Men need women to understand compassion

Men need women to understand compassion

Emotional experiences of the past Every man’s past is a well-collected diary of the soul, which may occasionally be turned over, but it will never be easily shared with others; especially that chapter about women.

But almost all men have complex and vicissitudes of emotional experience.

In the men’s circle, showing off how good and beautiful a woman once was was also a special way for men to prove themselves; but in the face of today’s women, they will never mention it easily because the past is even more engravedIt is also a matter of another world.

What’s more, even a woman with the highest quality cultivation will inevitably break the casserole for the past and ask, if you encounter a “vinegar jar”, will you not find it hard?

  Everyone will be curious about the past of the loved one around them, and wanting to have all of their loved ones is an instinct, a love instinct.

  But once you know, what will be left besides the pain?

Love needs to be sincere, but it also needs to be secret.

The so-called secret is to give love a space to let love breathe freely and keep love fresh and mysterious.

  Men’s vanity Men are players. If a man likes drag racing and is a center on the football field, the charm in front of a woman will suddenly increase, so men must have a few real skills, and the worst must be included.Play the same way, so as not to lose face in front of a woman.

So there are men who secretly practice hard to teach their girlfriends to play tennis.

The house cannot be taken away, so there are men who swindle all their incense cars. They can’t borrow their parking lot or rent a day to satisfy their excessive vanity.

  Men’s sexual worries are a belief that a man has a one-time fantasy every 6 minutes, and it’s only when he’s busy with it.

After thinking about it every 6 minutes for 6 consecutive days, men begin to do something step by step, but few women will know about men’s concerns about sex.

Many men whispered in their hearts before they had the opportunity to give their penis a try.

They keep comforting themselves that the size is not the key-“not in its size, but in how you use it.”

But it’s true that size issues plague them.

In addition, men are afraid of women who are more fancy than he is on the bed. Such a test will scare him. Of course, when men are not, women are most afraid to say, “Are you sick?

“As for prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation, hair loss, insomnia, kidney deficiency, palpitations, hemorrhoids, etc., all are notorious for men.

  The ideal image of Takura Ken’s tough guy in the minds of men’s children’s women made men learn how to cry without flicking. Therefore, men have developed the habit of negating their emotions since they were young.Too many children are a sign of weakness.

If something happens to a Japanese person who fails in business or the Australian cabinet dissolves and cries, it must be the headline of the newspaper immediately.

  do you know?

As a result, more men suffer from depression than women, and suicide rates are higher than women.

  Every man has a more or less ecstatic complex, especially in those men who lacked motherhood when they were young. They often snuggle in the arms of their beloved women in the dead of night. Of course, this kind of complex will not spread everywhere.The right woman must be his favorite and most trusted woman, because only in front of his beloved woman can he feel safe.

  A man is easy to grasp. No matter how many illusions, as long as you love him, you can find his way from the infinite hidden world behind him.

7 points for ovarian health

7 points for ovarian health

The ovary is particularly important for women. Its main function is to produce eggs side by side, which reflects reproductive functions.

The second is the synthesis and secretion of hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, androgen, and various growth factors, which control more than 40 parts of the nine major systems of the human skeleton, immunity, reproduction, and nerves, maintaining the normal functions of these systems and organs.
Therefore, the ovaries are not only related to a woman’s reproductive ability, but also related to a woman’s aging problem. So, massage these points can maintain the ovaries?

Let ‘s take a look together.

Blood Sea Point Blood Sea Point is one of the acupoints of the human body, located above.

Massage or acupuncture is recommended to treat dysmenorrhea, urticaria, maternal soreness, ladies’ massage before lunch and help to remove facial freckles.

The blood sea point on the knee joint, combined with the Sanyinjiao point on the joint, reset the Fuluo point next to the joint, Zhaohai point, Yongquan point on the sole of the foot, Guanyuan point, Qihai point, and Shenque point on the lower abdomen., Use your index finger to click on these points, 2?
3 times, 20 minutes each time, can promote the improvement of women’s endocrine and reproductive system functions, which is beneficial to the maintenance of the ovaries.

In addition, women should pay more attention to their diet to maintain the ovaries.

Eat more cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower oil, sesame oil, and other foods that substitute vitamin E and the internal organs of vitamin B2, eggs, milk and soy products, as well as vitamin B6 cereals, beans, lean meat, etc.
In addition, in terms of lifestyle, we should pay attention to stress relief, work and rest, self-cultivation, sleep, and moderate exercise.

