Fitness Yoga for Ill Patients

Fitness Yoga for Ill Patients

First, fitness yoga to alleviate pain and cervical disc herniation All warm-up postures Spine extension work camel-style arched back-legged outstretched arms outstretched legs cradle-style boat-bent knee-bending bending peck-type tilt-rotating posture II Cold, coughFitness yoga worship Japanese style single leg forward leaning spine extension shoulder support type lion leaning balance balance shovel small bridge type soothing power squat posture leaning power fish type (all) yoga breathing methodFitness yoga for low back and back pain. Rotating waist axis (1) Waist rotation (2) Spine tilting arch back leg extension bridge type crocodile placement position leg extension side twisting all prone postures fitness yoga rest technique四,老年的健身瑜伽转动功功船式全身伸展功   所有的热身姿势   蹬自行车式   伸臂功   所有的平衡姿势   健身瑜伽休息术

Winter health words porridge


Winter health words porridge

It has entered winter since the beginning of winter. After light snow and heavy snow, it will soon be the winter solstice.

Winter marches withered and frozen insects are the season when everything in nature is hidden.

In winter, the yang is hidden in the body. Therefore, the principle of conserving yin and protecting yang should be used in winter.

Especially the elderly who are weak and old should sleep earlier and get up later. It is better to exercise when the sunlight overlaps, so as to prevent the cold and the sun hidden in the body from catching a cold.

Colds are the enemy of the health and longevity of the elderly.

It can reduce the body’s resistance and aggravate other diseases such as chronic bronchitis, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc.

  Yam porridge: 50 grams of yam (peeled), 50 grams of rice, honey, edible oil are moderate.

Cut the yam into small pieces, stir-fry with oil, add honey, boil the rice into porridge, add the fried yam and boil, and serve.

Yam is a nourishing kidney and spleen.

  Chestnut porridge: 50 grams of chestnuts (peeled), 50 grams of rice, salt concentration.

Cook raw chestnuts in a pressure cooker (less water), peel, mash, put in washed rice, add water to cook porridge, and season with salt.

Chestnuts can nourish the kidneys and have a therapeutic effect on the softness or pain in the waist and knees caused by insufficient kidney qi.

  Sesame porridge: 10 grams of sesame, 50 grams of rice, honey or salt.

First stir-fry the sesame seeds, wash the rice to make porridge, add sesame seeds, add honey or salt, and serve immediately.

Sesame can be divided into white sesame and black sesame. White sesame can help the intestines and lungs; black sesame can enter the kidney and strengthen bones and bones.

  Almond porridge: about 20 almonds (peeled), 50 grams of rice, seasoned with sugar or salt.

Wash the rice and cook the porridge, add the almonds when they are ready to cook, and add some sugar or salt.

Almonds can relieve cough, asthma, expectorant and dryness.

  30 grams of walnut kernels, washed and mashed; 15 grams of wolfberry, washed; 50 grams of rice, washed, and add porridge with appropriate amount of water.

For neurasthenia, urination is not the best food therapy.

  Pear porridge: 3 duck pears, washed and peeled, pitted, and cut into pieces.

Add an appropriate amount of water and cook for half an hour. Wash 50 grams of rice and cook into a thick porridge.

When it is ripe, add pear juice and pear pieces and cook together.

It has the functions of nourishing the lungs and clearing the heart, expelling phlegm and reducing fire, and has a therapeutic effect on pediatric pulmonary heat cough.

  Tripe rice porridge: tripe 200 grams, rice 50 grams, salt similar.

Wash the tripe with salt, cut it into dices, and cook the rotten porridge with the washed rice and water, and season with salt.

It is a good food therapy for pediatric patients who are physically weak, lose their appetite, and have weak limbs.

