Celestial Bull Ape is not a vegetarian,Originally it just used the body to fight,At this moment, it emits a blue-black light on the opponent’s body,Those eyes became red too。

The surrounding sky became dizzy because of the anger of the sky blue bull ape,Make those red eyes look more terrifying,Many surviving spirit beasts crawl on the ground and dare not move。
Their king is angry,This is for beastslIt’s hard to see,Have your own dignity as a king,So everything is done by one of them。
Haoyue’s spear pierced the black light fiercely,Create a barrier where the two sides touch,Is a natural reflection of the friction between two forces。
This time Yue Wuhen was bombed out,And didn’t guard like before,But rushed up after stopping the figure。
“Livestock,Stay for life!”
Other people followed,Various terrifying forces are mixed together,Go to that guy from all directions,Actually trapped it for a while。
This time!
Xia Chenglong decisively issued the order,The others quickly followed,Go west。
The closer you get to that day, the greater the pressure you feel,This is the problem they will face next。
Many people get dizzy when approaching this power,Xia Chenglong and the others are fine。
no way,Strong leaders manifest at this time,Want to resist the oppression,There are just two methods。
Either strong enough,Either the power of artistic conception is full。

“I just want to tell you。Don’t get involved with the special forces。After Gong Ming’s defeat this time,,He is abolished。At least let us finally occupy a little bit。So this trip to the island country,Only one of the seven sages will discuss with me。See whose layout is really effective。Which determines the future direction of the spider。”Cen Wen didn’t hide much。

Qin Feng hesitated after listening,“What do you want to do?Is it really rebellious??”
“Ha ha,No one in the leader today knows what he thinks。He knew we were fighting,But never came forward to stop。Instead, I think it’s normal to prevent these internal fights.。Because of this,Losers will leave,And the newcomer。”
“madman!”This is Qin Feng’s evaluation of this kind of thinking。Only a madman thinks that this constantly updated organization is vitality。
Do you think it is easy to bring new people?Those old people may have some shortcomings that lead to failure,But such people are at least experienced,Abandoning it like this is not causing trouble!
Forget it,Maybe this is also good,At least in this way, the number of members of the organization is controlled by a certain amount,Won’t accumulate more,This makes it more troublesome for Qin Feng to deal with。
“All right,To the point。Qin Feng, how will you help me this time??How about killing Chateauroux??”Cen Wen looked at Qin Fengdao seriously。
“Yo,Still a foreigner?Shouldn’t white paper fan be a special term from our country?”
“After all, he is like a soldier!And this Chateauroux is in his 30s,Always rely on the old to sell the old。I think he should almost be killed。”
“Of course I hope to kill the important person of the spider。But it won’t trouble you?”At this time, Qin Feng basically considered it from the perspective of Cen Wen。
It’s normal to die one or two people when fighting for power,But the problem is,This Chateauroux is one of the Seven Saints,The identity is comparable to Cen Wen。
It’s the position of other department heads。Although it may not allow others to follow their orders,But where is the identity?。
Such people are dead,Really won’t mess the world?
“Do not worry,Island country,Although there are many spider people,But they can’t access the core。When the time comes, Chateauroux and I will definitely not come forward。At this time, if you can touch where he is,Then come an assassination or something。Then perfect!I believe you can do this,After all, according to the judgment of the spider,You have heavenly strength。”
“Yo,So powerful?”
Qin Feng responded with a smile。
For the so-called division of combat power,He has not had a clear
impression。Previously, the strength of those who were sent by the Scavengers was used as a comparison.。
“Some information here,You look?”Talking,Cen Wen took out a stack of documents and put them in front of Qin Feng。

Many things can only be understood in battle,For this,For several family owners who have experienced countless things,Very clear!

