Li Tan with a cuff to help Gao Bo Yi wiped the sweat on his face,Faceful:“I want me to marry the rhydom http://www.363dai.cn world at home.,Dermatology,But I am very optimistic about you.,So through the opportunity to go to Caizhou,Take me,That is to delay for a while。”
“then you”
“if not,You think I am so submerged。If I don’t want to,Will you get you??”
Li Zhili drums with Gao Bo’s ears。
No wonder,Gao Boyi finally know why this girl will dedicate。
“Auntie has been flying in the mother,Furthermore,Don’t be hard。”
“Then you still have to go to me to talk about the problem.?”Li Mu Tan glanced at Gao Baoyi。
Gao Bao nodded,But the opportunity is rare,He doesn’t want to leave this.。
Gao Bo Yi is booting Li Zhiling’s right hand,Put it on your left hand,Full mouth:“lady,look,Our hands,How husband and wife。”
Li Zhin looked at the high Bohai is full of old,And old knife wounded big hand,I also saw my http://www.sh-luyu.cn tender and delicate hands.,I haven’t felt now.。
Her first heard that there is a couple of husband and wife.,I look an arms of Gao Baoyi:“How to speak this?”
“You don’t think it is more than my hand.,Is your hand better??I have a bloody killing outside.,You are beautiful in the family,How much?”Gao Boyi continues to instill your own 歪 理。
Li Zhu Tan’s eyes,Holding Gao Baoyi,I am afraid that the other party will immediately disappear。
“Look back,The man is in a dim light。You write really。I hope you don’t go outside.,It is really not peaceful now.。”
“All said,That is to abandon the description。I don’t kill.,One day in case,A person I can’t afford to sleep with you,Do you say that I am promised or not?”
Gao Biyi throws a difficult question。
Li Zehua naturally knows how you look,There is no way to answer http://www.bcaofan.cn this question.,Can only sigh in secluded。
“Now I will talk to my father-in-law.。”
“Will you come to Qi Prefecture??”
“Um,Have time to go。”Gao Baoyi smile,Quietly feel this rare temperature。
Wife appearance is too big,If there is no such thing,It’s just to find things for yourself.!In order to be in the future, it is not forced to wear a green hat.,Gao Boyi feels that he has to work harder.。
“Don’t forget to make friends,You don’t come to me.,I will go to the temple.。”
Looking at Li Tan with a pretty face with tears,Gao Boi nodded,Decline。Turning moment,His face is no longer gentle,Only sinister!Originate,The whole person is cold and hard!
Who dare to grab my wife?,Who will he dare to kill?!
Gao Bo Yi came to the gazebo,Argade:“Father-in-law,Xiaoyu is a gift。”
“Just talked about it?”Li Zuli asked with a smile。
“Uh-huh,Talk about it。Please ask the father-in-law。”Gao Boyi certainly won’t think that Li Zulsheng is waiting for him here, just in order to talk about children’s private feelings.。
NS95chapter serious situation
“You are playing the tiger,In fact, I am present.。Self-old hero,If。That day later,I will give you a woman with Xiaosan.。However, Van Tan has always had a master.,Say to see it again,So I will be by her.。”
Li Zuheng is not a strong person,Did not spend in front of Gao Biyi。
“Father, the father-in-law, you have worry?China is still a family event?Xiaoyi can have a bitter?”Gao Bao asked on the horse。
Li Zugui deeply saw him and said:“Nature is a state,But it is also a family entry。
Van Tan is not married to you,There is always two choices between royal and hill.。
We Li Jia’s status,Now I am relying on my today’s right.。Men can’t stand the Han people,Jinyang is also a big camp of military households,There, let’s insert it.。Even if you can marriage with the faster,We are only attainful.,Do you understand this truth??”
A hundred years of dynamics,Millennium,This truth comes from the later generation Gao Baoyi naturally understand。

“what??Isn’t that just living in a yard?,How can the lady let a man live in your yard,Although separated by atrium……”Shuang’er surprised。