Sanyinjiao Sanyinjiao Sanyinjiao means that the blood and blood in the three Yin channels of the foot meet at this point.

This point is very effective for gynecological diseases, such as irregular menstrual periods, leucorrhea, menstrual period with more than three Yin crosses, too little, premenstrual syndrome, menopause syndrome, etc., can be treated; and this point is the foot Taiyin spleen, foot ShaoyinThe kidney meridian, the foot juan yin and liver meridian meeting place, so it is widely used, in addition to strengthening the spleen and blood, but also adjustable liver and kidney.

It also has a soothing effect, which can help sleep.

Fuluo Point is about three horizontal fingers upward from the midpoint between the reconstituted tip of the foot and the posterior edge of the Achilles tendon.

Massaging Fuluo points is effective for women’s scorching, dysmenorrhea, and swelling of hands and feet.

Zhaohai Cave Zhaohai Cave is located inside the depression just below the tip of the condyle.

It is commonly used in the treatment of urethritis, nephritis, neurasthenia, epilepsy, irregular menstruation, and functional uterine bleeding.

Yongquan Point is located on the sole of the human foot, located at the anterior space where the head ends of the 2nd and 3rd toe cone stitches are connected to the heel.The first point of the sutra.

Guanyuan Point Guanyuan Point is located three inches below the umbilicus (three inches when four fingers are placed horizontally).

Guan Yuan Acupoint has a solid foundation of Pei Yuan, which supplements Jiao’s power, and replaces the vitality with alternative energy.

Clinically used for urinary and reproductive system disorders.

Modern research has confirmed that pressing rubbing and tremor at Guanyuan points mainly achieves the goal of treating reproductive system diseases by regulating endocrine.

Qihai Point Qihai Point is located at the midline in front of the body, 1 and a half inches below the umbilicus.

Qihai, Renmai water gas vaporizes, expands and dissipates into heat after it absorbs heat. Therefore, this point points to the ocean of Qi, so it is named Qihai.

The predecessors have said that “Qi Hai Yi An Warms the Whole Body”, which means that Qi Hai Acupoint has the effects of warming Yang and benefiting qi and dehumidifying qi.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is the center of the human body and the source of anger. The body’s true qi is caused by it. Therefore, for the debilitating diseases caused by insufficient yang and lack of anger, Qi Hai points often have the benefits of warming the yang and strengthening the body, Pei Yuan tonic effect.

Let medicinal diet polish your window of soul

Let medicinal diet polish your “window of soul”

At present, the incidence of myopia in adolescents in China is relatively high, and how to prevent and treat myopia has become a concern of the whole society.
There are many ways to prevent and treat myopia. Here are six simple and easy-to-use medicated diets for young patients.
  First, Cuscuta congee, Cuscuta 30 grams, 60 grams of rice, sugar.
Method: Wash and mash the dodder, add water to cook, remove the residue and take the juice, add rice and porridge, add sugar when eating.
Take one dose twice daily.
Efficacy: Bushen Yijing, nourishing the liver and eyesight, suitable for myopia caused by liver and stomach deficiency.
  Second, wolfberry porridge 30 grams of wolfberry, 60 grams of rice.
Method: Boil Chinese wolfberry and japonica rice once a day.
Efficacy: kidney, nourishing yin, eyesight, used for liver and kidney yin deficiency type myopia.
  Third, a goat liver porridge, a liver, 20 grams of onions, 100 grams of rice.
Method: Wash the sheep’s liver to remove the fascia, chop, stir-fry the onions and grind them. The second flavor is cooked in a casserole, take the juice, and eat with rice porridge.
Especially suitable for winter.
Efficacy: warming liver and kidney, eyesight, suitable for liver and kidney qi deficiency myopia.
  4. Gujingcao Yanggan Decoction 30 grams of Gujing grass, 100 grams of sheep liver.
System of law: sliced sheep liver, and served with gluten grass soup.
Efficacy: Shufeng Qingre, nourishing the liver and eyesight, applicable to those with red eyes and dry eyes.
  V. Onion white pork liver egg soup 150 grams of pork liver, two eggs, light onion, and salt.
Method: add boiled pork soup, add eggs, light white, salt to taste, eat pork liver soup.
Efficacy: Tonic and nourishing blood for eyesight, for myopia with liver blood deficiency type.
  Six, wolfberry leaves fried pig heart fresh wolfberry leaves 50 grams, a pig heart, peanut oil amount, a little salt.
Heat the peanut oil, add the sliced pork heart and wolfberry leaves, stir-fry, season with salt and serve.
Efficacy: nourishing the liver and replenishing essence, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, clearing away heat and eyesight.
For Yin deficiency and internal heat type myopia.

