US Government increases visa review to provide a five-year social media record

  According to the US media reported that 29th, the Trump government announced a measures to increase visa reviews to the United States, and planned to request the US visa applicant to submit social media records in the past five years. This move is because the government emphasizes the "extreme review of the US immigrants" and expands the last government’s efforts after the St. Benadino terrorist attacks to more rigidly review social media. According to the notice submitted by the US State Department, the plan will be officially published on the 30th of the local time. The government plan requires almost all visa applicants to submit the government’s social media to the United States for five years of social records. There is also an option, which lists not clear Other platforms are required.

  According to these documents, the government expects this move to affect nearly 15 million people to immigrate to the United States, which will include applicants who apply for legal permanent residence. Applicants with diplomatic and official visas have exemption.

  This decision will not take effect immediately. On the 30th, it will start 60 days when planning the visa application, so that the public comments this move. Critics complained that under the more wide efforts of the government, these initiatives not only violated privacy, but also effectively limit the legal immigrants in the United States, slowing this process, making them more dashed, making visas more difficult to accept. The federal authority claims that this move is necessary for national security. According to this notice, in addition to the five-year social media record, the application will require the previous telephone number, email address, previous violation of immigration, and any family history involved in terrorist activities.

  Since its early years, the government has always hoped to dig more closely to foreign visitors, but this move is the first official requires almost all applicants to reveal this information to the United States.

Promote the transformation of retail business, and the grassroots must have three links.

In recent years, the Agricultural Bank has actively promoted the digital transformation of retail business and achieved better results. However, the author also found that the grassroots line as a frontier position of retail business transformation, the problems and challenges are not ignored, such as whether there is precise insights and discriminates for customers, whether the market, peer and customer needs fast response, system and Whether the application of data is operated, and so on.

In the face of the above problems and challenges, the author believes that the grassroots should work well in three aspects of consciousness, channel expansion, and technology applications, and promote the transformation of retail business. Guide employees to establish digital transformation awareness, era, market, peer, customer changing, if the business thinking and marketing means constant, there is no future.

The grassroots should change the traditional thinking model of the "Passive Reception Customer", firmly establish a new concept of "Active Line Marketing". You can take the truthful means of learning, performance assessment counseling, system application training, and guide employees to constantly adapt to online marketing models to fight for time and space for retail business. Expanding e-banking services such as handheld banks. Do your online marketing, you must have a solid channel basis.

Today, mobile banking will integrate most bank functions and basically achieve the goal of "one machine in hand, business".

Electronic banks have become the most secure means of binding customers, and is also the most convenient way to market online.

Therefore, the grassroots must have vigorously expand the e-banking customers, promote the palm banking, and build a marketing platform.

At the same time, improve the new customer registration of the patriarchal activity, continue to do a good job in paying a good memory, and enhance customer viscosity with quality service.

Relying on the technology system to do customer marketing.

At present, a series of scientific and technological systems developed by the Agricultural Bank provide a strong support for the promotion of retail business for grassroots rows.

It should make full use of all system functions, through the ability to accurate marketing, closed-loop marketing, financial stores, etc., do a good job in marketing and service on target customers, implement forward incentive assessment, and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees.

In addition, the grassroots should pay attention to the local market, industry and peer trends, and respond quickly to customer business consulting and demand, timely feedback, promotion of business and product research and development departments to accelerate product innovation and system optimization. (China Agricultural Bank Hebei Branch Qin Jianping) (Editor: I wish you a long, Chen Siwu).

Tianyang, Guangxi: Tourism, poverty alleviation, water, to create Guixi tourism "night"

Tanzhou ancient city scenic spot.

Tain Yang County Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Zhu Yongxue, deputy magistrate, was interviewed by reporters. Guangxi News Net reporter Liao Zhirong took the national costume, wearing a scenic spot for embroidery.

Guangxi News Net reporter Liao Zhirong Xiaoda Premier Town Scenic Area.