Yoga thin legs, expensive to insist

Yoga thin legs, expensive to insist

Skinny legs, thin waist, these are the strong main items of yoga compared to other fitness methods. From my yoga stovepipe experience, almost every yoga action marked with thin legs can really makeThe legs get thinner and thinner. In this sense, I don’t think it is difficult to thin legs-of course, if you can’t stick to it, it is easier to make your legs fat.

  One-leg extension yoga1, excellent in mountain style.

  2. Exhale, bend your right knee, lift your right leg, and grab your right foot with your thumb, index finger and middle finger.

  3. Put your left hand on your left hip, keep balance, and take 2 deep breaths.

  4. Exhale, stretch forward, pull your right leg, straighten your right leg, and take 2 deep breaths.

  5. When you are stable in this posture, hold your right foot with both hands and pull it up higher to maintain 2 deep breaths.

  6. Now, while exhaling, hold your head, nose, and chin against your right knee in turn, keeping 3-5 deep breaths.

  7, exhale, release your hand, slowly put your right leg on the ground, and return to the mountain style.

  8. Repeat for the other side.

  Exercise effect: One-leg contraction fracture is a good stovepipe movement. From the entire yoga system, an important aspect of the magical effect of stovepipe is the stretching of the legs and the exercise of strength. These two aspects, The one-leg contraction gradation style has done it.

In addition, it has a balance effect, which can make the body more stable and balanced.

  Experience sharing: The soul of this action is Action 4, if you feel it is difficult to do Actions 5 and 6, then stick to Action 4, just like building a building, the foundation is laid, and the natural superstructure is stable.

Where is the G point of the man’s mind –

Where is the G point of the man’s mind?

What does a woman rely on to attract men?
How big can women be to men and how long can they last?
The seemingly simple question, the answer is always confusing.

.hzh {display: none; }  最近在网络上看到不少讨论什么样的人会让异性为之“欲罢不能”的文章,就女性对于男性的吸引力而言,被列举的有柔情、才华、美貌, personality and many other aspects, said very reasonable.
After reading it, Youmei also wants to talk about his own experience and opinions from a different perspective, and count it as something to add.
  Let your beloved boyfriend or husband be obsessed with each other for a long time, and want to stop, this is the beautiful wish that every woman will have.
However, this wish is always close to reality. In real life, some women try various methods in order to realize such a desire; some women think that this is an impossible realization, and instead hopes.In men’s moral conscience, social opinion and law; some women adopt a resigned attitude. There are often women from teenage girls to older sisters who are overwhelmed, and they all face a common problem: men’s emotions over timeGoing high and walking low, the speed of exhaustion far exceeds the man’s sexual ability. Men’s emotions can’t withstand the ages of women’s faces. It is the most embarrassing thing for men.
  There are often girls who are indignant, and women who think that their boyfriend or husband are not in love are actually too far away from themselves, and they can’t swallow the tone.
This reminds Youmei of a Japanese romance drama “Unbelief” that I have seen before. The young and beautiful full-time wife in the story lost to the 30-year-old Ginza nightclub Mama Sang in the offense of love. Many viewers watched it.In the first few episodes, the idiot director used the two actresses to reverse the effect. It should be changed, but later I realized and admired the director’s intention.