Our district has successfully completed the food safety guarantee work of China’s first international hot spring and climate health tourism seminar and the fourth hot spring capital Chongqing hot spring tourism season

Our district has successfully completed the food safety guarantee work of “China’s first international hot spring and climate health tourism seminar and the fourth hot spring capital Chongqing hot spring tourism season”

Chongqing has plummeted and it is time for hot springs. This is not the case. From October 15th to 17th, 2018, China’s first international hot spring and climate health tourism seminar and the fourth hot spring capital of Chongqing hot spring tourism season are in our district.Chengjiang Town is a grand antique, and the District Food and Drug Administration Branch has comprehensively safeguarded food safety during this meeting.

During the food safety guarantee period, law enforcement officers strictly followed the responsibility of the food safety guarantee work plan. The hotel issued a comprehensive inspection of the licenses, system management, personnel health, incoming inspection, environmental sanitation, facilities and equipment, and on-site supervision and promotion of reconstruction problems.And organized 46 kitchen staff to conduct catering service operation training.

At the same time, on-site sampling and quick inspection of oil, rice, vegetables and other foods used during the meeting; arrange personnel to station at the hotel for 24 hours, conduct on-site supervision of the materials and processing of each meal, and control key risk points.To avoid the occurrence of food safety accidents, the food safety guarantee work of this major event was successfully completed.

Children’s toe seam can cause athlete’s foot if it is not dried

Children’s toe seam can cause athlete’s foot if it is not dried

To take good care of a child’s little feet, parents must start with themselves.

In the clinic, we learned that some families have athlete’s foot on their feet and their mother has vaginitis.

Such families have a particularly high chance of fractures and infections on their feet, and their ability to “travel long distances” is very strong. Parents must pay attention to this.

Liu Xiaoyan, director of the Department of Dermatology, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, warns parents that infants and young children can be easily infected with athlete’s foot.

  The doctor is outstanding. Parents are affected by athlete’s foot. Be sure to keep your children’s toiletries strictly separate from adults.

After a child takes a bath and wipes his feet, use a cotton swab to dry the water in the seams of his toes. Especially for fat children, it is easy to leave water in the toe seams.

Because the temperature of the seam of the little feet is not lower than the temperature of the leg sockets and neck, and there is a certain humidity and moisture help, it is easy to cause fungi to breed and be more likely to be infected by parents’ athlete’s athlete’s foot.

  However, unless the water is cleaned, the little feet can still grow and smash because of sweating. What should I do?

Experts say that if you wear thin cotton socks for small babies or toddlers, you can reduce this worry, because cotton socks will absorb the moisture in the seams of the little feet at any time.

  Prevent adults from fungal infection to children. Even if adults don’t have athlete’s foot, don’t put adults and children’s clothing together. Children’s clothing should be exposed to the sun in the window.

  Even if the father does not have athlete’s foot, and the mother does not have gynecological absorption, do not assign the children to soak in the bathtub together. It is best to wash your hands before bathing the children and before holding the children.

Children’s shoes should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. It is best to dry them on a wooden board before blowing them.

When friends and relatives come to visit, it is best to wear shoes to the guests to avoid using slippers, which will cause cross infection of dust.

Can you fitness?

8 most common myths of aerobic exercise

Can you fitness?
8 most common myths of aerobic exercise

English “AEROBICS” means “aerobic” or “aerobic participation”.

In fact, aerobic exercise requires oxygen to participate in energy supply. It also requires the participation of major muscle groups throughout the body. The continuous duration of exercise and rhythmic exercise.

Aerobic exercise can exercise the heart and lungs, so that the cardiovascular system can more effectively and quickly transfer oxygen to every part of the body.

So how to do aerobic exercise well, we need to avoid the following 8 misunderstandings: Control body fat Fact: Combining aerobic exercise with strength training is the best way to control body fat at an ideal level.

Many people mistakenly believe that aerobic exercise alone is most effective in controlling and reducing body fat for two reasons.

