Mom returned to Lu family,Of course, this matter is not allowed。

In order to drive Lu Si,Mother deliberately designed to let Lu Si heard this matter,Lu Si is going abroad to study。
Lu Hao Cheng,Always not going home,I will not always go home after high school.,There are only one family left at home.,He feels very happy。
Dad has never mentioned this matter.。
Lu Wei looked at Lu Hao, he did not speak himself.,It’s even gas.,“What look?do you know?For your mother and child,What have I did what mixed?,No matter what you do,Send a little bit of thinking to the foreign book,Give everything of their brothers to your brothers and sisters.。Can be like this,Their sisters have lived better than you.。”
“You don’t live a stinky boy,Take a look at the situation like this,Are you worthy of me??”
Lu Wei is angry with a butt, sitting on the sofa。
Black in front of you,Liang Wei,Hand up a cup of hot water to him。
NS643chapter:It is possible that it is possible
“Chairman,Drink some water,Don’t be too angry,Body is tight,Can not be bad。”
Liang Wei advised,actually,I heard this time again.,He feels guilty。
He also advised the chairman of this year.,Let him carefully consider,That Qin Ningzhen and Lu Haokai are the wolves of two tigers.。
But,At that time, the chairman heard these,Qin Ning is young and beautiful,He can’t help temptation at all。
Now old things,What is the use??
All hurts have been caused。
That two children,I have never like the chairman,Especially Lu Haozheng,I have always been a rebellious existence。
Father and son,I have never sitting down and said a word.,Every time you meet,Some are endless quarrels。
“dad,What else is there now??
then,But you will wish everything of their sisters to us.,Dad now regret it now??”
“Dad, don’t forget it.,these years,People who have been with you around you, but our brothers and sisters have my mother.。”
“What did Lu Hao Cheng have done??
What did Lu Si?
Lu Haocheng only knows that Dad is angry,Lu Si did not return a few years,It’s going to see Lu Hao Cheng.,People who have accompanied by Dad in the years have always been our mother and child.。”
Lu Haokai said,He will never return Lu Hao Cheng’s shares.,I just blame Ku Qing too called.,So believe a person betrayed her。
Liang Wei lows at the side,My heart is dark:“Hao Cheng and Sisi have not accompanied by the chairman,Not because of your mother and child of this wolf。”
in those days,Lu Yi Group,Do not,It is the crisis of the Lu Group,Almost apply for bankruptcy。
It is the continuous effort of the lady.,Overthrew the old idea,Bold innovation design concept,Only let the Chalk Group will die。
It can be said,that time,No lady,How can there be a current land?。
Chairman not only grates the lady,Still outside, women and children,Now this situation,He is in a somewhat secret.。
Since Qin Ning’s woman enters the Lu Group,The chairman has not lived the day。
Qin Ning’s sexual deceit,I know that Ah is confident,Chairman is enjoying the comfort of the face,Not the comfort of the soul。
then,His father gave birth to serious illness,He borrows money around,I haven’t borrowed how much money。

To say that the ghost can dress up,But the eyes of the wolf are also unable to install it.。

