Chongqing Department Store won the "National May Day Labor Award"

Chongqing Department Store won the "National May Day Labor Award".

Chongqing Department Store’s picture is reported that the "National May Day Labor Award" is the advanced collective that has made outstanding contributions to economic construction and social development in recognition of the socialist construction process of Chinese characteristics in the process of commending the construction of socialism with Chinese

The National Federation of Trade Unions commended 200 National May Day Labor Awards, 966 National May Day Labor Medal, and 956 national workers pioneers.

A total of five units (collectives) in Chongqing won the National May Day Labor Awards."This honor is the encouragement and spur of the superior organization to Chongqing Department Store. The company will continue to work hard, continue to interpret the nature and style of workers in the new era with practical actions, and make new and greater contributions to promoting high -quality development of regions and industries.. "The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Department Store said.

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The game in Hanjiang is being buzzled by him.,Fierce trembling,Appears on the screenKOTwo big red letters。

Then he turned back:“Squad leader isALevel female Wushen,In addition to the necessary academic and class food,There must be a school directly under the task.。”
Chapter 204 Whitening
“Han Jiang, you are too weak.。”Bronia ridicule。
Hanjiang pinch the handle and says that you can’t do it.。
He and Bronia have already played ten times.,Every time I always have some little blood, I can win each other.,Once every time, there is no suspense.。
If it is once twice,That is Baronia luck.。
But every time it is,That is the embodiment of Bronia’s ultra-high control power.。
In terms of game,If you don’t actively accept,Bronia has not been defeated。
Baronia has no expression of Hanjiang,The eye is slightly awkward。
“You two,It’s very happy to play.!”
Han Jiang once again met,Bud clothes sweeping the room,Come to the two,Looking at the screen on the TV screen。
After another fall,Hanjiang’s head shakes the same,Say:“not coming,not coming,Really don’t play!”
“Budding,You do it,You and Bronia play。”Han Jiang said,Put down the handle,A buning arm。
Han Jiang is slightly powerful,There is no preparation of the buds of the buds in Hanjiang’s arms.。
“what!”Han Jiangli raised his hands:“I don’t do anything.,I did not do it on purpose!”
“Not deliberately don’t let?”Buds, Hanjiang,Blame。
Han Jiang’s talented foot and retreats backwards,Put the buds of the arms“Clamor”Sound,Throw on the ground。
“Han Jiang,You too much!”Broniya condemned,I don’t know if she is jealous of Han Jiang and the buds.,Still。
Han Jiang does not dare to talk,Jiyan climbs up from the ground,Run toward the door。
“Time is not early,I have to go back to review my homework.!”
Finish,Close to the door。
After the door,Han Jiangyi small running,Female accommodation area。
Hanjiang after going out,There is no return to the dormitory,But avoid monitoring camera,Jump up,Hiding into the dense leaves。。
tonight,Cocala will send people to attack San Feria,Want to take the third law bud,How can Han River may let?。
at the same time,Santa Feria School,De Lisa’s exclusive training room,De Lisa gives Qi Yanna brought a new armor。
Kiyana after changing,From the locker room,Look up, sit, look at your new armor,I always feel weird。
“Qi Yana,How is new armor??”De Lisa asked。
Qi Yana active:“Be fitted,But this is not a tight dress?,Is this armor??”
“I remember that Hanjiang guy said before telling me.,After someone wearing big leg socks, it will become strong.,Can wear a tightness or the first time。”
“what?”De Lisa shocked:“Wearing big leg socks can become strong?”
Qi Yana looked around,Put your hand on the face side,Bending in the de Lisa ear:“I tried it all right.。”
“Cough!”De Lisa deliberately coughed,Open the topic:“Now let me introduce you to armor on your body.。”
“This armor is the third-generation female weapon armor, which is developing, produced.,onlyBLevel of female Wu Shen can be used。”
“Although your strength has reachedBclass,Can not pass professional female martial arts qualifications and various assessments,It’s just a training student。”

Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province: Effectively strengthen the promotion of PPP work

Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province: Effectively strengthen the source of PPP work: []. Establish a project expenditure account account, strengthen 10%of the red line rigid constraint, and implement this in the progress of various specific projects. The red line requires.