“it is good,Thank you, His Royal Highness Dragon King, for giving us this opportunity!”
“Don’t be happy too early,After all, did you feel it in the end?,That can only depend on heaven!”Xia Chenglong said truthfully。
“This is naturally rest assured,anyway,Hou Bincheng is our friend from today,As long as the dragon king has a call,I will go。”
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Two Momoyama
To this state,They can use many methods to fight,It’s not a fight by both sides,And they don’t lack these,Their wickedness is artistic conception。
So this battle will be a battle of mood。
Wang Family Master starts first,His intention is bow and arrow,Many people don’t know that the Wang family hides a bow,That bow is what Wang Patriarch became famous,Is the existence of Xeon。
Today he will use peach blossom as bow and peach blossom as arrow,To shoot his strong blow。
The spiritual energy between heaven and earth gathers together in an instant,From high above,The peach blossoms scattered on the ground began to converge towards the sky。
When gathered together on Tiandi Avenue,A bow of ten meters long is formed,Then a five-meter arrow appeared。
When the two are combined,The space around it has become distorted,This is when the breath and mind are combined,Terrible existence。


The magnitude of the earthquake is getting bigger,Some people’s feet were even caught in the cracks on the ground,They didn’t pay any attention,But to look far away,Because they have no choice。
This sound comes from that mountain,at last,When the moonlight disappears,At the moment that seemed to be blindfolded,The whole Jianshan mountain range is sinking。
It’s not like splitting a huge hole,But the whole collapsed。
This is another thing that many people can’t imagine,Even if Xia Chenglong is watching from far away,There is no way to imagine,Because the scene is too spectacular。
Without any signs,Heaven and earth collapse,Moonlight disappeared,All this is a symbol of something big going to happen next。
suddenly,Shangdiyue appeared in an instant that day,This is not a crescent moon,But a full moon。
The full moon in an instant happened to face the sinking pit,Then the two sides formed an echo,Then the originally dim world turned bright in an instant。
because……A beam of light formed between the moon and the deep pit。
This is the beam of light,Extremely large beam of light,Even far away,Xia Chenglong, they still feel close in front of them。
Everyone knows,What does this beam of light represent,Wan Jianzong relics appeared,This is their goal here。
It’s something I’ve been preparing for a long time to do。
The beam of light is really bright,Bright enough to illuminate everyone’s faces,So a lot of guys hiding in the dark showed up。
Because they don’t need to care about where the opponent is,Will you be madly attacked by your opponent in the next moment。
The melted blood mist did not dissipate randomly,But slowly condensing,Then turned into a blood bead。
The blood beads are also rising,Then head towards the sky and the moon。
The original white blood is calling,Finally the blood drops into the beam of light,The world began to tremble again,Then it exudes a strong breath。

“Can only be filled in by quantity?”

Before Qin Feng finished thinking,The enemy has launched another attack。More than a hundred people on Cen Wen’s side can’t support it at all。But Qin Feng didn’t call any orders,Some members have spontaneously helped Cen Wen’s team attack and resist。
Chapter Three Hundred and Seven Win
See this scene,Qin Feng couldn’t help it anymore,“What are you doing?,Beat me hard!”
Since the soldiers under my own hands are not afraid of death,As a general, he is in trouble,Isn’t this making the soldiers laugh??So Qin Feng swept like a bandit who was not afraid of death.。
After a fight,,The poisonous general’s team was suppressed and could only retreat。Then the two sides ceased fire。
At this time Qin Feng didn’t mean to count the injuries,“Send me to charge。Kill them all!”
At the same moment,Cen Wen took a few backbones and found Traore who was hidden,The latter was stunned when he saw Cen Wen could actually find him。
“Ha ha,Traore!Eight Great Wars sent you out,Bian has no masters。I want to see,Can you leave alive this time?”Cen Wen looked confident。In fact, he had already guessed that there might be a third wave of people on the warlord’s side.,But he will do it,Since the masters have been assigned,Traore, who is the Seven Saints, can’t be guarded by eight warlords。
Thus,They can have a peak duel with only a few people。
as expected,Cen Wen based on his own experience,Finally found Traore’s hiding place,After saying this, before Traore could respond, he waved his hand to let the backbone of his side rush up.。
After half an hour of fierce battle,Both sides have injuries,But relative,Qin Feng’s so-called regular army must have a higher death rate。
But both sides have calmed down。the most important is,The third wave of teams is left on the opposite side,It’s just that there are only dozens of people left in that team,Qin Feng’s number is at least dozens of times the other side。
just,If we waste manpower like this,After Qin Feng, don’t think about having enough manpower to develop and transport jadeite。
“Listen to my password,Retreat!”Qin Feng directly issued the order。
Qin Feng knows what these soldiers think,So just say:“rest assured,You go,I stayed!Absolutely wiped them out!”
In fact,If all the Lear Army members leave,The words of Qin Feng and Cen Wen’s tribe must be five to prevent the enemy from retreating。The issue is,Qin Feng didn’t think the members of this third wave would retreat so easily。

