Seven DIY masks for easy whitening

Seven DIY masks for easy whitening

If you want to whiten, you must do your homework.

MM who likes to use whitening masks is always worried about what brand of whitening masks should be used, and the masks made of them.

In fact, if you know the DIY magic of homemade masks, you can try to make a whitening mask that is easy to use and economical.

Now, teach you to make four popular whitening masks. Are you ready?

Let’s learn together!

  Chrysanthemum whitening mask material: a few chrysanthemums, one egg method: 1, put the chrysanthemums in the container and smash them 2, break the eggs, take only the egg whites 3, stir the smashed chrysanthemums and egg whites evenly, and apply the mixture onAfter the egg white dries, clean the face and apply emollients. Chrysanthemum contains very rich essential oils and chrysanthemum pigments. It can inhibit melanin, help whiten the skin, and soften epidermal cells.

  White Poria Whitening Mask Material: 1 teaspoon of Poria powder + 1 teaspoon of Huangling powder

Mix the materials, stir the water and stir well.


Apply the prepared mask on the whole body, and wash the face with warm water after 15 minutes.

  Efficacy: Whiten skin, anti-allergic, make skin clean and detailed.

  Tofu whitening mask material: Tofu amount method: 1.

Wash your hands and place the tofu in the palm of your hand.


Gently rub the tofu, then apply the tofu to the face and massage gently.


Wash after 20 minutes.

  Efficacy: When cooking, if there are small pieces of tofu left, try using a mask.

Tofu has a high moisturizing and whitening effect. If you use it often, you can see that the skin becomes white and tender after one month.

  Rum lemon whitening mask material: 1 teaspoon of rum (other spirits such as Erguotou, vodka also works) 1 egg skim milk powder 1/2 cup (about 25 teaspoon) 1 lemon or half grapefruit juice

Mix all the ingredients and stir well.


Put the prepared mask on your body and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.

  Efficacy: Whiten, purify and leave skin soft and delicate.

  Watermelon whitening mask material: 2 watermelon peels, clean gauze or absorbent cotton 1.

Scrape the watermelon peel juice with a spoon and pour into a small bowl.


Dip a piece of clean gauze or absorbent cotton and apply watermelon juice to both ends.


Wash after 20 minutes.

  Efficacy: The juice of watermelon peel has the skin-care effect of clearing fire and detoxifying, and can whiten and repair the skin.

Frequent use of watermelon peel juice to cover the face can whiten and moisturize the skin, increase skin elasticity and gloss.

  Pueraria whitening mask material: Pueraria puerariae, two or two, let the pharmacy beat Pueraria powder into powder; deposited pearl powder; the amount of honey; egg white one.

  1. In a small cup for drinking white wine, take a small spoon, mix pearl powder and pueraria powder together, put honey and egg white, stir well with a small spoon 2. Wipe face and neck, apply for more than 40 minutes, once a weekThe whitening mask made from pure Chinese medicine has a significant whitening and emollient effect.

  Pearl powder whitening mask material: 1 tsp of pearl powder, appropriate amount of lotion or lotion.

  Method: After washing the face, take pearl powder, add lotion or lotion and stir together, and apply it to the body for about 20 minutes.

  Efficacy: Pearl powder has whitening, blemishes and nourishment, and it has a certain effect against allergies.

Dance jazz jump out of package good figure

Dance jazz jump out of package good figure

Open the menu, according to your personality and dining requirements, order different dance “slimming meals”, compare the deliciousness, health and digestive index, and see if the package is the best for your taste.

Maybe you will be delighted to find that this specially prepared food can make you healthy and upright for a whole year.

  African style package: Jazz dining number: single or multiple people Suggested pairing: hat, cane, chair Slimming code: waist, chest, abdomen, 胯 Signature dish: acorn honey wineJazz dance originated in Africa is representative of delicate and soft.

Sending crickets, twisting the waist, and wavy body are the main characteristics of jazz dance.

