Drink water for your skin for 6 moments

Drink water for your skin for 6 moments

Drinking water to the skin is a must for beauty. However, it is also an important step to pick the timing. So how do you choose the right time to let the skin absorb the water?

Below we will introduce how to drink water for your skin.

  SPA first stop: 8 hours of sleep at 7 o’clock, which is equal to the skin does not actively absorb water for 8 hours.

So the skin will be a bit dry. The easiest and most effective way is to drink a glass of water and let the body function again.

  Suggested hydration measures: hydrating facial cleanser + skin care water + hydrating cream SPA second stop: 9:00 to the company, start a day of work, the intense work on the road must be tired, don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of water at this time,Timely replenish the water that the body has just lost.

  Suggested hydration measures: add hydrating cream + drinking water according to sweating. The third station: 12 points, the skin becomes dry and has an effect inside and outside the body.

You should eat more fish (such as squid, flounder, etc.) and vegetables at lunch, which can increase skin moisture and is good for health.

  Suggested hydration measures: squid + meat + vegetable SPA fourth stop: 13 o’clock lunch break, if you feel the skin is tight, you can “stolen very leisurely”, spray some moisturizing spray on the skin, and carry out a quick care procedure, thenDrink a glass of water, then you can raise your face with a refreshing face to face the afternoon work.

  Recommended hydration measures: moisturizing spray + drinking water SPA fifth stop: jump into the pool at 19 o’clock, wash away the fatigue and irritability of the day.

Swimming after work is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax.

Let the body be close to the water surrounded by superiority.

Also don’t forget to drink some fresh juice to replenish the water lost after exercise.

  Suggested hydration measures: Swimming + Juice SPA Sixth Station: After dinner at 21:30, don’t forget to eat some fruit.

After enjoying a completely relaxing spray, make a deep moisturizing mask. After 15 minutes of skin SPA, relax your skin thoroughly. Also, don’t forget to use toner and hydrating cream before going to bed.

  Suggested hydration measures: fruit + deep moisturizing mask + toner + hydrating cream + sleep well, 24-hour hydration plan comes to an end, accompanied by moisturizing and tender, full of elastic skin into the dream, even the dream is also sweet!

  Water-deficient skin moisturizing oily oily skin 1

Continue to use deep cleansing products to cleanse the skin, using water moisturizing lotion or crystal gel; 2.

Exfoliate care once a week for oil control;

A deep cleansing mask every two weeks to effectively absorb moisture and control oil secretion.

  Dry and dehydrated skin 1.

Use a mild cleanser; 2.

Exfoliate care once a month to avoid irritating water-deficient skin;

Use a cream moisturizing cream, apply a moisturizing mask twice a week, and massage the skin with a moisturizing or nourishing serum.

  Don’t think that the best emollients or the most expensive masks will give you a healthy skin.

If you don’t pay attention to maintaining a healthy and balanced life, maintain a happy mood, and balance your mind, you will have a healthy and moisturized skin.

  Here are 7 tips to guide you to have a beautiful and healthy skin – a good amount of water to drink a lot of boiled water every day, good for the skin.

Drinking an average of 6 to 10 glasses of water a day can be both cosmetic and healthy.

Wonderful two pay attention to sunscreen no matter what season, go out and remember to use sunscreen to avoid the sun radiating skin.

In short, remember to go out to the sun, it is good for your skin.

Moderate Three Moderate Exercise Moderate exercise helps blood circulation and is good for the skin, because the skin also needs to breathe.

A little exercise, jogging or walking can promote blood circulation.

Wonderful four release pressure to learn to release stress in daily life, listen to music, communicate more, and participate in some active and beneficial outdoor activities.

If you want to have a healthy and beautiful expression, you must have a good night’s sleep.

In addition, it is very important to maintain healthy skin and have adequate sleep.

Wonderful Six Contact friends, relatives and friends is your gas station for healthy living, the source of happy life, you must pay attention to keep in touch with friends and relatives in your daily life.

Wonderful Seven is good at sharing gratitude and knowing how to share. It is the true meaning of life. We must remember to face life with gratitude and sharing.

Oatmeal eats a beautiful face of a woman

Oatmeal eats a beautiful face of a woman

Going to the supermarket to hang out and discover that oats are being promoted. It is much cheaper than usual. Buy some back soon. This is economical and nutritious. If you like, you can eat a lot of new tricks.

Let’s take a look at how oatmeal should be eaten!