Li Yunzi did not answer,She is tired,I don’t seem to have much strength to speak,Or thinking,I have no intention of saying it again。
Shuang’er understands that my lady is not the kind of hesitant lady,She said,Just have to do it。
Shuang’er hurried to clean up,Vacate the left courtyard house,At the same time I was thinking,Do you want to add a temporary door between the atrium and the left court?,Keep this door by yourself at night,Avoid any trouble。
Zhu Minglang moved into Zuo Ting House,Fang Niannian soon got acquainted with Shuang’er,The two females have endless words,I always http://www.leshengwenhua.cn see them smiling between the two courts……
Lai Yunzi does not leave the house。
Zhu Minglang will only go to the back mountain when training the dragon。
It’s still dark,It’s the fourth day,This vision caused even greater panic in the entire Zulong City State,More and more people are beginning to spread the speech。
These remarks,No accidents point to Li Yunzi。
“Lai Yunzi is a fierce star,Wherever you go,Heavenly God Stone,Directly at Zulong City,Isn’t it just telling us Zulong people,To destroy this evil star,Otherwise, you will never see the bright universe!!”
“Brutal Acts of Lai Yunzi,Caused sky anger,God punishes her people,But you still follow so foolishly,Want me to say she should apologize,Otherwise, there will be skyfire punishment!”
Inside and outside the city-state,A mess。
No light,Night forever covers the earth,I thought http://www.mtxwifi.cn that spring and summer was coming,Lichuan Plain will become rich again,But the sunlight seems to be taken away by God,Even if you go beyond the Lichuan Plain,I can only see some http://www.bhutanairlines.cn Xiwei。
No sun,No harvest,No harvest, no meat,If this is the same in late spring,Chaos in the world!

“There is no big gain on the party.,Every time you caught them quickly,Some people will give them a ventilation,So repeatedly can’t find anything。”

“Who is the traitor?,This should be cheaper.。”
“How much is checked?,Also locked a few people,Especially in the seventy-sixth, the seventh is cleared.,But the news will still walk。”
“Is the 76th or those people??”Rui Rui has not arrived in Shanghai for half a year.,The situation there is to know about it.,But he still wants to hear from the mouth of wine Yibei.。
“Changed several batches,Wang Tianmu has been transferred to Nanjing,Liang Zhongchun is shot because smuggling strategic materials,The current director is Yi Mircheng。”
“Yi Miro?”In the 76th, the surname should only have the easy gentleman in the color ring.,
“Correct,This person is very embarrassing,At the last almost seized Zheng Yaoxian and Xu Baichuan is his credit,The two action brigades of the military Shanghai station were all ended,It is a big red person from 76th.。”
“There are more such Chinese people.!”
“Three tails,Do you have any plan??”
“What is I plan?,Still not to listen to the arrangement of the command。”Qi Rui wants to ask Mei Hui knows that two US pilots don’t know,But I thought I still didn’t ask.,
NS803chapter Present·Tianda seamless plan
San Tailo’s suggestion, Jun Six, still adopted,Because the killing period and the killing action team are always their heart disease,So immediately discovered with his staff。
Finally, they made three very tempting deception plans.,Spreading the news and the result of the killing action group is not active,Even the report ridiculously laughing, the stupid and pediatric department of the dispatch army。