They are so powerful!

of course,This is not to say that asking the gods is worthless,They still exist at the top of the Pyramid of Warriors。
It may not be good to put it in this place where a group of heroes gather,But looking at the whole country,Then you can understand the value of asking the gods。
Dignified,Zhongyu is considered the most prosperous place in the country,Whether it’s martial arts or other,This can be said to be the peak。
But among tens of thousands of people,Only a handful of people can reach this level,So they are strong,Very powerful。
The silhouettes of those flying in the air are very clear until what they are going to do next,So go straight to the most central place。
After returning to their minds, the others started to move forward.,Because even if it’s a warrior asking the gods,,It is not easy to deal with a spirit beast that is about to enter the seventh level。
To that level,It’s no longer determined by quantity alone。
Xia Chenglong and the others are also rushing to the west quickly,But the region here is suppressed by that behemoth,Make their progress a lot harder。
This place is not just the blue bull ape that day,There are other spirit beasts,And each one exists above the Promise。
Like just after they crossed the river,The guy who appeared in front of me。
Purely blonde hair,Seven or eight meters tall and gasping nostrils,And is it a pair of fists hitting the chest?,This golden great ape can be said to be fine。
For the spirit beast,The humans in front of us are like ants,So their eyes are full of contempt。
Xia Chenglong didn’t have time to stay with these guys,They have to go as soon as possible。
Eight or nine people shot together,Different rays of light greet this golden great ape in an instant!

See the subordinate’s phone,Cheng Zhengtong is in a bad mood。

“you***What else,I couldn’t do everything just now,Why are you calling?!”
As soon as the call is connected,He was swearing at his subordinates。
This matter is not a problem with subordinates,But he can’t suppress his anger now,An exit is badly needed,Subordinates can only lie down sharp weapons。
This is also understandable,The person who pays you,Often has some kind of power,For example, let the nameless fire on you。
“boss,I resign。”The subordinate on the phone waited for Cheng Zhengtong to finish,Said after a few seconds of silence。
Cheng Zhengtong is a little surprised:“Are you okay to resign,Don’t you just say a few words,Resign if there is no need,You know I’m such a temper。”
The work of this subordinate is still recognized by Cheng Zhengtong,There is this person,Cheng Zhengtong can directly act as a shopkeeper,So he can’t let this person resign。
“boss,not this,I am not kidding,I quit。”Subordinate calmly,But it can be heard,Very determined。
Cheng Zhengtong is big for a while,Lit a cigarette:“what is the reason,Not good enough?If you still feel not good enough,You can bring it up,I will definitely meet your request。”
He thought about it,It can only be for this reason,A part-timer,Quit,If it’s not for the future,Or there is no money now。
As for his bad temper,That’s not a problem at all。
For part-time workers,As long as the money is enough,Don’t say you scolded him,You can hit him。
Yes,That’s what Cheng Zhengtong thinks。
“boss,Not just me,Head of each branch,And dispatcher,Both resigned,They asked me to tell you,I won’t tell you one by one。”
The subordinate did not directly answer his question,But dropped a bomb in his head。
Cheng Zhengtong’s head exploded all at once!