“Old Wu,Brothers don’t don’t follow you.,But you have to specifically with the ghosts,How many of us are not dare,After all, no one is old.,If we have a three long two short, it is not good.。”
Wu came to say this,It is also a little afraid of the way.:“I didn’t think this is so evil.,rest assured,I will never go to the garden’s idea.,Tonight, let’s know it yourself.,The idea of playing his orchard is certainly not a few,After all, the apple,The peach is very good.,There will be someone else。”
“At that time, let’s see if you have something to know.,If there is no accident,Let’s discuss it again how to discuss。”
This time, Wu Lu, the program given is more secure.,Also make everyone easier to accept。
On the evening,Wu Zaican people returned to their homes, they didn’t sleep well for a night.,It is too much to expect that they feel too much.。
And on the evening,Li Hui Feng is also linked to Dong Xiajian。
For Li Hui,Dong Xiajian did not expect to contact him.。
After all, he feels that Li is always not waiting for him.,Moreover, Li Hui is a person who has true skills.,Just rely on Li with the wind, it has been treated with the embroidery needle.,He also needs to have a good relationship with the other party.。
In the future, which big leader,The big director or the famous actor is a bit sloppy.,He also has the opportunity to recommend itself。
Of course, this recommendation still needs medical skills that Li Hui Feng.。
So the phone from Li Hui,He is also two words, not to mention it.。
“Hey,Li Shen doctor,Do you have anything to call me so late??”
For Dong Xiaojian, Li Shen doctor,Li Hui Feng is just a brow, but he will continue to entangle this problem with him.,But open the door directly。
“Hey-hey,Dong Director,What is your promise before you have fulfilled it??”
That thing?”
Dong Xiajian was asked directly by Li Hui Feng.。
“hehe,You promise my things forgot.?”
“Do not forget,Do not forget,Just waiting for advertising or introducing products, you have to wait for your fruit tree.,Otherwise, how do I give you a shot??
Just shooting fruit trees, no mirror.。”
“Um,Already mature,I feel that I can start shooting.,You just need to take someone to shoot.,Just with the spokesperson, you will use Xiao Ya.。”
Dong Xiajian naturally knows who Xiaoya is,But this only a few days?
“Hey-hey,I said Li Shen doctor,This is not a joke.,I am no longer a bright market now.,If I take the equipment with the production group, it is better to give me a doctor.。”
“Do not worry,Do you see people that I am lying??
As long as you come to come as soon as possible,Because I am afraid I am going to sell away tomorrow morning.,An apple pricing is temporarily one hundred yuan。”
Looking at the green light on the fruit of the whole orchard slowly is stable and starting to disappear,Li Hui Feng feels that only the sky is afraid that the whole hundred acres of orchard should pick it up.。
One apple is one hundred yuan?”
“Li Shen doctor,What apples are so expensive??
Gold does not make?”
Chapter 134 Small housework
Dong Xiajong is very surprised,An apple 20 yuan,Fifty dollars are the most expensive。
Because that is a good night in the evening,Bringing a sister to buy a sister,Otherwise, he is too lazy to spend 50 yuan to buy an apple.。
But one hundred yuan price,And still large,Dong Xiajian feels that Li Hui’s head seems to be a bit bad.。

A big drunk,When Wang Cong woke up,The sun has hit the butt,He got up hurriedly,After washing my face,Came straight to the beehive in the yard,This is a habit he has developed since he kept bees。strange,at this time,The bees should fly out, fly in and get busy,Why doesn’t a bee come in and out at the door。