During this period, he did not find two US pilots.,Have not any information and clues related to them,This makes him very strange.,Because Americans bite them in Nanjing,Even if they are confirmed in the dispatch army。
to this end,Dai Dai, a mission, Wang Tianfeng, Nanjing, assisting the rituiting of this matter,And bring details of two pilots。
“Brother,Americans did not say what secrets were there.?”Now this is the most interested in interest,
“no,The boss is the same as your thoughts.,These two pilots have a big secret,Otherwise, the Japanese will not block the message to be searched.。”Wang Tianfeng said,
“The little devil is sealing the message blocking so strict,Just prove they know this secret,Just get all content,It seems that we have to find these two people as soon as possible.,But http://www.hongshengsuye.cn people are not in the dispatch army,I can guarantee this.,Americans are incapable。”
“Small nine,The Japanese must be a secret location.,And is the place to isolate with the outside world,Normal finding is definitely no play。”
“Brother,You contact the boss,I want to fight the snake。”
“You want the Japanese to know that we want to rescue these two Americans?”
“Correct,Let’s first find someone to plan the next step.,So we must make sure people are in Nanjing.,I don’t want to waste time here.,I have a lot of things to do.。”
“Small nine,Boss,What plans do you have? We will fully support,What is the specific plan? I will communicate with the boss.。”
“Brother,There is always a code called Xue Yue in the military.,This person should be a mid-level cadre,We have to save Americans, let him pass back.,And let the http://www.ntddtl.cn rescue have a sense of urgency,It is best to let the boss open in the military bureau.,This way, no matter who this snow shadow, you should get this information.,It may be possible to take this opportunity.。”
Wang Tianfeng nodded agreed:“Let the boss discuss people in the meeting to perform the rescue plan。”
“There must be many people in the meeting, we must recommend killing agency.,Finally let the boss show,Let everyone understand this task to us。”Ritual,
“it is good!I understand what you mean,I will contact the boss.。”
Three days later,畑 畑 三 丰 丰 到 办,Ask:“Three-tailed,We have thought about three tricks before they have been clever.,I still ridicule us on the newspaper.,This makes us very faceless。”
“commander,Ruine, they are very embarrassed,And he is still an intelligence analysis expert,So fake events are difficult to deceive them。”
“Three-tailed,If they want to save two very important characters,Can you design a no-lost program?,I am saying that there is no one who must guarantee that these two characters can’t do.。”Jun Six asked,
Three tails, You Feng, no false thoughts answer:“This is good.,Use it to use it。”
“You don’t say that we are unreasonable,Things such as these are not easy to be seen。”
“commander,Is these two important people in our hands??”
“Yes,Just in our hands。”
“Yup,We put them in where you are not there.,Do you want to save people, should you find a talent。”
“Three-tailed,Clearly understand some words,Because this thing is not small。”
“commander,This is the case,If I want to save people,Then I must first know where the goal is,Rui Rui is also the same,They want to save people, they must first know where people are.。”
“This is of course。”
“We will disclose some messages.,Also let them have the opportunity to determine the target location,When they are determined,We transfer people in case,How can I know how to know?,Because they plan to save people, we are active,Why are they saved? Not what we said.。”

