his appetite will be more vigorous.

  Method 5 When the child is being played on Xingtou 10 minutes before meals, if the child is suddenly interrupted, it will cause resistance and rejection, so even a child about 1 year old should tell him in advance what he is about to do.For example: “I will wash my hands and eat in another 10 minutes!

6 Method 6 Prepare a set of children’s tableware with a large bowl full of food, which will cause the baby to feel oppression and affect appetite; sharp and fragile tableware should not be used by young children to avoid accidents.

The commercially available children’s meals have lovely patterns and bright colors that can promote your baby’s appetite.

Parents may wish to bring their child and buy a set by themselves.

Causes of uremia

Causes of uremia

Folks have always said that “prescriptions are used to treat serious illnesses”, but the prescriptions cannot be abused, otherwise it will easily lead to unpredictable serious consequences.

Mr. Yu suffered from hypertensive hypertensive nephropathy for more than 2 years. After active treatment, the tendon was successfully stabilized at about 400.

However, at the latest consultation, Mr. Yu’s tendon index suddenly rose to 805, and he became a uremia patient.

So what is the cause of Mr. Yu’s uremia?

  The special recipe “croton roasted frog” became the culprit. The nephropathy expert at Beijing Deshengmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital observed and inquired that Mr. Yu had been eating folk specialty kidney recipe-croton roasted frog.

  This recipe is what the patient saw in the magazine.

The specific method is to stuff croton into the frog’s belly, roast it on the fire and make it into powder, and eat it in 10 days.

Mr. Yu was eager to heal the illness, and after eating two as taught in the magazine, he did not feel any changes in his body.

But when he came to the hospital for a follow-up visit, the creatinine actually developed to 805umol / L, and the index had entered the end stage of renal failure-uremia.

  In order to save Mr. Yu, Deshengmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital applied “three-dimensional rejuvenating kidney therapy” to help Mr. Yu remove toxins from the body and protect renal function.

After intensive treatment, the tendon returned to its original level.

  Experts, “Compendium of Materia Medica” has clearly pointed out: croton, Xin, hot, with great poison.

Modern pharmacological studies have also confirmed that croton toxin in croton oil has diarrhea, toxic, and carcinogenic effects.

Patients with renal failure are worse off when they take croton, which is exactly why Mr. Yu developed uremia.

  Patients with renal failure cannot use the prescription expert indiscriminately. It is undeniable that there are some good prescriptions in the folk, but patients with renal failure whose kidney function is not good, do not try the so-called folk prescriptions.

Because too many remedies are toxic, for patients with renal failure, a little toxicity may cause their last remaining renal function to be lost, and as a result, it will cause uremia.

After that, the experts also recommended for us the recipe that has been passed down over many years of clinical verification and has been recognized by official medical records: 1 carp (scaly and viscera, washed), red bean, mulberry, atractylodes,30g each of peel, 5 scallions, boiled together with 1500ml of water, cooked fish and red beans, cooked without salt, eat fish first, then take medicine.

Effective for edema and swelling of the extremities.

Diseases that can be ground from appetite

Diseases that can be ground from appetite

Loss of appetite and strong appetite may be the cause of certain diseases, so how to distinguish between certain diseases?

Let ‘s take a look together. Armor can always pay attention to the health of yourself and family and friends in life.

  Loss of appetite may be the cause of these diseases. ↓ ↓ When it comes to appetite, most people will have temporary loss of appetite due to fatigue or nervousness. This is a relatively minor phenomenon.

  However, if your appetite fluctuates, pay attention!

Studies have found that in addition to environmental, emotional and other factors, human appetite will be affected by disease.

In other words, the appetite may or may not indicate a disease inside the body.

  ○ If anorexia is accompanied by nausea, it is often a sign of renal failure, uremia, advanced diabetes, acidosis, and ketone poisoning.

  ○ Poor appetite, anorexia, abnormal stool, diarrhea after eating greasy food, this is a manifestation of indigestion.

  ○ Sudden loss of appetite, nausea when seeing food, especially nausea when seeing greasy food, tired body, weak waist, dark yellow urine like strong tea, and yellow eyes, may be suffering from viral hepatitis.

  ○ Occasionally, the lack of appetite is mostly a signal of spleen and stomach deficiency, and anorexia stubbornness is often the onset of atrophic gastritis, and even the possibility of gastric cancer and squamous cell carcinoma.

Intractable anorexia is still often a sign of liver depression and mental illness.

  ○ For people over 40 years old, without any reason, the abdomen is full after eating, accompanied by burnout, decreased appetite, and the body is getting thinner. It may be suffering from esophageal or gastric cancer. You should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  ○ Depression patients are not interested in the onset of the surrounding disease and cannot focus on their basic physiological needs. They only focus on replacing or invading their own thoughts. They also have problems with loss of appetite.

  Excessive appetite may be caused by these diseases. ↓↓ ○ Sudden appetite is mostly a sign of fire in the stomach.

Hyperthyroidism and psychosis are also marked by anorexia.

  ○ If you like to eat foreign objects, such as candles, coal, soil, raw rice, etc., they are mostly a sign of infantile accumulation and mental illness.

  ○ Appetite is strong and easy to be obese, the body is getting thinner and thinner, accompanied by thirst, drink more, and urinate more, it is likely that you have diabetes.