Wang Cong suddenly felt an ominous feeling,He walked through all the beehives in the yard,All the same,Where are all the bees?He shivered with his hands,Opened a beehive,A scene from the beehive,Almost fainted him,See a box of bees,All in the box,And not moving。
Gosh!What exactly is going on?Wang Cong could hardly believe his eyes,This is the bee seed he left,Give it to the villagers for breeding after the spring flowers bloom,If all……
Wang Cong dare not think further,He was shaking,Opened all the beehives in the yard,More than eighty boxes,No box survived,“All dead,The bees are all dead!”Wang Cong couldn’t help but roared into the sky。
A bit of blood came out of his mouth,Wang Cong fainted。
This is killing him!
Such a big thing,The whole village will soon know,Wang Cong’s yard,People come and go,Everyone shook their heads and sighed,They are not only worried about Wang Cong’s body,Those who are more worried should be the dead bees,This is their hope of getting rich next year。
The god of death slipped past Wang Cong again,About half an hour,Just when the villagers were rushing him to the hospital,Wang Cong actually slowly opened his eyes,But he was weak and didn’t even have the strength to speak。
“child,Just wake up,As long as you are healthy,Our villagers will continue beekeeping next year as usual,I’ve reported this to the head of township Li by phone,He instructed the police station,This must be artificial,Must find out,As for the seed bee,He will ask the Chinese Beekeeping Association for help,It shouldn’t delay everyone’s beekeeping”Sanhu his father sitting beside Wang Cong,Stroking Wang Cong’s forehead with his hand,Said firmly。
Artificial?Wang Cong’s strength from nowhere,I hear these two words,Regardless of everyone’s obstruction,Ran to the door barefoot,Under the eaves,Hung a box of bees,This box of bees was brought back from Wang Yihua’s apiary.,The dozens of boxes in the yard are all its descendants。
This box of bees, Wang Cong regards it more importantly than his own life,In order to prevent people or other animals from easily touching it,Wang Cong hung it under the eaves,Want to meet it,You have to step up the ladder。
Wang Cong watched the bees coming in and out of the beehive hanging under the eaves,He suddenly realized,It seems that which bees died in this yard,Indeed artificial,Because this box is hung too high,The killer can’t reach it for a while,Only survived。If this box is dead,Wang Cong decides he doesn’t want to live anymore,This is the only thing he thinks of Wang Yihua。
French Open,Careless,The case was solved quickly,That day,When the whole village was carnival in the theater,Zhu Gui sneaked into Wang Cong’s yard quietly。In the bowl with sugar water under the beehive,He poured in a lot of dimethoate,This is a highly toxic pesticide,Killing a cow is no problem,Not to mention a little bee。This scene happened to be seen by Sanhu and his mother who went home to fetch wine,Bad things do this,Zhu Gui should be over。
Government set up,Villagers drinking,All villagers in Dawang Village under the leadership of Wang Cong,The beekeeping business can be said to be thriving,Years down,The beekeeping base has been expanded several times on the original basis,And bee products are also exported to other provinces,Due to the advantages of beekeeping environment and beekeeping technology,The four bee treasures produced in Dawang Village have also attracted many international friends。
The old Dawang Village has changed a lot,Wang Cong also moved into the new house,But I always feel that something is missing in a good life,Which is the Wang Yihua that he can’t let go of。Many people have persuaded him to give up,I haven’t had any contact for seven or eight years,Maybe the kids are all around,But Wang Cong has always believed,Wang Yihua will definitely be back,Just for this love affair,Wang Cong missed how many good girls who pursued him。
this day,When Wang Cong was sitting in the corridor and sorting out information about beekeeping,The stainless steel door of his house was suddenly pushed open,Then a bright figure flashed,Standing in the middle of the yard。
“you are?”Wang Cong looked familiar with the beauty in front of him,I just can’t remember where I saw it、
The beauty gave Wang Cong a fierce look“Dead!Rich?I don’t know her if I have an identity?”
Wang Cong’s heart can’t help but chuckle,The information in his hand also spread all over the place,Isn’t this the Wang Yihua he thinks about day and night??Although she is a bit fatter than before,But her tone of voice,This life has been deeply burned in his heart。
Wang Cong flew up,Fell on Wang Yihua,Hold her tightly,Two lines of tears couldn’t help but shed,At this moment he waited too long,Too long……

Venerable Fuhu’s merits fly boat across the chaos。

Three Realms,Yuxugong。
The eyes of the Sanqing Taoist seem to transcend the endless chaos,Look at the stars。
Three million years,He realized that《Reincarnation》,Is close to the point of complete mastery。
Merit、Reincarnation、Soul、memory、True spirit。。。
Countless feelings surfaced in his heart。
He understands,If he goes to reincarnation now,At least 50% sure,Keep some memory,And understand the way of life。
but,He still can’t let go of the door。
“Happy,Await your return,Dao Sect can only be handed over to you。”
Daomenzhong,The top Dao ancestors he trusts most are only those few。
Xiaoyao Tianzun,Too easy and lazy,Although promised,But he himself doesn’t really want to take over the Daomen line。
Yuding real person,Although his strength is not weaker than Xiaoyao Tianzun,But too low-key。He is famous because of his disciple Yang Jian。
Emperor Xuanwu,His line is too independent,It has a long relationship with other Daomen branches,Hard to convince。
“If Lu Dongbin succeeds,,Once the breakthrough is the top Taoist,With his disposition, he can control the Daomen。”
skyline,West Spirit Mountain,Great Leiyin Temple。
Different from Taoist practitioners who ask for peace,Have their own dojo,If nothing happens, it will not reach each other。
Among Buddhism,Temple of Tathagata。Tathagata,Tathagata,And many Buddhas、Big Bodhisattva、The Law Bodies of the Great Arhat are all on it。
Buddha light intertwined,Embellishment of Buddhist Eight Treasures。