Although the high air is fresh,Oxygen content is too low,After completely solving this trouble,The journey along the way is still smooth,A total of more than 20 cars composed,Sleep in a special modified cross country in the evening,Along the way, it is also equipped in advance,There is also a helicopter to follow at any time.。

all in all,This luxury tour group,Let Chen Linzhi and Anna Atas enjoy the style of the unmanned area and the snowland high mountain.,I can’t forget it until I leave.,So in the Christmas holidays to the resort in the Alps Mountains。
It’s also a day,The difference is nothing more than Chen Linzhi’s present day.,Relatively free,It is also relatively luxurious。
Turn over the eye2006year。
Domestic semiconductor companies have emerged,In automotive engine technology、Pharmaceutical R & D technology, etc., the same progression is good,This is inseparable from Chen Linzhi.,Established multiple associations to work together、Partner division,Avoid many unnecessary internal struggles and consumption。
big aeroplane、High-speed rail、Magnetic suspension、Electric vehicle, etc.,Also started at the same time,The number of white dolphins is restored to two hundred,Contaminated companies from all over the world also economic development,Gradually ban or relocate。
Honest,There are still many shortcomings,But foreign media habitual pacing,Subsidence creates a relatively appropriate development atmosphere,No one cares, there is nothing to press,It’s a good thing from a certain angle.。
Chen Linzhi, forty years old,The more the more the rivers,Ok, no learning,In turn, occasionally following some young nets.,For example, go to London for some time,UK Asian female netbsp;Lee,Honestly, Chen Linzhi remembers her.,I saw it in the movie.。
At this stage,Hand masters trillions of dollar money wealth,It is no longer an old age.。
Factual prove,As long as the waves are long enough、The mentality is sufficient,Once you are expected to be able to,Those beautiful people in the mouth of the water,Still have the opportunity to get on the line。
85Rear,Chen Linzhi, who had just surprised, the girl born,I have already reached the bori,Know the age of taking shortcut。
But they actually listened to Chen Linzhi.“legend”grow up,This always makes Chen Linzhi feel weird.,Don’t delay his appetite.。
Have you had a good man in the early years,Chen Linzhi,No choice,Now there is a flower flower old man in the people.,Personal feeling is quite good,I don’t think life is boring.。
Year time,Lujiazui project only has no residential building yet.,The office buildings are basically completely complete。
Giant Macon for more than ten years,Nowadays, it has become a trend of a printing machine.,The building of more than 700 meters high has recently been leased.95,The rest is not no one rent,But Chen Linzhi left itself。
Bank、Securities、Insurance and other large companies swarming,It is very good to settle in the size of the enterprise.,Power is also enough,Treatment is generally signed more than five years.,Return the funds of Ten billions of dollars,The value of the project itself has also been turned over and rising.,Compared with the cost of early investment,Turned ten times,Mainland real estate is booming。
Layout,A bird’s eye view,There are more than ten residential buildings on the waterfront,Customize more than one million square meters,The cost is posted,I want to have a way in the file.,Exquisite Special Office。
In other cities,Chen Linzhi also has already created numerous landmark projects.,Number of landies and even exceed Vanke。
Take a look at the amount of wealth,The others can fight him.。
For the girl,Start learning“Unfold”Chen Linzhi,Always have a unique situation for those female stars who have met.。
In recent years, he has a red plum root.·Fox and Amanda·Severide,Facing amazing resources,Few people can resist,Often live in the Mainland,There are also many people in the wine in the Mainland.。
For these things,Now I am more interesting more than business.,Money earned enough,Sentence truth,Enough enough to vomit,After all, it is often targeted.,Many troublesome。
The Three Gorges Dam built in the early years,Last year, the electricity earned back to 3 billion yuan.,People who have not optimistic about this project have closed their mouths,Even the rise of investment hydropower stations all over the country。
http://www.cxrdai.cn And like this large hydropower station,Chen Linzhi may not only invest one,Three Gorges Group, established by joint venture,Currently hold hundreds of projects,It is expected that the top five of the top five in the top five,He has a considerable share。
Electric vehicle development department established by hand,exist2006July of July,I also launched a cool electric super run.,In addition, there are two high-end electric vehicle prototypes.,Secret testing,Try to solve battery security issues,Soon after, I have the opportunity to put in the mass production link.。
Smart machines are also developing in full swing,Due to Chen Linzhi monopoly many patented technology,Walk less detours,Plus the funds crazy to the inside,At the end of the year, it is expected to launch a smartphone product.。
Long time no smart machine,http://www.lir9.cnHonestly, Chen Linzhi has been used to it.,Compared to the machine itself,He carefully intelligently spreads,Brought mobile Internet market。
Only the market,Postertasted,Continue to earn money, no place,Even the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, he is willing to take half of the construction costs.,There is really no need to talk to Chen Linzhi again.。
A person,Can make your money as simple as drinking water like a drink,Bigns can also win the anti-monopoly lawsuit,I have to say that I have invincible。
World Wide Web currently exceeds the city value of 10,000 billion dollars,As the first market value breaks through trillion US dollars,More than half of the shares are still in Chen Linzhi,He masters most of the world’s businessmen,Breaking through all the ceiling that the businessman can reach,I can still be happy to keep alive.,Already a kind of matter。
His life of this person-shaped printing machine continues,But only if you are happy.,I am busy looking for fun.,The total number of donations for three consecutive years is more than $ tether billion,Investment has developed many new drugs,A lot of rescue projects for the poor,Provide tens million jobs directly and indirectly。