① Aerobic exercise consumes unfortunate things first, while strength training consumes sugar stored in the body.

② Within the set heart rate range, 45 minutes of aerobic exercise consumes more energy than strength training at the same time. Stopping strength training requires rest between each group and consumes much less energy.
The reason is this: aerobic exercise can achieve the purpose of consumption, but can not continuously increase the metabolic rate.

Although strength exercise can not increase the heart rate for a long time, it increases the volume of muscles, thereby increasing the metabolic rate and enabling people to consume more energy at rest.

This is why aerobic exercise combined with strength exercises is the best way to lose weight.

  The more the better: The fact that a good thing has been done can turn into a bad thing and lead to the opposite result.

So is aerobic exercise.

Although it may be an effective aunt consumption method, the long-term aerobic exercise consumes the short aunt, and also includes muscle.

Studies have found that two hours of aerobic exercise can absorb 90% of leucine in the body-an amino acid important for muscle growth.

Normally, normal leucine levels prevent muscle breakdown caused by excessive exercise.

  Low-intensity exercise facts: incorrect.

The principle of fat loss is that you consume more energy per day than absorbed displacement. Higher intensity exercises consume more displacement than lower intensity exercises.

Exercise physiologists have found that when you reach 60% of your maximum heart rate, your aunt consumes more sugar (glycan) or protein (muscle).

However, if the exercise intensity is greater, that is, more than 75% of the maximum heart rate, the body will directly use the aunt, sugar, and protein as energy sources.

In other words, the harder you practice, the more degeneration you consume.

However, for beginners, the principle of gradual and gradual exercise should be followed, and the amount of exercise can be gradually increased in order to effectively improve the cardiopulmonary function, and it is possible to adapt to the exercise intensity of resistance.

  Strength exercise facts: In order to consume more energy, a certain intensity is required during aerobic activities. The ideal way is to reach more than 70% of the maximum heart rate.

And the purpose of strength exercises is to increase muscles, repeating 6 times per group with the correct posture under the ideal weight?
12 times is better.

The smartest way is to do strength exercises after a brief warm-up and then do aerobic exercises.

If you put aerobic activity in front, because it can reduce muscle glycogen reserves and swallow your strength, then your weight may not only be relieved, but will increase.

Conversely, if you do strength exercises first, you can quickly reach the state you need to prepare for aerobic exercise.

  Do more practice facts: If you want to consume more sweets, occasionally prolonging aerobic exercise time is not bad, but if it becomes a habit, the result can only be harmful and unprofitable.

If you often use extended exercise as an excuse for overeating, and you have actually turned yourself into an overtraining situation, then your body simply has no time to recover from the fatigue of overtraining.

When the body is unable to adapt to training, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of gaining muscle and reducing fat.

Because excessive training can lead to excessive secretion of catabolic hormones, which attach to the muscles and prevent them from being synthesized.

Therefore, people who often consume too much in one meal should increase the intensity slightly during the next aerobic training, or reduce the conversion of the next meal.

  Fat Loss Facts: A body fat test can indicate a slight ratio to other body tissues (muscles, bones, etc.).

One of the keys to reducing your aunt is to have more muscle.

Indeed, there are only two ways to improve a frustrating physique, that is, to abandon more aunts and develop more muscles.

People who choose aerobic exercises can certainly achieve fat reduction, but when they force excessive aerobic exercises, discard strength exercises next to them or perform light exercises, it is definitely not enough to keep the muscles down. If the muscles are reduced, restThe state’s metabolic rate decreases, and the body fat ratio rises accordingly.
To change the adult-to-muscle ratio, relatively heavy strength exercises should be used to develop and maintain muscle volume.
After strength training, perform moderate to high-intensity aerobic exercises.

  Exercise before meal facts: The content of meals before exercise depends on how long you exercise after meals.

If your goal is to lose fat, it is best to take a balanced meal 3 hours before your workout; if you want to do it before aerobic exercise1.

When eating between 5 and 2 hours, reduce the amount of meals. If you need aerobic exercise within 1 hour, do not implant.

The reason is this: Aerobic Exercise 10?
After 20 minutes, the body started to consume the aunt (mainly).

Whether your body can effectively consider the consumption of trace fuels depends on the amount of glucose in your blood.

Obviously, if you are supplemented with high glucose, the blood glucose level will also be high, and glucose can delay the body’s consumption of small amounts of fuel.