  ○ Abnormal appetite and abdominal distension, and more often after eating, abdominal distension can be relieved when lying, accompanied by nausea, stomach pain and other symptoms, which may be suffering from stomach ptosis.

  ○ In the near future, the appetite will be strong, but the weight will be reduced, accompanied by fatigue, fever, sweating, and excitement.

If the eye is full and slightly overhangs, it may cause hyperthyroidism.

  ○ After eating a lot of greasy food, the appetite is obviously reduced, accompanied by abdominal distension, chest tightness, paroxysmal abdominal pain and other symptoms, it may be caused by indigestion.

If the appetite is acceptable, after eating greasy food, pain in the right upper quadrant appears, which may be a problem with the gallbladder.

  ○ Sudden pain in the upper abdomen after overeating, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and fever. Taking analgesics does not relieve the symptoms, which may be a manifestation of acute diabetes.

Of course-not to say that all cases of high appetite (loss) indicate illness!

Here I just want to tell you that sometimes large appetite drops are not a small problem, you need to know.

  If the appetite changes little, then you should pay attention to: regular diet, avoid overeating.

  Appetite is too high, you can stimulate your taste by eating pine nuts, soft-bristled toothbrushes, tongue brushing, a cup of coffee before meals, and mint.

  Loss of appetite. Foods with flavor, spice, and bitterness can be used to stimulate and increase the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite.

  If the difference between appetite before and after is too large, it is recommended to go to the hospital for consultation, the complications are still unknown.

Insomnia caused by neurasthenia and medicinal recipes have significant effects

Insomnia caused by neurasthenia and medicinal recipes have significant effects

Click to buy Neurasthenia may cause insomnia and dreams, affecting the health of the body.

We all know how important sleep is to our body. Sleep gives a tired day torso and tight nerves a good rest adjustment.

But, what can relieve the nervous breakdown?

…… Three medicated recipes improve insomnia, wheat, black beans, night cocoa soup, 45 grams of wheat, 30 grams of black beans, 10 g of night cocoa, put in the same pot, add water to cook, and discardMedicine residue drink soup.

  This is a daily dose, divided into two servings.

  This medicated diet has the effect of nourishing the heart and kidneys and soothing the nerves, and is suitable for insomnia and upset of inexperienced heart and kidney.

  Onion jujube soup 20 jujubes, with two onions and white onions.

Wash the jujubes with water and wash them with hair, wash them with onions, and cut into inch sections for later use.

  Put the red dates into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the scallion onion and continue to simmer for 10 minutes. Eat jujube soup.

This is a one-day dose, taken in two portions.

  This medicated diet has the effect of nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, and is suitable for evidence of neurasthenia, insomnia, dreams and memory loss.

  Fresh leaf soup 15 grams of fresh leaf soup, 30 grams of red beans, two tablespoons of honey.

Wash the peanut leaves and red beans, put them into the pot, add water to cook for a soup, discard the peanut leaves, add honey, and drink soup and beans.

  This is a daily dose, divided into two servings.
  This medicated diet has the effect of nourishing and soothe the nerves, and is suitable for neurasthenia, insomnia and more dreams.

How to stay away from bird flu?

How to stay away from bird flu?

How to effectively prevent bird flu?

The reporter searched for various tips suggested by various experts: Trick one: Drinking anti-sense soup prescription one: Composition: burdock seeds 10 grams Bupleurum 10 grams Platycodon 10 grams Adapt to the crowd: slaughter, trafficking, cooking personnel and other birdsAnd people with severe contact with poultry products.

Soak the Chinese medicinal water for 15 minutes, and then fry for 20 minutes after boiling.

Take one dose daily and take warm meals twice a day.

  Prescription 2: Composition: Burdock seeds 10 grams Bupleurum 10 grams Platycodon 10 grams Astragalus 10 grams Lentils 10 grams Adapt to the crowd: Prescription 1 adapts to people with spleen deficiency and dampness.

  Note: 1.

Prophylaxis is generally taken 3?
5 days; 2.

2. If there are obvious symptoms, you should go to the hospital in time and consult a doctor;

Those who are allergic to the Chinese medicine mentioned above should be used with caution.

  (The prescription comes from Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital) Trick 2: The mulberry products are currently in accordance with the “Human Infection H7N9 Avian Influenza Diagnosis and Treatment Program” (2013 first edition) issued by the Ministry of Health and the prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine for bird flu prevention issued by local health departmentsIn China, mulberry leaves are used as the core raw materials.

Everyone in the process of diet does not hinder the intake of more mulberry products.

  Trick number three: My friends who love chicken, suckling pigeons and duck necks should avoid taboos now!

If you must eat it, be sure to cook it thoroughly and eat it.

Avian influenza virus is resistant to low temperature. It can be inactivated by heating at 65 ℃ for 30 minutes or boiling for more than 2 minutes.

  Trick 4: Keep away from bird droppings. Bird droppings will carry viruses, which can be kept for about 7 days. If they are exposed, they will be infected with the H7N9 virus.

Do n’t come into contact with sick and dead chickens, dead pigs and other animals in the near future. Live chickens in farmer’s markets and live pigs should also try to reduce contact.