Family,The first rich can’t afford it.。

Will be Zhu Jia or Li Jia,Just in the middle of them。
so,They can only find ways。
Two ladies looked at the check in her hand,Laugh:“Now send checks back,One thousand five million belong to you。”
What she wants is Li Shuyi knows http://www.dsilearning.cn this matter,Let her send it back,But I want to teach her hand.kay。
certainly,If there is courage,It can be occupied,She can arrow double carving。
These are her children belonging to her.,Other people have to get。
Li Shuzhen looked at her:“Two ladies,With this check,Dad doesn’t treat us as a family,Person can threaten,We have passed。
Two lack of low sound,Looking at Liuxu, a face,This child,When you are small, it is very exciting.。
“Bamboo,You threaten your father like this,Will only lose more。
Li Shuyu has taken half of the money,That is because he has a Lu Haoheng and Gu Jia behind him.,Your father has no way to deal with her.,One, your father finds a way,She didn’t know how she died.。”
“so,Do not impulse。”
Two ladies advised。
Li Xu wants to think,I know that this thing can’http://www.zgrcedu.cnt finish.。
She returned with two bodyguards.。
“Wild brother,The woman came back again.。”
Car,Lin Ye is eating fried chicken。
Lin Ye has a look at Li Shuyi,Fright,“What is this woman??
I thought she took a check to take the money.?
Is it not good to send it??”
“Wild brother,What should we do now?”
Lin Ye looked at him,Laugh:“What do you mean?
Such delicious fried chicken,First eat first,True incense!”
Lin Yen said,Continue to eat fried chicken,Looking at the video。
kayBathe,Discovering checks and ID cards,Suddenly panic。
too terrifying,Actually someone broke into her villa,I steal her check。
These 30 million can be gambling。
“Who is it??”
She is crazy to go to the first floor.。
Tenishing,Li Shuyu came in with two bodies。
“Liuxu,What are you doing here??”
She finished,Just see the checks and ID cards in Liuxu。
“Oh it’s you?”
She quickly downstairs。
Li Shuqi raised the check in his hand。

The power of attack suddenly disappeared。

Talk long,But everything happens in a moment。
A moment of idioty,Immediately disappear。
But just a momentary pressure,Also let thousands of students can’t afford。
“Ha ha。”
at the same time,A cool laugh is from all sides.。
“call out”Accompanied by sound,Distant horizon,A shape is like a meteor。
The last moment is still far http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn away,Next moment, I arrived over the top of everyone.。
Those new and old students falling,A pale standing,It’s not comparative.。
This is a young man wearing a green dress.,Surface looks,In 20 years old,Eyebrow eye show,Smile。
He stepped from half a step in half,Hug,“Disguise the dean,See you。”
The new and old students who have just standing are all wrongly。
Original anger,Mask cold cream,Killing the “Sui Shu”,It is full of eyes.。
Angry expression disappears。
Change is a strong unconvived。
“you……Jiang Wei?”
“Jiang Wei?
you,You break through the Linghai?”
Hidely,Including the big state of the country,Su Zhidao is all around.,Look excited,Gaze。
“Really you,Jiang Wei!”
Young man open mouth,A very clean smile,“it’s me,Every teacher,Such as fake。”
“Hahaha……”Seven Qinghai strong people http://www.iyinrui.cn have laughed。
As you can see from their look,Not loaded,It is happy from the heart.。
New and old students behind,And people from major city pools,Face each other。
But very quickly,Anyone seems to think about?,Immediately changed color。
“I think of it.,It’s him!”
“The enchanting of the Eastern College 30 years ago,Jiang Wei!”
“What!this……It’s him?
How can this be,Break through the Linghai in the past 30 years?”
“……”In the discussion,About Jiang Wei’s http://www.bellivip.cn name,I also spread it quickly。
Especially the old students of the Academy of Academy,Nature also knows this name。
Thirty years ago,The Academy of Pagang came out of a enchanting genius.。
That one,Only he has been admitted to the pokes in the hospital。
Just from that,The big summer country seems to exhaust all air transport.,Thirty years,No one has been admitted to the pool of Wushuai。
Even qualifications for the assessment。