  The second is to do a good job of performance management of stock projects. Organize the PPP performance training of relevant project personnel, implement performance evaluation work in various aspects, and further optimize the full cycle performance management of the PPP project.

  The third is to ensure the orderly progress of each PPP project. Actively communicate with all parties of the PPP project to effectively solve the practical problems encountered in construction and operation of each project. Actively communicate and assist in the construction of PPP projects of relevant projects.

  The fourth is to strengthen the management of PPP information platform. Actively learn the new content of the National PPP Comprehensive Information Platform, and the implementation of the PPP project implementation agency to confirm the information of each stage, strengthen the project audit entry, and check the project information incorporated into the PPP comprehensive information platform to ensure that the project information is true and timely.

  Fifth, the project information is disclosed in accordance with the law.

Regular information on the public and social capital cooperation (PPP) project list in Fengcheng Fiscal Information Network, public information such as project reserves, project progress, landing conditions, and rewarding funds, increase the method of social capital participation, project contract and return mechanism, etc. The disclosure of the content improves the timelyness, accuracy, and integrity of the openness.


Be a gold,Where will you glow?,Don’t look at this era。lt;/Pgt;
“bright,I arranged two people to see it.,This is the time for the time being.,Don’t speak first。sister(Li Zuyu)there,I will explain。”lt;/Pgt;
Li Zuxun is red,Some unreasonable。lt;/Pgt;
“That night, this will leave.。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao,On the caravan,He found Yang Su to suppress the excitement in his heart.,There are some distortions of the face,So the opening persistent:“Big husband is happy,I want to laugh。How about it,Come with you this future, my father is good.?”lt;/Pgt;
“Bozoan cultivation!”Yang Shu’s face can not cover up,Take this boat,Revitalizing Yang family is not。lt;/Pgt;
“Don’t look at people agreed.,The key is to see how your performance is。He follows me to Zhangzhou,Let’s do it.,Make a success,Let you see your father-in-law。lt;/Pgt;
lt;/ Pgt;
bamboo,Go to the North City,Go to French and Temple to find land law and go。”lt;/Pgt;
The land law and the first are in Zhangzhou.,How can I not worship the pier?!lt;/Pgt;
A group of three people sitting in front of the car to the law and temple,The thin monetaries of the door are still sweeping,Optimably with http://www.ciscoqt.cnGao Bo Yi last time。lt;/Pgt;
It seems that this profession is really boring.。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao felt a sentence in his heart,Before the home door。lt;/Pgt;
“The master of Jingshan has been waiting for a long time.,Donkey, please。”lt;/Pgt;
Silk monk opened the door,Taguao Yi and others enter。lt;/Pgt;
I know that I am coming again.?It’s a demon and mulberrylt;/Pgt;
Gao Biyi took Yang Su to the front door,See the door has been opened,Lufu and a soap color,Grandly playing with the same style clothes。lt;/Pgt;
“The high general is really slow,The poor this chess bureau is at the end.。”Law and pointer。lt;/Pgt;

Haixi Prefecture’s "three precision" ensure the orderly implementation of the preferential certificate application and issuance

In order to build the honorary system for retired soldiers, prepare for the work of relying on the application of retired soldiers and other preferential treatment objects, and the issuance of the retired soldiers’ affairs system in Haixi Prefecture actively integrates the resources of all parties, unified thinking, improving awareness, paying attention to deployment, multiple measures and measures. With the "three precision" solid and steadily promoting retired soldiers and other preferential care objects to establish file cards and preferential treatment certificates to apply for preliminary work to ensure that the state is basically completed by the state before the end of 2022, and the preferential treatment of the preferential target of the state is basically completed. And the sense of honor, gain, and happiness of other preferential treatment objects. The precise publicity and guidance of the "mobilization order" requires the significance of fully understanding the significance of the preferential treatment certificate for the issuance of the preferential certificate, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, and improve the stand and unified ideas.