  We can divide women’s attraction for men into three levels, each of which has different ways, strengths and stamina.
.hzh {display: none; }  【第一层次:眼睛的吸引】   不用多说,美女吸引男人的目光,也吸引女人的目光。But this kind of attraction is not long-lasting. Men go to the streets for a day. If he sees a hundred beautiful women, he will not have more than three impressions after a week.
  The attraction of the eyes is an omnipresent, yet unforgettable attraction.
Most women now understand this, so they generally don’t care too much about the crazy scan of their boyfriends or husbands when they go to the streets, and they will appreciate them together.
  [Second level: the attraction of the body]The body of a woman, especially a young and beautiful body, can not be said to be absolutely irresistible to the attraction of a man, but the degree of power is known to everyone. The so-called “hero is sad and beautiful”Otherwise, how can there be so many beautiful people and unspoken rules in ancient and modern China and foreign countries?
  A woman who takes the body as a trump card, when the card is played, the trump card is in the hands, and then she can only resign.
  [Third level: the attraction of the soul]It is the attraction of the soul that makes a man fascinated by a woman for a long time.
  Just like a woman’s vagina has a G point, once it is touched by a man, she will want to die, and she can’t stop. There is also a G point in the depth of the man’s heart. Once it is touched by a woman, the soul will disarm and bow down.
Do not believe?
Have you ever seen a woman who doesn’t look very good, how it compares with other women, but there are very good men who are so addicted to them.
If people don’t understand it, they will only say “his past owed her” or “she did it in the past.” But do we really have past lives and future lives?
Even if we don’t know, the real reason is: she touched his heart G point!
  This kind of spiritual touch is precious for men, and can even be said to be supreme.
Just like some women don’t know where their physical G is in their lives, they haven’t been able to enjoy the soul of the soul flying in their lives. Some men also don’t know where their souls are.Despite the hard work of my life, even if I earned a rich and powerful life, I will not taste the true happiness that comes from my heart in my life.
.hzh {display: none; }  在网上,时不时会有男人问尤美“女人的G点到底在哪里?”Youmei always replied: “Go home and study with your wife, this is the fun of both of you.”
Similarly, if someone asks “Where is the man’s soul G?
“The answer is the same. Please go to the men and women who love each other to explore. That’s the fun of both of you in this life!”
  Although modern science and technology are highly developed, neither men nor women can fully understand their own bodies and talk about their own hearts.
The happiness of the body still needs two people to cooperate in the bed to explore, and the fun of the soul also needs two people to yearn for and pursue together in the years of life.
  The G point of a man’s mind is not easy to find out by himself, but a woman may never find it if she does not have to try it.
But the two people’s sincerity, wisdom and hard work together are 1+1>2. Once you find it successfully, you don’t have to sink the fish and you don’t need to be talented. It doesn’t matter whether you are gentle or hot, as long as you often remember to touch it.Touching his heart G point, he will stop for you all his life!