Because of the charming and gracefulness of jazz dance, as well as playfulness and humor, it is very popular with fashionable women.

Jazz dance requires more detailed expressions. In addition to the correct dance steps, a good jazz dancer must contain three major elements: soul, sexiness and balance.

In addition, another feature of jazz dance is that you can add many elements to it, such as hats, canes, chairs, etc.

  ”Dining” tip: Jazz dance tests joint supplementation, so this “fitness package” is not as easy to “digest” as you think.

Of course, learning this kind of dance requires a certain dance foundation, otherwise it will be very difficult to practice.

In addition, practicing jazz also requires a certain amount of physical strength and endurance. It is recommended that you do a cardiopulmonary endurance test before practicing.

  Fun Hip Hop Package: HIP-POP Dining: Number of people Suggested Matching: Loose Clothing Slimming Password: Whole Body Muscle Signature Dish: Hot Dog Diners Comment Free and simple is the cultural meaning of HIP-POP. In fact, fresh hot dogs sold at street stalls,Vibrant and casual natural flavor.

  HIP-POP originated from black street culture in the United States, and the dance has a strong sense of rhythm.

It is highly random, can improvise movements, has no specific dance steps and procedures, but requires high sense of rhythm, and has strong expressiveness and creativity.

  This dance can exercise the muscles of the body, and every part of the body can be practiced during the dance. It is a very interesting aerobic dance.

  ”Dining” tips: Choosing a HIP-POP fitness package requires dancers to have a better sense of rhythm, and their requirements for the legs are particularly high.

As you sweat a lot during the dance, you need to pay attention to rehydration during exercise.

Girls are advised to wear trousers during practice. If performing in a skirt, it is best to add a layer of safety pants.

  Mysterious Garden Package: Belly Dance Dining Count: Single Suggested Cooperation: Veil, Cane Slimming Password: Waist, Crotch, Head and Neck, Arm Signature dishes: Mossaga Diners comment “Mossaga” is a lamb wrapped in cheeseThe baked cake has Middle Eastern characteristics.

The mysterious belly dance originated in Middle Eastern countries and was originally used as a religious ritual to celebrate the fertility of women and celebrate the mystery of life.

During traditional belly dance, the dancer’s head and hair are constantly swaying.

Modern belly dance is mainly a twist of the waist, with the crotch, shoulder and neck and other parts, also belongs to aerobic systemic dance.

With a single twisting action, she jumped up and appeared particularly enchanting.

Belly dance is less demanding on dancers and does not require a special foundation.

Unlike other dances, full-bodied women can also practice, and they will have a special charm when they dance.

  ”Dining” Tips: Choose a belly dance package to exercise many parts of the body, including eyes.

Of course, coordinated movements of the abdomen and retina are also important.

It is recommended that you do not eat staple foods within two hours before dancing. You can eat fruit, yogurt, and other snacks. Set meals: Latin dance. Number of people: Single or double (aerobic Latin) Double (standard Latin).: Waist, chest, thigh signature dishes: Sauce barbecue Diner reviews The savory sauce barbecue is easily reminiscent of jumping Latin notes and various Latin dances.

Latin dance includes rumba, chachacha, samba, bullfight and cowboy dance.

Aerobic Latin exercises are different from standard Latin dances.

  The aerobic Latin in the gym is free and belongs to the aerobics class, which can mainly exercise cardiopulmonary function.

Many Latin elements are mixed in the practice, such as Chacha, Rumba, etc., but there is no standard Latin offset to the dance steps.

Standard Latin specializes in body language.

But all of them require the dancers to be 100% emotionally exhausted, which can liberate the body and restore the mood, which is a kind of exercise method to relieve stress.

  ”Dining” tips: Because of the emphasis on muscle and line training, the aerobic Latin package can cultivate women’s distinctive temperament and make them more shapely.