Using the opportunities such as visiting condolences, connecting to retired soldiers, etc., face -to -face understanding the preferential needs of retired soldiers and preferential treatment objects, and timely answering questions and confusion. Make full use of publicity resources, actively launch social forces such as retired soldiers and cooperative banks, and other social forces. Online and offline will be carried out simultaneously. Everyone knows, creating a good atmosphere of caring for retired soldiers and other preferential targets in the whole society. We must continuously strengthen the staff’s confidentiality education and management, improve the awareness and ability of risk prevention, and ensure that the information and data of retired soldiers and other preferential treatment objects are safe.

The arrangement of the arrangement of the "charge" is accurately blew to set up the leading group of Haixi Prefecture’s retired soldiers and other preferential treatment targets to apply for the issuance of the "first leader" responsibility, and the special work pattern of the business personnel specificly grasped. Formulate the "Implementation Plan for the Application of the Outstanding Military and Other Preferential Treatment of Haixi Prefecture" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), and requires localities to combine its own actual detailed plan to apply for the steps, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, methods, Procedures, requirements, etc. are clear. Printing the "Compilation of the Policy Documents of the Haixi Preferential Express Certificate" (hereinafter referred to as the "Compilation"), before the province was officially launched, the staff of all regions were required to learn and master relevant business knowledge and workflow.

Establish a working platform to improve the basic conditions. Do a good job of basic data docking, debugging systems and other preparations. Understand the connection of the e -government’s external network within the state, and require the retired military affairs departments to report the work to the local party committee and the government in time, actively strive for funds, open the township (street) government affairs network, and equip the necessary equipment and facilities. Provide basic guarantees for the issuance of preferential treatment certificates. Precisely should coordinate the "service officer" to continuously strengthen close cooperation with relevant departments and cooperative banks, discuss the financial preferential treatment list with the cooperative bank, provide certificates to photography services, achieve complementary advantages, form a joint force, and form a good situation of together.

Haixi has always maintained enthusiastic and patient work attitude, carefully organizes learning documents, strictly follows the provisions of the "Measures", "Handbook", and "Plan". , Do the first time the question feedback answers and work experience sharing.

Establish a sense of service firmly, strive to achieve the work goals of "only one door" and "run at most", and solve the reasonable and legitimate interests of retired soldiers and other preferential treatment objects. Strictly follow the workflows of the establishment of the file, the application for the application, the application, and the step -by -step review, strictly implement the policy requirements, seriously responsible, and layer the level, and never relax the conditions and reduce the standards. If the applicant’s file materials are incomplete and cannot determine the identity, the review is suspended, and after the peak period, it will be comprehensively judged in combination with the situation of my situation, information comparison, and visiting investigation. Fully predict, take the method of preparing paper forms in advance to respond to emergencies such as power outages, network congestion, etc., and actively strengthen cooperation with online information, public security, petitions and other departments, pay close attention to public opinion, and timely grasp early warning and action information. Prevention and disintegration of hidden dangers, scientifically deal with emergency incidents in accordance with the law. An irregularities analyze the situation and judge the situation, study and solve the major issues in the application of preferential certificates, and report it step by step. At all times, the epidemic prevention and control strings are tight, effectively enhance the awareness of risk, resolutely overcome the paralysis thoughts and fluke, and strictly do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic in the issuance of preferential certificates.

Niu Huiling let Wang Youcai wait at the gate,She went to the underground parking garage to drive。About a few minutes,Niu Huiling drove to the gate。

