Note: Do n’t go blackhead and ruin your nose


Note: Do n’t go blackhead and ruin your nose

I believe that girls who want to have white skin and flawless skin all hate the blackheads on their noses. Everyone will try every means to completely remove these blackheads and give themselves a truly beautiful face.

However, a large part of everyone’s methods of getting rid of blackheads are wrong. These wrong methods even make blackheads more difficult to eliminate, and also hurt fragile skin.

hzh {display: none; }  去黑头的误区:  一、用盐搓 网络曾盛行一种用盐去黑头的方法,据说很有效。The specific method is: take a small spoon of salt on your hand and reconcile with a few drops of water to become a thick liquid, then massage this liquid on the nose for a while, and then wash it off.

This method is the most difficult to control the amount of water. If you add more water, the salt will melt away, and it will have no effect. If there is less water, it will hurt when you knead it. In addition, the salt is not fine, which will easily scratch the skin.

  Second, when we squeezed our hands into the mirror and saw the black head protruding from the nose, we couldn’t help squeezing it with our hands.

In fact, this is a very unhygienic method because we have a lot of bacteria on our hands, which can easily cause skin infections.

Moreover, it is difficult to stick out the stubborn blackheads with your fingers, and you must squeeze them with your nails, hurting the skin and even leaving marks.

  Third, when tearing off with the nose patch, when I first started to use the nose patch, I saw that the torn nose patch had black heads on it, and there was unexplainable comfort in my heart.

But once you get into the habit of sticking your nose, blackheads will entangle you like an unfortunate dream.

However, sometimes it is OK to use it occasionally. Remember to do a good job of collecting pores, it is recommended to use strong shrinkage water.

  Fourth, blackhead drainage + acne needle scraping blackhead drainage will be floating out of the blackhead, and then use acne needle scraping to clear the blackhead.

This method can only deal with the blackheads that have just formed. If it is a stubborn blackhead, you must adjust the cuticle to squeeze out the blackheads.

Not to mention us, even the so-called beauticians in beauty salons may not be able to do this technical work well.

Don’t think that the more painful this acne needle is in the bladder, the cleaner it is. Feeling pain is not normal, but the skin is suffering.

  Fifth, blackheads occur because the skin is not hardened. The blackheads appear to be hardened fat. The reason for the blackheads is that the oil in the skin is not discharged in time, and the capillary pores are formed after a long time.

The nose is the most oily part. If it is not cleared in time, a large number of dead skin cells are mixed with grease and precipitated, forming small black spots.

Therefore, removing excess oil and controlling oil is the key.

  6. Blackheads are a worry for young people. The appearance of blackheads is caused by the combination of personal skin and external environmental factors. People of any age who do not take good care of their skin may have blackheads.

  Seven, squeezing can eliminate blackheads Moderate squeezing can be considered as one of the methods to eliminate blackheads, but excessive stimulation can cause the skin’s oil secretion, adenosine, to accelerate the secretion of more oil, just as someone squeezes an oil palm fruit, the intensity is reducedThe more oil comes out.

And squeezing can cause more serious damage to delicate skin-large pores and scars.

Eighth, blackheads can eradicate itself at once, everything has a metabolic cycle, and blackheads are no exception.

It takes patience to eradicate blackheads. A few days after the exacerbated blackheads are cleared, new blackheads are forming again. This metabolic cycle requires the daily care of special attention to be slowly cured.

  Eight, how to completely eliminate blackheads 1, cleanse the face with a fine pore type facial cleanser.

  2. Exfoliate with deep exfoliating cream.

  3. Apply the plant blackhead softening milk to the blackheads, and wash it after 10-15 minutes (usually 2-3 times a week, daily for severe cases).

  4. Plant blackhead dissolving water is extremely effective in dissolving lipids.

Dissolve the water and pour it on the cotton pad, put it on the nose or chin for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it with water (three times a week in severe cases and once in light cases, you must wash with more water).

  5, shrink pores adjustment water is suitable for oily, combination skin, use after cleansing.

  6. The essence of the blackheads at the two ends of the plant can dissolve the blackheads. After using the conditioning water, take an appropriate amount and rub them on the blackheads.

  7. Go for blackheads with rice.

Each time after steaming the rice, pinch a small ball gently on both ends, which will take away the dirty things.