When practicing, pay attention to the use of breathing during the dance process, and you need to add water in time.

  Hot whirlwind set: Salsa dancing Number of people: Double Suggested cooperation: No special requirements Slimming code: Chest, waist, arms, thigh Signature dishes: Spicy skewers Comment on diners As a type of Latin dance, salsa is also passionate,The unrestrained characteristics are more “hot” than Chacha and Rumba, and they are also playful in jazz.

  Sa Sa is not very demanding on the dance steps, but has certain requirements on the degree of tacit understanding between the dance partners.

If you are tired of solo dancing, you can learn salsa and enjoy the feeling of dancing together.Various fancy rotations, forward and backward movements and kicks can be effectively applied to the whole body muscles.

  ”Dining” Tips: Once you choose to use the salsa dance package to shape your body, you need to work hard to make your diet more stringent and screen healthy or not to eat according to certain criteria to maintain a better shapeeffect.

Attention Five Signs Before Your Baby Is Ill

Attention Five Signs Before Your Baby Is Ill

First of all, children whose emotions and personality change are healthy are always full of energy, have eyes in their eyes, and do n’t cry.

If irritability, redness, dry lips, mostly fever signs; dull eyesight, straight eyes, fists in both hands, often a sign of convulsions; flexion of legs, paroxysmal crying, rolling is a symptom of abdominal pain; ifAppearing drowsiness, vomiting, full forefoot, and stiff neck, meningitis should be highly suspected, and weakness or no crying often indicates serious illness.

Time is a change in diet. If the child usually eats milk and eats well, and now suddenly refuses milk or is unable to suck, or refuses to eat or eats less, there may be an infection. If the child has abdominal distension, he / she continues to beat, fartIf the oral odor is sour, it will indicate the baby’s indigestion; if crying after eating or eating and accompanied by excessive saliva, pay attention to whether there is any oral disease.

The third is the change in sleep. Children generally fall asleep faster, sleep well, sleep naturally, breathe evenly, and express themselves freely.

Such as irritability before bedtime, kicking during sleep, or redness and shortness of breath after waking up, often a fever reaction; wake up crying during sleep, sweating after waking up, easily irritated, weakened interest in the environmentIn addition, the delayed closing of the cardia is often a manifestation of rickets. If you love to hold the sacral anus before going to bed, you may have tsutsugamushi disease. If you continue to chew or bruise before or after bed, it may be excessive excitement or bedworm infection before bedtime.Wait.

The fourth is the change in breathing. The infant’s respiratory system is in the development stage, and it is easy to cause respiratory abnormalities when it is sick.

If the breathing becomes thicker, the frequency increases or slows down, and the face may be red, it may be feverish; open mouth breathing or frequent deep breathing movements are the manifestation of nose aeration; shortness of breath, more than 50 times per minute, nose flaps, and lips around the lips are purpleThe depression of the intercostal muscles or the depression of the sternum during breathing may be caused by pneumonia, respiratory distress, congenital hypertension, etc. Parents must not take it lightly.

Sometimes children cannot lie flat, their bodies are hot, and their cough prolongs, often prompting bronchitis insertion. If a sudden cough with wheezing sounds is often an asthma attack.

Children often have cyanosis on their lips, and their faces are gray and blue. Beware of myocarditis or congenital heart disease.

Fifthly, after the birth of infants and children with weight changes, the rate of weight gain is accelerated.

If the rate of weight gain slows or falls, the effects of the disease, such as diarrhea, malnutrition, fever, anemia and other symptoms or illnesses should be suspected.

Therefore, as parents, infants and young children often eat, play, sleep and mental state, pay attention to observations, once abnormalities are found, they should be aware of and should seek medical treatment in time, find the cause, and treat early.

Anti-aging recipes for women in winter

Anti-aging recipes for women in winter


Gold tofu ingredients: tofu, salted egg yolk, chives seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, salad oil Practice: 1, diced tofu, simmered with flour, lifted and put on a plate.