Guangxi News Net reporter Liao Zhirong Xiaoyang is the hometown of Zhuang’s ancestor Bulo, is the birthplace of Zhuang national culture. On July 24th, "Report from the Revolutionary Old Areas – National Network Media Guangxi" interview group came to the ancient city of Tanzhou, Tianyang County, Tianyang, and experienced the strong cultural culture of Tianyang to explore the pilot path of Tamang tourism. Wen travel integration "travel + poverty alleviation" Tianyang model "ambitions!" In the evening, Tanzhou ancient city under the reflection of Yuhui, the streamer brilliant. The interview group walked into the ancient city of Tianzhou, the strong guys and hydrangea, the traditional classical architecture, Xiaoqiao flowing water reflected in the eye, and the strong national cultural breath made the reporters amazed. The reporter learned that Tanzhou ancient city project covers an area of ??more than 1,500 mu, with a total construction area of ??nearly 900,000 square meters, with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, is a business, living and cultural tourism, with ancient architecture as a carrier, and Zhuang culture is "soul" "Large-scale cultural tourism integrated project.

The ancient city is distributed in a four-in-band, a commercial and residential, a tourist, a pub, a bar, a restaurant, a KTV, a spa, a clubhouse, ancestral tower, ancestral tower, a Plotto Square, Turi, Zhuang Wenshi Museum, etc. Functional buildings, while combining local historical humanities and rich natural resources to shape the characteristics of Tanzhou ancient city.

Tainang County Tanzhou Ancient City Operations personal paid, Tanzhou ancient city is based on local culture as the original pulse, with "Building Guixi Tourism Night" as a target, and catching six elements of "food and hop-playing entertainment" tourism. Digging in the local cultural and historical culture of the field, activating it is a visible scenic spots and tourism products that can participate in experienced experience, attracting more eight-party visitors to visit and travel, feel colorful folk customs.

Industrial poverty alleviation is the fundamental policy of poverty reduction, and it is also a long-lasting for stability.

In recent years, tourism poverty alleviation has become a power of poverty alleviation.

Tianyang County Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Zhu Yongxue, deputy magistrate "At present, there are 322 people in the ancient city scenic spot in Tainan, with more than 55 million commercial sales, and the development and construction of Tanzhou ancient city has brought a lot of employment opportunities in the local area, and there are many employment opportunities in the scenic spot, security, cleaning and other various. About 3,000 employment employees, per capita monthly income of about 3,000 yuan. A total of 1800 jobs are provided, of which more than 800 positions absorbed the Popular Poverty Poverty.

Poverty households around Tianyang County Guocheng businessmen can enjoy the ancient city to reduce certain rental discounts, to sell local crafts such as earth specialty or sales in the ancient city, and the ancient city will provide entrepreneurial funds.

"Zhu Yongxue introduced the reporters. This is a minority of the poverty alleviation in Tianyang County to help promote a minor shadow of poverty.

"Good wind with power, send me on the Qing Yun", tourism as the pillar industry of Tianyang, how to carry out how to promote poverty alleviation? Tianyang experience attracts attention. In recent years, Tainao County has leaving all localized humanities, folk, agriculture, natural resources, and builds tourism projects and attractions in modern agriculture, tourism, and poverty alleviation. In the tourism industry chain, the poor households are engaged in the three-sector service industry, broaden the income and increasing channels of farmers. This is the powerful power and effective path of Tianyang County in the poverty reduction.

The tourism industry is upgraded to the tourist poverty alleviation "such as Tiger!" To create a "18 ° BAK Summer Spring Resort", take the five-star rural tourism, four-star car tourist camp, leisure agriculture and rural tourism as the development goal, build tourist service centers, people to change the guests and B & B, Tao Li Landscape Base, etc. Batch tourism projects, do bigger rural tourism.

Introducing the company’s cooperation and development of industrial projects, and achieve industrial linkage through the extension of the industrial chain, effectively driving poor household income and get rich.