The old man nodded:“These antique collectors,None honest。”

“Cough!”The villager immediately reminded his uncle,You can’t kill everyone in one go,Brother in front of you,People are very fair!Even the price is clearly stated。
The old man reacted immediately,Explain quickly:“Young man,My old man didn’t talk about you。”
Hu Yang smiled and waved,Said:“I guess he must say your coral is dead。”
The old man’s eyes widened again,Shocked:“Yes!This thing is not dead,Is there any survival??Really nonsense。”
The old man said this,Huazi laughed immediately,Explained:“Old man,Corals are really divided into dead and alive。”
He and Brother Hu have seen a lot of things,I knew that corals are alive。seriously,He can’t figure it out till now,After leaving the sea,Can the coral live??Don’t you need sea water to survive??
The old man was immediately confused,Say something silly:“This is impossible。”
Hu Yang saw that they both had a misunderstanding,Explained:“We say red coral is alive,Still dead,Refers to when it was picked from the sea,It is alive,Then the crafts made,We all say it is live coral。on the contrary,That’s dead coral。Not to say,It has been out of the sea for so many years now,Still alive。”
Get!Explain like this,Old people can accept,Reasonable!
“so,Still dead after all。”The old man insists on his opinion。
Hu Yang shook his head:“There is still a big difference,It was originally a dead coral,The crafts are not good。Living coral words,Biological tissue on the surface,Bone marrow is rich in oil,So after processing,Bright,Dense texture,Toughness is also better。”
Among all species of coral,Akka red coral pays special attention to the difference between the living and the dead,But sardine coral is relatively indifferent to all this。In Japan,There are restrictions on harvesting live red coral,There is no limit to dead branches,Therefore, the economic value of live red coral is higher than other materials。

Ye Xingkong naturally grasped Tian Lu’s hand gently and powerfully,Give her the bracelet a few turns,It fits on Tian Lu’s wrist,Exquisite and a girlish sense of violation,Don’t mention Tian Lu’s joy。They didn’t say a word at the door,Silent is better than sound,Convey a strange feeling。

Happy to meet,Like“Goodbye”Reunion,Tian Lu forgot to mention to Ye Xingkong about renting a backyard alone。
After a simple greeting, they went back to the house with their own thoughts。When Ye Xingkong returned to the house,Tian Lu just remembered living alone in the backyard。
I want to knock on the door several times and tell him,Think it’s too late,Tired considering the starry sky,Let him rest early,Fallen hammer。
As if it is inductive,Just when Tian Lu was undecided whether to knock on the door,The door opened,Ye Xingkong tilted his head,Immediately three-dimensional return,Like a playful question:What’s the matter?
Tian Lu smiled for a few seconds,Said:“Nothing、Nothing,Rest!”
Then he turned his head and walked back to his house,Funny and stiff smile on his face,Ye Xingkong, standing at the door behind, looked misty,He didn’t close the door until Tian Lu went back to the room,Simple clean up the house,Then take a shower。
Soon,There was a splash of water in the bathroom。
About ten minutes later,Tian Lu stood behind the door,Ears on the door,Listen to the movement,It’s surprisingly quiet outside。
Tian Lu slipped downstairs quietly,I want to see a small building in the legendary abandoned yard。
By the street lights on the road in the courtyard,Walk along the road for a hundred meters and you will arrive at this small building。
The outer wall of the building is made of jade,Go up the stairs,The internal wall structure is a good wooden frame structure。Door closed,Hand touch the door,Did not feel any dust,I don’t want to be cleaned,It should be very clean inside too。
The courtyard is quiet,Away from the road,Occasionally there will be noises of crickets。
The boldness of Tian Lulai’s small building disappeared,Although not afraid of ghosts,She is still a little scared。
So stepped up and returned to the floor where most people live—Chen Limu and Ye Xingkong’s floor。
Walking in the backyard that is not too late,Perceive the surrounding,Calm as usual,Nothing beats,The fear is just to scare yourself,Everything around as usual,But at ease。
Tian Lu has a lack of security since he was young,May also be“I was bitten by a snake and feared forever”,Has encountered two safety accidents that concern her,Imprinted on her immature heart,Still have lingering fears,Be especially alert to the sense of security around you。
Once during the internship,Just stepping into society,Several girls crowded in a dormitory room,one night,A few boys who stepped into society came upstairs and knocked on their door,later“knock”Becomes“hammer”,“Dong dong dong”Like drumming,Scared a few girls back to a corner,The atmosphere dare not come out,They are afraid that there is no teacher present in the dormitory,An unbearable image of being molested appeared in my mind。
They are afraid that unbearable things will happen,How important is chastity to girls,Especially under traditional thinking,Appear sacred,The carefully guarded chastity cannot be lost in this situation。The girl who has never seen a big scene,Terribly scared,So I feel fear,And the phone has and happens to have no signal,Can’t ask for help。