  2. Put oil in the pan, add salted egg yolk and stir-fry. Add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper and stir-fry for 1 minute.

Pour the fried egg yolks onto the processed tofu and sprinkle with green onions.


Recommended reason for cabbage fried bacon: Cabbage is also a cruciferous vegetable, which is rich in vitamin c. At the same time, it promotes gastrointestinal motility at the same time, it can absorb the system to maintain youthful vitality and help detoxification.

  Ingredients: cabbage, bacon stuffing, garlic, red bell pepper Seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, tempeh, salad oil Practice: 1. Wash and cut the cabbage.

Divide the garlic and cut the red pepper into pieces.

  2, bacon cut into thin slices after water.

  3. Stir the cabbage and bacon separately with boiling water.

Put some salad oil in the pot, add the bacon and stir-fry, add the appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, tempeh, stir-fry the cabbage and green garlic for several times.


Recommended reason for onion seafood soup: Onion can clear blood, reduce plasma, and anti-aging, while seafood can provide a lot of protein, and it also contains zinc.

  Ingredients: onion, fresh squid, fresh shrimp, crab willow, straw mushroom, egg 3 seasonings: salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, clear soup practice: 1, beat the eggs, add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, mix the soup, Steamed in the upper drawer and removed for use.

  2. Separate chopped onion, straw mushroom pieces, and seafood. Cook them and place them on steamed eggs.

  3. Put clear soup in the pot, season with salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, boil and pour on seafood and custard to serve.


Recommended reasons for broccoli cod: Broccoli is an antioxidant vitamin c and carotene, cruciferous vegetables have been proven by scientists to be the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food, and fish is the best source of protein.

  Ingredients: 1 slice of cod, broccoli, ginger, garlic Seasoning: tempeh, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, sugar, pepper, salad oil Practice: 1. Cod is marinated with an appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine, then steamed in a basket for 8-10 minutesAnd remove it for use.
  2. Put the oil in the pan, add the scallion, ginger and mashed tempeh to stir-fry, season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper. After the tempeh is fried, pour on the processed cod.

  3, broccoli is cooked with salt water, coded around the cod.

Zhao Yazhi’s secret to keeping a slim figure

Zhao Yazhi’s secret to keeping a slim figure

When the movie star Zhao Yazhi was mentioned, Hong Kong people remembered Feng Chengcheng. The Taiwanese thought of Su Rongrong. The mainlanders remembered the white lady. She used her own aesthetics that influenced generations. She was called the most charming classical woman in China.

Now that she is over 50 years old, but she has not left her brand on her body, she still has the body of a 20-year-old girl. How did she do it?

  1, good eating habits.

  Zhao Yazhi’s diet is more casual, although he can’t eat what he wants to eat, but he doesn’t want to be as harsh as other stars.

  (1) The average person thinks that losing weight can’t eat meat, and it is afraid of misfortune, but Zhao Yazhi believes that it is unfortunate that it is an integral part of maintaining human energy. It is indispensable and should be properly supplemented.

  (2) Protein can not be eaten blindly. Although fish and beans have high protein, but because of the rich protein-rich manure, eat less, and beans contain less feces, you can eat more.

  (3) Eat less high-glycemic foods to prevent blood sugar from turning into sputum.

  (4) More vitamins and trace elements, they are also a major part of the human body.

Therefore, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, and also drink plenty of water to prevent constipation.

  2, often exercise.

  (1) Do aerobics, it is said that Zhao Yazhi insists on doing 3-4 aerobics every week, while watching TV, entertainment and fitness are correct.

  (2) Swimming, Zhao Yazhi often swims with his children, and loses weight by swimming without interruption and “walking” in the water.

  (3) Climbing the stairs, Zhao Yazhi insists on climbing the 8th floor every day, in this way to consume the remaining energy of the body.

  3, good living habits and regular work and rest time.