In the process of exploring rural tourism poverty alleviation, Tianyang County has always adhered to the mass line, allowing local people to participate in, and tourism and developers participate in rural tourism projects, people share the dividends of tourism development. By promoting the masses, create a rural tourism in Pakistan, strive to achieve the national 4A-level scenic spot Tanzhou Ancient City, Guangxi Juzhi Le Le Leisure Agricultural Park, National 3A Cultural Site Dare Zhilong Mountain, Cultural Site Tourist Scenic Area, Star Level Farm Beham Le Yufeng Mountain Essence Shanzhuang, Guangxi "Dreamway" and other scenic spots and other scenic spots. Tainang County used tourism as a new engineering, and walked out a tourist poverty alleviation and tourism.

Broaden the poor people to get rich roads, activate the internal life of the county economic development.

Today, the tourism industry has become another new force on the road of Tainang, which has become a poverty of Tiansheng, with its strong "hematopoietic" function and huge driving. "The next step will further carry out publicity promotion, strengthen cooperation with the surrounding counties, interior travel agencies, tourism enterprises, promote Tanyang Zhuang Nationality Cultural Tourism Destinations and Guangxi Western Tourism ‘Night’ Construction, broaden the tourism poverty alleviation income channel, promote full County special tourism, healthy development of national tourism.

"Tainang County Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Zhu Yongxian, deputy magistrate.

Shu Ji Lu border revolutionary education base camp iron breakthrough battle depression

The night of 2 February 1943, the Japanese separately from Tianjin, Cangzhou, Texas, Zhanhua, Wudi, Jinan and other places, gathered more than 20,000 troops, and armored cavalry troops, with more than 120 light machine guns, all kinds of cannon 50 door, armored cars and more than 200 vehicles, the use of long-range raid, forces were divided two punch of comb dragnet tactics, implementation of the "iron wall encirclement" of the camp in the vicinity of iron, iron Dawa camp surrounded by a packed. Jilu side of the three regions of nearly 400 cadres and soldiers who fight with the enemy launched roundabout.

February 3 (lunar twelfth lunar month 29), the dawn fog, enemy gunfire sounded from all sides. Our troops and the people, from different directions trying to break through, have been blocking day, puppet troops. Several times in the face of the enemy own, cadres and soldiers courage and calm fight with the enemy to die juxtaposition. The soldiers hit from dawn darkness, did not eat a dry food, no drink of water. Many of the wounded insist on fighting until the last drop of blood flow. The battle lasted fourteen, five hours, the cruel big "mop up" the enemy, except Yangxin County Brigade chief Wang Zhicheng rate dozen people outside the tight encirclement, the three Military Deputy Commander Li Yongan, democratic government Yangxin County Magistrate Wu wind, the three subdistricts directly under the five squad leader Li Qingshou and troops, about 300 agency personnel more than all the heroic sacrifice. The enemy was hit, the bodies of Japanese soldiers only pretend for a few cars.

Iron depression battle to contain the enemy camp more than 20,000 people, hundreds of people wipe out the enemy, a powerful blow to the enemy’s effective strength, to smash the enemy on the border of brutal "mopping up" and adhere to the anti-Japanese base areas played an important role. The window rusty bullet, shrapnel, iron camp is fighting depression remains of the martyrs sacrificed found.

June 25, 2015, we will be buried in scattered iron Town Dongying Village of six re-interment remains of the Unknown Soldier to the martyrs cemetery.

When finishing the remains found many warheads each martyr who has shrapnel, most of the body as much as a martyr 34 …… (Editor: – Situ Zhao Gang) share to allow more people to see.