Wuna glared at Xia Jian,A little unhappy to say:“I know,you dislike me,I caused you so much trouble last night,But it’s not my fault,Are you going to make me a little ugly??”

This woman is angry,Rhetorical questions,Xia Jian laughed and said:“Nothing,I’m afraid of disturbing your dreams,That’s why I went downstairs quietly”
“Sweet dreams,Where did the dream come from,Put me in a room,I dare not ask,I feel like a demon。Do you say i can have a sweet dream?If you don’t have nightmares, I’ll thank you”Una gets more and more angry,The look of this beautiful woman who loses her temper is actually quite pretty。
Just now due to Una’s scoring,And this half-baked Chinese,People who provoke a lot of morning exercises stopped,Look here。Xia Jian hurriedly raised his finger,Made a shush gesture,Pull up Una and run。
Sometimes women are quite satisfied,Una who was a little angry,Was pulled by Xia Jian and ran for a while,Then said a few words of comfort,Her anger disappeared immediately,Talking and laughing。
Leaning back on the boulder,The two looked up at Bilan’s sky at the same time,Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“Why do you come to work in china?”
Una took a long breath and said:“I grew up an orphan,Grew up in an orphanage,Fed up with others’ cold eyes。I ended up studying in China after graduating from university,I didn’t expect I fell in love with China,So I stayed”
“Do you like someone!So I like a city,am I right?“Xia Jianman said poetically。
Una nodded,said laughingly:“Except love,There should be others,I just understood these truths recently。For example, what you Chinese call a confidante,And blue face,It’s all very good“
Xia Jian’s words made Xia Jian laugh,He slowly started to feel good about this woman,And gradually deepen。Wona’s eyes changed when Xia Jian saw her,She stuck her mouth,I attached it to Xia Jian’s ear and said:“Did you start to like me?“This foreigner,Talk straight,Xia Jian really couldn’t answer for a while。
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First0432chapter Good things get bad
Pingdu has been a new mayor,Everything has changed,Venture Group’s investment here,There are many preferential policies,Now all cancelled。
When Xia Jian left the city last time,,Several development projects were assigned to Guo Meili,But now,None of them developed into,Fortunately, which part of the leisure agriculture and Heiwangzhuang,Or the venture group to the development of Pingdu,Really stranded。
this day,When Guo Meili is viewing the information,Yao Junli walked in in a black short skirt,She asked as soon as she walked in:“Mr. Guo!When will your President Xia come?Don’t call him“
Guo Meili raised his head,I glanced at the sexy Yao Junli and smiled:“I have hit,But President Xia seems to be on vacation,Mr. Wang said he’ll wait until he comes back“

And the more so,Actually speaking accurately,How to deal with such a problem。

Don’t think about it so much for now,But in the next situation,In fact, I have prepared very well。
And look at these,Now,Actually put it here,For the moment,Cao Di waved his hand。
“All right,Now words,Everyone should go back and have a look。”
“Anyway it looks like,Things are almost dealt with!”
It’s here,With Cao Di’s words finished,obviously,Such a problem,How to solve it。
Just this problem,Actually it has become very difficult。
And looking at these,The more so,Actually put it here,For Cao Di,He is ready。
Chapter 143 No Difficulty
“strange,Is it my illusion?,Or because of what?”
When Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him,Wang Teng is even talking here。
after all,The place to start this time is right in front。
But what,Wang Teng didn’t even think,What will these things。
“seemingly,Now like this,It’s not difficult at all。”
When seeing these,Wang Teng’s mouth,It’s even more like a smile,Don’t forget to say here。
The more so,In fact, when I look at the front。
Wang Teng’s heart,But the more I think about it, the more excited I feel。