The self-help method for working mothers

The “self-help” method for working mothers

For many working women, promotion to “Mom” is both an exciting thing and a lot of anxiety and confusion.
Fertility is a major event in a woman’s life, and it is also a critical period in her career.
Women in the workplace must seriously think about their career positioning and career planning before giving birth, so as not to fall into a “career crisis”.
  [Case]Vivi, 30 years old, gave birth to a daughter in August last year and returned to work not long ago. I feel that I have encountered a bottleneck in career development. Now the unit operation and development prospects are average.
  The idea of changing her job has been around for a long time. Before marriage, she wanted to wait until she got married. Then her husband advised her to have a child and then consider changing her job. Now that the child is born, she decides to seriously calculate and change.Lifetime work.
But troubles followed: in the context of the financial crisis, if you are in your early thirties, the cost of changing jobs is definitely higher than before, because with a certain degree of qualification, job change can easily lead to high or low levels, and the psychological burden is significantly increased.
As a working mother, she also hopes to have enough energy to take care of young children. Compared with the post-80s generation, she does not know if she has enough competitiveness to bravely strive for the job she wants.
In addition, she was hesitant about whether she needed to change careers to expand her career choice. She was worried that the decision she made after repeated consideration was wrong, but she was worried that it would be even harder to decide not to drag on for remediation.
  [Career planner comment]Women are afraid of affecting career development due to fertility. This is a common problem.
Why does Vivi have this confusion?
We believe that Vivi’s job search requirements are now much higher than before.
Because of the need to take care of the baby, when looking for a job, in addition to considering his ability to adapt, he must also pay attention to the company’s distance from home. At the same time, he has questioned his ability and feared that he would not be able to quickly integrate into the newI am more afraid of finding a company that is better paid than the current one.
In fact, Vivi can carry out some self-help operations: 1.
 Extract value from work experience.
Although Vivi has worked hard in the workplace for many years and accumulated a lot of workplace experience, it is often difficult to convert this experience into valuable capital. In many cases, the relevance of the experience is still relatively small.
At this time, you can sort out your past career experience, find out the strengths and advantages, use the accumulation of previous professional capital as a foundation, find your own position, know where the most suitable position is now, and quickly find that platform.
Career experience is essential, but for employers, what they value more is the knowledge, ability, professionalism, and work experience that you have accumulated in your past experience. These are the most valuable.
 Find the balance between self-requirement and career.
In the process of considering whether to change the job, Vivi needs to carefully examine his satisfaction and loyalty to the existing job, and at the same time, he must have a rational and objective analysis of the current company: whether he likes this career and whether he is suitable for this job.Enterprise development, whether self-demand can be realized in existing enterprises, and if they are ready to change jobs, what criteria should be used to select enterprises.
After clarifying these issues and finding the balance between self-requirement and career, the job search problem will not be difficult, and career development will be faster.
 Both career planning and action are needed.
Vivi has been thinking of changing a job, but he hasn’t put it into action. In the face of the old environment, he is inevitably bored, and he feels confused about the new job.
If this situation continues, it will likely cause great distress and seriously affect her career.
Our survey found that working mothers with relatively smooth career development have common characteristics, that is, they have found their career position before giving birth, or have their own career plans under the guidance of experts, and know what their careers should beDevelopment, after returning to the workplace, they can easily return to the best state and continue to make steady progress in their own direction.
On the contrary, up to 85% of white-collar women who have encountered a workplace crisis are very unclear about their professional positioning.
Vivi didn’t make this plan well in advance, but fortunately there is still a chance to make up this lesson immediately.
  Many women in the workplace have taken too many detours in job interviews. After spending a long time applying for jobs, they still cannot find a development platform that suits them.
For most women, getting married and having children is a happy mission that will be completed in their lifetime.
Nowadays, various technologies in the workplace are developing rapidly, and the internal structure of high-tech enterprises is becoming increasingly perfect. If they leave the workplace because of the “fertility business” and form an excessively long “career gap”, they will undoubtedly put themselves in a dangerous situation.
As the saying goes: “People who are capable are not good at solving problems, but good at avoiding problems.
“Working mothers often encounter this or that kind of confusion. As long as we take precautions in advance, we can actually avoid many problems.

Qiongyu ointment—Qiyu nourishing health products

Qiongyu ointment—Qiyu nourishing health products

Qiongyu paste materials: 120 grams of ginseng, 800 grams of raw rehmannia sauce, 245 grams of white poria, 500 grams of honey.
Method: Crush the ginseng and Poria into fines, pound natural juice (without copper iron when pounding), filter honey with silk, mix and mix the four things, put into a porcelain jar, and use 20-30 layers of clean paperClosed.
Take a big aluminum pot, hold water, put the medicine pot into the aluminum pot, first use martial arts fire, then use gentle fire, boil over water, take it out after three days and three nights, seal the mouth of the jar with wax, and soak it in waterOn the 10th, cook in the original pot for a day and night.
Take 1 morning and evening, 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach.
Efficacy: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, filling spermatogenesis.
As a usual health food for the elderly.

Niu Er teach you a variety of occasional moisturizing Dafa

Niu Er teach you a variety of occasional moisturizing Dafa


Staying in an air-conditioned room all day, the skin becomes dry and dry, and the lotion is too oily. How to maintain it?


hzh {display: none; }  牛尔: 对于很多男性来说,常常忽略了长期处于空调室内对肌肤所带来的伤害,因为空调室内的空气湿度很低,导致肌肤水分容易蒸发,若再加上紫外线Irradiation and other irritation, the skin is more prone to dryness, dehydration and other conditions.