  Oatmeal soy milk milled soy milk requires a lot of materials, a little better.

Soy beans, black beans, peanuts, rice, millet, black sesame, purple rice, and finally throw a large amount of oatmeal into it, rinse it, put it in the soymilk machine, gently press the “grain soy milk” button, the little machine is veryQuickly roaring, after 20 minutes, the fragrant oatmeal milk is ground, and when you drink a bowl hot, you can go to work.

  If you have time, I like to make porridge.

Soak the rice and glutinous rice in cold water for half an hour, the rice swells a little, the porridge is longer and saves time, and the taste will be better.

Boil a pot of water, throw rice, oatmeal and red dates into it, first boil over high heat, then change to low heat for half an hour, stir the chopsticks and find that the porridge is sticky and you can reach the bowl.

This porridge looks bright and has a smooth taste.

  Oat tarts read newspapers a few days ago and found that nutritious oats can also be used to make egg tarts.

Just cut about 10 grams of cheese into fine powder, add two large spoons of oatmeal, add 1 beaten egg liquid, and finally pour a bag of milk, mix them evenly, seal them with plastic wrap, and put them in the pot.Steam for about 15 minutes.

According to relevant experts, it is easier to absorb nutrients in this way, which is especially beneficial for calcium supplementation.

  Oatmeal is both delicious and has a high nutritional value.

It contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other minerals, which have the effect of preventing osteoporosis, promoting wound healing and preventing anemia.

The first is calcium supplements, which can effectively lower cholesterol in the human body.

Black fungus can dissolve stones

Black fungus can dissolve stones

Patients with tiny stones in the body, may wish to eat 1 per day?
2 times black fungus, pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms can be 2?
4 seconds to ease.

If you insist on eating for a long time, you tend to gradually reduce the stone.

Because black fungus contains fermentin and plant alkaloids, it can promote the secretion of various glands in the digestive tract and urinary system and assist these secretion substances to catalyze stones, lubricate the pipes, and discharge stones.

Black fungus also contains a variety of minerals, can also produce a strong chemical reaction to various stones, exfoliation, differentiation, erosion of stones, so that the stones continue to shrink, and then discharged.

  Patients with tiny stones in the body, may wish to eat 1 per day?
2 times black fungus, pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms can be 2?
4 seconds to ease.

If you insist on eating for a long time, you tend to gradually reduce the stone.

Because black fungus contains fermentin and plant alkaloids, it can promote the secretion of various glands in the digestive tract and urinary system and assist these secretion substances to catalyze stones, lubricate the pipes, and discharge stones.

Black fungus also contains a variety of minerals, can also produce a strong chemical reaction to various stones, exfoliation, differentiation, erosion of stones, so that the stones continue to shrink, and then discharged.

  Regular consumption of black fungus can eliminate harmful substances in the blood and toxins in the body, which is beneficial to human health.

Good food and good nutrition

Good food and good nutrition

Weight loss measures include controlling diet and strengthening physical activity.

In terms of diet conditioning, proper consumption of whole grains can meet the needs of the human body and can also lose weight instead. This is increasingly favored by people.

Here are two types of weight loss coarse grains.

  Corn and corn are annual grasses, also known as Shibuya, Cob, and Liugu.

According to research, every 100 grams of corn contains 196 kcal conversion, crude fiber 1.

2 grams, protein 3.

8 grams, 姨 2.

3 grams, 40 carbonic acid.

2 grams, another mineral element and vitamins.

The crude fiber containing cobalt in corn is 4-10 times higher than that of polished rice.

Corn also contains a lot of magnesium, which can strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis and promote the excretion of body waste.

The above ingredients and functions of corn are very beneficial for weight loss.

When the corn is mature, the spiked corn must have a diuretic effect and is also beneficial for weight loss.

  Corn can be cooked on behalf of tea, or it can be crushed and made into corn flour, corn cake and so on.

The puffed popcorn is very bulky, and can eliminate the drought of excessive people after eating, but the impurities after eating are very low, which is also one of the substitutes for weight loss.

  Sweet potato sweet potato is a convolvulaceae plant, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, hawthorn and so on.

According to the research, the denaturation of each 100 grams of sweet potato is only 127 kcal and the crude fiber is 0.

5 grams, 姨0.

2 grams, carbonic acid 29.

5 grams, including inorganic salts and vitamins.

Sweet potato contains only half of the taro.

Sweet potato can be used to feed the hunger.