  According to the study, people who sleep less than 7 hours a day often sleep more than 7 hours and are more likely to gain weight.

Zhao Yazhi can be said to be one of the most normal female entertainers in the day. All nightlife in Hong Kong is insulated from her. Unless she is filming, she insists on going to bed early and getting up early every day.

  4, strictly control yourself in terms of weight.

  Zhao Yazhi is a very beautiful woman. I heard that she has to go to bed every day to get weight. Once she finds that she is overweight, she immediately finds ways to reduce it.

  5, never eat weight loss drugs and hormones.

  Zhao Yazhi is a typical representative of healthy health. She has always believed that nutrition is balanced, and good living habits are the best diet pills.

  6, have a peace of mind, control their emotions.

  It is said that angry is easy to hurt the liver, and often angry is not good for your health.

Zhao Yazhi has a milder personality and rarely gets angry. Even if angry, she will control her emotions.

  All in all, not old body = nutritional balance + regular exercise + good habits + peace of mind.

  The secret is simple, everyone can do it, but sticking to it for decades is not easy.

The old figure is cast like this.

Three ways to edema yoga to restore slimness

Three ways to edema yoga to restore slimness

Many women are obese because of edema, especially on the face and limbs.

How can I effectively treat edema?

May wish to practice the following three yoga moves, so that your edema can be alleviated and improved.

  Stand on one foot and stand vertically 1. Inhale and lift your feet off the ground. Make your toes cross your head and land on top of your head.

  2. Inhale, straighten one leg up, exhale, and then change the other leg to stand on one shoulder.

  3. After a slow recovery, you can use the supine position to soothe your body and adjust your breath.

  Note: Note: Beginners who can’t stand with their feet up at the same time can do one foot first, don’t force yourself to be safe.

  Key points of health care: prevention of splanchnic stagnation, prevention of varicose veins, improvement of color and edema, whole-body cosmetology, promotion of metabolism and blood circulation.

  Straighten up with one foot, extend, straighten your lower back.

  2. Bend over so that your hands touch the ground and hold your center of gravity.

  3. Inhale, lift one foot upward, try to push it up, stay deep for a deep breath, and return to doing another foot replacement.

  4. After restoring, baby resting and supine can be used to ease breathing and relax the whole body.

  Note: When the action is completed, the feet should be aligned as straight as possible to achieve the best stimulation and massage effect.

  Bicycling style 1, sit with your feet on the aid.

  2. Slowly lay your body on the aid (note: your head is on the ground) and step on the aid with your feet.

  3. Grasp the auxiliary device with your hands, raise your feet, bend your knees, cut back and forth, do a bicycle-like shape, and slowly reduce the acidity on your feet.

  4. After restoring, you can use the supine position to soothe your body and adjust your breathing.

  Note: If there is no aid, you can use a quilt to fold it to a certain height, and pad it on the waist to practice.

When you step on your feet, try your best to step on them with great effort.

  Auxiliary props: Yoga practice aids.

Stay up late and maintain skincare skills

Stay up late and maintain skincare skills

“Working at sunrise, dying at sunset.

“This is the result of human adaptation to the environment for a long time.

However, today’s society is fiercely competitive, urban white-collar workers can never escape the clutches of late-sleepers, and their bodies are exhausted.

Dry, dark circles, and bags under the eyes are endless.

Staying up late seriously damages women’s health.

In this way, master some basic maintenance skills and stay up late to maintain skin elasticity.

  Supplement C for dinner. Supplement some foods containing vitamin C or collagen during dinner, which will help restore skin elasticity and gloss.

Animal cartilage collagen.

A lot of fruits (water is rich in vitamin C, you can also take 1 tablet of vitamin C orally.

Eat less spicy food and drink less alcohol.

  Make up your skin immediately. Dry skin can cause dryness.

Causes of water shortage include environmental factors and improper care.

When staying up late, the indoor air should be unobstructed and have a certain humidity.