  Heart-favoring facts: The American Heart Association states that 3?
4 times, at least 30 minutes each time, at 50% of maximum heart rate?
75% of aerobic exercise is best for the heart.

Alignment has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and cardiopulmonary function, and significantly reduces the risk of related diseases.

The American Heart Association recommends that exercise heart rate for beginners should be 50% of the maximum heart rate. After a few weeks, the intensity gradually increases to 75% of the maximum heart rate.

Summary, training intensity indicators.

The better you stay in shape.

Because the heart, like other parts, is also a muscle, it also requires intense exercise!

How to make your menstruation beautiful

How to make your menstruation beautiful

Have you found that your skin is sometimes smooth under the same care and environment, but sometimes it is rough?

In fact, this is the female’s physiological cycle is playing tricks.

  In different cycles, physical conditions, skin conditions and psychological conditions are different. Therefore, the nursing methods adopted are different. Mastering your own cycle beauty method can make you beautiful every day.

Clean the skin with warm water 2-3 times a day, and use some cleansing cream appropriately to prevent skin infections.

  Have you found that your skin is sometimes smooth under the same care and environment, but sometimes it is rough?

In fact, this is the female’s physiological cycle is playing tricks.
The physiological cycle is the key factor that affects your beauty, so in special times, you must take care of it so that you can show your beautiful face every day!

  In different cycles, physical conditions, skin conditions and psychological conditions are different. Therefore, the nursing methods adopted are different. Mastering your own cycle beauty method can make you beautiful every day.

Menstruation: Dry skin should be thoroughly moisturized.

And menstrual skin is fragile, so be sure to reduce skin care steps and choose soothing, non-irritating products.

  During menstruation, pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep.

Clean the skin with warm water 2-3 times a day, and use some cleansing cream appropriately to prevent skin infections.
  To wet your face, first lather the facial cleanser and start washing.

  Press lightly with a towel to dry, be sure to gently circle, do not rub casually, it is best to change to a new towel when sensitive.

  Morning: Wash your face with water.

  Evening: Remove makeup with “milky” makeup remover, then wash your face with cleanser.

  During menstruation, you should take a rich and balanced diet and drink plenty of water to supplement the body’s nutrition and blood volume. At the same time, you need to maintain a stable mood and a good mood to reduce skin changes during menstruation.

  Eat some blood during the menstrual period, especially at night, in addition to blood, but also make the skin delicate and smooth.

In addition, be careful not to eat spicy and cold foods, to prevent blood cold stagnation, qi and blood flow.

  Nourishing blood and nourishing soup: 4 candied dates, 12 grams of white fungus, 2 Sydney, 3 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 10 grams each of north and south apricots, moderate sugar.

Cut the core of Sydney into 4 pieces, and cook with other ingredients.

5 hours, add rock sugar.

  Jujube black sticky rice porridge: After washing the black sticky rice, soak it in water?
For 10 hours, add red dates, lotus seeds, and longan.

Add the right amount of water and cook in a saucepan to make porridge.

Daren’s moisturizing experience can refine the skin _1

Daren’s moisturizing experience can refine the skin

Everyone wants the skin to look tender and white, so we isolate in the summer, sun protection, whitening spots, moisturizing in the winter, lock in water; in the spring, we are allergic . but in fact to achieve this ultimate goal, there is one thing that must be done, that is, moisturizingWith skin, women have beauty at all.

Strive for this goal, let’s take a look at how you guys replenish and moisturize and lock the moisture tightly.


hzh {display: none; }  1 Nina 24岁  肌肤类型:属于偏油性肌肤,局部还有敏感状况。As a tour guide, you need to travel around for a long time. Years of sun exposure will inevitably make your skin swollen and dull.

  Moisturizing appeal: It is necessary to rehydrate and quickly restore the skin after sun exposure. How can it be moisturized without applying two layers?

  For me, the amount is sufficient and sufficient for moisturizing to be effective. When I study in Japan, I often turn on the air conditioner in winter. At that time, I found that moisturizing is not just a shower and a layer. It is necessary to apply it again after an hour.Do it well, or is it enough!

Since then I have been in love with the moisturizing gel.

Now I am always on the move, for me with oily skin, it is indispensable all year round.

Apply before bedtime, the next day the skin is still moisturized, and it is not oily.

Compared to essences and lotions, its moisturizing effect is not so long, but the added effect of gel allows me to be quite a lot.