Wang Youcai pulled the car door and sat in,Niu Huiling drove the car on the road with skill,Then let go and run。
Wang Youcai, who was sitting in the co-pilot, looked at the rushing cars outside the window,I have some admiration for his second wife。He suddenly couldn’t help asking:“Ersao!You did a good job in the entrepreneurial group,Why resign?”
“Not for your second brother。Hu Huiru and I、And your second brother is both a college classmate。Later, because of work problems,Your second brother is afraid that Hu Huiru will be disadvantageous to him,So I married him,Hu Huiru still doesn’t know”
“I’m her financial director again,For a long time,It will inevitably reveal flaws。under these circumstances,I don’t want to do it anymore,Secondly, your second brother doesn’t want me to do Hu Huiru,So I resigned”
When Niu Huiling said this,Somewhat upset on the face。Between words,I’m a bit complaining about Wang Youdao。Wang Youcai listened,A little helplessly shook his head,Actually in this matter,He doesn’t know what to say。
Niu Huiling is driving the car,And said to Wang Youcai:“Your ideas are very correct,I want to participate in this matter,This private hospital is run by the two of us。We implement a shareholding system,You are the chairman,I am the general manager,Dean entrusts professionals to do it”
“Not second sister!I have promised the second brother,This matter cannot involve you”Wang Youcai said very seriously。
Niu Huiling smiled and said:“This matter without my involvement,You really drove it alone。How about this!I can’t help you with this。I secretly cooperate with you,When this hospital is opened,Tell you second brother,what do you think?”
Wang Youcai clutching his scalp,I don’t know how to answer Niu Huiling。Actually for this matter,He really couldn’t understand,How to run,Which department to review?What materials to prepare?Wait for a series of things,He really has no clue。
“Don’t think about it,After seeing my classmate,If we are sure to open,I will run this set of procedures,You just provide the relevant information。follow-up work,We cooperate to do it,This thing can definitely be done”Niu Huiling is confident。
Wang Youcai glanced at his second wife secretly,I look down on this woman。Since she has this ability,How about working with her?
Wang Youcai’s courage is very fat,He nodded and said:“Okay, Ersao!I promise you this,But I really can’t let Second Brother know”
“it is good!”Niu Huiling was overjoyed,Slam on the foot。The car shook its body,Rush forward like an arrow。
Niu Huiling’s classmates welcomed them warmly。When she heard that Niu Huiling was here to inquire about the opening of this private hospital,She laughed and said:“Why do you want to open it yourself?!Others got the qualification,You join in their name,All the procedures are saved”
This classmate of Niu Huiling is very professional,She spent nearly an hour,All procedures for joining a private hospital,I told them both from beginning to end。
Wang Youcai is confused,But Niu Huiling is different,He made a recording with his mobile phone。At this point,Wang Youcai is far behind。
In this way,It’s much easier to open a private hospital。On the way back,Niu Huiling said with a smile:“I think I can do it,Waited at home for a while,I will give you a list of the required materials,You go back and prepare”

Hebei Longyao: Policy Finds someone to service

    Great Wall Network · Jiyun Client News (Reporter Liu Li’s correspondent Pan Zhifang Xing Cui) Recently, when the Longyao County Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau visited a company in the county, it was found that the company personnel were due to unfamiliar business and insufficient preparation materials in the early stage. The business license has not been handled.

After understanding the situation, the staff of the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau took the initiative to serve, issued a business license to the enterprise within 1 hour, and handled relevant businesses such as official seal engraving, bank account opening, social security registration, provident fund account opening, invoice application and other related businesses. Since the beginning of this year, in order to conduct policy to find people and serve on -site activities, Longyao County has further improved the business environment and the satisfaction of the people, and effectively accelerates the efficiency of administrative approval. Based on the service company, the principle of work is not said. The epidemic prevention and control actually creates a nanny service model that creates intimate services, early intervention, leading guidance, and active.

  It is understood that in the next step, Longyao County will increase online services based on active approach to service. Through online communication and answering, help companies sort out procedures and run procedures, avoid running back and forth to work, and further enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of the enterprise in the process of matters.

Could it be that the old demon made tricks in the wine?Over,He carried Xie Xiaoya’s baby,If this thing is lost,He can’t tell Xie Xiaoya。