http://www.njjinbang.cn Morning。

Zhou is the aroma of the food.,Open your eyes and look up——
Just enjoy breakfast in front of his desk,Go back to him,And waist is tied by a hair ring with a bow,And not bundle after brain,But bundle in the middle of long hair,So the hair turned from the hair, some fluffy two sides spread。The curtains pulled on before going to bed last night didn’t know when it was already opened.,Black, long hair slightly anti-light,Hair quality is good to shoot advertisements。
揉 揉 揉,歪 歪 身 看。
Very stylish long down jacket……
Good guy,Full of a table!
Originally placed on the desk, books and pen、cell phone、Key and wallet and other items are pushed to the side,Now the desk is in the pizza,In addition, there is a fries、steak、Grilled intestine、Phoenix shrimp and crispy squid……
It seems that he woke up.,槐 头,Hand wearing a primary glove,A perfect face,Just the corner of the cheese。
“Awake,Don’t eat breakfast?”
“……so much?”
“I am looking for myself.。”
“Look at your eyes……rest assured,I bought it!”槐 序 道 道,“I am now a rich monster.,Will not let things any more,That is not in line with my identity。”
Zhou Zhiji is still a hot、Soft half-size cat,He will hold it out,Put on the side,I didn’t wake her.。
The group was sleeping with him last night.,It’s just that she falls until half of the night.,Although the old man is in his arms during the period,But flexing him from time to time、Bite him,Or try to talk to him,I greatly affected his sleep。
Get up and wear clothes。
The slender finger pinching a fried shrimp ball is in front of the http://www.njspwl.cn Zhou,Let Zharise not adapted。
“Ok, eat it.?”
“very expensive。”
“I have to go out with Nan Ge in the evening.?”槐 序 大 块 披 披 里 里,“I turned into your home tonight.?At noon, you gave Jiang Yu to say to eat lamb at night.,I will give her another afternoon you are not hungry.,Let her open later。”
“I am a good for you.。”Looking at him seriously,“Otherwise, Jiang Yan must say:Go out?I came back very late last night.。Do you mean it??You are embarrassed。”
“You are still with Nan Ge yet.,I haven’t got married yet.,Otiente is like this, the name of Nange is not good.,Also not good for your reputation。”The old monster tells a set of sets,“Jiang Yi always thinks you are very embarrassed.。”
“why do not you talk?”
“I can listen to what you can say.。”


Gao Boyi holds Hou’s hand tightly,Fae。lt;/Pgt;
“Highly larger governor,Let me wait!”lt;/Pgt;
Hou Yu shook his head smiles。lt;/Pgt;
“Hou General rectified military horse,Revoluting。lt;/Pgt;
I have to use a military horse and the first majesty.,Come to order the chaos of http://www.industrialgloves.cn Jiangzhou?。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao Yi。lt;/Pgt;
“At the end, you will save,This will send people to send a letter to contact Cocoxiang.。Let him be in the city(Jiujiang City)Let out,Then take the soldiers,how?”lt;/Pgt;
“please!”Gao Boyi excited road。lt;/Pgt;
NS249chapter Sorry, I am showup.
In Gao Biyi Yu Jiangzhou,crazy“Serving”when,Jiakang’s Chen Bao is not idle.,Open“Siege mode”。lt;/Pgt;
Time to use the North Qi Qi,Chen Bao first ordered the generals Xu Ze to build a battles in Beijing.。lt;/Pgt;
Set the army at the Beijingkoukou,Instead of building the surrounding Kangcheng。lt;/Pgt;
At the same time ordered general Zhou Wenyu to continue to Raiders Sanwu Area,Due to the king of the son-in-law Du Du,And Wang Zhen, http://www.zengzhouweibo.cn the big brother, Wang Zhi, etc.。lt;/Pgt;
And the most trusted general Houan,It is responsible for the defense around Kangcheng.。lt;/Pgt;
Everything is normal。lt;/Pgt;
As for the Hou Hou in Jiangzhou,I don’t care about him for a while.!Chen Bao is really no extra soldiers to clean up this“Do not”man。lt;/Pgt;
This guy does not refuse,Non-stateful,Not hit,Only deal with the surrounding soil,What does it mean?!lt;/Pgt;

Wang Youcai had this idea in his heart,But he can’t say clearly。Because of something,He has to secretly manipulate,to be honest,Song Fang is a female stream,Do something like this,She can’t do it。