The original plan was to wait for Prince Huang Mao to chase Xiao Xiao,Now adjusted to let him go to the cusp,It’s like taking on trouble for Xiao Xiao,Of course Chen Wenjin agreed。

“I hope Prince Huang Mao and the director will not let us down too much!”Shuai Wang is very happy,He finally realized that Chen Wenjin’s relationship with Xiao Xiao is different!That is——Chen Wenjin is finally willing to end!
If Chen Wenjin doesn’t end now,,It is equivalent to let Xiao Xiao be in front。
“The nickname of Prince Huang Mao sounds awkward,Have you seen?”Xiao Xiao was strange。
“Have seen,But don’t know。This guy has short hair,Always dyed yellow,The sports car is also yellow,He didn’t let other people in the school dye their hair yellow,A friend next to him half-jokingly said that the prince is the only yellow hair in the ridge。He felt good,Let people call him Prince Huang Mao。”Chen Wenjin knew these things in his memory,Have a brief intersection。
“I really don’t want to have much contact with this person。”Xiao Xiao said,Wang Shuai felt that after she had confirmed the relationship with Chen Wenjin,,Clearly, one mind is all about feelings,Lack of interest in other things,So I decided to cheer her up,Intentionally said:“Punish evil!After this,Then punish the villain you mentioned last time!”
Xiao Xiao really doesn’t want to mention this,She just wants to be happy in the last few days,Her mother didn’t have a family,I was reminded to remember now,Just say:“That person will not mention it。”
“Row,Let alone that person,Prince Huang Mao will definitely bring the director tonight,Xiao Xiao just handle it,It doesn’t matter if you have a high posture。”
Xiao Xiao thinks about Chen Wenjin, since he thinks things have to be investigated,I agreed。
They are talking here,Suddenly I heard what Li Xiang said to Qiangwei,Can’t help but quiet down and listen。
“Abao always said that gold would not care about his stocks to make money after the holidays,I told him several times to ask him to ask for more gold,Speak well,It’s useless to talk about Abao。Do you think it’s true?”Li Xiang cares about this,Chen Wenjin, they all speculated that it was to decide when to start。
“Abao should be true。If he asks for gold to be useful,He asked without you。”Qiangwei answered and asked again:“You are ready to act early?So much money,Not easy。”
“I have a plan,But I didn’t think of a way to share money with others。It’s annoying to think about the money,You said it would be great if Abao would pass the money to me willingly!No need to share with others!I took the money and changed my city life,No worries in this life。”Li Xiang is full of dreams,But the reality is that she wants to take out Abao’s money and realize it into her own pocket.,We need some help,That means giving money to others,It just depends on which way to divide more、Which one gets less。
“I think you should be steady,eat slowly,The holiday is over, find a shop to do business and let Abao pay,Look for opportunities later,Don’t think about eating a fat man,Such a large sum of money,You can’t rest assured whoever you ask for help!”Rose Guo is more patient than Li Xiang。
“Too lazy to waste time with him,Exhausted!A Bao treats me like a buffet,Play whenever you have a chance,Playing less once is like eating a buffet and not getting back to the original,Tossing to death。He is not handsome,Looking at his face is annoying,I have to endure being bored and praise him for being handsome,Pretend to be passionate。I sucked him up early,Start enjoying life early。Play with handsome guys at the fair every day and night,Happy days?Maybe I will meet another big fish。”Li Xiang has no patience,She likes to squeeze it dry。