In addition, I have the habit of diet, supplementing the skin’s missing collagen, Q10, etc. If the skin is dehydrated because of the lack of collagen in the basal layer, the skin loses its ability to lock water, and no matter how much water is added, it is not effective.

  Lessons to share: ● The soothing action of curry, the enzyme that activates melanin production goes to sleep, and the acne marks gradually fade away over time.

  ● After skincare every night, use it instead of the mask to apply a layer on the brown, and then go to bed directly, the next day really feel radiant.

  2 Shanshan’s 24-year-old skin type: As long as the weather is short, the skin will not feel moist, but it will produce bad oil, which is a serious external oily and dry inside.

The race looks duller, in fact the skin is more dehydrated.

  Wet job hunting: comprehensive spa treatment, let skin repair both inside and outside of the skin. I found that the most moisturizing mask was used for hundreds of years. I have only used patches for years.I kept controlling the oil and found that my skin was getting drier.

Through trial and error, I found that all my skin problems are caused by insufficient moisture and difficult to maintain moisture.

But because the surface is oily, I don’t like to use lotion products, so the moisturizing mask that instantly works wonders and can maintain the moisturizing effect for about a day has won my heart.

  Paste, leave-on, patch, as long as you can think of the mask I have used, in the end I found that patch type moisturizing mask is the most effective deep moisturizing products.

And to choose that essence is liquid, better absorption than milky, deeper.

In order to maintain the hydration effect, I quit the drink and insisted on drinking tea to keep my body open. Even in summer, I prefer a hydrating mask. If I want to be lazy, apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream and sleep well.

Persistence has basically improved the water shortage.

  ● The essence of the patch mask remains, and the residual residue is left in the residue after finishing the application. Many people are accustomed to absorb it. I recommend using water to wash it off, because the cuticle on the end face has been softened, and there is also residual skin on the mask cloth.The crumbs continue to absorb and absorb more dirt attached to the skin.

  ● After applying the mask, apply the lotion in time. Even a thin layer can help lock in the moisture that the mask has just added to the skin.

  ● Before applying the mask in the summer, I used to apply a little pore essence or witch hazel oil on the T area, and then apply it again. The pores gradually became more detailed, which may be the reason for better absorption.

  3 Shi Meng is 26 years old.

hzh {display: none; }  肌肤问题:不属于干性肌肤,但是可能是因为长年化妆的原因吧,眼睛下方、法令纹、额头这些局部特别容易干,尤其是换季或日晒后尤为明显,Peeling is frequent.
  Moisturizing appeal: I need immediate hydration effects. I’m entangled in the local area and never miss a dry line. I’m a crazy tester of moisturizing essence. I often apply makeup because of work.

In fact, my skin is okay, but it is really wasteful to dry it locally.

When I noticed that the dry lines under my eyes started to become fine lines, I felt that the problem was serious.

I started frantically trying moisturizing essences, from European and American to Japanese, plus domestic ones that I can’t buy, and I used them from liquid to emulsion.

After trying so much, my favorite now is the essence which can be used before and after makeup.

Even if you put on makeup, you can keep it moisturized for at least one or two hours by applying a little bit.

In addition, using aromatherapy to add points to skin care products is also my recommendation.

Adding essential oils to the essence works even better.

But pay attention to choose pure essential oils, for the first time to do a sensitivity test behind the ears.

  ● The moisturizing serum itself does not contain oil. After using it, you must use a single cream with oil to achieve moisture retention.   ● If the skin has other needs, I will base it with a moisturizing essence and then mix it with other essences for better results.

  4 Nannan 25-year-old skin problems: Dry skin with no nutrition, occasionally a few acne will emerge, and the skin is not shiny after staying up late.

  Moisturizing ingredients: Deeply hydrate while maintaining good skin condition. Super dry skin will never dry again!

  I found a bottle of multi-effect “skin first aider”. I should be regarded as a super invincible sister. Winter is the season I hate most. Every day, my friends point at the whole body and say, “You peeled again.

Although I force myself to drink a few buckets of water and eat countless fruits every day, I still can’t stop the dry skin at both ends.

  After trying countless products, I think their moisturizing durability is not long enough, and the effect is only temporary for my large dry skin.