  When the skin appears dry, some men think that it is enough to put on a moisturizing cream or lotion. In fact, if the skin has obvious dryness, blindly adding oil or moisture will not quench thirst for dry skin.Ground balance supplement oil, water, and moderate repair moisturizing is also important.

  First, you can prepare a bottle of spray moisturizing lotion. When it is located in the air-conditioned room, it can add moisture to the skin without damaging the makeup and bring a cooling and moisturizing effect, but it is best to spray it evenly on the face.After that, gently filter with tissue paper; however, some are that if spray-type mineral water is used in a dry space, the moisture will still evaporate quickly and the skin will be drier, which is best avoided.

The effect of mineral water is anti-allergic, lower skin temperature, no burden, soothing and calming, not moisturizing, so still need some moisture to help keep this moisture.

At least, unless your skin is oily, any moisture-absorbing moisturizing ingredient should be paired with some oily ingredients that can seal the moisture, so that the added moisture will not be lost.

In addition, you can also follow the nature of the skin and cooperate with daily repair and maintenance to improve the skin’s ability to hold water to minimize the phenomenon of dryness.


Every time I travel abroad, whether on board or in a country with a dry climate, the dry air will always make my skin feel uncomfortable. How can I overcome it?


hzh {display: none; }  牛尔:在狭窄的机舱内,由於舱压及空气干燥,导致肌肤会变得乾燥,毛孔也会显得更为粗大,此时,除了可以准备一些小容量的保养品外It is best to prepare a convenient wet cloth-type moisturizing mask, which can be applied to the skin when the skin is dry, and at the same time, you can take a break. If you feel that applying the mask will be scary, it is recommended to use a slightly oily moisturizing product.Apply a thick layer on the face (the principle is to cover the pores).

  It is very important for travel maintenance to choose care products according to the destination. If you are in a dry country, remember to choose moisturizing products (such as uronic acid, molecular nails, glycerin, collagen, etc.).

If you go to a dry and cold area, you can choose a moisturizing cream. Use the more moisturizing oil content in the cream to hydrate and oil, and put a protective layer on your skin. If you go to a dry and hot area,A large number of refreshing moisturizing emulsions are mainly used to moisturize without feeling greasy and burdensome.


My skin is easy to get oily, but every time I wash my face, it becomes very dry and even peels. What method should I use to clean it?

  Niu Er: If oiling and dry peeling occur at the same time, it means that your cleaning products may be over-stimulated and not moisturized, which will cause dry and peeling of the limbs.

  So please check if you changed your face wash product because of oil out?

Or increased the frequency of face washing?

First of all, when choosing a cleaning product, please take two seconds as the standard for detecting the cleaning product. The principle is not to feel dry and tight after two short rinses. Like general cleaning products containing anti-acne or oily skin, they will have stronger strength.The degreasing power will be especially dry after washing your face. If you repeatedly wash your face, it will easily cause peeling. Therefore, the cleaning products are mainly gentle, and you can clean your skin twice a day, and pay attentionStrengthen the skin’s moisture, you can control the oil at the same time, and can improve the phenomenon of exfoliation of the limbs.

  Q4 My skin is neutral and oily, but why does my skin become drier after using moisturizing serum?


hzh {display: none; }  牛尔:很多肌肤偏油的人,常常因为畏惧「油脂」,保养程序只用了保湿化妆水与精华液两种,其实这样反而是错误的保养。Unless your skin is oily, any kind of water-absorbing moisturizing ingredients should be matched with some oil-containing oil ingredients to prevent the loss of supplemental water, because there are some ingredients that can absorb or catch waterCan add moisture to your skin, and also take away your skin’s moisture. When the air is too dry and you have not sealed the added moisture with oil, these moisturizers instead introduce dry air to grab away your shellsMoisture to make your skin drier.

  Therefore, remember to add another layer of lotion or cream after using moisturizing essence or moisturizing mask (if your skin is oily, you can choose a refreshing lotion), as much as possible, and follow the nature of the skin,With daily repair and maintenance, the skin’s ability to hold water is improved to minimize the phenomenon of dryness.