Sweet potato is an alkaline food that can inhibit the growth and accumulation of subcutaneous sputum after eating.

In addition, sweet potato is also conducive to bowel movements, which is conducive to weight loss.

  Sweet potato can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled, roasted and so on.

Before cooking, the sweet potato cubes can be boiled or baked in salt water for one or two hours to reduce the discomfort such as pantothenic acid, bloating and venting after eating.

Do you need sun protection on a cloudy day?

Autumn sunscreen whitening 8 big mistakes, the first you will be in the middle!

Do you need sun protection on a cloudy day?
Autumn sunscreen whitening 8 big mistakes, the first you will be in the middle!

It will not necessarily turn white, but it will definitely turn black.

It’s hard to get through the cool summer, but also encounter the sky high and the light, the sun shines brightly, especially at noon, the intensity of ultraviolet light is comparable to that of summer. For women who love beauty, the first step in whitening is to sunscreen, then fall.How to prevent sunscreen?

Sunscreen products, you may choose.

However, these sunscreen holes, you may not have escaped.

Autumn sunscreen 8 misunderstanding, the first one you are in the middle of the stroke, only in very hot high temperature, the ultraviolet light will be very strong.

Ultraviolet rays do not heat up.

For example, when someone climbs a mountain, the more they go up, the cooler the mountain wind is, and the stronger the ultraviolet rays are.

For every 1000 meters, UV light is increased by 10%.

The same is true in the sea: the sea breeze makes you feel cool, and the ultraviolet rays have reached a very high level.

2, the clouds are thick on cloudy days, UV will not hurt the skin.

The cloud layer has almost no isolation from ultraviolet light. 90% of the ultraviolet rays can penetrate the clouds. Only the dark and heavy rain clouds can block some of the ultraviolet rays.

On rainy days, 21% of the sun shines on sunny days?

On cloudy days, 81% of the sun shines on sunny days?

Under normal umbrellas, about 50% of the UV rays penetrate.

3, the sun protection factor of sunscreen products is improved, the more beneficial to the skin.

Products with an increased sun protection factor mean that more sunscreens are added, which is also irritating to the skin. Therefore, if you are going to work normally, you can choose SPF15, PA + products.

If you are exercising outdoors, should you choose SPF25?
SPF35, PA ++ products.

If you are swimming at the beach, choose SPF35?
SPF50, PA +++ can be.

4, sunscreen products can be applied after sunscreen protection.

Since the active ingredients in sunscreen must penetrate into the horny surface layer to achieve excellent continuity protection, it is necessary to wipe thoroughly before 30 minutes before going out. At least 1 should be used at each dose.
The optimal amount of sunscreen is achieved in an amount of 2 ml.

5, occasionally forget to apply sunscreen, will not have too much impact on the skin.

Sun exposure can accumulate, so although it is only indirectly exposed to the sun, the damage to the skin will accumulate over a long period of time, and may not immediately see the consequences, but after a long time, it will cause the skin to tan, the skin to appear spots, the skinLoss of elasticity, wrinkles, aging and so on.

6, as long as you apply sunscreen before going out, the skin can be safe all day long.

A few hours after the sunscreen is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, the sunscreen effect will gradually decrease due to the substitution of sweat, etc., so it should be washed off and reapplied in time to ensure the continuation of the sunscreen effect.

7, the skin has been tanned, and then apply sunscreen will not help.

The skin is brownish yellow after sun exposure, indicating that the skin is in a state of self-protection.

Skin thickening and melanin production are manifestations of skin self-protection.

However, melanin can only partially absorb UVB, which acts as a barrier to protect the skin from damage, but does not absorb UVA.

Therefore, to the outdoors, an isolation barrier between the sun and the skin is essential.

8, several sunscreen products are used at the same time, the sunscreen effect is added.

Too many people think that if you have used a lotion and foundation with a sunscreen value, then the sunscreen effect should be the sum of the two.
In fact, the true sunscreen effect is only due to the higher sunscreen value, so there is no need to use both sunscreen products at the same time.

In short, to protect the skin, the most basic principle is not to let the skin directly exposed to the sun, and use the sunscreen suitable for the skin, suitable for the site, plus appropriate sun protection measures, such as hats, parasols, long-sleeved outerwear, etc., it can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays.

In addition, the purchase of sunscreen must also take into account the waterproofness of the sunscreen and the use of the environment, the intensity of the sun, etc.