Peng Guowu investigates the work of rule of law culture: promoting high quality development of socialist rule of law culture construction

People’s Network Changsha November 12th, November 10th to 11th, Peng Guofe, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hunan Province, came to Hunan Daily, Hunan Hongwang New Media Group, Hunan Radio and Television Station, Hunan Education TV Station to investigate Socialist Rule of Law Culture Communication Work. He said that we must take a higher station, higher standards, better measures, more characteristic, and promote the construction of high quality development in socialist rule of law culture. During the investigation, Peng Guoyu visited the Hunan Daily, the Legal Weekly, the Central Kitchen, listened to the relevant situation of the rule of law culture publicity and report, encouraged them to further promote the construction of the rule of law, based on the main position of the Party report, and gave full play to the rule of law culture propaganda Main force role.

In Hunan Red Net New Media Group, Peng Guoi learned about the rule of law culture publicity report through the Mongolian Communication Command Center.

He pointed out that it is necessary to make full play to solve the actual problems of the people, give full play to the full media advantages of Hong Net and the profound advantages of online masses, and create more, better, more "tide" new media works, and tell the rule of treatment of the people. In Hunan Radio and Television Station, Peng Guardi inspected its program production base, mango TV smart exhibition hall, HD studio, listened to relevant reports. He said that we must further consolidate, improve, expand the characteristic column, innovate and develop more brand products, and build radiitabed to build a power source of rule of law culture.

In Hunan Education TV Station, Peng Guoi visited the studio production site and other programming venues, and learned that key programs and public law publicity and education. He pointed out that the Education Tower should be based on its own positioning, deep plow education, and play an advantage. It is necessary to combine the rule of law education and socialist core values, professional education, quality education, etc. De Shifang "This fundamental task makes a work of education media.

Peng Guoi pointed out that socialist rule of law culture is an important part of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, and is an important support for the construction of socialist rule of law. The media is an important channel for building and disseminating the rule of law culture. To effectively improve the political station, fully understand the importance of socialist rule of law culture, with higher station, higher standards, better measures, more characteristic, and give full play to the media The role of the law, promoting the construction of high quality development in socialist rule of law culture. He said that he must improve the media public welfare law system and focus on promoting the construction of the rule of law. To advance the "Travel" work, strengthen communication, longitudinal integration resources, play a large chorus for the construction of the media. It is necessary to insist on honest and innovation, promote the construction of the rule of law, create a rule of law brand column, program, and create a good gift. To seize the "key minority" of the leading cadres, enhance the concept of leading cadres, enhance the rule of law, learn to use the rule of law thinking, the rule of law, and make decisions, and do things.

It is necessary to combine the rule of law culture and the interests of the people, and the urgency is really entered into the brain. , Effectively enhance the people’s academic law, understand the life, and create a good atmosphere of the whole society, learning, law-abiding, and usage. (Zhou Jie) (Editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Nobolist Creative Gulina 10 works copyright introduction

Original title: Nobolist Gelner 10 works copyright imports Domestic Arab Tanzania brigade novelist Abdul Lazak Gulner won the 2021 Nobel Literature Award, before, this "cold door writer" The work is only met with Chinese readers in the form of one or two short articles.

The reporter learned that after the announcement of the Note Award, Shanghai Translation Press quickly obtained the Chinese Simplified Chinese Simplified Translation of 10 Gurner Ten Works.

  Gulner was born in 1948 in Zanziba in the East African coast, 1968 he came to the UK as a student, and writing in English.

He is not only a novelist, but also a literary researcher who served as Professor in Kent University, retired, served as a member of the Advisory Committee of Literature Journal, Watsua, is now in Canterbury. In 2021, "Because of his impact on colonial literature, and insights with uncompromising in different cultural clips, Guerna is awarded the Nobel Literature Award and received wide attention. Gulner is very concerned about African colonial history, African experience in the UK and identifying topics. Most of his protagonists have caused their original social identity and self-identification because of its original social identity. The top three novels of Gulna "Dissaiscovers" (1987), "The Road" (1988) and "Di Di" recorded the immigration experience of contemporary British immigrants from different angles, "more "The tragic experience of a woman in London after World War II is the main body, which is the only novel that Gulner has so far. The fourth novel "Paradise" is a background with the East African colonial period during the First World War, and the work is very fantasy, showing the social ecology of Africa. (Beijing Daily reporter Lu Yanxia) (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The heating season is coming! Xi’an Urban Management Bureau announced heating enterprise consultation complaint hotline Xi’an Urban Management Bureau – Rolling News

[Abstract] Xi’an Urban Management Bureau announced 2021-2022 heating period centralized heating enterprises to consult complaint hotline, and telephone supervision department of all districts and counties.