Emulsions containing too much water and nutrients can also be used.

  Do not “late wash” late at night, in general, the skin at 10:00 in the evening?
Enter the night maintenance status between 11:00.

Late sleepers must clean and maintain their skin during this time.

After cleaning with a mild cleanser, absorb the moisturizing nutritional lotion.

  Eliminate dark circles, bags of strong tea or coffee, alcohol, etc., prone to dark circles, bags under the eyes, dull skin and other phenomena.

You can use a cotton swab dipped in cold saline to apply pressure to the skin around your eyes.

You can also wash towels, handkerchiefs and other soft cotton fabrics with running tap water. The cooler the better, and then apply it on the face, especially the two and the eyes. Shorten, 3–5 minutes.Just fine.

  Xiaobian postscript: stay up late self-care skin care measures one, strengthen nutrition choices low-quality high-quality protein, trace and vitamin B foods such as milk, beef, pork, fish, beans, etc., you can also eat dried fruits such as walnuts,Jujube, longan, peanuts, etc. can exert anti-fatigue effect.

  Second, strengthen exercise to exercise according to their age and interests, improve physical fitness.

If you feel lack of energy or want to sleep while staying up all night, you should do some gymnastics, tai chi or go outdoors.

  Third, those who stay up all night to adjust the circadian rhythm should follow the work schedule and continuously modify to adapt.

Fourth, eliminate the burden of thought. Those who stay up late at night should avoid worry and fear. They should build confidence and maintain a happy mood and high mood at night.

Pregnant mommy always has a pair of pants for you

Pregnant mommy always has a pair of pants for you

The following 6 different types of pants are suitable for all stages from early pregnancy to mid-to-late period, allowing you to wait for your baby in comfort and convenience.

  An adjustable knitted elastic belt suitable for early pregnancy, which can make the body slender.

  Ideal for the first and second trimesters, waiting for the baby.

    Knit tights are super comfortable, cute, loose and soft, which can cover and protect the bulging belly.

  During the third trimester of pregnancy, make your belly look like a normal waistline.

  Adjustable according to the size of the belly, an adjustable comfortable waistband.

For your comfort.

  These stylish pants can help you through pregnancy and postpartum smoothly.

     Another knit skinny look is classic and adjustable for your perfect choice.

  Suitable for any stage of your pregnancy.

  The covered knitted elastic waistband has a great length, which can be put on and taken off at any time to cover the bulging belly.

  Be stylish and protect your baby before and after pregnancy.

  Pants with loose waistbands and more casual style are appropriately elasticated according to the size of the belly, which are suitable for the entire pregnancy process.

It’s not easy to whiten freckle, come try health porridge

It’s not easy to whiten freckle, come try health porridge

Many things in life that we can’t think of have been achieved by many people, and many people have repeated it because they are naturally not beautiful, and they do n’t know that drinking porridge can also whiten and freckle, and bring beauty effects.

What kind of porridge can you use to lighten your skin?

Here are five kinds of whitening and freckle-reducing porridges . 1. Yam, Chinese wolfberry porridge, Chinese wolfberry and Chinese wolfberry are very good tonics, which can nourish blood and beauty, remove pigmentation, and make it with porridge.Add some honey and sugar for a better taste.

  2, celery beef 羹 celery plus beef is prepared into 羮, often eaten to whiten and freckle, and very delicious!

Beauty and food are both right.


Pipa Red Dates Porridge Red dates have a great effect on blood, adding Pipa has the effect of moisturizing the lungs, freckle and stomach, and is the first choice for beauty porridge.

  4. Coix seed lotus porridge Coix seed whitening and moisturizing effect is good, can be a good treatment of freckles, age spots, butterfly spots and other various stains, use it to porridge can better whitening.


Assorted fruit tarts We can make pears and apples, bananas, pineapples, strawberries and other fruits into delicious tarts, you can try with a variety of fruits, there may be surprises!