“what happened to you?Still a man”Xie Xiaoya’s nice voice came from behind。
Xia Jian surprised,Hurriedly turned around。Xie Xiaoya threw her messy hair behind her head,She only used a bath towel,Wrapped under the armpit。Her white shoulders,There are two evenly slender legs under the bath towel,See Xia Jian’s blood boiled。
“Go back to sleep!It’s just past five now,It will take a long time before dawn,Anyway, I took the initiative to let you sleep,You have no responsibility。Since you look down on me so much,After tonight, we don’t know anyone”Xie Xiaoya said,My face changed。
Xia Jian breathed out:“Don’t talk about it yet,Where’s your baby?And what happened afterwards?You tell me first”Xia Jian asked anxiously。
Xie Xiaoya stretched out her hand and said:“Let’s sit on the bed and say okay,What’s standing in the bathroom?”
Xia Jian hesitated,And followed Xie Xiaoya to the bedroom。Xie Xiaoya opened the quilt very generously and got in,Xia Jian was a little embarrassed and sat on the edge of the bed。
“You are really interesting,A big man is afraid of a woman,Do you look down on a woman like me?I said I was voluntary,What do you want me?”Xie Xiaoya said angrily。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Let’s talk about what happened last night first!”
“The old demon sent me over,You were drunk when i saw you,And it’s drunk unconscious”Xie Xiaoya whispered。
Xia Jian nodded and then asked:“What about your baby?My biggest concern is this”
“Don’t worry about this,I have negotiated with the old monster,The things have been handed over to the old demon under the witness of Mr. Lu,The danger on me is relieved,Just waiting to collect the money”When Xie Xiaoya said this,,Very relaxed。This made Xia Jian’s hanging heart let go。
Xie Xiaoya sat up,Gently pulled Xia Jian’s clothes,Said softly:“you’re drunk,I took the initiative to take care of you in your room。And just in bed,I also took the initiative,Has nothing to do with you”
“It’s a bit bad for you!“When Xia Jian said this,,Saw his phone on the bedside table。He took it over and took a look,My days,Xiao Xiao actually called him twelve calls。
When Xia Jian was about to stand up,Xie Xiaoya pounced from behind,Put his arms around Xia Jian’s neck。She said softly:“I know you don’t love money,Not greedy,A gentleman。But i still want to thank you,But I tell you clearly,My body since my husband left,The only person you can reach“
Conquer Xia Jian with Xie Xiaoya’s beauty without any problems,It’s just that the more she says she wants to thank Xia Jian,This made Xia Jianyue feel burdened。Like everything he did,Just to win a woman sleep with him,If this is reported,How embarrassed to meet people。
Xia Jian thought of Lu Changfei,I also think of Gao Deju。The two of them can help,It all depends on his being a gentleman,If Lu Changfei knew about this,,Then why is he embarrassed to see him again。
Thought of here,Xia Jianmeng stood up。He almost took Xie Xiaoya under the bed,Fortunately, this woman reacts quickly。She let go in time,Just like this,The bath towel wrapped around her fell off。
When Xia Jian looked back,,I saw a piece of white flowers。He couldn’t help but close,Hurriedly turned around,Strode towards the door,Xie Xiaoya’s sobbing sound came from behind。

Hebei: Create a people’s mediation upgrade version of the judicial office

Original title: Create a people’s mediation and upgrade version of the Judicial Institute Hebei deployment to carry out the "three -year action" to create a "three -year action" to create a people’s mediation upgrade version of the judicial office. —— 2024).

It is clearly proposed that in the next three years, Hebei Province will take the standardized construction of judicial institutes as the starting point, vigorously strengthen the construction of the judicial institute’s organization, improve institutional mechanisms, optimize functional configuration, improve security capabilities, and promote high -quality development of judicial institutes.

According to the implementation plan, Hebei Province will actively build the people’s mediation and upgraded version of the judicial office, focusing on serving major strategies and key tasks such as the planning and construction of the Xiong’an New District, the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, and the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization. Tips do not go out of villages (communities) or villages (streets).

Guide the promotion of industry professional people’s mediation, strengthen the construction of personal brand mediation rooms, actively promote legal services to participate in the people’s mediation, strengthen complaints, interviews, and police dynamics docking, and link to resolve major and difficult contradictions and disputes. We will improve the working mechanism of community correction and promote the successful return of resettlement and help.

Provide grassroots public legal services.

Promote the planning, integrated construction, and resource sharing of the Township Institute and the Township (Street) Public Law Service Center. Focusing on the implementation of rural revitalization strategies and rural construction of the rule of law, we will actively carry out legal services.