Later, I found that the high-performance lotion is just like my skin’s “rescue”. Its efficacy is comprehensive and fast. The high-performance lotion with a high essence ratio not only simplifies the skin care steps to make-up lotion + lotion, but also reaches beyond hydrationSkin care effect.

Therefore, although it is a lotion, it is quite refreshing, but it is also very suitable for dry skin that lacks nutrition.

  ● After the essence, use a high-performance emulsion to cover a layer of moisture-retaining film on the surface of the skin. This layer of membrane will prevent the small molecule essence from being lost immediately, and the effect is doubled.

  ● The skin’s radiance comes from oil, which is absolutely reasonable.

When the weather is dry, I will add a layer of cream to the lotion, of course, only at night, the skin will be absolutely radiant and moisturized the next day.

Try the five elements hangover after drinking

Try the five elements hangover after drinking

Chinese medicine believes that many foods have the effect of “hangover”, such as radish, banana, pear, grapefruit, tomato, peach, coriander, mulberry, kudzu, chrysanthemum, lentils and so on.

  Gold-shaped human body features: relatively thin body, straight nose and wide mouth, thin limbs, white complexion, gentle breathing, most of them can withstand autumn and winter, can not tolerate spring and summer.

  Hangover party-honey radish: 250 grams of white radish, 100 grams of honey.

Add the white radish to the boiled water, remove it immediately, dry it, add honey and mix well.

It has the effects of widening the middle and lower levels of phlegm and resolving sputum.

  Wood type human body features: pale face, weak body, weak physical strength, most of them can withstand spring and summer, can not tolerate autumn and winter.

  Hangover party-Gehua chrysanthemum honey: 3 grams of Gehua, 3 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of honey.

Put the kudzu flowers and chrysanthemums in the right amount of water, soak for 5 minutes, and add honey to serve.

It has the effect of clearing heat and hangover, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

  Water type physical characteristics: relatively fat body, extended belly, waist and hips slightly larger, afraid of cold and warm.

Most of them can withstand autumn and winter, but not spring and summer.
  Hangover party-Galangal porridge: 20 g of galangal, 100 g of previous rice.

Cut the galangal into thin filaments, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 20 minutes on a low heat to cook porridge with the previous rice.

It has the effects of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, warming and stopping vomiting, and digesting and sobering.

  Fire-type human body features: red skin, broad back muscles, shoulders, back and stomach symmetrical, anxious temperament, most of them can withstand spring and summer, can not tolerate autumn and winter.

  The hangover party: Gardenia Gehua drink: 15 grams of gardenia, 10 grams of Gehua, 10 grams of honey.

Boil on high heat, simmer on low heat for 20 minutes, add Gehua to cook for 5 minutes.

  Soil-type physical characteristics: yellow skin, thick shoulders and backs, big belly, strong thighs, most of which can withstand autumn and winter, but not spring and summer.

  Jiejiu Fang-grass bean Amomum lotus leaf drink: 2 grams of grass fruit, 15 grams of white lentils, 2 grams of amomum, half a leaf of lotus leaves.

Put in a casserole, boil on high heat, and simmer for 20 minutes on low heat, and serve.

It has the effects of hangover and digestion, widening qi, and anti-vomiting.

Let Mind Yoga give a break

Let Mind Yoga give a break

Pinghe’s psychological love teachers are the promotion rate, sales staff is the annual indicator, and managers are the project assessment . The mental overload often comes from self-compression.

Success or failure involves many subjective and objective factors, and it is not a matter of personal strength.

Goal positioning and value pursuit must meet their own conditions.

In the face of competition and challenges, we need both enthusiasm and passion, but also rational strategies and tactics.

  Timely exercise is full of fun and relaxation, and free singing and dancing is the most effective “work” of spiritual yoga.

During lunch break, after work, holidays, walking, jogging, swimming, singing, playing basketball, traveling, both exercise, cultivate temperament, and effectively transfer and relieve stress.

  When feeling bumpy or depressed, find a close friend to whisper, tell your heartfelt words, and spit it out quickly; if no one speaks for a while, you can also write a diary or blog, the more venting,The happier my heart is.

This is a good way to relieve depression and relieve stress in spiritual yoga.

  The sweet psychological burden of love and harmony is often the cause of discord between lovers and husbands.

And sincere and pleasing to talk about love is a good medicine to transfer and disperse psychological pressure; a harmonious and full-fledged sex life between husband and wife is a wonderful way to release the mental burden and resolve psychological confusion.