Women must learn to tell these lies to men

Women must learn to tell these lies to men

If you have to have a supper with those stinky men, learn to like them, or at least pretend to like them.

  1. You are right. Your boyfriend is outstanding, but there is always a sense of arrogance.

Prominent performance always likes to be preliminary when talking to you, and you must compete against each other. Of course, if you compete with others, he will not stop.

He will suddenly increase the volume on the road. In order to compete with you in the role of a certain character in the movie, you are unwilling to talk with him on some harmless issues.

At this moment, it is unwise to raise the volume and his tit-for-tat is relatively unwise. You need to give the man a little face and coax him: “You are right, it makes sense.

“The temporary concession is just for better access in the future, and one day you will convince him to lose.

  2, I love sports men’s fanaticism for sports we can never understand.

He always watched the TV game all the time, and grabbed “Football News” and “New Sports” as soon as he went to bed.

He watched the Serie A football league to watch the Bundesliga match, watched the Bundesliga to watch the La Liga, and then entered the NBA round-robin to see Jordan and Yao Ming.

If you tell him that you also like sports, and sit down and watch football with him, you can quickly enter his world.

If one day you can’t stand the way he reads football magazines every day but can’t see you, you can say to him: “I love sports, and I especially like to play sports with you.

“Then you took his hand to jog in the park, dragged him to the rivers and lakes to swim, and watched the sunset by the way.

If he dares not to comply, you will be pointed out and point out that he is a fake sports fan who just can’t talk, and the man’s face can’t stand up, and he will rely on you.

  3, I don’t mind seeing other women. When the man’s eyes are staring at the red-haired girl in the supermarket, you get angry from your heart and become guilty.

Although you don’t have the color of a sinking fish and wild geese, and the beauty of closing the moon, you hope that your boyfriend’s eyes are always waiting for you honestly, from one to the other.

Once your boyfriend ‘s eyes are “smuggled”, you want to use flying palms across the mountains to fight off potential love rivals, or use star-sucking Dafa to keep your boyfriend ‘s sight firmly within your square N cm.

There is no need to embarrass him in public, the best way is to say a heartfelt lie: “I don’t mind seeing other women.

“Find another opportunity to imply that he” does not want to others, do not do it to others. ”

If he still doesn’t seem to understand, then you will create an exaggerated wait-and-see attitude when you are with him, scanning past handsome guys around the clock.

He converges when he feels a little jealous.

  4. I don’t mind how much money you have. There are a lot of teenagers in the market who are entangled in men, but your boyfriend is now just a shy worker.

You fall in love with him not because of his passbook or because of himself.

Because he is healthy, hard-working, humorous, caring and faithful.

You choose him because you think he is a potential stock, he will get rich, and he will let your second half live a win-win life of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

Yes, this is your wishful thinking.

But at this stage, he really did not give you the ability to buy a house or a car, which led him to apologize to you from time to time, repeating his inability to make you suffer.

At this moment, you have to make up a beautiful lie anyway: “I don’t really care how much money you have.

“5, I like your friends. His fox and dog friends drank heavily, chewed large chunks of meat, and still talked about their careers without success. No longer are teenagers still giving pointers.

You don’t look good to these stink men, but they are important to him.

Even if there are occasionally good people in them, you don’t want to have a light bulb to light up your intimate look with your boyfriend.

then what should we do?

Say you don’t like them?

He will think that you are picky, that you don’t give him face, that you don’t agree with his friendship and kindness.

So, no matter how upset you are in your heart, don’t say it, it will hurt his face and hurt his feelings.

So if you have to have a supper with those stinky men, learn to like them, or at least pretend to like them.

Then, slowly use your schedule to nibble his time, and quietly reduce the “friendly visits” between him and fox friends and dog friends.

If one day he suddenly finds out why he hasn’t partyed for a long time, you can also laugh and say: Yes, I really miss them.