Second come,I wanted to have a baby,I haven’t seen the child yet,I’m going to see King Hades。

Xia Shuyue is exhausted physically and mentally,The whole person is overdrawn,Leaning on the back of the chair,There is no trace of strength in the whole body,Don’t even want to cry,Too tired。
“You are not dead yet?”Wang San walked in,Holding Xia Shuyue,Untie the rope tied to her。
Xia Shuyue was excited,Wang San didn’t lie to her,Really come to save her at night,Her tears fell,Nod。
Wang San twisted open a bottle of mineral water,Hand it to her,“Drink water。”
Xia Shuyue’s mouth is dry long ago,The lips are dry enough to burst,She took a few sips,I feel a little more comfortable,But still no strength。
“Can walk?”Wang Sanwen。
Xia Shuyue shook her head,Whole body paralysis。
Wang San shook his head,Sigh,Bend over to pick her up,Put it in the back seat of the motorcycle,“You are too heavy,Have the strength to catch me not。”
Xia Shuyue nodded,Wang San thought about it,Still don’t worry,And went back to get the rope,Sit by yourself,Tie Xia Shuyue to herself again。
178 To the terminal
The motorcycle started,Drove for a while,Blowing wind,Xia Shuyue slowly felt less suffocated,Suddenly said,“To the city,I’ll call the police to catch you。”
“You survive first。”Wang San is not angry,Just casually。

Give it to Chen Xiu for me!”

Chen Xiu returned to the hotel with Tang Yuanyuan’s support, but he recovered after a long rest,Although he uses Tai Chi“Four or two”Han Lingsong’s strong and powerful Baji Quan Jin,But the physical energy consumed is no less than that of four consecutive uses“Perspective eye”。
“Chen Xiu,Do you want me to warn Wang Jingyu!”
376 One step to the sky does not exist
I stayed so that the breath circulated all over my body,It’s the week in Han Ling’s book。
Chen Xiu just feels uncomfortable all over,Consciously like power、reaction、The five senses are much more sensitive。
“Yes,These breaths can transform my body。It’s just that I didn’t know how to guide,I can’t let the gas spread all over my body to moisturize my cells、Bone network,Can only absorb more gas from outside,It’s like the water in the pond overflowed before it flows out to moisturize,This speed is naturally much slower;
Now you can freely control these breaths to any corner of my body under the guidance,Naturally, the speed of transforming the body is much faster!”
Chen Xiu gets more excited the more I think about it,Such as
377 Trouble in the gym
Relative to the village in the city,There are obviously a lot of vacant houses in the high-end community。
“These developers are really,Since the house cannot be sold,Why not sell at a lower price。This way, there is no need for so many people to be crowded in the village in the city!”Chen Xiu couldn’t help but complain。

When Yang Ying was about to speak,Her secretary came in with Xia Jian’s ID,She smiled and said:“Manager Yang!Three tickets have been booked,9:15 the day after tomorrow,The arrival time should be after 12 o’clock”