Coriander is a Hulai, commonly known as coriander.

Genus Umbelliferae.

Tender seedlings are used as vegetables, medicinal fruits or whole grass.

It is widely cultivated in North and South China.

  The taste is spicy and warm.

  The distillate contains volatile carbonated oil, 60-70% of d-Agarwood, the main component of the oil, terpineol, dipentene, borneol acetate, vinegar agarwood carbonate, etc.

It also contains fatty oils.

  Pharmacology 1.

Rubella for measles transmission can promote plasma circulation.


Aromatic and healthy stomach, expelling wind and detoxifying.

  The function is suitable for pediatric measles, rubella unpleasant, or repeated and repeated, and meat food poisoning.

  [小儿麻疹初期,尤其是透发不快者]  鲜芜荽菜,或芜荽子适量煮汤,乘热置患儿鼻旁熏,或蘸汤热拭颜面及颈项,可促麻疹快透,加用芜荽, Guai Liu, Puerariae each 9 grams, decoction.

  [胃弱消化不良]  芜荽子、陈皮各6克,茅术9克,水煎服。  [痔疮肿痛,肛门脱垂]  芜荽(或芜荽子)煮汤熏洗,同时用醋煮芫荽子,以湿布温罨患部。  [流感]  黄豆9克,芫荽30克(干的6克),水煎服。

More deficiencies in practicing qigong

More deficiencies in practicing qigong

Practicing qigong is a unique method of self-exercise.

It makes people’s mind activities, the internal organs and body movements cooperate with each other, mobilizes the “infuriating” operation in the body, and slowly and gradually adjusts and enhances the physiological functions of the human body through active self-regulation to achieve physical fitness., the purpose of preventing disease and treating diseases and prolonging life.

Most diseases of the human body are caused by high-level neurological activity disorders.

And practicing Qigong can directly adjust health care.

  If a person is in a state of stress for a long time, stressful stress can cause serious pathological changes, leading to high blood pressure, peptic ulcer, neurasthenia and other diseases.

The qi function eliminates brain tension and stress, and causes the excitation of the cerebral cortex to enter a state of inhibition, thereby eliminating the pathological and physiological basis of the disease and maintaining good health.

  When practicing Qigong, due to slow heart rate and peripheral vasodilation, it can improve blood flow response, reduce heart burden, improve coronary circulation and myocardial metabolism, regulate and regulate metabolism, and improve anticoagulant ability, thereby improving cardiovascular function.

People with high blood pressure, after 5 minutes of starting exercise, blood pressure begins to decline, after 30 minutes can reach the level of blood pressure during drug-induced sleep, long-term adherence to practice helps blood pressure drop.

  When the human body is healthy, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves coordinate with each other to maintain a dynamic balance.

Once the tension of the local part of the nerve is too strong or too weak, the balance is lost, and the human body will become pathologically changed and become sick.

Practicing qigong reduces the body’s external stress, so that the activities of various tissues and organs are weakened, and the nerve impulses sent to the nerve center are also reduced, so that the nerve center is in a protective inhibition state, which is conducive to the balance and coordination of vegetative nerves.Thereby eliminating certain complications and enhancing human health.

  When relaxing and calming, the heart rate is slowed down, the body’s oxygen consumption is reduced, and energy metabolism is also reduced, so that the body re-accumulates energy and accumulates energy.

Qigong is an effective energy storage process.

  When practicing qigong, the infuriating gas runs in the body and has a good regulating effect on the function of internal organs. The breathing method with outstanding exercises also plays a similar massage effect on various organs.

When the gas accumulates in the lower abdomen, it promotes blood circulation in the small intestine, thereby improving and enhancing the interconnection absorption function.

  Qi function promotes functional recovery of chronic diseases and eliminates some symptoms.