  The heating season is coming, this year’s heating encounters the problem, the Xi’an Urban Management Bureau announced 2021-2022 heating period centralized heating enterprises to consult the complaint hotline, and the heating supervision department of all districts and counties.

The heating enterprises issued by all districts, Xixian New Districts and various development zones are announced by their jurisdiction.

  2021-2022 heating period centralized heating enterprise consultation complaint hotline phone city centralized heating complaints Telephone 12345 Xi’an Hot Power Group Co., Ltd. 9616 Xi’an Hot Electric Sunshine Heat Co., Ltd. 965300 Xi’an Western Supply Co., Ltd. 965112 Xi’an Dongsi Energy Co., Ltd. 83682435 Shaanxi Mingde Central Heating Co., Ltd. 85453185 Xi’an High-tech Zone Heat Co., Ltd. 965360/82301950 Xi’an North Control Jiayi Heat Co., Ltd. 18009268818 Xi’an Heat Power Supply Co., Ltd. 85648927 Qinhua Heat Group Co., Ltd. 965117 Xi’an Qujiang New District Shengyuan Work Co., Ltd. District Central Heating Management Department Consultation Complaint Telephone New Town City Management Bureau 87376649 Beilin District Urban Management Bureau 62523387 Lianhu District Urban Management Bureau 87331608 Daxing New District Municipal Support Center 8636321 Yanqiao District 8369322, Qiqiao District 89511838 Han Chang’an City Site Refrigeration Zone Construction Bureau 88699582 Yanliang District Housing and Construction Bureau 86202072 Linyi District Housing and Construction Bureau 85295674 Gaoling District Housing and Construction Bureau 86913129 鄠 鄠 住 市 市场 81460628 Week Jianyun 87116482 High-tech Zone City Management Bureau 89388802 Ecological District Urban Management Service Center 6866047 浐灞 Ecological District Urban Management Bureau 86719516 Air Base City Management Bureau 84193903 International Housing and Construction Bureau 890803619 New District Urban Management and Transportation Bureau 33585049 Source: Hua – China Business News.

Russian single-day new diagnosis new crown infection case was first breakdown by 40,000

People’s Network Moscow October 28 (Quai Zhang Cui Cui) According to the data released on the 28th of the Russian New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters1159 cases of death cases.

Up to now, there are 8,392,697 cases of new crown infection, and 2,350,57 cases of death, accumulated 727,2053 cases.

Murash, Russian Minister of Health, said that the proportion of vaccination in patients with new crown significant infections is less than%, and the vulnerability of most patients admitted to the hospital, and the vaccine is still the most effective preventive means.

In addition, 3 regions in Russia have increased in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Moscow, respectively, add 8440 cases, 3,186 cases and 2639.

(Editor: Li Mingqi, Quarter) Sharing let more people see.

“it is good!Then I ask you,There is a cultural relic dealer named Xie Xiaoya,How did you know each other?What kind of relationship is it?“When the male police asked this,,Staring at Xia Jian。

Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but froze,Turns out the problem is here,This woman is really a broomstick,Since knowing her,I’ve been following bad luck。
“I met her by chance,There is no special relationship between us“Xia Jian sighed,Said a little helplessly。
The male police paused,Then continued:“Please elaborate on the process of your understanding。and also,You said there is no relationship between you,But why are you two staying in the same hotel?,And also enter and exit from the same room。We have evidence for this,Hope you can answer truthfully”
Xia Jianyi listen,Only then knew,The police brought him for a reason,I don’t seem to be able to explain well,It might be a bit difficult to go back。So Xia Jian thought for a while,So how to get to know Xie Xiaoya,I told the police from beginning to end。Except for him and Xie Xiaoya in the room,He confessed the rest“
The policeman who questioned was very satisfied with Xia Jian’s answer,He kept nodding his head,Let the female police record everything Xia Jian said。
“still have a question,What is your relationship with Jones?Why did you go to her villa so many times?。You have to make it clear,It’s best to start with your acquaintance“The male policeman then asked another question。
Xia Jianyi listen,I’m covered。How does this matter again with Jones,What the hell is this?
“Comrade Police!I don’t understand the questions you asked。Just like you asked about my relationship with Xie Xiaoya,I think this is normal,But why did you ask about me and Jones again。This makes me a little skeptical,Are you solving the case?,Still investigating my private life“Xia Jian is not happy anymore,He asked a little unhappy。
The male policeman smiled and said:“Hope i ask you something,What do you answer。Because of something,Can’t tell for now。But please trust us,We will never ask anything unrelated to the case。
“it is good!In this case,I’ll tell you all“Xia Jian took a breath,So I told how I met Jones,I told the police again from the beginning。
Because the plot is too long,When Xia Jian finishes speaking,I just feel dry and dry,Even my belly started to scream at this time,Xia Jian just remembered that he hadn’t eaten for so long。
The policeman who questioned saw Xia Jian’s unnaturalness at a glance。He smiled and said:“Sorry,Because this case is a bit tricky,So we have to hurry up。I know you are hungry now,But please hold on for a while,After answering my last question,Let’s go eat together“
Xia Jian did not speak,Just nodded。Xia Jian at this time,Very annoyed。What the hell is this?Don’t even give him food,And still asking questions in such a place,He feels very uncomfortable。


“Gone?!”Wu Fang’s eyes widened,“what do you mean?Don’t want to play?Is it because I suffered a bit??brothers,This is not your style。”
“What style should i be?”Li Tianchou asked with a smile。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighth get together
All kinds of snacks are ready,Wu Fang picked up his chopsticks and ate,“Stop fucking,Began to eat,Look at you。”
Li Tianchou was slightly startled,Did not refute,I don’t have much appetite while holding chopsticks,Most of the time I was watching Wu Fang gobble up,Exquisite food like this,This way of eating would be spoiled。
Not much effort,Wu Fang wiped his mouth to stop fighting,A satisfied look,Most of the food on the table is gone,“tasty,Just too tired。I said why don’t you eat it?”
“Eating,The things here have to be tasted slowly,Liu Qiang said。”Li Tianchou picked up a small slice of rice noodles and placed it in the small dish in front of him,The unhurried appearance makes Wu Fang quite depressed。
“One rough embryo,He knows a ball。”Wu Fang dismissed,“Eat and drink,I have something to tell you。”
“I want to relax,So I want to find someone to fight。”
“relax?”Li Tianchou put down his chopsticks in shock,“Your hobby is too weird, right?”
“Bird hair,Can’t let people vent if you are in a bad mood??”Wu Fang is serious,“Laozi’s beating is principled,Pick out those garbage。Not only can relax,And it can improve your sentiment all at once,How?Kill two birds with one stone,There are not many enlightened people like me, right??”
“How do you know others are rubbish。”Li Tianchou asked coldly,Suddenly the other party looked stinky and couldn’t figure out what to say。
“Pull it down,Is it rubbish,Our vision standards are the same。You say Aman,What’s that oldA,Dare you say it’s not scum?You just have a holiday with brother,It’s irrational not to fight。”Wu Fang is plausible。
Li Tianchou’s eyes narrowed into a slit,Almost laughed。Wu Fang went around such a big circle,It was to say this,I can’t see the rough man in front of me,Face is thinner than paper,So deliberately,“Didn’t you say that this thing is very risky?I suddenly changed sex?”