“it is good!Go ahead!”Yang Ying took Xia Jian’s ID card,Gave it to Xia Jian。
I’m going to investigate the day after tomorrow,But there is nothing in Bucheon,Should Yang Ying visit Bucheon??Xia Jian can’t sit still。
He immediately stood up and said:“I’m sorry, Mr. Yang,I’ll go one step ahead,Since we are going to investigate the day after tomorrow,I still have something to arrange”
Xia Jian turned around and left。Yang Ying got up and chased after a step or two and said:“Keep the phone open,make contact then”Yang Ying’s voice just fell,Xia Jian responded,Opened the door and walked out。
Come out from Tianguang Building,It was almost half past five when Xia Jian looked at his watch,He is really anxious at this moment。He didn’t stop the car,But a walk,I found a Loucha on the roadside,Asked for a private room and sat in。
Wait for the waiter to make tea for him and exit。Xia Jian called Dragon Ball,Xia Jian asked about Xiao Xiao first,Then he said seriously to Dragon Ball:“Dragon Ball!I’m alreadyGZNegotiated business partners,But they will come to inspect the day after tomorrow”
“I know you are very surprised,Because we have nothing。So you act quickly,Talk to me about the transfer of a piece of land of about 100 acres in the southern suburbs within one day tomorrow。First determine the area,Second, there must be a preliminary price”
“and also,You’d better use all diplomatic means,Let Bucheon Investment Promotion Office,Or the relevant personnel of the Bureau of Commerce can participate in our event”
Xia Jian stopped here when he said that,Because he was talking about,Can you remember the Dragon Ball too much?,That’s a different matter。
The Dragon Ball on the phone was obviously frightened by Xia Jian’s difficult task。Just when she was in a daze,Xia Jian suddenly heard Xiao Xiao’s voice:“You promise him,We can handle this”
“Mr. Xiao said,This can be done,Just let you bring someone over”Dragon Ball suddenly said happily。Since Xiao Xiao said this,That can definitely be done。Xiao Xiao has worked hard in Buchuan for many years,I know a lot of people naturally。
Xia Jianyi heard Xiao Xiao speak,He immediately became happy。As long as Xiao Xiaoyi is involved in this matter,The probability of success will naturally increase。The point of the male foreigner is that Xiao Xiao has walked out of the shadow of pain,This is something that makes him happier。
Hang up the phone,Xia Jian ate half a pot of tea,He really can’t drink it alone。Now the next question is to find a way to leave the Luo family。But Grandma Luo’s family treats him so well,How did he leave the law。
Xia Jian was in trouble for a while,He always feels wrong after thinking about it。Yang Ying didn’t want Luo Yi to know about her investigation,She naturally has her own concerns。But this matter is still led by Luo’s help,This really makes Xia Jian difficult。
Sitting in the box of the tea house,Xia Jiansi thought before and after,Finally,I thought of treating Ganglande Ping。Just say that Nalandeping’s condition has improved,Need to follow up,Have to live in his house to treat。It seems that this excuse can only be given to Grandma Luo。
If you tell Luo Yi,It will show flaws。and also,Tie Li also wants to go to Bucheon with him,And don’t know why,Tie Li still wouldn’t let Xia Jian tell Gu Yue about it。These women are really troublesome,Xia Jianyi thought of these things,Head is big。
He glanced at his watch,Found it’s six o’clock,If he runs faster,Can run to her villa before Luo Yi,Just bring things,After leaving her house,Xia Jian is about to shut down。
With this idea,Xia Jian quickly went downstairs and stopped a car,Go straight to the Luo family’s villa。

When Huang Tieping saw this,at this time,Huang Tieping was very indifferent。

After all, look now,These things should actually be resolved as quickly as possible.。
“What are you guys doing?,Hurry up!”
When Huang Tieping’s words are finished,Those around,Looking in front of you。
After all, from the current point of view,Such a thing,How to solve it。
Such a thing,To be precise,It’s a little unexpected。
And slowly,Looking at it all。
at this time,In fact, it looks like Huang Tieping,deep in the heart,I am a little eager to try。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Huang Tieping’s deep heart,Is a little eager to try。
And seeing these,Huang Tieping’s side,The people around see here,Are desperate to arrive quickly。
“Let’s go together,We all join hands,I don’t believe he can still support it!”
“That’s right,This kid,No matter how great,This time it will definitely die!”
“What are you waiting for,Next, let’s go directly together,Let him learn about our greatness!”
This moment,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。