In -depth promotion of the "decimalization" of the law of grass -roots laws in accordance with the law, promoting legal entry, enterprises, rural areas, and networks, and forming a general pattern of commonly connected and extensive participation. Implement the citizen’s lifelong rule of law education system, strengthen the propaganda and education of farmers’ rule of law, steadily promote the implementation of the "legal understanding of people" training projects in rural (community), and normalize the activities of "sending the law to the countryside" and "sending the law into the community".

Guide the establishment of a demonstration village (community) in the demonstration village (community) of democratic rule of law, and promote the formation of a good rule of law in rural (community). Actively promote the administration of grass -roots governments in accordance with the law, coordinate and guide the work of party committees and government legal advisations of townships (streets), and be a staff assistant to the construction of grass -roots party committees and government rule of law. Strengthen the construction of organizational teams. Hebei Province will promote optimization of judicial settlements, set up judicial offices in development zones, agriculture, forestry and pastoral areas, and marketing markets, and continuously expand the coverage of judicial office work. Adopt a variety of methods such as government purchase services and development volunteers, to enrich the strength of the judicial institutes, and explore the establishment of judicial associates in the judicial office. Establish and improve the position access regulations of the positions of the staff of the judicial institute, and gradually enrich the legal professionals with legal professional qualifications to the front line of the judicial institute to improve the quality of the team.

Vigorously strengthen education and training, actively promote the implementation of relevant policies, and stimulate the vitality of the team. Strengthen the construction of security capabilities. Improve the work system, deepen the disclosure of the administration, improve the measures of the people and the people, improve the level of business housing facilities, unify the appearance of the judicial office, facilitate the masses to do things, and facilitate the supervision of the masses. Promote the construction of informatization, build a unified grass -roots work management information platform, and strive to achieve data "one entry, multi -party sharing", and gradually improve the ability of government services and legal services to "do online and hand in hand."

Self -service equipment is set up in conditional judicial institutions to build a convenient service system combined with online and offline.

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Confused summer,But it is ahead of a push,Da da da,Zhang Yi continued,Stopping seven or eight steps。

See this scene,Zhang Yi lived,Justice,“What are you doing?,Handle,Give me a small scorpion。”
Voice is just,Two young people walked。
But just at this time,Du Jia’s master Du Wenzhi,“stop。”
Finish,Summer,“young people,who are you。”
Entering from summer begins,Du Wen is observing each other。
Especially the little expression of this youth,Let Du Wen are amazed。 To know,Press,Su Ling should be in four bodyguards,Can not contact people now,And Su Ling is back.。
This makes Du Wen have to face a fact.。
The four bodyguards are very likely to have an accident.。
“I am a friend of Suling。”
Just when Du Wen Si,Summer faint opening,Old faceless,Sound does not have any color。
“What to say to him nonsense。”Zhang Yi’s dissatisfaction,“Handle!”
Sound falls,Two cold youth came again before。
at the same time,Zhang Yi is also eye-catching,Staring at Suling,“Small man,I thought I would give you a master with a man.。”
She is full of face,Laughing is like an old witch,Summary to the past,Dagger on Suling face,“Su Qian Snow,Give your last opportunity……”
Du Wen and Duwu Brothers standing in the hall,Bring a laugh,They believe that Su Qian Snow will yield for her daughter.。 I think that the thing is about to get,The brothers are excited when they are two。
Confused summer,Everything mentioned before Su Ling,Not fully believed。
so,When he comes in,Not immediately,But in silent observation。
but……Now he is a little about Su Ling.。
Two young people in the face of biggest steps,Summer squatting is open,Black scorpion flashing Senfu light light。
Shoulder a sway。
He disappeared in the same place。
Next second,A remaining shadow。
Five fingers,Steady。
One of the youth’s throat is broken。
Then it is a brittle bones,The second middle-aged eye convex,Honest,Slow down。
Zhang Yi’s dagger awkward on Suling,Double eyes vicious,Middle-aged woman staring at http://www.ruihejade.cnthe other side。
“Su Qian Snow,Don’t say it is,It is my hope,Now I will give you a daughter first.……”
Her words have not been finished,Summer is already in front of you,Flavor,Her wrist,Low a drink,“You don’t live in this world。”
Zhang Yi’s face,Distorted,Scream,Holding the right hand of the dagger into a chicken feet。