There is another important reason,Song Fang is the village chief with mission and purpose。If she can’t complete the task arranged by http://www.jialitao.cn Hu Huiru,,That will be a very troublesome thing。
Because I have eaten in the city,So Wang Youcai didn’t eat anymore。He quickly took the time to go to Chen Gui’s house。This time,Chen Gui should come home for dinner。
Chen Gui’s door is hidden,Wang Youcai just pushed away,Meizi came out of the West Room dressed very coolly。When she saw Wang Youcai,Then he laughed:“Boss Wang!Did you go to the wrong place??”
“Nonsense,I come to Chen Gui,Is he at home?”Wang Youcai said,And walked into Westinghouse。He thought Chen Gui was resting in Westinghouse,But as soon as he left,I was a little stunned。
Because there is no one in the Westinghouse,Where is the shadow of Chen Gui。Meizi, who walked in from behind, gave a soft hit, Wang Youcai said:“sit down!I will give you tea and drink”
“No need to,Where is Chen Guiren?”Wang Youcai said,Twisted butt http://www.jvchuan.cn and sat on the edge of the kang。
Meizi smiled and said:“The farm works overtime at noon today,He ran away as soon as he ate。Said that the newly appointed Ma Yan has a particularly tight management,I’ll be expelled”
“cut!He Chen Gui is also true,Anyway, he is also the original village cadre of Xiping Village,It’s not ashamed to be called by a little girl now”Wang Youcai said,Shook his head exaggeratedly。
Meizi smiled,There was a bad smile on his face。She asked with a smile:“Where is he young?Her!I want to see that she is not young anymore”Meizi said,I couldn’t help laughing。
So http://www.espressomovie.cn many women in Xiping Village,There are really few like plums。Wang Youcai is a little bit confused,Meizi talks to everyone like this,Or she only treats herself like this。
Although this woman is a little older,Not pretty。But what kind of charm comes out of her bones,It really looks tempting。Wang Youcai’s eyes drifted from Meizi with dishonesty。
Meizi suddenly lowered her voice and said:“Chen Gui said when he came back for dinner at noon,He is going to work for someone else tonight,Not coming back overnight”

Leo’s body has always exuded a strong aura,Let the cadre of the Goshawk family on the opposite side dare not look down。

Actually,Even if Leo doesn’t say,They have also contacted Gantt,They are just to drag http://www.natrual.cn time,Otherwise, Leo will just kill him,I am afraid that many people in their family will die。
Although there are many killings at sea,But the confrontation of this force,Usually the boss fights,The victorious side beheaded a few people,The rest are collected or used as slaves。
One Piece World is actually a slave society through and through。
These people are all pirates,But he had no idea of treating these people as slaves。
As a modern person,He naturally didn’t want to catch slaves。
Of course, kill them all directly!
This is humanitarian。
Gantt is not slow,Walked out of the station quickly。
Completely different from what you imagined,This Gantt is actually a very thin person,I’m afraid it’s only about two meters tall。
“What are you guys?What is the purpose of coming to our goshawk family!”Gantt asked in a low voice,There is a trace of anger http://www.hhhtlxs.cn in the words。
“I heard that your family got a supreme sharp knife?Moshang Yuege?”Leo spoke immediately。
Gantt froze,He originally thought he had a deep hatred with each other,Is here to seek revenge,I didn’t expect to come to find a knife?
Watching Leo holding http://www.chuandangou.cn a sword in his hand,Suddenly understood a bit。
“Ha ha,Come to my Goshawk family for something?What are you,Who gave you the courage!”
Gantt is half animal in an instant,Some fine velvet grew on the face and body,It’s just that these fine velvets shimmer with metallic luster,Looks very sharp。
“Yes or no!”Leo is unmoved。
Gantt laughs:“With or without,Since you dare to come to our family to make trouble,Then leave something!”
moment,Gantt’s eagleization is more obvious,In addition to lack of wings,Almost the whole body has turned into a huge eagle。
Holding the thick Langya Bang in both hands, he quickly rushed towards Leo。