It is more effective for diseases such as autonomic dysfunction and neurasthenia.

Sick and mental patients should not practice qigong.

Therefore, it is important to master the indications of Qigong.

Mainstream weight loss sports big PK

Mainstream weight loss sports big PK

Exercise weight loss has become one of the most popular topics nowadays. You compare the mainstream exercise weight loss methods. These exercise weight loss methods are all good. You can choose the most suitable weight loss method according to your situation.

  1. Losing weight with a treadmill and losing weight with a bicycle It is reported that “Generally speaking, implantation of a device like a treadmill consumes more energy.

In addition, a study also showed that in 18 to 5 minutes, a moderate-intensity treadmill exercise can make you burn up to 200 calories, followed by a variety of burns in rowing and cross-country skiing, and stationary bicycles.(Non-spinning bikes) have the lowest change in combustion, requiring 32 minutes of exercise to burn 200 calories.

  Expert advice: Treadmill is used alternately with other equipment.

75% of the exercise time is performed on the treadmill, and the remaining 25% of the time is spent on other equipment.

(Take four days a week as an example, you can use it on a treadmill for three days, and the other day to practice other equipment) 2. High-intensity exercise in a short period of time and gentle exercise to overcome short-term high-intensity exercise is a kind of accompanied by moderate reboundExercise method, but in the same time, in a short time, the transformation burned by high-intensity exercise can reach 1, 5?
2 times, can continue to burn 75 even after exercise?
125 card intervals.

  However, the instant re-burning does not mean that the fitness is more scientific and healthier.

Excessive short-term high-intensity exercise may cause sports injuries.

And 45?
60 minutes of moderate to low intake exercise can help the body generate more mitochondria, and these mitochondria are the driving force for the cells to self-burn and transform, so the metabolism will be naturally accelerated.

  Expert advice: a combination of the two.

If you do aerobic exercise for more than four days (including four days) in a week, then it is recommended that you combine one or two short-term high-intensity exercises with medium and low-intensity bundled exercises.

  3, morning exercise pk evening exercise American Sports Medicine conducted a survey of practitioners accustomed to exercising in the morning, afternoon and evening, and the results showed that within 3 months, 85% of people who exercise in the morning felt it difficult to keep fit.50% of people who exercise in the afternoon find fitness a bit reluctant, while only 25% of people who exercise in the evening feel a bit tired.

  Is it because the human body is at 6pm?
At 8 o’clock, the body temperature is the highest, the body’s softness and sensitivity are the best, and the muscle strength and cardiopulmonary function are also in the best state.

Therefore, exercise exercises at night, the effect is the most obvious, the fitness lasting is also the best.

In addition, if you are accustomed to outdoor exercise, the air quality in the morning is not the best in the day. If your exercise location is close to the main block, the dust and exhaust gas content in the air will also reach in the early morning, which is especially not suitable for me.
  Expert advice: Obviously, whether it is indoor or high-level fitness, evening is the best exercise time.

  4, indoor exercise and outdoor exercise Outdoors, relatively rough roads will produce diameter friction; affected by natural wind, the moving body will be distorted and twisted; In addition, the uphill and downhill transformation must also be outdoorAbility to change rhythm continuously.

Therefore, whether it is running to lose weight, riding a bicycle to lose weight, or roller skating, practitioners will be greatly disturbed in outdoor sports, and the body itself needs to consume more energy.

According to the report: “Can running outdoors consume 3% more than exercising on a treadmill?
5% card conversion.

“In addition, fresh air and changing scenery can make fitness more fun and help practitioners to stay longer.

Of course, bad weather or too strong, too dark light is also potentially dangerous for people exercising outdoors. In this case, experts suggest that we should turn the exercise indoors and use fitness equipment instead.

For example, we can simulate the state of mountain climbing on a treadmill, as long as the running angle is constantly changed, the effect can be achieved.

  Expert advice: If conditions permit, outdoor exercise is better