When you are active in open areas such as mountainous areas or seaside, the reflection is more intense than other places. You should also use sunscreen with high sunscreen to block UV rays. Otherwise, you will often be unconsciously exposed to UV rays without knowing it.

Choose the pillow to make you feel comfortable

Choose the pillow to make you feel comfortable

Lying in a soft pillow is the most comfortable thing to sleep, but do you know?
There are thousands of bacteria in the pillow, and some may cause asthma!
Human beings can’t live without sleep, and sleep can’t be separated from pillows. Pillows can be said to be the longest partner.
  Choosing a suitable pillow that conforms to the physiological characteristics of the human body not only benefits the cervical vertebrae, the physiological curvature of the entire spine and the muscles of the spine, but also guarantees high quality sleep, which is related to the other 2/3 life time quality of life;Sleep quality is greatly reduced, and it also affects mental health.
  According to medical experts, there are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of bacteria in the hair of ordinary people.
When we are asleep, the dust and bacteria in the hair are stuck on the pillow towel, and the dust is the fertile soil that breeds the mites.
If you are lying on your back or lying on your side, you will inhale the dust or bacteria on your pillow to the nose, which will directly harm people’s health.
  In addition, when we sleep, the saliva and secreted sweat that we inadvertently leave will penetrate into the pillow, breeding bacteria, causing skin allergies and physical illnesses. Therefore, according to the needs of hygiene, we need to clean the pillow every 3 to 6 months.
  Many people may change their pillows only in three or four years. In fact, old and dirty pillows are prone to mold, mites, allergies or respiratory diseases, and damage to health.
  The shape, size, material, height, hardness and posture of the pillow will have a great impact on human health.
Therefore, it is especially important to choose a comfortable and healthy pillow that suits you.
In short, only choose the right pillow, use the pillow, and properly maintain the pillow to ensure a comfortable sleep, and really have peace of mind.
  People often wash pillowcases regularly, but there is little habit of cleaning pillows.
Because most people think that the pillowcase is enough to protect the pillow, as long as it is cleaned on time, it can ensure the cleanliness of the pillow.
  In fact, this is a wrong concept!
Because it is only by cleaning the outer pillows and pillowcases, the smear of the pillow can not be removed.
Some pillows are clean and the scent is faintly faint on the pillow, which is why there is no frequent drying of the pillow.
Some pillows filled with plant materials such as cotton wool, herbs, and husks are easy to absorb sweat. Some insects will produce eggs in sweat-stained pillows. They all use bacteria and viruses to breed and provide some infectious diseases.The route of transmission.
  Experts pointed out that the growth cycle of mold is two weeks. In order to prevent mold from setting on the pillow, the pillow is exposed every two weeks.
This will not only promote health, but also improve the quality of sleep.
  In addition, it is very important to keep your pillows clean and to protect yourself and others.
Regular shampooing is a good way to keep the pillows clean, but it is more important to change our pillows frequently. There is no need to wash them every day. You can do it twice a week.

Give yourself new hope every day

Give yourself new hope every day

A doctor is known for his medical skills and his career is flourishing.

But unfortunately, on some days, he was diagnosed with cancer.

This is a great thing for him.

He once had a low mood.

  In the end, he not only accepted this fact, but his mentality changed, became more tolerant, more modest, and more cherished everything he had.

In hard work, he never gave up fighting with the sick.

In this way, he has been safely spent for several years.

  Someone asked him what magical power is supporting him because of his deeds.

  The doctor replied with a smile: I hope that almost every morning, I give myself a hope, I hope that I can treat a patient more, I hope my smile can warm everyone.

This doctor is not only highly skilled, but also a very real world.

  There are many things in this world that we can’t predict.

We can’t control our chances, but we can control ourselves; we can’t predict the future, but we can grasp the present; we don’t know how long our life is, but we can arrange the current life; we can’t control the changing weather, but we canAdjust your mood.

  As long as we live, there is hope. As long as we give ourselves a hope every day, our life will not lose color.

  Give yourself a hope every day, just give yourself a goal and give yourself some confidence.

What is hope?

It is the fuse that detonates the potential of life and is the catalyst for stimulating the passion of life.

  Give yourself a hope every day, we will live alive and vigorous, and there will be time to sigh to sorrow and waste our lives on some boring little things.

Life is limited, but hope is unlimited. As long as we don’t forget to give ourselves a hope every day, we will certainly have a rich and colorful life.